Huawei P70 Latest News: Final Device Design Revealed

Huawei P70 Picture LEAKED - Final Device Design Revealed


Brace yourself, Huawei fans. A just-leaked photo has appeared on Weibo, revealing what is said to be the final design of the Huawei P70. The leaked image reveals what seems to be the back cover of the device with the camera module arranged in a triangular format and round corners.

Indeed, this leak has raised a lot of hype and speculation among tech enthusiasts regarding what can be expected from the latest release by Huawei.

Previous Leaks and Speculations

Prior to this new leak, various leaks and renders did round before, showing what the camera module on the Huawei P70 is going to look like. But, still, this leaked photo seems to be the closest look we have seen of the actual device so far. The picture is a repost by Chip from an account called guab and is thus being thought of as the back cover of the standard model of the P series.

Of course, Huawei must launch several models that include Huawei P70, Huawei P70 Pro, and Huawei P70R. The leaked photo also confirms that Huawei is going to stay with the horizontal orientation of the brand's name at the bottom left, thus giving the device the appearance of a camera when a photo is being taken. On the other hand, there are also speculations that the device might come at the very end of April, with some sources indicating an end-month launch for the Huawei P70. According to speculations, Huawei may adopt the same strategy as with the Huawei Mate 60 series, making a sudden release of the gadgets without an associated special event.

In fact, this has already led some media to open reservations for the device in China, where there are very literally few pieces of information about P70 features. While in China, Huawei is still very strong, the global momentum is quite affected due to the lack of Google services. Users are still left looking forward with the hope of having some, if not more, exciting features from a cell phone similar to the Huawei P70.

The Leaked Photograph

Last year, a leaked picture of the Huawei P70 created quite an uproar among technology enthusiasts as it was the closest to the design of the final device. It's a back cover, supposedly with a camera module of the standard model of the P-series, with a triangular format and rounded corners.

This leak, coming directly from Chip and shared with an account called guab, further confirms several design elements of the device, including the horizontal orientation of the brand name, located in the bottom-left corner. This makes the device look like a camera while taking a picture and is very exciting for the new device.

Also, from the leak, it seems the launch of the device is around the corner, with open reservations in China already being reported, despite very few details about the phone's features. While the lack of Google Services affects Huawei's global momentum, this leaked photo again means the robust existence of Huawei in China, as the renewal of excitement in the Huawei P70 is quite evident. And so, the leaked photo is an appetizing sneak peek of what awaits Huawei's latest release, surely lighting up the fuse of a lot of speculation and interest among users who are apparently tracking every development waiting for the smartphone's official launch.

Camera Module Design

The leaked photo of the Huawei P70 provides a glimpse of the back cover and somehow gives a clue to the camera module design.

This validates that the camera module would be triangular with rounded edges and hence adds an unusual and visual differentiation element to the device.

That is something that could draw the line between the Huawei P70 and its predecessors or other cellphones in the market, making it a highly anticipated consumer attraction.

Furthermore, the leaked photo supposedly points out that the name of Huawei will stay the same, written horizontally at the bottom left. That placing is characteristic of a camera, and it gives the device the form of a camera; once making a shot, it looks very careful and thoughtful in the view of design. The whole designing of this camera module composes in the innovation and quality that Huawei pursues, which surely might be the counterargument to a stunning, visually effective device. The leaked photo further gave a clear hint that the device is expected to have a high level of photographic features since it is transparent in nature over the camera area. Designing a camera module and setting up a configuration can hint at one thing: the focus has been given to delivering good quality pictures and enhancing the user experience. This has further pumped in some excitement for the upcoming official release of Huawei P70.

Speculations on the P Series Models

Speculation of the possible models that will come along with the standard version in the wake of the Huawei P70 impending release. And no doubt, Huawei will likely introduce the world not only to the Huawei P70 but with its flagship smartphones too, Huawei P70 Pro and Huawei P70R. Each model should thus comprise unique features and abilities to cater to different user preferences and requirements.

Gossips around the launch date of the Huawei P70 have been such that they actually claim it might end up coming out by the end of April. Some rumors have it that, in the same way that the previous Huawei Mate 60 series just showed up on the market without any prior announcements, the Huawei P70 will be making its entrance.

Open reservation in China for the device further stirred up excitement and anticipation, although very little information is available regarding the P70 features.

While Huawei remains a leading force in China, its global momentum has been subdued by the lack of Google services. With a big prospect of offering several P series models and an innovative camera module design, they say it should renew interest and optimism among users. Since there has already been a circumstance where the consumers of this product have waited in keen anticipation for the latest from Huawei, the leaked photo of the Huawei P70 only aroused more expectation for the official unveiling.

Launch Speculations

The leaked photo of the Huawei P70 has, therefore, lit lots of speculations with regard to the upcoming launch and what the device will be capable of featuring. On the other end, the design of the camera module is said to be in the limelight, with anticipation from most of the tech enthusiasts and consumers who are looking forward to the official unveiling of the device. The leaked photo was supposed to be used as a back cover for the standard model of the P series, revealing key details about the design and hence creating even a larger sense of anticipation for the upcoming launch. What's more, open reservations that were reported in China seemed to be running indefinitely, and even despite very sketchy information on this device, all seemed to be contributing toward an atmosphere of anticipation for the device launch.

This has led to certain speculations over the release date, likely launch strategy, and the overall impact the Huawei P70 may pose on the international market.

Sales Strategy

Taking it as an indication, this could be the direction of Huawei, in their sales strategy with the release of the Huawei P70 after the leaked photo and open reports of reservation in China.

With no special event invites, and much similarity to the launch approach of the Huawei Mate 60 series, speculations are rife that Huawei might spring the next flagship out of the blue to get the desired sales momentum.

Already a successful approach for Huawei, the move is likely to promise strong initial sales, with added consumer interest in the device. Open reservations, which had almost no detailed information about the features of the device, go on to show how much the consumers trust Huawei and what strong standing of consumers the company already had in place.

It is still a point of consideration, however, the impact of lacking Google services on world sales and users' satisfaction. On the other hand, it gave birth to the Huawei P70 because from the photo leaked, it was giving a bit of a guess about the mobile, and this could have made great excitement in waiting for the sales of the device after its launching.

Global Market Impact

If Huawei is to be incorporated into this global momentum, the services offered through Google are essential. Otherwise, its international market journey is sure to be a hard ride.

The very fact that there were no Google services did take a toll on both user experience and user satisfaction to such an extent that some of these users remained highly dissatisfied with the current status of Huawei devices.

The company has tried to offer its variants through AppGallery, but still, the lack of Google services is emerging as one of the major barriers for performance in the global markets for Huawei.

Which has affected consumer confidence and consumer demands in some regions, thus creating a potential barrier for Huawei in its global sales and market shares.

Moreover, definitely the absence of Google services affected mindsets in regard to gadgets from Huawei throughout the world, hence this consumer shift in preference to other smartphone brands. The outcome of the results has been such that there is a decrease in sales of Huawei, lessening presence in the market, and on top of it all, they have to do a reset of their approach towards international sales and marketing. While the leaked picture of Huawei P70 does create some kind of excitement amid tech enthusiasts, this is the one that would need to address the wider global market impact and customer sentiment to regain momentum in international markets.


1. When will the Huawei P70 be launched?

The launch of the Huawei P70 is supposed to be towards the end of April. Some reports suggest that this time, Huawei might also try to adopt a surprise release strategy the way it wants to manage the new model's launch from the Huawei Mate 60 series.

2. What models are expected to be released in the Huawei P series?

It is almost a given fact that the company is going to announce not only Huawei P70 but Huawei P70 Pro and Huawei P70R, as it would provide different options for the consumers.

3. How has the absence of Google services impacted Huawei's global momentum?

That could also mean the phone was hard in usage and unsatisfactory to the fact that it was without Google services, influencing their preferences in favor of other smartphones in the international markets.

4. What is the shape of the camera module in the leaked image?

The image leak has confirmed that the camera module shall be in triangular shape, with curved corners, and thus creating a distinctive look for the Huawei P70.

5. What sales strategies should be considered in the case of Huawei P70?

Rumors indicated that Huawei might unveil its new model to create a sales blitz, like the Huawei Mate 60 series launch.