Unboxing & Review: Samsung Galaxy A60 Mid-Range Star

Unboxing the Versatile Samsung Galaxy A60: A Mid-Range Powerhouse


The Samsung Galaxy A60 is one of the most outstanding creations in the Samsung Galaxy A series, developed to meet up-to-date consumer requirements: productivity, design, and affordability. This smartphone will represent a slim and modern design, the actual dream of anyone who wants to update their mobile experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A60 brings cutting-edge technology with user-centric approach features and sets the benchmark for a premium smartphone experience at an unbeatable price of Dhs. 514.00, exclusively on sale at our online store, FoneZone.ae.

Arguably, the single most outstanding feature of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is the quality of its display. The device is bedecked in an Infinity-O Display measuring 6.3 inches on the diagonal, offering an almost bezel-less full-screen view of all your favorite moments in high clarity and vibrant colors.

Whether scrolling through the internet, playing games, or watching videos, the Galaxy A60 will set the floor for vivid visuals. View quality is enhanced further by the FHD+ resolution, making every shot and every video sharp and clear.

Under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is a robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor. It provides high efficiency in all daily tasks that a user is subject to. This device gets 4GB of RAM with an inbuilt storage of 64GB, further expandable via microSD, giving you enough memory for several apps running, games, documents, and essential media storage.

It runs on Samsung's One UI, built on top of Android, lending this product an elegant and intuitive user interface and further usability and customization.

The other department where the Samsung Galaxy A60 performs impressively is camera capabilities. It sports a versatile triple-camera setup on the back: the primary sensor is 32MP, 8MP ultra-wide, and 5MP depth.

With such a combination, you will be able to take amazing photos in different conditions, from a broad landscape to detailed close-ups. The selfie 16MP AI-enhanced front camera keeps your selfies on point and ready for Instagram.

Offered at only Dhs 514.00, FoneZone.ae offers to bring you abiding by the lowest priced offer over this unbeatable Samsung Galaxy A60. In an exclusive pocket-friendly budget, one can now delve into the bouquet of the best-in-class innovative technology by Samsung. Do not miss this banger deal—just go to the website today and get your Samsung Galaxy A60 to redefine your mobile experience.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A60 is now available at our exclusive online store, FoneZone.ae. Be it flaunting features or powerful performance; the Galaxy A60 has captured the eyeballs of technology enthusiasts and regular users alike. This device holds a sleek design, powerful processor, and exceptional camera capabilities—making it versatile across users.

FoneZone.ae works hard in providing competitive pricing and the best value for money. The price of this Samsung Galaxy A60 smartphone from Dhs. 514.00 makes it really affordable to customers without any quality compromise. This price makes the product more available, as many people will be able to enjoy the features foretold in this extraordinary smartphone.

Here at FoneZone.ae, availability is never an issue. We will make sure that stocks are updated time and time again, with assurance that the Samsung Galaxy A60 is all ready to go and pick up. You can browse and select your gadgets, including the Galaxy A60, easily on our user-friendly website. Shop with us to get your new phone delivered right to your doorstep.

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy A60

This is Ricky from GSM Arena unboxing the Samsung Galaxy A60 in this exclusive video for viewers.

Rebranded Galaxy M40

Samsung Galaxy A60 is a rebadged version of the recently launched Galaxy M40 in India. Rebadging brings cool features in the Galaxy M40 to a broader audience under the A60 branding.

Conventional Design with a Gradient Twist

Present the unique appeal of the all-new Samsung Galaxy A60, now available at FoneZone.ae. This stellar smartphone sweeps one into a conventional design with a gradient, adding a touch of modern essence to provide a happy medium of combining timeless style with modern waves that incite great demand in the market. The Galaxy A60 is superbly drafted so that class meets functionality, resulting in an absolute professional and lifestyle choice for any user.

Found at the heart of the Galaxy A60's appeal is a gorgeous gradient finish, making this slick design a bit classier. This gradient effect slides to the back of the device without a seam, thus contributing to a eye-catching design that's equally end/visionary and visible from any angle.

This kind of innovative design is supposed not only to enhance visual attraction but also to make it feel nice when held, so it feels as good as it looks. Although subdued under the remarkable blue aspect, the Samsung Galaxy A60 does possess hardware of substantial force to guarantee flawlessly effective performance.

This smartphone gives an ultra-smooth experience, whether multitasking, gaming, or streaming any favorite content. Equipped with a strong processor, plenty of storage, and long battery life, the Galaxy A60 is designed to keep up with your fast life.

All this combined to offer the Samsung Galaxy A60 at a beautiful price of just Dhs. 514.00, a deal you do not want to pass up. Visit FoneZone.ae today and buy the new Samsung Galaxy A60, combining style and functionality now.

Innovative Display with Selfie Camera Cutout

Be one of the pioneers of the all-new display innovation with the Samsung Galaxy A60 on FoneZone.ae. This smartphone features a new kind of display unlike the rest. The selfie camera cutout puts it apart and makes room for a revolutionary full-display viewing experience.

With the integration of the front camera into the screen, Samsung has minimized the use of other display parts to maximize this area so you get a more expansive and uninterrupted view. Be it engaging videos, surfing the internet, or playing exciting games, the Galaxy A60's display lets you enjoy every detail with clarity.

Aside from its high-tech display, Samsung Galaxy A60 is loaded with quite a few amazing features to enhance your smartphone experience. It offers powerful performance, sleek design, and advanced camera capabilities that make it the perfect choice for both tech enthusiasts and everyday users. Its intuitive interface ensures you easily navigate around through your favorite apps and functions.

At FoneZone.ae, we are proud to bring you the Samsung Galaxy A60 at unimaginable pricing, from as low as Dhs. 514.00. This offer is commensurate with the innovation and performance built into a sumptuous device. Do not pass up holding this excellent device. Visit our web today and experience the future of the best smartphones at FoneZone.ae with the Samsung Galaxy A60.

Integrated Screen Sound Speaker

You are introducing the new Samsung Galaxy A60, now exclusively at FoneZone.ae! One of the power-packed features on the list is the Integrated Screen Sound Speaker—a real innovation in the true sense of the term—bumping up your audio experiences like never before. Gone are the days of using regular earpieces; with the Samsung Galaxy A60, the phone's screen generates sound, rendering it loud and very clear in your auditory experience.

Watching favorite videos, gaming, or even listening to music, therefore, will feel like the sound is coming out of the screen itself in a highly engaging multimedia experience.

This advanced feature gives crystal-clear and crisp audio quality to make every call, song, and video sound greater than ever. The Integrated Screen Sound Speaker enhances not only the auditory experience of the Samsung Galaxy A60 but also adds to its sleek and contemporary design that comes with fewer components on the front of the device, giving you a larger, uninterrupted display that really maximizes your viewing pleasure.

Starting at an unbelievable price of just Dhs. 514.00, it delivers value in lots against the cutting-edge technology of the Samsung Galaxy A60. Make sure not to let it pass you by! Visit FoneZone. are now and be inducted into the future of smartphone audio with the Samsung Galaxy A60. Enjoy the perfect blend of innovation, design, and affordability at FoneZone.ae!

Impressive Battery and Fast Charging

"The Samsung Galaxy A60 leaves nothing to be desired in terms of looks and style. It is definitely a standout among smartphone's in those terms." The multimedia experience has been enhanced by front and back microphone with noise reduction technology, plus MP 3 player capability; an extra pair of hands-free headphones is also coming just for you this phone sells at Dhs. 1,440.00 - Dhs. 1,828.00 new on Fonezone.ae but check back closer for a possible price cut! Yeah, but how many hours can you talk on one charge of the mobile.

Can any phone actually achieve unlimited daily use with high-capacity batteries alone, as you claim this one does. I have never heard such a thing before. With this device, you can watch videos, play games, or run many apps simultaneously—that is up to the last detail. Apart from an incredible battery life, the other benefit of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is that it comes with fast charge technology.

One, therefore, has every reason to recharge their gadget to bounce back to activities forthwith quickly. You do not have to wait several hours to reach full power; with the Samsung Galaxy A60, you get a quick boost to stay connected and keep moving.

You are coming up at our online store FoneZone.ae, from Dhs. 514.00 is the Samsung Galaxy A60. This exclusive offer allows you to own a high-performance smartphone without hitting hard on your savings. Take your first step by visiting FoneZone.ae right today and unlock the features of the Samsung Galaxy A60. Find this very sought-after, reliable, and highly compelling mobile device now.

Smooth Performance with Snapdragon 675

Get your hands on the seamless and smooth performance of the Samsung Galaxy A60 at an exclusive price, only on our website: FoneZone.ae. A mighty Snapdragon 675 processor powers this smartphone, designed to make every user's task seem such a cakewalk with optimum user experience. It's very responsive regarding browsing or gaming, in fact—any work. Powered with the Snapdragon 675 chipset, now an issue, lag, or any kind of slowing down is a thing of the past with quick and efficient performance ability.

It has an octa-core architecture with an Adreno 612 GPU, thus providing quite outstanding graphics performance for an alive interface, appealing to mobile gamers and heavy app users.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy A60 features a display that is immersive, plus superior camera capabilities to uplift your photography and viewing experiences. The device is sleek in design and vibrant in screens, giving you all the features you would desire, making a strong and functional appeal to add to your gadget collection.

Capture your memories in high resolution with its camera or enjoy your favorite movies; this Galaxy A60 delivers ultra-clear visibility and perfect color accuracy.

Get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy A60 now from FoneZone.ae, starting from Dhs. 514.00 only. Grab the excellent opportunity not only to experience a smartphone filled with ultra-power and elegance at a never-before price. Switch to the new level of mobile technology with Samsung Galaxy A60, available only at FoneZone.ae.

Triple Camera Setup with 32MP Main Sensor

The new Samsung Galaxy A60, available on our website only, brings an unmatched photography experience, thanks to its triple camera setup—a first at this price point. Its center point is the 32 MP primary sensor, which captures gorgeous, bombastically colorful, and detailed photos so that any shot you take will result in the best image quality.

Such a high-res sensor will perfectly meet the needs of all photography enthusiasts, as it is bright enough to make memories come alive.

There are two other cameras complementary to the primary sensor, each for a different purpose to augment your photography further. The ultra-wide-angle camera allows you to take broader landscapes and group shots without cutoffs. While the depth sensor comes into play in portraits of professional touch, it ensures a stunning bokeh effect that flawlessly blurs out the background, making the subject pop.

This versatile camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy A60 covers everything from getting the wider angle to the telephoto shots, hence providing you with the right lens for every occasion. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for those who love exploring their creativity through photography.

Only from FoneZone.ae, the place to be: Want to sell the Samsung Galaxy A60 at Dhs. 514.00 instead of the retail price of Dhs. 700.00. Take advantage of this offer and have dripping-pocket coolness in your hands. Actual value at the price, the new Galaxy A60 is finally here to give extraordinary results. Visit our website for more details and order it now in this special offer.

Decent Selfie Camera

Samsung Galaxy A60 is paired with an intelligent selfie camera, ensuring all the shots you take are just picture-perfect. It is designed for people who like capturing moments in life with selfies of high quality.

The front camera comes with breathtaking features that are groundbreaking and will hand you an enhanced photo experience, thereby helping you make clear, bright, and beautiful photos from anywhere you are, even with poor lighting conditions.

Meanwhile, to make life work, whether inside a complementary brightly lit surrounding from another vendor or outside on a night out, Samsung Galaxy A60's selfie camera adjusts to give you the best view shot.

We humbly present to you exclusively on FoneZone.ae, Samsung Galaxy A60, pegged at prices from Dhs. 514.00. This very affordable price will ensure you do not dig so deep into your pocket—a premium price feature on a high-quality smartphone. Tecnologia Avanzada comes with beautification modes to enhance your natural beauty, along with a wide-angle lens for taking group selfies very quickly.

Besides taking stunning selfies, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is capable of much more. The Galaxy A60 is meticulously designed to cater to the demanding changes of today's smartphone users, from its vibrantly colorful display to its commendable performance. Do visit our website, FoneZone.ae, now and take full advantage of this fantastic offer.

Step up your selfie game today. With the Samsung Galaxy A60, capture every moment in immense detail.


The Samsung Galaxy A60 is now bestowed upon Fonezone. ae, and it's bound to be an inviting choice for everybody wanting to get the right combination of performance, style, and affordability. Starting at Dhs.514.00 only, it will draw great value for buy and will be very attractive for technophiles and budget buyers.

The Galaxy A60 equips an astonishing 6.3-inch PLS TFT display that gives you high-end natural color vision, perfect for viewing streaming video, surfing the Internet, and mobile games on the go.

This display design—with Infinity-O display design—meaningfully gives you sharp visibility with minimal bezels and a punch hole for really immersive use with whatever you enjoy. Galaxy A60 is powered by Snapdragon 675 under the hood, which has some serious processing power with 4GB of RAM. This should ensure seamless and responsive performance even during multitasking.

Switching between applications is fast, playing the heaviest graphics games is no problem, and mostly, the overall performance is excellent at working on professional stuff. Also, there is 64GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD, which provides ample space for applications, photos, and files.

There comes a triple camera in the Galaxy A60, something that will genuinely delight photography lovers. The primary camera has 32MP, plus an 8MP ultra-wide lens and 5MP depth sensor. This mix allows one to have excellent images, from wide-angle picturesque landscapes to detailed close-ups. There is a 16MP selfie camera located on the notch that is handy for video calls and selfie photo shoots where there ought to be extra details. Its 3500mAh battery is also good enough on the whole day run for most users.

Along with fast charging support, one will be able to quickly juice up your battery and continue the operations without much of a hold-up. Battery recharging doesn't hold you up for long; a quick charge would make it possible for a quick battery top-up. This makes the Galaxy A60 a trusted companion for those leading busy lifestyles on the go.

Available at fonezone. ae, the Samsung Galaxy A60 combines rounded elements of features, performance, and affordability. The great display lights up with the powerful processor at work behind the scenes, an incredibly adaptable camera system, and a battery that keeps on going. Truly unbeatable within its price range, it advances to the line, so one puts in line for a new smartphone to give something back; it will, with quality and bang for the buck from the Galaxy A60.

Visit FoneZone.ae today and make this fantastic device all yours, getting the best mobile technology.


1. What are the key features of Samsung Galaxy A60?

The Samsung Galaxy A60 brings a 6.3-inch PLS TFT screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, making the picture vivid and clear. In addition to this, it bundles in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor that readily executes daily tasks and gaming.

The device comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card 512GB. On the back, one finds a triple camera system: a single C 32MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 5MP depth sensor. The smartphone also sports a front-facing camera of 16MP for selfies.

2. Is the Samsung Galaxy A60 enabled for fast charging?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A60 supports fast charging. The device comes with a 3500mAh battery and supports 15W super-fast charging through a type-C port, allowing you to juice up lightning-fast and get back in the game without long downtimes—ideal for people constantly on the move.

3. What Android version does a Samsung Galaxy A60 have?

The Samsung Galaxy A60 will come running Android 9.0 Pie straight out of the box, and it will have Samsung's very own One UI on top. Designed to provide a more comfortable and intuitive experience, One UI features Night Mode, Digital Wellbeing with palm click support-driven one-handed mode, among others, and it is getting better with updates from time to time. Advanced performance for better service and innovative features should also be upcoming as updated devices.

4. Will Samsung Galaxy A60 support 4G?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A60 fully supports 4G LTE networks, ensuring the user swift internet browsing, streaming, and downloading at high speed. Besides, the many LTE bands supported will mean that those who buy this phone can use it in various parts of the world, ensuring they are interconnected with many different providers to ensure network elasticity and greater levels of assurance.

5. What kind of security features does the Samsung Galaxy A60 have?

The Samsung Galaxy A60 is imbued with quite several security features that help secure your data and privacy. It comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for quick, secure unlocking. The phone also supports facial recognition, by which you can look at your device to unlock it.

This device also houses Samsung's security feature, the Knox platform, that offers multi-layered protection to sensitive information. Discover the Samsung Galaxy A60, available at our webpage FoneZone.ae, from Dhs. 514.00. This makes it a great combination of features and performance found in one device at an affordable price.


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