REALME 11 5G: Deep Dive into Performance, Camera, Design

Realme 11 5G: An In-Depth Review of Performance, Camera, and Design


The REALME 11 5G fills out the REALME 11 series of smartphones, with an appealing blend of features and aesthetics to suit any consumer looking for a 5G-enabled smartphone. The REALME 11 5G is intended to provide consumers with an inexpensive value-for-money option since the 5G revolution is constantly swelling, and the number of 5G-enabled devices entering the market is increasing daily. The REALME 11 5G will be the one to watch in the budget 5G smartphones category for its design, performance, and camera capabilities. In this elaborate entry, we will expound the characteristics and highlights of REALME 11 5G in the most descriptive manner, leaving the reader fully informed of what they shall be checking themselves into should they proceed to make a purchase of this device.

Design and Build Quality:

The REALME 11 5G boasts a distinct design that sets it apart from its counterparts in the REALME 11 series. A little bit boxy in the hand, but comfortable, with a shimmer back and in-hand feel, the REALME 11 5G certainly looks every inch like the premium device it is, despite the budget cost. The complete mass of the phone lying somewhere between 180-200 grams is perfectly balanced in hand.

Performance and Multitasking:

Fueling the hardware is the first-ever MediaTek Dimensity 6100 processor, which ticks at the heart of the REALME 11 5G. This one runs on REALME UI 2.0 based on Android 11, while the REALME 11 5G comes with an 8GB paired up to 128GB storage that ensures tasking from day to day with snappy performance and no issues.

Camera Capabilities:

Where the REALME 11 5G will set the standards is in the camera setup, where it will house a 108-megapixel primary sensor. The camera system will have a 3x sensor zoom, and with these, users will take sharper and clearer images. It can record video in 1080p with a 30fps auto-zoom feature, changing framing dynamically for a much professional-looking result.

Battery Life and Charging:

The phone will pack a large 5000mAh battery, and it should be able to last users a solid one to one and a half days of use on average with the hardware powering the phone. REALME 11 5G is supported to ensure 67W fast charging, resulting in a 50% charge within 20 minutes.

Display and Audio:

Upfront is a 6.72-inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring the REALME 11 5G offers a lively, judder-free view. It is not going to be anything like an AMOLED panel with great contrasts and deep blacks, but it is still going to have good color with good viewing angles. The sole speaker sitting at the bottom of the phone does full justice to the audio output but doesn't promise an immersive experience to audiophiles.

Software and Updates:

The REALME 11 5G runs Android 13 with the company's custom Realme UI skin on top. Although the software experience has continued to get better with time, it still has plenty of room, especially in reducing bloatware and making the UI feel lighter. The device is expectedly going to receive two years' worth of Android updates and three years of security updates—it's really long-term software support at its most average. So, this should be yet another pretty rounded budget 5G smartphone, in case one has been taken in by the design, performance, camera capabilities, and its battery life. By focusing—at least in the model under view—almost uniquely on the most price-conscious of buyers, the REALME 11 5G still manages a pricing that can be termed as very aggressive, even within the context of a segment that finds itself at an already extremely price-competitive juncture.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the REALME 11 5G is highly distinguished; it looks uniquely different from other members of the REALME 11 series. The backside hosts a shimmery panel, which makes the phone look premium and distinguishable even at that pocket-friendly cost. Otherwise, the boxy yet very comfortable-in-hand feel of the Realme 11 5G adds up to the overall premium aesthetics. Another design feature that stands out is the camera module of the Realme 11 5G, whose design mimics a straight-faced smiley. It's this design decision, quirky and playful by nature, that really gives the REALME 11 5G a chance at standing out from the crowd and even injecting a bit of personality into the device. The weight of the handset, which is approximately 195 grams, is quite balanced in the hand, giving a very ergonomic and pleasing user experience. Other essential features on the REALME 11 5G include a dual SIM card slot, room for a microSD card to expand storage, and a fingerprint scanner mounted on the side of the device. Build quality is one thing the REALME 11 5G really has going for it, with a feel that's sturdy and precise. The phone feels very strong and well put together; it doesn't give off any feelings of dread about its integrity. The glossy back panel, while reflecting, was also giving the impression of being durable and scratch-proof—probably fingerprint-resistant. The design and build quality of the REALME 11 5G are really serious leap from what one expects at this price in the budget 5G smartphone category. Add to the unique and chic look of the phone some pragmatic features and solid build, and this becomes quite a compelling option for anyone after an attractive and well-built 5G device that won't break the bank.

Design Highlights:

• Distinctive shimmery back panel with a boxy, yet comfortable, in-hand feel.

• Unique camera module design resembling a straight-faced smiley.

• Well-balanced weight of around 195 grams.

• Practical features like dual SIM, microSD card slot, and side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

• Solid and durable construction with attention to detail.

Design and Aesthetics:

Some of the aspects that REALME 11 5G stands out for include the high contrast design. It gives the look of an expensive and unique device despite being a budget gadget. The first look and the most eye-catching part of the REALME 11 5G from the pack catches the back panel. The first look at the REALME 11 5G from the pack catches the back panel. Other design-centric elements include a quirky camera module design, something in between the integration of the straight-faced smiley that adds a hint of playfulness and personality to the device, apparently targeting people who find the smartphone a way to present oneself.

Build Quality and Durability:

It feels premium; the build quality of REALME 11 5G is such that it will make the user feel like a million dollars. The phone is solid and put together really well, which probably instills a notion of rigidity in the face of everyday handling. The back panel shines and looks strong, scratch-proof, and even fingerprint-proof; thereby, contributing to the premium feel of the device overall.

Practical Features:

Apart from that, REALME 11 5G comes with a lot of user-friendly features in the world of technology. With the inclusion of dual SIM card slots and an SD card slot for storage extension, users can get to customize the gadget for service. The side-mounted fingerprint scanner is really a good inclusion, fast and accurate to let you unlock your phone in a more convenient and secure way. Other things are the standout features of REALME 11 5G above the budget price. In fact, it would probably be the best-looking, best-made, and yet, cheapest 5G smartphone out there. Combine those stylish, unique looks with a solid build and plenty of practical features, and it is a very serious proposition as a stylish and well-made, but still affordable, 5G phone.

Performance and Processor

A new processor, Dimensity 6100, will power the REALME 11 5G and is a first in the country. Designed to make this chipset run first on the Indian line of devices, the company promises efficient and responsive performance for daily tasks, users, and casual gamers.

Processor and Performance:

It is equipped with a chipset running under Dimensity 6100, along with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage (expandable through a microSD card), giving you an outstanding form of performance upheld in REALME 11 5G. When we tested, the device managed casual activity like web browsing, social media, and light gaming without apparent lagging or stuttering of any form. Further checking the performance of the REALME 11 5G, we had to do CPU throttling tests and benchmark tests. The results were great, as it actually kept 100% of its performance under sustained loads, showing good management of thermals in the device. In the AnTuTu benchmarks, the REALME 11 5G scored an average of 420,000, which has it cut out with the Snapdragon 695 chipset commonly offered in the budget 5G smartphone segment.

Gaming Performance:

While the REALME 11 5G may not be a dedicated gaming smartphone, it still delivers a satisfactory gaming experience. We ran titles like BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and one popular game title across all segments, and the phone could run the game smoothly at 40 FPS, almost without any hitch on the graphics setting. The device never really heated up to the point of being uncomfortable to touch, nor did it show any serious performance issues with frame drops during our gaming.

Multitasking and Everyday Usage:

Apart from games, REALME 11 5G is great for multitasking even in daily use. The phone can hold so many apps running at one time without really noticing the performance bogging down, thanks to its generous RAM and storage. From messaging apps to browsing around, or content streaming—everything on the REALME 11 5G is easy and responsive.

Software and Updates:

On the REALME 11 5G runs the operating system of Android 13 with a company-customized skin, Realme UI. With time, software experience further polished a bit from previous models, but there are potentials for optimizations in a way of reducing bloatware and the overall user interface to make it even better. It's said the device will receive 2 years of Android updates and 3 years of security updates. Tolerable: That would be a fair deal of software support for a flagship phone. In a nutshell, the REALME 11 5G gives balanced performance and a perfectly able processor that is purposed to cater to the requirements of budget-friendly-consistent consumers looking for a 5G-enabled smartphone. This will be powered by the new chipset of Dimensity 6100, again very powerful, but then it has efficient hardware and software optimizations. This makes the REALME 11 5G very tempting among 5G budget smartphones.

Camera Performance

Lying in the camera setup of the REALME 11 5G is a primary sensor of 108 megapixels. With this high-resolution main camera, it can deliver high-end photos both in detail and in color and can be taken under bright light conditions and equally under dull light.

Sensor and Image Quality:

The main camera on the REALME 11 5G boasts a whopping 108-megapixel sensor. Indeed, with such a high-res sensor, level of detail is very good, and one can look forward to the cropping and zooming type of post-processing manipulations without having to give away much of the detail. In our testing, the 108MP mode was sharp, well-exposed, with accurate color representation, and good dynamic range.

3x Sensor Zoom:

In addition to the high-resolution primary camera, the REALME 11 5G also offers a 3x sensor zoom feature. Effectively, that means the device takes images of 12 megapixels when using part of the 108MP sensor, and its zoom shots are therefore much sharper and clearer than the usual digital zoom. Even if it is not an optical zoom, 3x zoom would allow for useful intermediate zoom for the user.

Low-Light Performance:

Of course, the forte of the REALME 11 5G is camera performance in low light. Equipped with good noise reduction and powerful image processing algorithms, it manages to pull off the capture of well-lit, full-of-detail images even in some very dimly lit rooms. Although it is hardly going to give flagship-level smartphones a run for their money in low-light photos, yet, it is more than good enough for the budget 5G segment.

Video Capabilities:

With this, the shooting will be in 1080p, with a speed of 30 fps. This auto-zooming device changes the framing at the moment of filming dynamically, what allows reaching a video result that looks far more professionally made. And while that might be a deal-breaker for some users, the lack of 4K recording in reality doesn't matter that much, since the 1080p video quality suffices at this price point.

Selfie Camera:

5G-enabled REALME 11 5G has a selfie camera of 16 megapixels. Well, it is okay for taking selfies. Selfies show good detail, correct skin tones, and organic background defocus from the front camera. The selfie camera should not be their front burner; however, it should give a very suitable experience for a user who wants to take self-portraits.

Camera Software and Features:

The pre-installed camera app software in the REALME 11 5G comes complete with a series of features and modes that allow the best customization. It features 3x sensor zoom, night mode, portrait mode, and a whole array of AI-powered enhancements. The camera software may not be loaded with features like its flagship counterparts, but indeed, it packs a very simple and easy interface to snap and edit pictures. Overall, the camera performance on the REALME 11 5G stands out, giving great results for a budget 5G smartphone. Coupled with the useful 3x sensor zoom and a decent low-light capability, the 108MP high-resolution primary camera on the REALME 11 5G makes it quite a compelling deal for anyone out on the market for a competent camera setup but at a budget.

Video and Selfie Camera

Highlighting the features of the REALME 11 5G is the impressive camera setup, hosting a high resolution of 108 megapixels. The result from this high-resolution main camera is very brilliant, detailed, and quite vivid captures in both generous and depleted light.

Sensor and Image Quality:

The REALME 11 5G is, therefore, based on a 108-megapixel resolution primary camera. The resolution is, therefore, at this point warranted, and that's why the sensor takes space. A user can, by use of a bigger sensor, later crop and zoom in on images without the pixelization of its quality. In our testing, the 108MP mode did, in fact, offer relatively sharp and well-exposed shots with accurate color rendition and a good dynamic range.

3x Sensor Zoom:

In addition to the high-resolution primary camera, the REALME 11 5G also offers a 3x sensor zoom feature. This allows the device to pull 12-megapixel images from a portion of the 108MP sensor—one of the first of its kind to finally yield sharper, more detailed zoom shots compared to a basic digital zoom. Even if 3x zoom in the digital camera field is not impressive compared with optical zoom, it still gives the user a very useful range between 2x and 5x.

Low-Light Performance:

The performance of the camera is also furthered to low light. With an effective noise reduction image processor, this device can take reasonable lighting when it comes to images, and in fact, details can even be noticed in poorly lit areas. If that translates to the low-light images not coming out as well as those from flagship-level smartphones, they will still more than do for the budget segment of 5G.

Video Capabilities:

The video capabilities are also on par, as they present the REALME 11 5G device with a 1080p video recording at 30fps. And, moreover, it has an auto-zooming dynamic feature that makes the possibility of reframing in the course of recording to get a more professionally inclined video output. While the lack of 4K recording might put some users off, the 1080p video quality is still decent given the price point.

Selfie Camera:

In front of the front-facing camera is a 16MP sensor, where the REALME 11 5G does slightly better, giving a just okay performance in taking selfies. The pictures coming from the front camera have managed to keep the details right, such as skin tones and background blur; it doesn't look overdone. The selfie camera may not be meant to be a big deal for the device, yet it provides an acceptable user experience to those in love with capturing self-portraits.

Camera Software and Features:

The REALME 11 5G boasts sophisticated camera software, presented with a set of features and modes ready to perfect the photography experience. They include things like 3x sensor zoom, night mode, portrait mode, and various AI-powered enhancements. Even though the software for the camera may not be as feature-packed as that of flagship devices, it still has a friendly—not even friendly, much less intuitive—interface for shooting and editing photos. Overall, the camera performance is good and perfectly fine for a budget 5G smartphone. Coupled with a 3x sensor zoom that comes in handy and pretty decent low-light capabilities, the 108MP itself stands as an attractive camera setup for any budget REALME 11 5G buyer.

Charging and Battery Life

The REALME 11 5G, on its part, would integrate a 5,000 mAh battery, able to keep around one and a half days of battery with its energy-efficient hardware for normal users. With the GREAT BATTERY CAPACITY, the REALME 11 5G is sure to last through a day of mixed usage without much hustle for charging.

Fast Charging Capabilities:

Not in the least, one of the strongest selling points of REALME 11 5G is 67W fast charging support. This is a great amenity for any consumer: just top up your battery from 0% to 50% and 20 minutes later, your gadget is half-charged. That is exactly why fast charging was such a huge plus to the user on the go, who must have his phone available to him all times of the day because of his hectic lifestyle.

Battery Optimization and Efficiency:

On the hardware side, the processor Dimensity 6100 and the IPS LCD screen of REALME 11 5G further develop battery performance. The two, when combined, work in lowering power consumption to ensure that the 5,000mAh battery serves users for a long time before they could otherwise be prompted to recharge often.

Battery Saving Modes and Features:

Realme 11 5G also comes with various power-saving modes and features that drive battery life to the maximum. This includes special battery-saving modes with options to regulate background activity of applications and screen brightness as per the choice for saving energy.

Long-Term Battery Durability:

Besides having a long-lasting battery and the fast-charging capabilities that REALME 11 5G prides itself on, it has also been constructed to last with terms regarding battery. The rated 800 charge cycles of its battery, a score that will ensure users can keep up with its performance and can enjoy the reliability of the battery life, even after using it for a very long time.

Charging and Battery Highlights:

• 5,000mAh battery provides a solid one-to-one-and-a-half-day battery life on normal usage.

• Supports 67W fast charging, allowing for a 50% charge in just 20 minutes.

• Power-efficient hardware and software optimizations further enhance battery life.

• Dedicated power-saving modes and features to manage battery consumption.

• Battery rated for up to 800 charge cycles, ensuring long-term durability.

Display and Sound Quality

On the REALME 11 5G, the size of the screen will measure a 6.72 inches and is a Full HD+ IPS LCD panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, offering refreshment on-screen. It features very good color reproduction, while the viewing angles are okay, though they are still not on the level of AMOLED panels for contrasts and deep blacks.

Display Quality and Performance:

The screen is designed with a REALME 11 5G that can refresh up to a maximum rate of 120Hz, of course, which makes the activities smooth and snappy, especially in content scrolling or UI navigation. The Full HD+ resolution on the panel will allow it to deliver sharp and detailed visuals, therefore useful for tasks like web browsing, video playback, and casual gaming. Though not even allowing the contrast level and the black levels like an AMOLED display, the screen of the REALME 11 5G still managed to give a satisfactory view, even from the IPS LCD technology. But still, the color is well represented, and it looks pretty good, with decent viewing angles, so you can easily show something on the screen to your friends or family without shifts in color or loss of clearness.

Outdoor Visibility and Brightness:

REALME 11 5G is able to reach a brightness peak of 600 nits; hence, be assured of good visibility outdoors even under the full sun. This is more or less the pertinent attribute for users who are not used to their handhelds needing a lot of usage in very bright environment: while being on the go, be it during activity outdoors, traveling, and the like.

Audio Performance:

The REALME 11 5G is equipped with a single speaker that provides decent audio output. However, it may not provide the same immersive sound quality as in a dual-speaker set-up, but the speaker provides clear and balanced output, making it fine for casual media consumption like video watching or music listening. This would probably not be the most ideal fix for users who love consuming quality audio. However, the device ships with a single speaker but has a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it easy for its users to plug in their favorite headsets or earphones for an ideal sound experience.

Software Experience

The REALME 11 5G will boot with the company's Realme UI custom skin based on Android 13. Although it has improved over time, the software experience still does need a bit of polishing in some areas.

User Interface and Customization:

REALME 11 5G has a simple layout, hence quick navigation, on its interface, ensuring the experience is relatively friendly and tidy, thanks to Realme UI. However, the pre-installed bloatware apps like Snapchat, JioNews, and Daily Hunt could irritate users in general. However, these are uninspiringly uninstallable or disable-able apps, and it's still quite a huge collection to ship with the software.

Performance and Optimization:

It's generally optimized software, and that means a very smooth transition with the processing power of the REALME 11 5G. It doesn't show noticeable amounts of lag or stuttering when going about daily tasks, hence very usable. The 120Hz screen just adds more fluidity to everything.

Security and Privacy:

One spot of concern with REALME 11 5G remains in added security checks that take place during the installation of Google Play Store apps. These are checks that form part of Realme's Enhanced Intelligence Services. These can be thought of as an unwarranted layer of security that may cause user inconvenience. However, the report further observed that such services could be turned off in the device settings so that users would be in a position to control the security and privacy of their device.

Software Updates and Long-Term Support:

REALME 11 5G is expected to boast two years of Android updates and three years of security updates, decent enough for an entry budget segment 5G smartphone. That should ensure the critical security patches keep coming to the device along with the feature updates, therefore extending the usable lifetime of the device.

Software Highlights:

• Clean and user-friendly Realme UI interface.

• Smooth performance and responsive navigation.

• Presence of some pre-installed bloatware apps.

• Additional security checks when installing apps.

• Expectation of two years of Android updates and three years of security updates.

Pros and Cons


• Distinctive and premium-looking design with a shimmery back panel and boxy, comfortable in-hand feel.

• Unique camera module design resembling a straight-faced smiley, adding personality to the device.

• Solid and durable construction with attention to detail, instilling confidence in the user.

• Impressive performance from the Dimensity 6100 processor, delivering smooth and responsive day-to-day experience.

• Capable camera setup led by a 108MP primary sensor, offering good image quality and 3x sensor zoom.

• Reliable battery life with a 5,000mAh battery and support for 67W fast charging.

• Decent display quality with a 120Hz refresh rate, providing a smooth and vibrant viewing experience.

• Practical features like dual SIM, microSD card slot, and side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

• Reasonable level of long-term software support with two years of Android updates and three years of security updates.


• In addition, some users may find that the software experience is also marred with bloatware and added security checks.

• The single speaker setup may not provide the most immersive audio experience for audiophiles.

• The lack of 4K video recording may be a limitation for users who prioritize high-quality video capture.

• The IPS LCD screen technology comes with a decent experience, but it may not be as good as AMOLED panels for contrast or blacks.

• The 3x sensor zoom, while useful, may not be as impressive as an optical zoom solution found in higher-end smartphones.


The REALME 11 5G is a 5G smartphone within a budget, presenting an impressive design, excellent performance, stunning camera quality, and vivid capabilities—all in balance that lasts long enough for an average user's day. Stand out features among the rest could be its differentiating premium and practical features that offer solid build quality with a premium appearance that is special and unique in a packed room of options in the 5G budget segment. While real software could be better optimized for the hardware experience, the REALME 11 5G will be seen ticking most boxes when it comes to affordable value packages, with a capable camera setup, efficient processor, and an impressive battery life that will appeal to entry-level consumers shopping for a 5G-enabled device that doesn't compromise key features. Generally, REALME 11 5G is a smartphone that offers a completeness of design and performance experience, including all-important capabilities of decent cameras that are able to fulfill most users who are quite attentive to the balance in the budget 5G smartphone market.


1. What are the key features of the REALME 11 5G?

The REALME 11 5G offers a compelling combination of features for a budget 5G smartphone. Some of the salient highlights of the phone include: dazzling premium design with a glossy, shimmering back panel and a comfortably boxy feel in the hands. The mighty Dimensity 6100 processor provides better efficiency for operations while conserving energy. The primary 108 MP camera sensor can zoom up to 3x via sensors for bright, vivid detail. It holds a 5000 mAh battery with 67W fast charging support for a longer stay connected. Other key features include dual SIM, microSD card, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

2. How does the REALME 11 5G's performance compare to other budget 5G smartphones?

The REALME 11 5G will have the Dimensity 6100 with a promise of just the same power as any other popular budget 5G chipset that might be the Snapdragon 695. This phone should handle the duties of daily operation pretty well and offer satisfactory gaming capabilities. It may not bring the flagship raw power, but REALME 11 5G will surely bring well-rounded, capable performance in the midrange segment.

3. How is the REALME 11 5G's camera performance?

On the other side, the camera set-up is one of the highlight features of the REALME 11 5G, with the main 108MP primary sensor ensuring that images are bright and detailed even in the night atmosphere. The device also offers a useful 3x sensor zoom, which provides sharper zoom shots compared to standard digital zoom. The camera experience, though not as polished as those found on more expensive premium smartphones, is fairly good for the price segment that REALME 11 5G competes in.

4. What is the REALME 11 5G's battery life and charging performance?

The Realme 11 5G, on the other hand, has a 5000mAh battery that, together with the hardware power-efficient within the device, manages to offer solid usage of the battery and will hence work best for a duration of one day and a half days of charging. It supports 67W fast charging power; in 20 minutes, the charging battery gets up to 50%. With all these qualities attuned to the battery and charging, REALME 11 5G becomes a very loyal friend to users who want to use a long-lasting and fast-charging smartphone.

5. How is the REALME 11 5G's software experience?

The REALME 11 5G runs on Android 13 with the company's custom Realme UI skin on top. While the software experience has improved over time, there is still a touch of polish needed for minor elements: pre-installed bloatware and extra security checks installed with every app. That being said, the device should at least be given two years of Android updates, with some more years for receiving security updates in order to be given a decent amount of long-term software support.

6. Is the REALME 11 5G a good overall value for the price?

REALME 11 5G comes as a complete budget 5G smartphone and bears a great mix of design, performance, camera capabilities, and long battery life. If the software experience is rather yucky, then the hardware is solid, pragmatic, and nicely wrapped in a unique-looking and, I would say, distinctive-looking package. For once, the device actually stands out among the plethora of budget 5G smartphones. For people who would want a balanced and feature-rich 5G device without the heftiest of the price tags, then the REALME 11 5G is a device that will definitely go on top in their considerations.