Why are iPhones are cheap in Dubai, UAE?

As we know iPhones are the most suitable option for a person to buy, iPhone's are in high demand nowadays. If a buyer would ask for an opinion from a person that person will surely recommend the iPhone to buy over android. Android phones have great hardware and software but on the other hand iPhone's have many advantages such as:

  • They are very user friendly , they help the user to easily operate the functions in a simple way.

  • The security in iPhone's are very tight, they keep your information saved so that it can be accessible by you only by login into any portal once.

  • The feature of IOS update makes it easy for an iPhone user to access updates more quickly than the other android users.

  • The update in iPhone can be done at any time by the user. Though the level of the update of IOS in iPhone's are different and are still to a particular level.

  • The apple has a feature of family sharing which helps to keep the storage levels down as it is shared by the family people.

  • If one is using Apple products from past few years, buying an Apple iPhone can complete them, iPhones are the best suitable for Mac products. It gives a smooth touch to the person using it as the phone and the laptop are connected.

  • The resale value of the apple products are worth.

  • It's very easy to make payments in Apple as it would only pay with your face id or touch.

We see that whenever an iPhone is released there are always long queues in front of the markets and even a good amount of order from the Dubai selling sites.

As we know many countries don't have an apple store and they cannot manufacture their products so they have to collaborate with other countries which cost them more on the apple products.

The taxation policies are the main reason for the electronics being cheaper in Dubai, UAE. It is on the tax cost by a particular country on goods, the tax rates that are cost by Dubai are much lower than other countries.

  • In other countries we see that the tax rates that are costed only include the tax paid by the customer, but in Dubai the tax rates include the tax paid by the customers and the tax paid by the companies in any form, like custom.

  • Many people think of buying iPhone's from the airport in different countries thinking that they may get a good deal.

  • In Dubai, UAE if a tourist buys an iPhone he/she may get a good discount because of the fact explained above.

  • If that tourist has a vat return slip from the retailer in Dubai , they can collect their tax paid from the airport while going back home. Dubai is the most suitable country to buy electronics from.

  • The stores are not only the options for a tourist or either a resident to buy in Dubai, there are many online sites which help to deliver the phones at your place within a good amount with a small charge of shipment .

  • Talking about the online site we would like to introduce you all with our site which sells phones at a cheaper price for the customers, we provide our users with the best quality phones at cheap prices.

  • iPhone's are the best suitable options to buy in this era by the people , that's what makes people buy them at any rate . Many times people forget that there can be a good amount of discounts at various places.


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