Unveiling the Hidden Gem: The Honor 9 Review

The Honor 9: A Sleeper Hit of the Summer?


Welcome to FoneZone.ae, the only place where one can shop for an Honor 9 smartphone. This site enables customers to have access to one of the sought-after mobile smartphones presently, with the models retailing in the range of Dhs. 209.00 to Dhs. 499.00. The Honor 9 with its dazzling design, great performance, and competitive price is for sure more than you can ever dream of.

Price and Availability

The smartphone is now available in the company's exclusive website, FoneZone.ae. It has a sleek design and provides great power in the work performance. The range of the device is from Dhs. 209.00 to Dhs. 499.00. The costs vary with differences in specifications like the storage capacity, color, or if there are extra accessories or features attached to the device.

At FoneZone.ae, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that each of our customers gets the money's worth spent shopping for the Honor 9, as we provide a number of various models that suit the needs and preferences of an eclectic market. If you are looking for a very basic model which is intended for daily use or another version of it which is better in terms of storage and functioning, our site brings to you a whole range of these products.

Besides, FoneZone.ae lists competitive prices with all details and specifications related to each model of the Honor 9. This comprises details of the camera quality, battery life, processing power, and so on, informing the customers to take decisions at large based on their specified needs.

Furthermore, buying from FoneZone.ae means a very smooth buying experience. The website is customer-friendly to navigate, and we have multiple modes of payment to cater to all customers. As well, the after-sales support on any queries regarding the purchase of your Honor 9 smartphone will, with no doubt, leave you fully satisfied.

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Quality of Design and Build

We shall feature the Honor 9 on our website, FoneZone.ae, which comes in an excellent design and build quality, while featuring at a great price of Dhs. 209.00 - Dhs. 499.00. The kind of smartphone that drips class since it uses only the best materials and thoughtful engineering to result in the kind of device that is as strong as it is good looking.


The Honor 9 features one of the prettiest designs, comprising two glass bodies. The back of the phone is made of Gorilla Glass and is of a very interesting 15-layer reflective construction, which gives it a glittering look that changes with the light and movement. This visual effect doesn't only add up to the aesthetics of the phone but makes it stand out in the smartphone crowd.

Build quality:

The Honor 9 is really solidly built, featuring a sandblasted aluminum frame, and the material added up to a good feel of build quality in this solid device. The glass back and aluminum frame are a good match, though the transition between them is distinctly noticeable; all the same, it doesn't take away from the overall sleekness of the device.

Ergonomics and Usability:

Ergonomically, Honor 9 has been done easy to be held with slightly curved back and compact dimensions. On the front, it has integrated a fingerprint scanner built in a home button—it's really fast and responsive. This placement of the scanner makes the device usable, enabling one to easily access it using either of the hands.

Audio and Connectivity Features:

As far as sound and connections go, the Honor 9 is pretty much set. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that is still much loved, and a set of appreciable speakers are built onto it, including an IR blaster to help manage home appliances. All these are sure to see that the phone is loaded with those features desired by customers—functions that are traditional yet still modern.


Where it does fall short is in the resistance the Honor 9 offers towards some of the environmental factors. The device doesn't come officially rated for dust and water resistance; hence, users will have to make do with a bit of extra care if they often find themselves in such environments where danger of exposure to such elements exists. The lack of these makes it very vital to take the best of care in handling it so as to maintain the integrity of both aesthetic and functional performance.

All in all, it would be the right mix of good looks in design, solid build quality, and good features in the Honor 9 that would appeal to anybody wanting excellent quality in a smartphone. Sold exclusively at FoneZone.ae, it truly personifies the perfect marriage of beauty, function, and value within the smartphone domain.


Exclusive Honor 9 Display at FoneZone.ae:

At FoneZone.ae, we are passionate to showcase nothing but the Honor 9, an extraordinary blend of performance and aesthetic beauty. It is the ultimate device to go for when you need quality and affordability in one package, retailing at prices varying from Dhs 209.00 to Dhs 499.00.

Visual Experience:

The Honor 9 runs on a 5.15-inch full HD display and promises to let a user experience a whole new level of viewing experience. The display is sharp with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, spewing out vivid colors, deep blacks, and sharp images. Be it while streaming your favorite videos, scrolling photos, or playing graphics-intense games; the Honor 9 treats your eyes to a visual feast that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Design and Build:

An Honor 9 with a sleek glass body and an aurora glass reflection of vivid colors from every angle. Compact and sleek design assures comfortable handling in your palm, combining functionality with style. The phone is built to look good and is designed to be rough and tough for daily use.


The strong Kirin 960 chipset under the hood propels this smartphone, honoring the specifications, together with a 6GB RAM boost. This should, therefore, assure you of the fact that the device runs smoothly and functions efficiently even with numerous apps on or during a heavy multitasking session. Add to that a 3200mAh battery and the Honor 9 is good to go with you throughout the day—work, play, connect—without having to worry too much about a frequent top-up.

Camera Capabilities:

The dual camera enabled in the Honor 9, with the help of a 12MP primary sensor and a 20MP monochrome sensor, will be most appreciated by photographers. This way, it is easy to obtain enhanced photo quality to get sharp imaging with high detail and a wide dynamic range. The 8MP front camera easily captures beautiful selfies and allows one to video chat in sharp clarity.


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The Honor 9 is said to be operating on a Kirin 950 chipset, expected to perform equally as well as it did in the Huawei P10. Through the benchmark tests, it's evident in performance, leaving one almost believing it to be able to compete with the speed of the OnePlus 5. In real conditions of working, the device feels fast, and there is hardly any lag or delay. There is a bit of GPU throttling, though, because of excessive use that might heat it up, but overall, the performance is quite laudable.

Battery Life

It packs a 3200 milliamp-hour battery, promising at least a decent degree of satisfactory battery life. It has a slightly better battery performance than the LG G6, which stands as one of the guarantors for the long hours of using the phone without the battery necessity. It's quite a decent degree of endurance that can be anticipated by users, allowing it to last all day.

Software and user experience

Running on EMUI, one is subjected to a very lively environment of the software on the Honor 9, based on Android Nougat. Users will definitely enjoy the interface that runs smoothly and accommodates one's likings. The device offers the capacity to choose a traditional app drawer or an all-app-on-home-screen layout, addressing different usability styles. Further, this also customizes the device look and feel to an extensive level, like a theme store. This is in line with the floating dock feature, where access to the ease of navigation keys is reduced for one-handed usability. The Honor 9 also has support for advanced motion and knuckle gestures, which provide more creative ways of interaction, hence giving an enhancement in functionality and even accessibility. In multimedia management, the Honor 9 is well-equipped, with an intelligent gallery application that's able to automatically sort pictures based on information about the place and whose face is in the image. This really makes it easy to manage a large amount of pictures. For the video experience, GoPro integration steps it up a bit in order to make the sorting and framing of videos look professional. The collaboration brings professional editing and management tools into the Honor 9, which in a way steps up the entire user experience. With the prices on FoneZone.ae ranging from Dhs. 209.00 up to Dhs. 499.00, the Honor 9 definitely promises an all-in-one, fulfilling user experience and can be a pretty good recommendation to users in search of a powerhouse among smartphones on a relatively friendlier budget while it provides great ease of operation.


The Honor 9 includes a headphone jack and a powerful, high-quality speaker for rich audio. Additionally, it comes with an IR blaster to easily control home appliances. However, the device lacks dust and water protection; hence, it cannot withstand a few environmental conditions safely.


Camera-spec, powerful smartphone exclusively in FoneZone.ae—the Honor 9. It's only with us, from Dhs. 209.00 up to Dhs. 499.00. This device has an interesting setup on its camera, perfect to boost your photography skills whether at a beginner's or pro level.

Camera Setups:

The Honor 9 also packs a dual camera system—a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor coupled with a 12-megapixel RGB sensor, both with an f/2.2 aperture. These two features combined mean images captured can be both sharp and full of fine detail under any available light. What is more, the monochrome sensor improves contrast and detail, lending photos a richer texture without the common problems of noise most color photos face.

Performance in Varied Lighting:

The specialized sensors of the Honor 9 really pay off because, under low light conditions, the performance does not trip. This means that the RGB sensor pulls in the vivid colors in a photo, whereas the monochrome sensor uplifts the brightness and clarity in an image. Both produce photos with an excellent dynamic range and very low noise. Though the lack of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) may be felt when the settings are extremely dim, the camera otherwise performs very well.

Features and Modes:

For example, a dual camera gives Honor 9 the ability to make detailed shots at 2x optical zoom, and even if it sounds too technical, it helps not to lose the quality of the picture. Another feature that is highlighted in portrait mode is just brilliant—using two sensors to measure depth; the nicely thrown out background makes the subject stand out even more clearly, with greater sharpness of focus.

Autofocus and the User Interface:

The autofocus is almost always spot on; only in very rare occasions, particularly during the use of the monochrome sensor, is it that the device might not focus so much in scenes that lack contrast. However, these are very small limitations, and it mostly takes care of user experience since the camera application is pretty straightforward and responsive, fit for a professional photographer down to a beginner. It means that the overall setup of the camera on the Honor 9 through FoneZone.ae would easily be one of the strong points delivering great and competitive photography at the price point. The diverse needs related to photography can be handled by the Honor 9, whether it be that of landscape, portrait photography, or those random moments in life.

Video recording

The Honor 9 can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second. The detailing from the video is quite impressive with good contrast and vibrant colors. However, the 4K videos have some noise in them which is clearly visible. The videos in 1080p are of a decent standard quality balancing enough detail and clarity.

Value Proposition

The Honor 9 offers a really punchy package at a nice price point: very good chipset, good enough battery life, and relatively well performing cameras. The device runs with a wide range of software features, which makes the user experience even more overwhelming. Yes, it doesn't have the water resistance and stereo speakers, but it does make up for it with great performance that can give the OnePlus 5 or any other flagship phone quite a challenge.


In a word, the Honor 9, now available at FoneZone.ae, is the very definition of the extreme value and quality found in today's smartphone market. Its features are awesome, performance is sturdy, and it's the perfect choice for any buyer looking out for a well-functioning yet pocket-friendly device. Visit our website now to look at the full collection of Honor 9 phones and experience the best in mobile technology.


1. What are the general features of the Honor 9?

Some of the salient features that make the Honor 9 stand apart include the sleek dual-layered glass design, robust performance courtesy of Kirin, versatile dual-camera system, and EMUI software experience. Moreover, its competitive pricing shall make it so alluring that people on a budget will find it irresistible.

2. What is the capacity of an Honor 9 battery?

Other than that, the Honor 9 is also fitted with a good battery life-capacity 3200mAh, hence ensuring users need not keep recharging it every few hours in between their working, playing, and connecting sessions.

3. Is the Honor 9 water-resistant?

Of course, the bad news is that the Honor 9 lacks official water resistance ratings. With a solid build quality and pretty slick design, a user does need to be careful not to let it come in contact with water or such other environmental elements that might inadvertently damage the phone.