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The Apple iPad Air 4 has an almost all-screen front, like the Apple iPad pro range. The iPad Air 4 supports the Apple pencil and has the same squared-edge design. 


The iPad Air 4 comes with Apple's top-end A14 chipset – the same chip that has been used in the iPhone 12 range. The iPad Air 4 allows a person to do any task comfortably – from playing games to running demanding apps and streaming HD videos. Attached are two powerful speakers with four power speaker grilles offering high-quality audio while watching your favorite movie or show. The iPad Air 4 has a rear camera that has been upgraded to a 12MP shooter.


The battery life is the same in the iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5. You can watch a video for almost 10 hours without charging it again. You can do internet browsing, gaming, and complete your assignments. 

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