Oppo A79 5G: Full Review and Analysis

Oppo A79 5G: A Capable Budget Smartphone


We are delighted to launch the Oppo A79, now available exclusively at FoneZone.ae. Affordable, at Dhs. 305.00, this one goes out to all those who'd like to walk around with a smartphone but will not have it compromise on style, performance, and money value.

Oppo A79 is definitely a stylish and sleek device but is also tough enough to survive. With a large, bright display, one can completely immerse themselves in the world of videos, games, and web browsing. It boasts excellent clarity and color presentation.

The Oppo A79 is powered by a top-end processor under the hood that lets it perform with fluidity and efficiency. Coupled with this is the abundant RAM that ensures the user a smooth and lag-free interface with heavyweight multitasking. The internal storage is huge for a user's apps, photos, videos, and multimedia files that can be expandable using a microSD card for additional storage.

The capabilities of the camera are one of the main features of the Oppo A79. It boasts a high-resolution rear camera that captures stunning, detailed photos full of life with vivid colors. Perfect for selfies, the front camera is obviously stunning with strong clarity and features in beautification that makes the effect of your shots more obvious. Both cameras are supported by the high-end imaging technology to enhance performances under low light and professional image stabilization.

Oppo A79's battery life runs into the measures of strength since the design really does last even a day with heavy use because of its high-capacity battery. The thing is, it supports fast charging, meaning you can easily juice it up within a short period of time to keep up with your bustling lifestyle.

In general, the Oppo A79 at FoneZone.ae is a perfect combination of high-end features and affordability. This is a good enough smartphone for a person willing to take more upgrades on their mobile experiences without burning a hole in their pocket. Learn more about the Oppo A79 and book it today on the most exclusive online platform, FoneZone.ae, where technology meets affordability and style.

Price and Availability

Now, only on FoneZone.ae, the excellent Oppo A79 available for the smartphone enthusiasts. It gives a great value of features and capabilities for the best price of Dhs. 305.00. If you want to get a reliable smartphone without making a hole in your pocket, then the Oppo A79 is the right choice.

At FoneZone.ae, we work hard to provide the best of the latest technologies at affordable prices for our customers. And one such example is the Oppo A79, proving just that. It follows a perfect fusion of trendsetting design and efficient performance, thereby appealing not just to serious users but tech-savvy individuals. Being on our platform means that one can purchase it with ease right from the comfort of their homes.

We understand that convenience and affordability are two factors that are very important to our customers. This is why we guarantee that the Oppo A79 is available at the most competitive prices and that a purchase and delivery will take place immediately. Our website, FoneZone.ae, is appropriately described with detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to make your shopping experience seamless and well-informed.

In summary, when one is looking for a smartphone that equals both style and substance, the Oppo A79 from FoneZone.ae is definitely the way to go. This looks just right and costs so attractively with a price of Dhs. 305.00 available on our exclusive website, where you can make a smart purchasing decision for all your mobile needs.

Vibrant Design and Color Options

Moreover, the Oppo A79 5G does not lag behind in terms of design and color options; in fact, it would probably not mind a little bit more. The phone boasts of colors which are bright, good to look at, but the one that is standing out is 'glowing green'. The beveled approach in the design contributes to the general view of the device.

Fast Charge – No Charger

One important feature in the Oppo A79 5G is the support for super VUK fast charging, which supports 33W of fast charging. However, the same is not bundled inside the box with the phone. This may not be the best step to take, as the lack of a super VUK brick in all probability means that the charging performance might not be easily accessible to its full extent.

Remaining Battery Life and Power Management

Oppo A79 can easily live through the day with 50% charging in a mere 33 minutes. Approximately 3 hours of talk time on a 5-minute charge is indicative of its exemplary fast-charging support. Even with heavy use, it can last almost the day through with about 2 days of battery life, and for light users, it can go up to 3 days under optimized settings.

Power Efficiency:

The power management system of the device maintains a good balance between software and hardware, ensuring proper power utilization. It has good software and decent hardware, which makes the all-over battery management give balance to the power consumption.

RAM and Performance:

With 4 GB of RAM, performance runs fairly smoothly, except for some moments when it meets slight lags—mostly during intensive usage, such as gaming or scrolling through social media. Going all the way up to 6GB of RAM might be a significant overall performance increase from reduced to no actual stutters.

Display and Scrolling

Experience The Oppo A79 has a full HD Plus Sunlight display that can go up to 680 nits, making it visible in direct sunlight and bright indoor light. While it may not be on par with a flagship device in terms of peak brightness, it should be sufficient for everyday use.

Scrolling Options:

The user can opt for either smooth scrolling or fast scrolling. When opting for fast scrolling, this could be the way to go to enhance a complete experience when the device is running at its stated best.

Build and Construction Quality

The Oppo A79 is well built; some precision in the design has been put, the edges are right angled, which gives it a posh premium look—a step up from its real price tag. The flat display with right angles makes the whole appearance of the phone expensive.

Bonus Functionality

The IPX4 water-resistance of the Oppo A79 5G makes it splash-proof and safe for daily use. The phone has all its pre-installed applications and games, although it is up to the user if he or she would like to delete some applications that he or she deems unnecessary, tweak the theme to his or her preference, and all to a great feel of an excellent, unique, self-owned experience.

Even handier, however, is the feature that lets you double-tap to lock the phone and then again to wake it up – nice and easy for when you want to use Face Unlock really quickly. It has a headphone jack that would surely give more versatility and utility to a device.

Selfie Test

The front camera on the Oppo A79 5G is 8MP and also records 1080p. Front-facing, the camera quality is good for most everyday uses, although the 1080p resolution certainly feels almost ancient as compared to the 4K cameras used in some competing models. The performance of the camera in fluctuating lighting is also good enough, with quality images captured in shaded parts and possibly being affected when directly under sunlight.

In addition, stabilization during video recording could be less, and this might affect the overall video quality. The Rear-F Test. Additionally, the Oppo A79 5G has a solid 50MP rear-facing camera that has the ability to record at 1080P. This camera setting guarantees that users take high-quality visuals without the addition of a stabilizing gimbal, although some natural movement can still be observed in the videos. In perfect light, like the golden hour soft lighting, the camera shoots with great detail and ambiance.

In harsher light, though, the footage can sometimes seem a little ragged, something potential buyers might consider or not. In regard to the photography features, Oppo A79 integrates the refined AI characteristics where significant adjustments of images can be done. Users, therefore, have the capability to adjust their appearance before going ahead to take the photo, hence more effective in taking enhanced selfies. Though the camera does handle portrait shots fairly well, it can also produce landscapes that are quite oversharpened and digitally manipulated.

These pictures carry the usual saturation we have seen with most smartphone cameras and will definitely not suit everyone. The camera on the Oppo A79 can, for the most part, struggle with pretty serious over-exposure at times, making areas in the video appear too bright and bloated while recording video. But for the most part, the camera on this phone can shoot rather decent video, and the phone costs only Dhs. 305.00 according to the data on FoneZone.ae.

The Oppo A79 cannot generally make a boast of the level of performance in the camera that has become de rigueur in those most expensive smartphones, but among its category, it is competitive, offering a good result for everyday photography and video needs. Hence, it's a good pick for someone looking for a decent camera phone at an affordable price.


With the Oppo A79, available for Dhs.305.00 at FoneZone.ae, it has been one of the very best decisions for the pocket yet does not alter performance for the consumer. Great features combined with robustness in the offer are attractive and affordable to the sleek design of both general and power users.

The phone works well with a powerful processor, assuring smooth multitasking in running various applications and services. Giving each user a great experience, no matter whether it's about games, videos, or just everyday communication, Oppo A79 will be great. The storage allows a great amount of data to be saved without thinking about disk space.

From a multimedia perspective, the Oppo A79 leaps into focus, be it for high-resolution display or the ability to sound good, giving an immersive viewing and listening experience. Attached to it is the camera technology of this device, which is capable, offering high quality photography and video recording features that live up to those expensive models being circulated in the market.

Lastly, and importantly, the battery life offered by the Oppo A79 allows one to stay for long durations without worrying about having to recharge the phone. All this makes the phone just perfect for those users who are always on the go and give their device a heavy workout during the day.

In addition, the Oppo A79 is exclusively available through FoneZone.ae and can be the best purchase for anyone wanting a reliable and stylish smartphone at a competitive price. It guarantees to meet the different expectations of users and bring full satisfaction through the combination of aesthetics, performance, and affordability.


1. Does Oppo A79 5G come with a charging brick?

No, inside the box, the Oppo A79 5G doesn't have a charging brick. You have to buy another charging brick compatible with it, so you are able to use its quick-charging features.

2. And how is it with the battery life of the Oppo A79 5G?

The Oppo A79 5G is good enough; it can deliver 50% charged battery in just 33 minutes, while it can last for almost two days even with the heaviest of users, but for light users, it can extend to 3 days with the optimized settings.

Q3. Is the Oppo A79 5G waterproof?

Yes, the Oppo A79 5G is certified for water resistance at IPX4, meaning that it is splash-proof and can be used for daily activities.

4. What are the camera features of the Oppo A79 5G?

The Oppo A79 5G has a front 8-megapixel selfie lens and a 50-megapixel back camera. The selfie camera gives pretty good quality for everyday use, while the back one will provide rather acceptable results for photo and video recording under lighting conditions that are good enough.