Samsung Galaxy S24 FE: Latest Leaks and Rumors Revealed

Samsung is working on Galaxy S24 FE, tipped to launch in late 2024


Samsung is already preparing to blow the minds of its most expectant phone enthusiasts with the announcement of the Galaxy S24 FE, which is rumored to be launched late in 2024. For the fans of the FE series, some of the most anticipated improvements are in design and display technologies. Other moves this phone might do involve its size and maybe some internal parts. In this blog, we share all the latest leaks and rumors related to the Galaxy S24 FE, which prepares the readers in advance for the next flagship device from Samsung.

Galaxy S24 FE launched early

If rumors are to be believed, then Samsung may simply succeed in an early release of the Galaxy S24 FE, about which it is rumored the company is already making the new device's display panels.

This would imply mass production of the device beginning in the latter half of 2024, so this would be early compared to the previous lineup. The latest display technology with a rigid OLED panel and chip-on-film packaging allows for the incorporation of reduced bezel size and display assembly thickness to give the sleek and modern design that users are looking forward to. Among the big changes may be in the display size, as leaks hint at a 6.1-inch AMOLED that would make it much more compact when put up against its predecessors. It would follow the trend many other phone companies are taking in producing smaller phones, which became unpopular with the companies moving towards larger and larger displays. Samsung bringing back a more compact phone may sit well with users who prefer more manageable devices.

That would also mean the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400, which will suggest Samsung is looking to offer something powerful for the varied tastes of the users—just like the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE.

The downside is that the company will likely make design and component changes probable to keep the prices down, possibly at the expense of some of the flagship features like camera quality and durability. Still, for all the probable compromises that the new change may bring, the advance launch and the newly designed Galaxy S24 FE will certainly create excitement among Samsung fans.


The Galaxy S24 FE, on the other hand, is meant to use the latest display technology in the rigid OLED panel and the Chip on Film packaging. The manufacturing, though very challenging, should reduce size and thickness on the display assembly to bring forth a sleek and modern design. Users should, therefore, finally expect to see slim bezels on a Samsung FE phone after quite some time.

Leaked information points towards a 6.1-inch AMOLED screen size for the Galaxy S24 FE, just slightly below the mark set by its predecessor. In fact, this would mean Samsung is taking a turn from the current fashion. Introducing a more manageable device would maybe go well with an audience used to smaller form factors.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy S24 FE is likely to come with the 8 Gen 3 Snapdragon or an Exynos 2400 CPU, both of which should be quite powerful to cater to quite a number of tastes. However, to make it pocket-friendly, there could be some design and component compromises by Samsung that will most probably affect the important flagship features of a phone, like camera quality and durability. All new display technology and an upgraded design of the Galaxy S24 FE make it an exciting proposition for Samsung enthusiasts, though one might need to prepare themselves for possible compromises.

Size and Design of the Display

With the impending launch of the Galaxy S24 FE, Samsung is expected to set up significant changes in display size and design. According to new leaks, the device is likely to carry a 6.1-inch AMOLED display and will be more compact than the previously launched ones. That is, to say, pretty much in line with a developing trend for wieldier sizes, offering consumers a refreshing alternative to today's large form of displays. Moreover, this is going to be the place where Samsung will utilize its latest technology in displays with a rigid OLED panel and COF packaging. This kind of manufacturing has some difficulties, on one hand, but on the other, it is supposed to decrease the size of the bezel and the thickness of the display assembly—giving a modern and thin design to the Galaxy S24 FE.

This is a radical design shift from its predecessors, and it is expected to woo people in search of an even more streamlined and pretty smartphone.

Performance-wise, the Galaxy S24 FE is expected to host a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 CPU but in two different variants to cater to the user preferences of different power and efficiency. But for it to be at an affordable price, there may be some design and component changes that Samsung may do which may infringe on some of the flagship characteristics of the phone, such as the camera or durability. With all the possible drawbacks, the thought of a compact display size with an enhanced design is something really major for the fans of the brand to look out for with the forthcoming Galaxy S24 FE.

Chipset and Central Processing Unit

As the publication goes on to report, the Galaxy S24 FE will sell with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 CPU variants, in a bid targeting consumers looking for power and efficiency. Evidently, the new strategy reveals the total aggressiveness of Samsung in giving strong options for alluring as much of a consumer population as possible. In order to keep the cost of the device relatively cheap, Samsung may have to somehow adjust the design and components to help it reach a low price, which may impact flagship features such as the camera quality or durability. All that early release and design refinement on the Galaxy S24 FE, and cost-cutting measures are still apparent on the spec sheet, just like the Galaxy S23 FE before it.

Providing a Snapdragon and Exynos configuration is quite a bold move from the strategy that the company took in the previous Galaxy S23 FE, where it had a downgraded chipset instead of the one in the flagship. The use of top-tier chipsets is going to reignite the excitement and interest levels of fan edition users, eliciting a significant raise of performance over its predecessors.

Samsung's Galaxy S24 FE Strategy

Samsung is up for a strategic approach with the next Galaxy S24 FE. It is supposed to catch the consumers' eyes with an earlier launch and a better design. In fact, the company is already in the course of display manufacturing for the new device, indicating an early release compared to the previous models. This is consistent with Samsung's efforts to utilize the latest technologies on displays by using a rigid OLED panel and chip-on-film packaging to make the bezel as small as possible and the thickness of the display assembly much thinner, thereby presenting a thin and sleek modern design.

One of the big differences should be the size of the screen; the leaks point to a 6.1-inch AMOLED display in the Galaxy S24 FE, compact relative to other models from the lineup's past.

This clearly shows Samsung reverting to a manageable form-factor for users who love using the device. Moreover, it probably will come with processors into either Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400 CPUs, which indicates that Samsung may want to look for strong alternatives not only on performance level but also on a price competitive ground. Samsung will try to make the Galaxy S24 FE better, more interesting, and more attractive by giving a lot of improvements in design and internal components in order to rekindle the excitement and interest of the Fan Edition users. In general, though, cost cutting will be made in some areas where the features are compromised—probably in the quality of cameras or in the durability of the phone. This may, however, be at the expense of some of the earlier compromises, but an earlier release with an improved design will set a very exciting perspective for impatient Samsung fans looking forward to the Galaxy S24 FE.

Possible Costs Cutting Measures

With Samsung moving towards the launch of the Galaxy S24 FE, many cost-cutting considerations should be placed to ensure that consumers are still able to access the device at a very affordable cost. Early launch and even betterment in design are great attractions, but then the users should be ready for the flags that might be let down in the race. The quality of the camera and durability of the set, to mention but a few, may be compromised on in many aspects to fit into the target pricing strategy. The build and internals of the Galaxy S24 FE is one area that should see some of the cost-cutting measures. In trying to keep it on par with the Galaxy S23 FE, there might result in certain changes to the build of the phone and hardware specifications to ensure the cost in manufacturing and to provide it to the customer at a competitive price point. However, such an approach may result in certain trade-offs with other aspects of the user experience compared to more premium flagship models. The early launch and upgraded design of the Galaxy S24 FE is going to be quite a tempting proposition with a good bunch of cost-cut factors in it. It, therefore, becomes imperative for prospective buyers to make the best-informed decision based on what they have in mind and their expectations in hand.

User Feedback regarding the Galaxy S24 FE

Much of this buzz and anticipation comes from the new design of the Galaxy S24 FE, which was released early for a selected few to get a preview and speculate. Many would definitely be interested to see how the new Samsung product fares in the massive smartphone market entry, which might include changes in the size of displays, performance, and the source for internal components.

The incorporation of the latest display tech and adding on of powerful chipsets have added some credit to good signs that Samsung's strategic execution with the Galaxy S24 FE has raised antennae in the minds of prospective buyers.

But a concern, in this regard, would be that it might be the areas like the cameras and overall durability that get hit with the cost-cutting. This is going to worry a lot of consumers if serious trade-offs would be made in the core areas that are essential and would negate the user experience in totality. Users' comments show the importance of being cost-sensitive without losing vital functionalities and performance; hence, the importance of Samsung's decisions in designing the Galaxy S24 FE. Generally, user feedback on the Galaxy S24 FE falls between excitement and apprehension, with consumers eagerly awaiting comprehensive details that could show off the capabilities of this smartphone. Samsung is still fine-tuning the Galaxy S24 FE, and this only adds to the intrigue of potential buyers to get a clearer idea of what the Galaxy S24 FE may be up to in order to meet the promises of an early launch with an improved design and, most importantly, what sacrifices in features may be deemed necessary to do so on a budget.


That announcement is bound to fuel great anticipation and speculation, among consumers and technology enthusiasts, regarding the forthcoming Galaxy S24 FE. With a chance for an early launch and a better design that will be appealing to the prospective buyers, the latest display technology paired with the powerful chipsets will only add more value to the ultimate flagship in the making. On the flip side, given that Samsung now adheres to an affordable price, most people fear that it might have compromised on a lot of aspects that a flagship should have, like quality cameras and durability.

But with a more compact phone, along with the implementation of top-end chipsets, consumers will have to ensure the expected compromises do not outweigh the perceived benefits. Samsung has strategically approached the Galaxy S24 FE in a way that speaks of an interesting cocktail of design, performance, and affordability that can balance different user preferences and market trends.

As days go by, the release date is getting closer, and consumers want to get the detailed information about the specifications and features of the smartphone, hoping it will be as revolutionary and satisfying a gadget as one might expect.


1. When can one expect the release of the Galaxy S24 FE in a market?

The Galaxy S24 FE is projected to enter the market in late 2024, although the word on the street is that it might be released even earlier than the predecessors. Allegedly, Samsung has already started to produce display panels for the new product, and mass production is likely to kick off in the second half of 2024.

2. What is expected to shift in the design and display technology of the Galaxy S24 FE?

The new display technology of the rigid OLED panel and chip-on-film packaging will be transported in the upcoming Galaxy S24 FE. The bezel size, expected to be brought down by the manufacturing, and display assembly thickness will be really slim and modern. In addition to that hardware, there are leaks indicating a possible reduction in display size to 6.1 inches for AMOLED, which makes the phone more compact than its predecessors.

3. So, which chipsets and processors will the Galaxy S24 FE come equipped with?

A word going around has it that the S24 FE is expected to come in either a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or Exynos 2400 CPU variant, with one boasting power while the other efficiency for user preference. This is a deviation from what they did with the Galaxy S23 FE, and it goes on to further show their interest in appealing to a wider range of consumers with something powerful.

4. Which cost-reducing measures can be feasibly taken that may affect the Galaxy S24 FE?

However, the intentions of keeping the price of the Galaxy S24 FE well-balanced may arise but not all concerns on some of the flagship qualities, including the camera, might be compromised. The inside and design will also show cost-effective steps with the device, probably just like on the Galaxy S23 FE.

5. What is the customer response or expectation and technology fan comments on the Galaxy S24 FE?

Early announcements and a redesign of the Galaxy S24 FE have already put many consumers and tech enthusiasts on the edge of their seat, with a lot of expectations: changes in the display size, performance, and internal components, plus numerous trepidations about cost-cutting that would tweak certain flagship features. In both cases, users wait with impatience in order to know more details of the specifications and capabilities the smartphone will be endowed with when it comes closer to the release date.