Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro: Affordable 5G Smartphone Review

Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro: Full Review and Analysis


Xiaomi's POCO M6 Pro is a cheap smartphone, but it's packed with high-end features. Its 5G support and sleek design make this model into a strong mid-range contender of phones. In this review, you'll get a good understanding of the design quality, build quality and more. Plus, we'll find out just how good photographs can be taken with this new arrival from Xiaomi-NAILED OR FAILED: Is Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro The Right Choice in my Books?

Display and Screen Quality

One of the areas where the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro is distinguished in the low-price range is a 6.67-inch full HD+ AMOLED display. In addition, intense colors, high contrast, and a much higher pixel density than other parts of its low-price lineup ensure excellent image quality and detail, even with the smallest elements or small font sizes. Furthermore, the display supports a refresh rate up to 120Hz, a touch sampling rate up to 2,160Hz, and a maximum peak brightness up to 1,300 nits, making it ideal for outdoor use. The screen integrated into the device also has good viewing angles, a sunlight mode for additional brightness, and a reading mode for more comfortable usage. Furthermore, it also includes standard color calibrations, allowing users to reflect on saturated or natural colors.

Sound and Audio Features

The phone is powered with dual speaker system, which sounds sound great and mellow bass is sufficient.The equipment is also compatible with Dolby Atmos and should give more reinforcement for some of these sound characteristics. In addition, it includes a 10-band equalizer. With this feature, it is possible to fine tune the speaker such that one can have an audio experience customized for oneself.

Moreover All headphones are compatible with this unit from the standard 3.5mm audio standard cable The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro supports multiple audio codecs including SBC, AAC, as well as aptX for high quality wireless sound resolution. No matter whether you are using your headphones wired or wirelessly, the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro offers good audio for different price categories.

Camera Quality and Features

On the front, the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro has a 16MP camera with f/2.45 aperture and autofocus which means much reality will be offered with a speedy and snappy photos shooting. Besides, it comes with 64-megapixel main camera at the rear with f/1.8 aperture, autofocus and optical stabilization, allowing for great photos with clear quality under a variety of lighting conditions.

Additional Camera Features:

• Dual Lens LED Flash expected for taking photos in low light condition.

• Architect 8 megapixels Wide Angle Camera with a 14mm focal length and F1.6 aperture.

• 2-megapixel macro camera, which has f/2.4 unopening for macro photography.

• Having night mode to make better images for low lights

• The integrated AI-powered photo editor will take this job to the next level by upgrading the depth of editing features.

As a result of its wide variety of camera functions, the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro allows users to create magnificent pictures regardless of the situation, particularly the landscape pictures with, the close-up shots, and so on.

Software and User Experience

Xiaomi M6 pro uses Android with MIUI based on MIUI 14 directly for the POCO version. This is super easy to customize to your likings, and it is very friendly for the users to work with. This device is integrated with several software features and optimizations that are designed to make the user experience more enjoyable. These features include Always On Display, Floating Windows, and a highly advanced file manager with added private file mode for maximum security.

Moreover, the device is provided with the in-display fingerprint reader with the heart rate reading function, to enhance or extend user’s working abilities. In addition to it, a NFC is contained that is involved in the fast connection and payments using mobile, and a radios for FM is present for a person who wants to have entertainment while on the move.

Additional Software Features:

• Gaming Turbo mode is a feature designed on a concept of increasing gaming performance.

• Power optimization will allow the user to enjoy better battery performance with power saving modes and lightning-fast fast charging of up to 67-watts.

• Ability to use Xiaomi'ssignificant networkof interlinked devices and modules.

• Advanced security mechanisms, including app locking and separate file mode privacy as well.

• 3 years of software updates with all security patches for the system or 4 years of security patches for compatibility.

Ultimately, POCO M6 Pro by Xiaomi offers a solid software package that bases on its mission to protect the users' information and increasing their convenience. Therefore, the POCO M6 Pro is the best choice for anyone seeking a powerful device that comes at an affordable price.

Battery Life and Charging

As far as power supply is concerned, the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro boasts a 67W charger. The result of this is extremely high-speed charging. It only takes 15 minutes to recover a battery that has been run down to 39% charge and in half an hour the device should be at 71%. From 0-100%, however, the time for the Battery to reach this age-old standard is just 52 minutes so it's one of the fastest charging items available at its price level.

At the same time the device includes a traditional power-saving mode for daily use and an ultra power-saving mode for emergency situations, providing users with flexibility and control over their device's power consumption.

Connectivity and Sensors

Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro has 4G network support, allowing you to connect to the phone 4G networks that guarantee you a good download speed and fast and uninterrupted data transmission during a call. Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro also has Wi-Fi support, the presence of Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC. You can enable mobile payments through Google Pay or another application with NFC.

The phone has a headphone jack and supports several audio codecs like SBC, AAC, and aptX. Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro supports stereo speakers plus has a Dolby Atmos. The above-average sound quality and excellent spaciousness will not leave you indifferent. Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro also has a geomagnetic field, gyroscope, ambient light, and more sensors, among others. These sensors contribute to the device's advanced functionality, such as gaming performance and AR capabilities. While the device lacks an IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, it does feature an IP54 certification for splash resistance, making it suitable for everyday use.

Performance and Gaming

The Mediatek Helio G Ultra is in the POCO M6 Pro to provide high performance at the middle-end smartphone segment. This processor impressively renders speedy output as well as smoothly deals with multitasking especially for users who love playing games or running various applications at the same time. Equipped with efficient RAM management and storage capacity to 512GB, it will make sure smooth and fast user experience.

The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro gaming device brings a very satisfying experience with great graphics and smooth frame rates. This device gives you the privilege to enjoy games such as Call of Duty, Legends and SpongeBob with the comfort of stable frames and no delay. Through the high-end processor along with an enhanced gaming function, this mobile provides a cost-effective solution for gaming fans prioritizing gaming characteristics on the smartphones.

Besides the Game Turbo mode, there is another feature that allows gamers to optimize the performance, remove distractions, and provides an additional set of tools for gamers. The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro may be lower in some of the sophisticated gaming features found in high-end devices, but it is still a great gaming device for its price range and thus a very good device to be recommended by gamers who are working on a budget.


1.How much does the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro cost?

The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro targets people on a budget. It sells in Dubai for Dhs.260 at launch for the model with a 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM.

2.What kinds does the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro have for its display?

Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro has a 6.67-inch full HD+ AMOLED screen, with a maximum refresh rate of 1,300Hz and an ultra-fast touch sampling rate of 1,080Hz. Its display delivers rapturous color reproduction and superb contrast. Brightness can reach 1400cd/m²--even under strong sunlight this is still visible to read.

3. What kind of camera are embedded on Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro handset?

Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro is armed with 16MP selfie shooter and 64MP main camera on the back. The main cam is also supported with an ultra-wide 8MP camera, 2MP macro camera, night mode option, and AI photo editor to help you to better edit your photos.

4. How mature is the software that makes the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro?

The POCO M6 Pro by Xiaomi is an Android (MIUI 14 for POCO) device which provides a very customizable & user-friendly environment that can assist with the device usage. It consists of different softwares like Display Always On that keeps any useful info in front of you and Window Floating, it also includes gateturbo mode that consume less power while gaming and enhanced security feature.

5. What is the extent of battery capacity and the charger availability of the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro?

The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro has the support of a 5,000mAh battery which gives amazing battery period therefore, there is no need to recharge the phone in the middle of the day to be able to go about your business before charging it again. Besides this, the device has a 67-watt charger which means that it can fill its battery in the fastest possible way due to 60% charge achieved in simply 30 minutes or simply full charge from 0 up to 100% in just 52 minutes.

6. What is the situation concerning connectivity and sensors in the Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro?

The Xiaomi POCO M6 Pro gives access to 4G networks, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth technology with its V.5.2 version, NFC support, as well as a host of sensors that include geomagnetic field sensor, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor, and many others.