Realme Narzo 70 5G: Full Review and Detailed Analysis

Realme Narzo 70 5G Review: A Powerful Budget Smartphone with Impressive Features


Realme Narzo 70 5G is one of such budget devices that's poised to challenge the status quo with a robust lineup of bundled specs—everything that goes into a device like this which really challenges the conventions of what a phone on a budget is supposed to be. The only bright side is better connectivity promised by features that appeal not only to tech-savvy customers but also to budget-conscious ones, including 5G technology.

This review will include design, performance, camera, and battery life aspects that cover the Narzo 70 5G to finally find out if it lives up to the hype and is worth your money.

Unboxing and Design

Taking out the Realme Narzo 70 5G outside its packaging, you get the feel of a very premium design—modern and sleek in its exterior. The full form of the device is clad in a stunning Ice Blue color with polycarbonate finishing, while the finish includes both matte and glossy effects to truly make it stand out. Inside the box, apart from the phone itself, one finds a transparent silicone case for its protection, some more paperwork, a 45W power charger, and a USB Type-A to Type-C charging/data cable. This transparent silicone case will provide instant protection to the device. With the 45W power charger, fast and efficient charging is facilitated. The USB cable will help to allow seamless connectivity and data transfer.

The polycarbonate body of the Narzo 70 5G is pretty strong, so the device is sturdy, lightweight in construction, and hence good for everyday handling. The back is designed like a camera module, hence adding to the high-end feel. In terms of ports and other features, this device houses a 3.5mm audio jack, a hybrid SIM slot, among others to take care of versatile connectivity needs.

An in-display fingerprint scanner adds to the holistic experience with its ease of access in a secure way. These coupled with all the other characteristics make the Realme Narzo 70 5G a very ideal choice for a consumer out to balance between functionality and aesthetics.


The Realme Narzo 70 5G comes with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display. Even more beautiful is the experience, with a 120Hz refresh rate for its display, hence the visuals coming up will be very smooth and nice to the eyes, be it regular usage of the phone or gaming on the device. The 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy of the display also provides great color reproduction for viewing quite a pleasure.

Color Accuracy and Certification:

The Realme Narzo 70 5G sports Widevine L1 certification, and hence, the users can enjoy high-resolution content available on various OTT platforms. That would mean they could appreciate all the high-quality content available, including 60fps and HDR content from YouTube. It further provides a peak brightness of 1200 nits that ensures perfect visibility for great indoor and outdoor viewing experiences.

Punch-hole display and other features:

The punch-hole display will give users the convenience of continued views while they are charging their device or listening to music. With the weather forecasts and other notifications clearly visible right through the punch-hole area, the device gains additional functionality.

Processor and Performance

Realme Narzo 70 gets its power to perform with efficiency while multitasking due to the octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 7050 SoC. The device features 8GB LPDDR4X RAM with 128GB UFS 3.0 storage, providing quick multitasking capabilities and enough storage for users' content.

Storage Speed:

The UFS 3.0 storage, with it, comes the capability of up to 2GB per second in read speeds and 1.2GB per second in write speed—surely above-average numbers, making app loading times and data transfer quick.

RAM expansion:

8GB RAM, expandable even virtually up to 16GB through supported settings, makes multitasking and performance of the device even more advanced.

Benchmark Scores:

Some of the super impressive benchmark scores that the Realme Narzo 70 is scoring are scores of over 590,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark, making it quite a robust performer in handling a variety of apps and tasks.

Gaming Performance

This thus makes the attention of a gamer be easily lured to the Realme Narzo 70 5G for its unparalleled and customized gaming experience. The feature showing the frame rates at the top of the screen makes sure a gamer is uninterrupted in his play or in his mind with doubts about performance. It keeps lending a hand to gaming by giving a continuous 60-frame-per-second experience, and therefore even in the most intense gaming sessions, there is absolutely no lag.

The Realme Narzo 70 5G will also come with an exclusive game mode which can be turned on by users in order to gain a better performance within games. It does not just help in altering the graphical settings but may even help in the process of optimizing gaming processes in this way, such that the device really is set for the optimum gaming experience.

Central to this is the ability to set the phone processor to 'Pro', which optimizes the device even further for peak performance during gameplay. This is best brought out with games of serious demand, like Call of Duty, where the device can actually hold a solid 60fps and actually benefits from gyroscopic support to include a level of immersive control, adding to an all-over better game experience.

These features make the Realme Narzo 70 5G a great phone for an enthusiast gamer in terms of quality and reliability.


The Realme Narzo 70 features a 50MP main camera and a 2MP bokeh camera on the back. For selfie lovers, the front gets a 16MP sensor. The main rear camera can record 4K videos at 30fps, which will be colorful and steady. Besides, the 1080p/60fps function can make the shot video smooth and good.

The front camera can also record 1080p at 30fps and shoots without any problem with video instability; hence, the video is very clear. It can click images with high resolution and very good dynamic range and is perfectly suitable for portrait photography. Added to this, night mode helps in low-light photography and takes amazing shots with good clarity and details.

Software and User Experience

Realme Narzo 70 5G hosts a user-friendly software interface that suffices to provide ease and class to the user experience. The device is powered with the latest version of Realme UI to get neat and intuitive layouts, which are highly effective in managing navigation and accessibility.

Tailoring and Personalization:

And that's not all: users will be able to do a lot of customizations in terms of themes, icons, and system-wide color schemes to make the experience unique. Plus, with a dedicated dark mode, your eyes are at ease and less exhausted even after a long duration of usage.

Optimization of performance:

This will yield improved overall performance through the use of Realme UI, smooth multitasking, and app launches. It handles the management of resources with intelligence to guarantee a responsive, lag-free experience.

Security Features:

Data security on the Realme Narzo 70 5G is further intensified with the robust security features, including a secure app vault and a selection of other tools that protect users' privacy and overall device security. You are assured of security and convenience with the fingerprint scanner and face unlock feature.

Sound and Speakers

Realme Narzo 70 5G comes with dual firing speakers to provide loud audio output.

Battery Life and Charging

Realme Narzo 70 5G includes a 5000mAh battery. This makes the powerhouse provide long hours of full charge to the device. It also supports 45W fast charging so that the battery is quickly refilled for an all-day usage.


If there is any such singularity related to the Realme Narzo 70 5G, it is due to its advanced connectivity capabilities in an overpopulated smartphone market. In the era of 5G technology, this dual-SIM model of the phone allows any owner to take advantage of high-speed Internet access for assured activities of daily living that require high-definition video streaming, video conferencing, or even playing games online without any lag.

Besides, the Realme Narzo 70 5G is further strengthened to support multiple frequency bands, which would consequently translate to the phone not losing the network in most places. With that many bands, the switching would be easy for the device without any disturbance, hence seamless service between regions as one moves from region to region. The smartphone itself is also Wi-Fi 6 compatible, so it allows faster wireless internet speed, and it maintains stability under crowded networks.

This is quite helpful because in a public space, or even at home, many devices are connected to the same network. Wi-Fi 6 also assures that the latency is reduced and the performance for network data transfer is increased, which matters a lot to the user during heavy tasks like live streaming or downloading massive files.

With the Realme Narzo 70 5G comes Bluetooth 5.1 technology, meaning improvements in speed and more significant range over previous versions of Bluetooth. This speeds up the connection and makes it more stable to a good number of peripherals, including wireless headphones, smartwatches, and even the home automation units.

The improved Bluetooth technology also allows for a better audio experience with reduced lag and higher quality sound transmission. And last but not least, the Realme Narzo 70 5G offers NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows contactless payment and instant connection to any other NFC-friendly devices.

Extremely useful in pairing devices and exchanging information to enhance the usefulness of the smartphone in daily activities and transactions. So, the Realme Narzo 70 5G is not just an instrument for communication, but in fact, it is a versatile tool that extends its utility to many other digital and interactive applications, and for all this, its connectivity options are quite strong.

Final Thoughts

The Realme Narzo 70, along with the Narzo 70x, has really made a splash with some of the great new features such as the 120Hz screen and 50MP camera. Realme has indeed armed users with an intense yet pocket-friendly smartphone that takes care of most high-performance needs minus the expensive price tags.

The integration of state-of-the-art technologies with thoughtful design elements helps to delimit these smartphones in the competitive market and thus create an option that is sufficiently captivating for technology enthusiasts as well as budget-conscious consumers.

Where to Buy

If you want to buy the Realme Narzo 70 5G, you can do so through many online shopping and retail stores. Here are some suggested avenues for buying the Realme Narzo 70 5G.


Realme Narzo 70 and Narzo 70x have reset the standards in the budget smartphone segment with their exceptional features. This phone really is good enough for an all-around immersive experience in visuals with a 120Hz screen and 50MP camera for high-quality snapping of photos; hence, it's surely a jaw-dropping choice for tech-savvy and budgetary customers.


1. What are the standout features of the Realme Narzo 70 and Narzo 70x?

The Realme Narzo 70 and 70x have a 120Hz screen, meaning the devices feature a high refresh rate for very smooth visuals and immersive viewing experiences. Besides, the devices come with a high-powered 50MP camera, high in resolutions for both images and stable video recording.

2. How does the experience of using the screens of the Realme Narzo 70 and Narzo 70x enhance the overall user experience?

The devices come with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display and a 120Hz refresh rate for peak color accuracy and a great brightness level of 1200 nits. That should guarantee maximum visibility both indoors and outdoors for just about any activity, in particular, for playing games and consuming content.

3. What about the performance of the Realme Narzo 70 and the Narzo 70x?

They run on a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor, under which there is 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS 3.0 storage. This ensures very nice multitasking ability and app loading that's blazing fast. UFS 3.0 storage ensures good read and write speeds, which boost the performance of the device.

4. How does the camera system of Realme Narzo 70 and Narzo 70x benefit the field of photography and videography?

This holds two cameras: a 50MP high-resolution sensor for taking great dynamic range, high-quality, and high-resolution pictures, and a 2MP bokeh camera. The device also allows the user to record stable videos in 1080p at 60fps for smooth, high-quality recording on the rear camera that goes up to 30fps for 4K.

5. How do the Realme Narzo 70 and Narzo 70x connect?

The two devices also support Dual 5G SIM connectivity to ensure seamless high-speed access to networks for more communication and connectivity capabilities. They also have Bluetooth version 5.2 for fast and reliable wireless connectivity.