Apple Watch Touchscreen Issues: The Ongoing Problem

Apple Watch STILL HAS GHOST TOUCH problem


Apple Watch users continue to be bedeviled by ghost touch complaints, which now almost exclusively apply to the Ultra and Series 9. This, while Apple is trying to be on top of the situation. Videos uploaded by users show the temperamental behavior of the watches well, and it says this is not an isolated case. The reports of the problem also suggest that it is not confined to the Series 7 but is affecting its many watch models, including the Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, and the first generation of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Even though Apple has acknowledged the issue through the front door and even publicly this time, affected users are being told to restart their watch, giving the community the impression that this may be something that can't be fixed long-term.

Videos of the Issue

Many users have posted videos on this ghost touch issue of their Apple Watches. The videos make the behavior very clear: The screen of the watch simply starts to respond as though it had been used when, in reality, it's not being used. The following link provides some video proofs that the problem is widespread and also affecting multiple watch models, including the 9th Edition Apple Watch and the Ultra Watch by Apple. What is at issue is not only a question of isolated cases, since the videos point out the consistency with which the problem exists over various gadgets.

Widespread Problem

The ghost touch problem on Apple Watches is a widespread issue that is affecting numerous users. Social media posts since revealed that the issue is not just related to one particular watch model but more, from series 7 and series 8, up to the first generation of the Ultra. It is even not limited to some demographic of the users, as reports of ghost touches are found from the most diverse groups of people.

Although the problem was admitted by Apple, there was no exact solution for that implied, and many keep worrying about the long-term problem that had been implicated. The fact that it again raised questions of possible hardware problems that would take, apparently, years to be worked out, and there was no hope for Apple to fix the issue with a software update. This fact, that the ghost touch defect is quite common, finds that it is a big issue requiring an urgent and permanent solution from Apple.

Apple's Response

Apple has now officially recognized the serious ghost touch issue that affects Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, and the first generation of Apple Watch Ultra. However, the affected users reported further cases of the problem with an Apple Watch 9 and an Apple Watch 2 Ultra. Apple has advised the affected users to restart their watches, holding the digital crown down for a couple of seconds. But the fix offered to users is not a permanent one, and it has raised concerns to the users on the long-term implications of the problem. Apple assured the fix by stating the problem will be fixed through software updates, but the fact that a solution was not forthcoming has led to questioning whether it was a hardware-related problem.

Affected Apple Watch Models

While these issues are quite much reported, the "ghost touch" still doesn't get much value. The problem appears on many models of Apple Watch, including Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 - for the first time, even on Series Ultra. The problem is being reported by users on both Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, so it really must be affecting quite a lot of devices.

The wide nature of the problem raises serious concern in that it may be affecting user experience and functionality of the affected watches in the long run. Indeed, Apple admits to the problem at hand and does provide some relief to its users on a temporary basis. Still, the missing permanent solution certainly does throw many people into a state of tenterhooks about their situation.

Temporary Solution

Apple said affected users can temporarily fix the problem by rebooting their watches and holding the digital crown down for some seconds. This, according to Apple, gives those who are suffering from the ghost touch issues some reprieve. However, the solution is not permanent, and users are concerned about the long-term implications of the problem. While this may band-aid the issue for some time, there really is no way to make sure that this pesky situation does not come back, which is a constant source of frustration for the person affected.

Lack of Permanent Fix

However, the simple fact that the problem of ghost touches is recognized by Apple, and only very few permanent measures have been adopted for the respective Apple Watch models, leaves thousands of customers hanging in the balance.

Apple has agreed to fix the problem with software updates, but it has taken a long time to figure out the fix and has raised questions regarding the possibility that the issue might be hardware related.

Such a permanent lack of a fix has filled the users with a feeling of dread and anxiety, who wait desperately for the ghost touch issue to be solved.

Unusual Delay in Resolution

While Apple has admitted to this issue of ghost touches, it seems that this unusually long delay in coming up with a fix for the affected models of Apple Watch has passed by without bothering most of them.

Generally, Apple is quick to take up such issues for a solution, but this delay is not characteristic of them. Failing to come up with a firm solution, the affected users have been left in uncertainty, waiting eagerly for a permanent fix for the ghost touch problem.

The delay in getting the issue resolved with the software update almost brings doubt whether there might be some issue hanging somewhere, which has got to do with hardware and might not get rectified easily.


1. What Apple Watch models are affected by the ghost touch problem?

For instance, generations Series 7 and Series 8, the problem of ghost touches seems to be occurring on the base—Apple Watch Ultra 1st generation, and generation Series 9 of Apple Watch Ultra 2.

2. What is Apple's temporary solution for the ghost touch problem?

Apple has recommended the affected users restart their watches to hold down the digital crown for several seconds.

3. Is the ghost touch problem affecting all Apple Watch users?

Not all users have complained about the ghost touch problem, but most users reported it to be the same, which suggests that this is a very common issue.

4. What is the long-term solution for the ghost touch problem?

Apple has said that it will fix the issue through software updates, but so far, there has not been a permanent solution issued.

5. Why is there a delay in resolving the ghost touch problem?

The delay in getting a fix for the ghost touch issue has really raised serious eyebrows whether there might be a hardware problem that might not be so easily fixable by a software update.