Vivo X100 Ultra: Professional Camera Smartphone Review

Vivo X100 Ultra: A Professional Camera That Can Make Calls, Exec Says


Vivo X100 Ultra is the latest and the biggest name in the smartphone market, coming with a 6.78-inch display, a powerful camera setup, and a very massive battery. It is getting accolades for its performance, battery life, and camera abilities.

In the following review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the design and build of the Vivo X100 Ultra, along with a few key features and functionalities.

Software and User Interface

That will be coming with FunTouch OS 4, based on Android 14. The operating system will offer users an unstrained user experience, with easy access to the Google Discover feed and quick access to the notification bar, filled with all essentials and some custom toggles.

The system launcher also features a wide variety of customizations: from the style of the wallpaper to dynamic effects for animations.

One standout feature of FunTouch OS 4 is the absence of bloatware, providing a clean and clutter-free user interface. In other words, users would never know when they should uninstall apps they don't need in order to free up space on such high 512GB storage. The software also hosts an optical in-display fingerprint sensor with face unlock security.

While the software experience on the Vivo X100 Ultra is largely smooth, some hiccups could possibly be there due to the smart app control feature, where background apps are aggressively shut, which impacts notifications. But the three years of guaranteed software support go a long way in taking care of this.

Display and Audio

Both of these will be ultra-great with the 6.78" AMOLED display, ultra-vivid with a resolution of 2800x1260, and ultra-clear with the support for full HDR10 streaming content.
It also supports customized color modes for sharper and enhanced media and gaming purposes. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate, which enables smooth, uniform, and responsive display, suiting it for ardent gaming lovers. The display is bright and catches the eye even outdoors, although the auto-brightness is sometimes erratic.

The stereo speaker set provided crystal clear sound, and although the sound was not that loud, the quality was good to be used at places that are noisy else use with headphones or for streaming via Bluetooth for users in noisy environments. While the phone lacks a headphone jack, Bluetooth streaming through the Vivo X100 Ultra has been pretty perfect, revealing fairly reliable alternate methods for audio output.

Battery Life and Charging

The Vivo X100 Ultra will boast one of the biggest batteries among the flagship devices, with a really gigantic unit of 5,400mAh. Surely, it will be more than enough for the whole day with loads the smartphone will undergo without regard to recharging the battery. Despite having streamed media and with the camera running, the screen-on time was about 7-8 hours; in either case, the battery was still ready to go. When that time does come, the X100 Ultra supports fast charging, which therefore allows the user to quickly top up his or her battery and get back to using the device. Alongside such a huge battery capacity, the very fast charging support makes the X100 Ultra perfect for mobile on-the-go users who want assurance from their device's battery life.

Video Recording and Selfie Camera

This even works well in harsh light; the 32MP selfie camera at the front works just great. The selfie camera here can record video with a resolution of 4K and 30 or 60 frames per second. And this is even more than enough both for video calls and for getting cool selfies.

The microphones do the fair job of picking up sound even at a decent distance from the phone. The rear camera setup comprises of a 50MP primary sensor, an improved 50MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 50MP telephoto lens.

The V3 really comes with excellent lenses, as it can even draw sharp and sensitive details—for instance, accurate edge detection of the subjects in the portrait shots. The V3 image processor chip can process portrait shots like a bullet, which made the processing speed extremely fast.

It shall bear video-recording abilities up to a resolution of 4K with background blurring and an option to give an 8K resolution video at 30 frames per second.

Stability of video shooting is also very good—clear, non-distorted audio in all conditions, but in windy environments.

Verdict and Availability

Overall, the Vivo X100 Pro would make for an amazing flagship smartphone, from everything including performance to battery life and camera. It simply oozes quality, and at first glance, you would not doubt that it will also deliver durability. Some may find the design conservative and not really a go "wow." However, highly recommended for those wanting a reliable device. May be scarce, unfortunately, in terms of its availability, particularly in the UK.

As amazing as it is, the device Vivo X100 Pro might be very elusive in some areas. You might have to consider looking far and wide for the phone. Possible deals could, however, make it an easier come-by.


1. Is the Vivo X100 Ultra waterproof?

Yes, the Vivo X100 Ultra is IP68 water and dust resistant, making it a durable and reliable device.

2. Does the Vivo X100 Ultra have a headphone jack?

No, the Vivo X100 Ultra does not have a headphone jack, but it has flawless Bluetooth streaming for audio output.

3. What is the battery capacity of the Vivo X100 Ultra?

The battery life on the Vivo X100 Ultra is huge: 5,400mAh battery capacity, even if users are serious.

4. What is the maximum video resolution supported by the Vivo X100 Ultra?

With a Vivo X100 Ultra, or pictures taken by it, either take an 8K video with 30 frames per second, or you will be shooting 4K movies with either 30 or 60 frames per second.

5. Is the Vivo X100 Ultra compatible with fast charging?

Yes, the Vivo X100 Ultra supports the user in quick charging, thus never letting their gadget take too much time to fully refill the batteries before they can carry on using it.