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Apple Refurbished
Apple iPad (8th generation) 128GB 4G
Apple iPad (8th generation) The Apple iPad is loved by both kids and adults – it’s a fantastic entertainment tool for school, when you’re gadding about or just relaxing with a good book. It can do so much more than...
Dhs. 949.00
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Apple Refurbished
Apple iPad (8th generation) 128GB WiFi
Apple iPad (8th generation) There aren't many differences between the new Apple iPad 8.4 generation and the prior iPad 7.2 version. The Apple A12 Bionic chipset, which receives a 2.5GHz Hexa-core processor, is one of the few advancements you will...
Dhs. 874.00
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Apple Refurbished
Apple iPad (8th generation) 32GB 4G
Apple iPad (8th generation) If you want to be able to browse the web, watch videos, listen to music and use apps on your iPad with just one device, then you need an Apple iPad. The iPad is a revolutionary...
Dhs. 874.00
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Apple Refurbished
Apple iPad (8th generation) 32GB WiFi
Apple iPad (8th generation) The Apple iPad Air is the most powerful iPad ever and features an amazing Retina Display for an even more vivid viewing experience. This is the first iPad to feature Apple's powerful A10X Fusion CPU, along...
Dhs. 799.00

The iPad 8 is handy with an in-built faster processor to take it along wherever you go. It is an excellent device upgraded to iOS 14, that will give it a new refresh. With this, you will get new perks like widgets, multiple map apps, and new camera features. The iPad 8 is applicable to cellular connectivity. If you want a higher capacity to save your videos and documents, you can upgrade its standard 32GB storage to 128GB at a bit higher price.

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