iOS 18: New Design Rumors and Speculations

Here's what iOS 18's rumored visionOS-like redesign might look like


As we approach the announcement of iOS 18, all eyes and ears of Apple's fan base are looking to learn what new features and design changes the company has decided to bring with the new version of its mobile OS. No doubt, some rumors about a VisionOS-like redesign are already spreading, so some tech enthusiasts are quite giddy.

In this newsletter, we try to take a closer look at the possible futures of an iOS 18-reimagined VisionOS-like redesign, based on the latest leaks and rumors.

Announcement of iOS 18

Apple is set to unveil iOS 18 at WWDC, beginning June 10th. There is great anticipation for the new version of the mobile OS, which, according to rumors, will bring a redesign of the entire system.

Recent leaks have hinted at a design inspiration from VisionOS, the software running on Apple's Vision Pro headset.

Design resources for iOS 18 have leaked on the Internet and are now making rounds all over. It seems to be an iPhone frame template representing what a new iOS 18 design could look like. While the leaks are unverifiable, the style does match early rumors of a visual update for iOS 18 inspired by VisionOS. As so often is the case with his pin-point predictions, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman is dubious of wholesale design overhauls in iOS 18. Some elements of VisionOS, apparently, are still speculated to be some sort of an infusion, especially in some parts of the user interface, but not a total infusion of a new remake of design.

Rumored Design Changes

iOS 18 is already expected with bated breath, as rumors of a huge design change inspired by VisionOS have circled. Some of those leaked design resources, including an alleged iPhone frame template, are starting to give us a bit of an idea about what this could mean for the new design. However, it should all be taken with a grain of salt, as authenticity is always a question in such matters. But the design does seem in line with previous rumors of a VisualOS-inspired UI update for iOS 18. As rumor has it, this long-awaited year is supposed to bring some design changes that are bound to give a major shake-up to the tech community and Apple fans. While Bloomberg's Mark Gurman expressed skepticism about major design changes in iOS 18, speculation held that some features inspired by VisionOS might trickle down to some parts of the user interface.

That might well be a sign that new features inspired by VisionOS only make it into part of the UI, if at all. Tech enthusiasts and Apple users have been kept on their toes following the potential inclusion of VisionOS-inspired design trends in iOS 18.

Inspiration from Vision OS

iOS 18's rumored VisionOS-like redesign is expected to bring a fresh visual update to the mobile OS.

VisionOS is running on Apple's Vision Pro headset and consists of software that is translucent with glass-like buttons and reflective edges.

Leaked design resources for iOS 18, believed to be in possession of an iOS engineer, have added design elements with hints of this incorporation. It has been rumored that features inspired by VisionOS could easily be part of iOS 18—just like, looking back, in Microsoft's Windows Aero design, with the same or similar transparency and glass-like GUI effects.

However, it is not almost at the same time; it is a kind of belief for some tech enthusiasts that supposed design changes in iOS 18 could mean some real VisionOS-inspired visual orientation for the next big mobile OS.

Leaked Design Resource

Some new leaks have emerged, purporting to show an iPhone frame template for iOS 18 and giving us a view of its probable design. The leaked design resource, which was obtained from an anonymous source that purports to be an iOS engineer, is already the subject of much discussion and has its bunch of believers, going by the early reactions. Appropriate, as mentioned, these resources in the design are meant for app development by designers using Sketch and Photoshop. This information has to be taken with a grain of salt due to the unknown source.

And while the leaked design does match previous rumors of a VisionOS-inspired design refresh for iOS 18, it's also a little bit fishy that there's been no way to verify the design resource. This does put the leaked design resource in quite an uncertain light, but the potential glimpse it offers for the visual direction of iOS 18 is one that will excite, if not generate some serious interest, within the tech community.

Predictions by Mark Gurman

Mark Gurman, arguably the most reliable reporter on Apple rumors, couldn't sound more skeptical about massive design changes within iOS 18. Gurman said that although big changes to the design inspired by VisionOS are rumored, he would believe them only when he saw them, as it is unlikely that Apple will make gigantic design changes in the new iteration of the mobile OS.

His insights suggest that features inspired by VisionOS should only appear in select parts of the user interface, not woven throughout the entire platform.

While Gurman's predictions still need to be confirmed, they certainly will trigger a new round of debate and excitement in the always overexcited tech community.

Implementation in iOS 18

iOS 18 appears to bring about a remarkable redesign, apparently drawing inspiration from Apple's VisionOS, which is likely to be the operating system of the company's Vision Pro headset. Some leaked design resources, like what's said to be an iPhone frame template, gave a potential look at the new design. This leaked style aligns with a previously rumored visual overhaul for iOS 18. But that is all information that should be still taken with a grain of salt. It comes from a source that claims to be an iOS engineer.

Although Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has some big doubts about major design changes arriving in iOS 18, he does believe that some VisionOS-inspired features will arrive with iOS 15 but will be implemented in only part of the user interface.

What's likely to happen is that VisionOS will feature a set of translucent, glass-like buttons with reflective edges—very much like the ones Microsoft designed for its Windows Aero design. It's fairly early to say anything from the rumor, but the idea that iOS 18 could be a redesign similar to VisionOS is really what is stirring up conversation and excitement within the tech community.

User Preferences and Comments

At this very early stage, the supposed VisionOS-like iOS 18 redesign has already drawn huge interest and hype among Apple fans. With it, a possibility that a brand new look of the mobile OS, which is akin to VisionOS, has already hinted at how the update might look and thus created an amount of buzz many times over before the update eventually gets its introduction.

And, as one would expect, users and fans have immediately given their opinions and preferences on the possible redesign. Some tempt with the translucency and glassy buttons which came with the new VisionOS, and some actually seem a bit reserved, waiting for some official messages from Apple.

Comments from the tech-community have reiterated that striking this balance in any design changes is the most crucial thing.

It goes without saying that in case the redesign based on VisionOS would bring modern and polished aesthetics for iOS 18, it has to remain friendly and intuitively clear for the eyes of Apple users.


1. What is the expected release date for iOS 18? Guess what?

iOS 18 will be most likely introduced by Apple on June 10—the first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference. Users are likely to find more about the probable design changes and new features there.

2. What are the rumored design changes for iOS 18?

And finally, the iOS 18 is rumored to be making some key design changes, if what VisionOS whispers say is anything to go by. Among the key changes will be translucency, glass-like buttons with reflected edges, and other visual updates with VisionOS inspiration.

3. Will iOS 18 feature a complete overhaul of the design?

There have been redesign rumors caused by VisionOS, but reliable sources like Mark Gurman remain very skeptical that there will be real modifications to the design. Any new features likely derived from VisionOS are thought to only be present in certain areas of the user interface, not the whole platform.

4. What are the potential implications of a VisionOS-like redesign for iOS 18?

VisionOS-inspired characteristics would give a very contemporary and clean look to the mobile OS if they somehow made their way into iOS 18. But another discussion is being held: do these characteristics meet the criterion of being user-friendly and intuitive, something Apple users are accustomed.