Vivo X100 Pro Review: Everything You Need To Know

Best Phone I Never Reviewed! | Vivo X100 Pro


The Vivo X100 Pro is one of the flagship smartphones that Uncle Spur fully reviewed; albeit, he may not get hold of this one, but this time around, he got to review the gadget. The 6.78-inch behemoth comes packing with a very powerful processor, huge battery, and an amazing camera setup. Uncle Spur has been using it as his full-time smartphone for the past week to provide you with a comprehensive review.

Design and Build Quality

The Vivo X100 Pro boasts a relatively slimline design for a flagship, complemented by curved edges.

While it may be a bit chunky due to the camera setup, the curved edges and frosted glass back add a touch of finesse.

The only one thing to note in the design: it may not be for everybody. Uncle Spur thought the phone was just a little bit wanting in sexiness. But, on the other hand, the build quality is solid, and the phone is still mint. The software on the device is a piece of Android 14 with FunTouch OS4 for a mostly simple user experience and free from bloatware. One good thing with the Vivo X100 Pro is that it comes loaded with enough accessories and has the user enjoy plenty of options for customization, ample 512GB storage, and strong security features.

Software and User Interface

The Vivo X100 Pro will come with an Android 14, supported by a FunTouch OS4. It will provide the user with most of its software being clean, free of bloatware. The device will be accompanied by lots of options for personalization, as well as huge 512GB storage with secure features. The launcher also brings with it the Google Discover feed and App Drawer customization, ranging from various wallpapers to Always-On display settings. Additionally, to keep your device safe and secure, there is an optical in-display fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock.

Storage and Security Features

The Vivo X100 Pro comes with 512GB of non-expandable storage, which is generous for any flagship phone.

On the security side, the device has an optical in-display fingerprint sensor for clammy hands and, for more biometric security, Face Unlock. The phone also receives an assured 3 years' support, where it will offer regular OS and security updates. However, its smart app control feature has been noted as aggressive, bringing about uncalled-for shutdowns of background apps. Despite that, the device offers the user a bug- and quirk-free experience, and he can comfortably enjoy continuous usage.

The Vivo X100 Pro, generally, brings home this design by offering large storage and strong security, ensuring that when a consumer will opt for a smartphone good and secured for an efficient tool, then this phone guarantees this.

Display and Multimedia Experience

Vivo X100 Pro will come with a 6.78 inches AMOLED display. The resolution is pushing to 2800x1260 pixels. Full streaming supports HDR10 display hence showcasing quality and vivid colors. The screen thus suits easy multimedia content consumption and gaming ease, being supported by a 120Hz refresh rate.

The curved edges of the display do not, however, take away from the screen responsiveness; hence, a smooth experience is guaranteed while handling the device. However, the auto-brightness can be erratic. It works when it is not required, and the opposite, up to the extent that the screen does not go as dim as it should for some people.

In addition, the design of the dual stereo speakers is just fine, with pretty sound quality, but not the volume one would expect.

However, these are very small cons in front of the Vivo X100 Pro, and the display and the media experience are so awesome that people who are fond of media consumption or gaming on smartphones would really adore it.

Audio and Gaming Performance

Vivo X100 Pro will be the first one to come with a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset and 16GB of RAM, making sure that the experience for gaming should be superlative. It is going to be a 12-core ARM Mali-G720 GPU, which further improves the peak gaming performance along with ray tracing ability, offering a smooth and amazing look while playing the game. In addition to these are some of the performance enhancements lying within the gaming mode of the device, and features like super-resolution mode of the game and tools to help the game's display be among the best parts to experience. The only problem is heating, else unbeatable performance throughout the long gaming sessions.

When it comes to audio quality, while the stereo speaker setup may be of subpar output level, it indeed keeps up with clear quality of the audio. Add in the Bluetooth streaming for flawless performance, and there's a user's choice for that immersive audio experience. This Vivo X100 Pro has great audio performance, and with an array of game compatibility, it is the perfect model for those who seek games and multi-media experiences on your mobile device.

Battery Life and Charging

The Vivo X100 Pro boasts one of the largest batteries in any flagship phone, with a massive 5,400mAh capacity. It even sailed through all-day usability—streaming and gaming, under heavy use—and still left me without a worry about the battery dying on me. On the battery aspect, the Vivo X100 Pro comes with fast charging, able to top up the battery quite fast when needed.

With such a huge battery capacity, added to the fast-charging feature, Vivo X100 Pro would be a treasure for those users who are always on the move and have most of their work depended on by their smartphones.

Camera Technology

The camera on the Vivo X100 Pro is represented by a splendid Sony primary sensor, while for the other two shooters, it gets 50MP sensors—an ultra-wide and a telephoto lens. The camera provides the highest quality performance of keeping crisp and detailed imagery in different lighting.

It comes with a V3 image processor chip that makes capturing and processing portrait shots fast, ensuring the detection of edges is accurate and the effects of blur are realistic. The other was its killer video capabilities of this Vivo X100 Pro, which supported up to an 8K video resolution.

The 32MP selfie shooter will also get you self-portraits of high quality and enable you to make video calls. Generally, it would have been in order to say that the Vivo X100 Pro camera technology will definitely be very great when it comes to taking beautiful pictures and video shooting; this fact is undisputed.

Video Recording and Selfie Camera

Some of the great technologies in the Vivo X100 Pro camera are 8K video recording. This model will be perfect for users to whom camera work is of importance, as this will feature a 32MP front selfie camera. In addition, with the V3 image processor chip, the picture being taken and the processing of its portrait shot are way fast and accurate in edge detection, giving a realistic effect of the blur. Finally, such camera technology of Vivo X100 Pro will turn out to be a real champ in taking all kinds of stunning images and videos highly suited for any level of photography enthusiasts.


1. What are the standout features of the Vivo X100 Pro?

The only other highlight this phone has is the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor, coupled with a huge 5,400mAh battery and impressive sensors of the camera, which include a Sony primary sensor along with a 50MP ultra-wide-angle shooter and a 50MP telephoto lens. Display specs include a 6.78-inch AMOLED with HDR10 support and a 120Hz refresh rate.

2. What is the storage capacity and security features of the Vivo X100 Pro?

All this in a huge 512GB of non-expandable storage. Besides, it also comes with a sensor that has an optical in-display fingerprint for biometric security. It comes with guaranteed support lasting 3 years, and this includes regular OS and security updates.

3. How is the performance of the Vivo X100 Pro for gaming and multimedia experiences?

Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor and 16GB of RAM, the Vivo X100 Pro is one of the best when it comes to performance in gaming. It has a 12-core ARM Mali-G720 GPU, making it excellent for the best gaming experience, and it can be set to a refresh rate of not more than 120Hz for an unbeatable gaming experience.

Additionally, this gadget has great sound features that guarantee clarity in whatever is being streamed through Bluetooth.

4. What are the camera capabilities of the Vivo X100 Pro?

X100 Pro will be equipped with a great camera system—headed by the primary Sony sensor—alongside a 50MP ultra-wide-angle shooter and a 50MP telephoto lens. It even has a V3 image processor chip that helps in the fast capture and processing of portrait shots to deliver accurate edge detection and realistic blur effects.

The gadget will also support 8K resolution in video recording and have a 32-megapixel selfie shooter lens to snap the best selfies and make video calls.

5. Is the Vivo X100 Pro recommended for users?

The Vivo X100 Pro, therefore, is highly recommended for those users who pay equal importance to a well-rounded flagship phone. Specifically, it is good for those people who want to ensure excellent performance, very long battery life, and good, competent camera abilities. In most usage scenarios, the device is reliable and efficient, offering great user experience.