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With the Dell Latitude e5280, you get a 12.5-inch laptop with the latest Intel Core processors. It also comes with flexible docking options and Windows 10 Pro. This laptop also supports Windows Hello, a feature that makes it possible to access your device with your face.

The battery for Dell Latitude E5280 laptops should be charged fully before the first time you use it. It is also important to charge the battery at a level where it is still at least 20%. It should be kept away from high temperatures, which will shorten its life. Ideally, you should recharge the battery at least every two months.

The Dell Latitude 5280 has multiple security options, including a touch fingerprint reader and a FIPS 201 smart card reader. It also offers Control Vault 2 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification. With this feature, you can store biometric templates and passwords in a more secure way.

The Dell Latitude 5280 offers 12+ hours of battery life and great typing capabilities. This laptop is small enough to fit into your luggage, making it ideal for traveling. It has a very responsive keyboard and is easy to type on. However, its default display is dim and its skin temperature is warm

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