New VIVO V30 Lite: Features & Impressions

A First Look at VIVO V30 Lite: Features, Specifications, and First Impressions


The VIVO V30 Light is the most recent mid-range cell phone to stir things up around town, and it complements a few great elements and details. Valued at Dhs. 587.57 in Mexico, it offers a cutthroat choice for those on the lookout for another gadget. With elements, for example, the air light representation, 50-megapixel bunch selfie camera, ultra-location camera with optical adjustment, 12GB of Slam, and 256GB of stockpiling, the VIVO V30 Light is loaded with capacities that make it a commendable rival in its cost range. What's more, it flaunts a 6.67-inch full HD LED show with a 120Hz revive rate, giving clients a lively and smooth visual experience.

This first glance at the VIVO V30 Light will dig into its plan, camera capacities, battery duration, and general execution, providing buyers with a complete outline of what this gadget brings to the table.

Unboxing and Design

After unloading the VIVO V30 Light, the main thing that stands apart is the smooth plan of the gadget. With a silk finish on the back in a green tone, the telephone radiates tastefulness and style. The gadget is lightweight, weighing 190g, and has a thickness of 7.69mm, making it agreeable to hold and utilize. The bundle incorporates a completely straightforward, adaptable case with semi-unbending edges, giving essential insurance to the gadget. Furthermore, the consideration of Vivo streak's innovation of a 44W charger and link in the case is a welcome expansion, particularly taking into account the pattern of certain makers to prohibit chargers from their bundles. Be that as it may, while the included case offers security, it adjusts the vibe of the gadget.

The client communicates an inclination toward utilizing the telephone without a case to partake in its rich plan completely. The unpacking likewise uncovers the standard documentation and an instrument to eliminate the plate, guaranteeing clients have all that they need to set up their gadget. By and large, the VIVO V30 Light dazzles with its tasteful allure and scrupulousness in the unloading experience, giving clients fundamental extras and a smart, lightweight plan.

Screen and Display

The VIVO V30 Light flaunts a 6.67-inch full HD AMOLED show with a 120Hz invigorate rate, conveying energetic varieties and smooth visuals. The AMOLED innovation gives serious differentiation and rich tones, upgrading the general survey insight for clients. While the screen details are great, the client noticed a worry with the framework liveliness, which might influence the general client experience. The slow framework movements, particularly while exchanging between applications, are featured as an area for development. Camera capacities are likewise a huge part of the VIVO V30 Light's showcase, with the 50-megapixel front camera including self-adjust for point by point and clear selfies.

The super wide camera and high-goal sensor give clients the adaptability to catch nitty-gritty, top notch pictures. Generally speaking, the VIVO V30 Light offers an excellent presentation with noteworthy camera capacities, furnishing clients with an outwardly vivid encounter, in spite of a few noted regions for development in basis liveliness.

Front Camera and Image Quality

The VIVO V30 Light's front camera flaunts a 50-megapixel bunch selfie camera with self-adjustment, conveying outstanding subtlety and lucidity in selfies. The self-adjust highlight is especially honorable, giving clients sharp and all-around centered pictures, whether for photographs or recordings. The emanation light representation adds an extraordinary touch to pictures, offering an all the more stylishly satisfying lighting impact contrasted with customary blaze utilization.

While testing the front camera, the client found that the 50-megapixel sensor considered high-goal photographs, offering adaptability to catch definite and sharp pictures. In any case, there were a few worries with respect to the treatment of dim regions in specific lighting conditions, proposing an opportunity to get better at upgrading light equilibrium. The camera's capacity to blend pixels to deliver 12-megapixel photographs in auto mode was noted, giving great detail and further developed lighting, though with space for upgrade. Generally, the VIVO V30 Light's front camera conveys noteworthy picture quality, particularly regarding subtlety and self-adjust abilities. The significant standard and radiation light pictures upgrade the selfie experience, making it a hero component of this device.

Video Recording and Other Features

The VIVO V30 Light offers a satisfactory video recording experience, allowing clients to get film in full HD at 60 edges each second with the essential camera. Regardless, it comes up short, conversely, with various contraptions in the cost range offering 4-K recording limits. Besides, the super wide camera doesn't maintain video recording at 60 edges each second, confining the flexibility of video. This point may not be the device's most beached feature, particularly for clients searching for state-of-the-art video recording capacity. On the other hand, the IP54 affirmation against sprinkles gives a level of protection to the contraption, though a couple of competitors offer a predominant IP68 endorsement that talks about submersion.

The thought of 12GB of Crush, including 12 virtual GB, and 256GB of accumulating positions the VIVO V30 Light as serious solid areas for an in-the-mid-range section, offering sufficient memory and additional space for clients' necessities. Besides, the Snapdragon 695 processor, while not the most exceptional in its gathering, gives a reliable showcase to everyday usage, taking unique consideration of the prerequisites of most clients. The device moreover maintains 5G associations, ensuring closeness with the latest organization rules.

Battery and Performance

The VIVO V30 Light is furnished with a 4,800 milliamp-hour battery and supports 44W charging. Thinking about useful and speedy charging While as far as possible may not drape out conversely, with various devices with greater batteries, the accentuation on keeping a small and pitiful arrangement could add as far as possible. In any case, genuine battery execution will be surveyed through and through in the impending video overview, giving an expansive assessment of the contraption's persistence.

The thought of an in-show finger impression peruser redesigns the device's security and solace, offering a bleeding edge and streamlined confirmation technique. The assistance for 5G associations lines up with the contraption's situating as a forward-looking and future-arranged cell, dealing with clients' creating network needs. For the most part, while the VIVO V30 Light may not prevail from every perspective, its blend of features, execution, and limit pursues it a persuading decision in the mid-range wireless market, outfitting clients with a decent and capable contrivance.

Benchmark and Processor

The VIVO V30 Light is outfitted with the Snapdragon 695 processor, giving reliable execution to regular use. Though it may not be the most momentous in its gathering, it offers fair impact and efficiency, dealing with the necessities of most clients. In benchmark tests, the gadget accomplished a score of 911 in single-center execution and 2,188 in multi-center execution, showing its capacity to deal with many undertakings and applications.

While contrasting the benchmark results with comparative gadgets in its cost range, the VIVO V30 Light shows cutthroat execution, lining up with its positioning as a proficient mid-range cell phone. While power clients might look for higher-performing processors, the Snapdragon 695 conveys a good experience for regular use, guaranteeing smooth activity and responsiveness across different use situations.


As the principal take a gander at the VIVO V30 Light attracts to a nearby, it's obvious that the gadget offers a convincing package of elements and capacities. With an emphasis on plan, camera execution, and capacity limit, the VIVO V30 Light presents itself as a commendable rival in the mid-range cell phone market. The consideration of 12GB of Slam, 256GB of stockpiling, and 5G organization support positions the gadget as a future-prepared choice for clients looking for cutting edge network and adequate memory and extra room.

While the video recording capacities and battery limit may not hang out in distinction with certain contenders, the VIVO V30 Light succeeds in conveying a balanced and skilled experience for clients. The blend of highlights, execution, and plan feel makes it a convincing decision for people on the lookout for a new cell phone. Remain tuned for the impending survey, where an exhaustive evaluation of the VIVO V30 Light's highlights, execution, and perseverance will be given. The survey will dig further into the gadget's battery duration, camera capacities, and genuine utilization situations, offering a point by point investigation to assist shoppers with settling on informed conclusions about this mid-range cell phone.


Q1: What is the send-off cost of the VIVO V30 Light in Dubai?

A: The send-off cost of the VIVO V30 Light in Dubai is Dhs. 587.57.

Q2: What exceptional protection does the VIVO V30 Light accompany?

A: The VIVO V30 Light accompanies Be Protected, which is a unique protection that gives protection against burglary and material harm.

Q3: What are the key camera highlights of the VIVO V30 Light?

A: The VIVO V30 Light offers a 50-megapixel bunch selfie camera with self-adjustment and an ultra-location camera with optical adjustment.

Q4: What amount of Slam and capacity does the VIVO V30 Light offer?

A: The VIVO V30 Light accompanies 12GB of Smash and 256GB of stockpiling, giving more than adequate memory and extra room for clients' requirements.

Q5: What is the processor of the VIVO V30 Light?

A: The VIVO V30 Light is outfitted with the Snapdragon 695 processor, conveying dependable execution for day-to-day use.