Huawei Y6 Prime 2019: Budget-Friendly Smartphone Unveiled

Unboxing and First Look: The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019


Now in town, meet the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019, available exclusively at This smartphone is designed with the best combination of style and functionality to give users the ideal phone—for tech lovers or casual users who have set a budget. Sleek design and feature-packed performance produce more incredible experiences at affordable prices from Dhs. 255.00 to Dhs. 400.00.

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 boasts a 6.09-inch Dewdrop HD+ display that enables users to fully immerse themselves while attending to any of their multimedia requirements, whether gaming, video streaming, or just simple web browsing; the clarity and color accuracy are simply impressive. At its core is the MediaTek Helio A22 processor, which assures‎ smooth performance alongside efficient multitasking. This device will come with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage that is expandable via microSD. You can store as many favorite apps, photos, and videos as possible.

Take great shots with the 13MP rear Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 camera, equipped with an advanced f/1.8 aperture that performs better in poor light conditions. The 8MP front camera has advanced beautification features for complete perfection in your selfies. Besides, a 3020mAh battery gives pretty decent battery life, keeping you connected on the go without the hassle of frequent recharges.

The key feature that makes the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 stand out is its powerful audio. The phone is designed with a super-linear speaker to be more prosperous and more immersive in sound when listening to music, watching movies, or even just taking calls. The device arrives with an easy-to-use interface and many inbuilt innovative features unique in their ways to increase day-to-day interactions, coming out of the box running with EMUI 9.0, which is based on Android 9 Pie.

Price and Availability

At, we bring you the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019—a smartphone epitomizing style, performance, and affordability. This gadget has been designed - as a response to the ever-growing demand for a dependable smartphone filled with everyday features. A student, professional, or casual user, this treat from Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 comes in excellent value for money.

The competitive pricing is just about a feature that turns in for the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019—starting from Dhs. 255.00 to Dhs. 400.00, buy this smartphone at for its different available configurations. The performance will not suffer, and neither will quality, with this budget-friendly option. Pricing naturally ensures there are prices to cut across all categories so that everyone can own a smartphone from Huawei.

Another highlight at is the availability of Huawei Y6 Prime 2019. We have made sure that this highly demanded model is readily available to serve our customers. Focusing more on customer satisfaction, has built a robust inventory of Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 so that you can be guaranteed to find it in stock once you log in to our website.

You can easily place your order in our user-friendly online shop and deliver your brand-new smartphone directly to your front door.

Apart from the excellent price and ready availability, offers variable payment options along with a choice of delivery services so that you get a smooth and problem-free shopping experience.

Our customer support team is ever ready to help you out in any query or issue you might be having about your purchase. We strive to provide comprehensive shopping experiences which not only meet but exceed your expectation.

Conclusively, Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 from is the perfect economy versus functionality blend. Priced between Dhs. 255.00 and Dhs. 400.00, it truly is going to be a relief to anyone looking to have a reliable smartphone. Go to today for more information about this great device and buy confidently.

Display and Cameras

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 offers a 6.09'' LCD with an aspect ratio of 720x1560, guaranteeing users a clear visual experience. It has fitted a 13MP rear camera to capture minute and pin-sharp images and an 8MP front camera that assures razor-sharp selfies. In terms of audio, the device ensures clear audio during calls with its fitted earpiece. For reliable power throughout the day, it hosts a 3050mAh battery.

Specifications Overview

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 runs on the Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 Quad Core Processor with 2GB of RAM and an internal storage of 32GB. This combination gives smooth performance for everyday tasks and multitasking. Besides that, there is an inclusion of the LED notification light.

It blinks to let one know about the incoming notifications, so there is always no hassle to unlock the device to see what type of notification has arrived. The price, as stated by Huawei officials for this device in Pakistan, is 21,499 PKR, which makes Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 an excellent choice when anyone is seeking a budget variant for satisfaction.

Performance and Benchmarks

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 has a Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 Quad Core Processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. With this configuration, everyday performance is smooth, and multitasking won't be an issue. Its performance can still be further benchmarked to check its processing prowess and power efficiency.

The Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 Quad Core Processor empowers efficient processing, making it easier for users to go through apps and execute tasks efficiently. Since it is a quad-core processor, the performance would appropriately balance against the power consumption for a reliable user experience.

On the other hand, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 has sufficient memory to run applications and storage to hold media files at 2 GB of RAM, while the internal storage capacity stands at 32 GB. This combination of the RAM and storage capacity gives responsive and lag-free performance to the user, even when working with multiple apps at a time.

Battery Life

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019, available at, was a pioneer of impressive battery life, making this model very unique for those on the move. This smartphone is run by its massive 3020 mAh powerful battery, guaranteeing that you get through a day of regular use without thinking about recharging.

The efficient power management system of the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 further optimizes the usage of the batteries, giving extended usage times even with heavy applications and rich multimedia consumption.

One of the most salient features of the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 battery life is that it supports long hours of continuous usage. From surfing to watching videos or taking updates on social media, the smartphone lets you stay connected without having to charge it frequently. Huawei's EMUI 9.0 enhances battery performance with its power-efficient MediaTek MT6761 processor to provide seamless multitasking and silky-smooth operation for users.

Besides, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 supports intelligent battery management that learns and is aware of your usage pattern over time. This feature saves energy by shutting off the background apps that are not in use and optimizes system resources for continuing to run apps in the foreground. As a result, it could provide a longer battery life for users, and therefore, Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 will be your great companion to work and live for entertainment.

Available at, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 gives real value for its money, especially its long battery life, ranging from Dhs. 255.00 to Dhs. 400.00. This smartphone equips you with the confidence to glide through your busy day, knowing that your device will keep pace with your demands.

Be it students, professionals, or casual users, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 takes care of everybody by keeping them powered throughout the day. It's an excellent investment for any person looking to have a reliable smartphone in their pocket.

Software and User Experience

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 offers a 6.09'' LCD and 720x1560 resolution; therefore, it provides quite a vivid display of visuals. In addition, the clarity brought about by a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera further customizes the end-user's experience by adding outstanding photography capabilities to the device.

Connectivity and Ports

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 will feature different connectivity options and ports that allow one to communicate effortlessly; its pricing starts from Dhs. 255.00 up to Dhs. 400.00 for This smartphone is designed to keep you connected in every possible manner, hence suitable for everyone who wants to stay connected on the go.

First, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 provisions and supports 4G LTE so that users don't feel their internet is slow, with poor streaming and downloads. With 4G LTE, you will witness a responsive online performance to the core and completely lag-free when using the internet, be it scrolling through social media, watching videos, or downloading big files, all expected to be very resourceful to people constantly connected to the internet.

Moreover, it features Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, which enables easy access to wireless networks. At home, in the office, or at some public hotspot, this Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 comes with stable and robust wireless connectivity. It means much to users because Wi-Fi is one of the significant sources of high-speed internet one can get without spending their mobile data since mobile data is usually a bit expensive.

Bluetooth 4.2 is sported by the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 for close-range wireless connectivity. This will let you hook up to Bluetooth devices onboard, from wireless headphones and speakers to fitness trackers. Bluetooth 4.2 ensures a stable and power-efficient connection that will have you enjoying wireless audio and easy file transfer.

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 also features some essential ports for improved functionality. The micro USB port handles the need to recharge the device but also transfer its data to and from your computer. This is, again, a very well-supported port by many peripherals; thus, one might charge his phone or sync it with another device easily.

In addition, it has a GPS module to track the location and navigation in the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019. Through maps regarding driving directions or through location-based applications, this GPS feature offers correct and trustworthy positioning to users. This is a beneficial characteristic for those users who travel or whose work assistants are navigational aids regularly.

Finally, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is available here at for Dhs. 255.00 - Dhs.400.00, you have a great package deal in terms of connectivity and ports. Apart from 4G LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, it also has Bluetooth 4.2, a micro USB port for charging, the ever-so-essential 3.5mm headphone jack) and GPS to please your mood for music at the fundamental level. The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is the smartphone that keeps you constantly connected and on the move.


The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019, exclusively available on our site, makes for an acceptable option for anyone seeking to balance performance and affordability. This sleekly designed smartphone, with impressive features and worthy, reliable performance, makes it an excellent addition to our wealth of gadgets. One of the various features that make the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 unique is its stylishness and ergonomic design.

With its polished finish and lightweight build, it does have that premium feel to it, ensuring it would be comfortable for a prolonged period of use. Its dewdrop 6.09-inch display offers great screen time for watching videos, browsing the web, or even gaming. Under the hood, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is powered by one capable processor that allows for smooth performance daily.

Be it running apps, streaming content, or just home multi-tasking—this smartphone handles everything with ease. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which is further expandable via microSD, offering ample space for all the apps, photos, and files you will ever need within your fingertips.

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 also dons some very decent camera capabilities. Its 13MP rear camera provides clear snaps with satiation. You can take candid shots with great depth and detail in it. At the same time, the 8MP front camera is custom-made for selfies and video calls. With features on board like HDR mode and low-light enhancement, you may click excellent picture lighting conditions, making it an ideal companion for photography enthusiasts.

Another high spot for the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 would be in the area of battery life. This 3020mAh battery is large enough to provide enough power to get through a day's usage, staying connected and productive without too much frequent recharging. It also features an intelligent battery management system that enables better and more efficient use of power to prolong its overall lifespan.

This Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is available on our website at quite aggressive pricing between Dhs. 255.00-Dhs. 400.00. For such pricing, it becomes reliable and feature-rich for budget-oriented consumers. Be it in terms of design, performance, or camera, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 becomes an excellent choice for users looking to change their present smartphones.

In sum, creating perfect balance across style, performance, and wallet-friendliness in one offering across the board places Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 at the very top. It is an alliance that strengthens Huawei's commitment to making quality smartphones for everybody. Log onto right now to check this excellent device out and own it at a price you just simply cannot beat today.


1. What are some salient features of Huawei's Y6 Prime 2019?

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 features a massive 6.09-inch Dewdrop HD+ Display, in which viewing intra-contents is done across videos, games, and browsing. It gets a dual-core MediaTek Helio A22 processor paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD from its side.

The software runs Android 9.0 Pie with EMUI 9.0 for flawless performance and easy-to-use UI. It also boasts a 13MP rear camera with an aperture of f/1.8 and an 8MP front-facing camera that becomes an even better deal for photography lovers.

2. Huawei Y6 Prime 2019—how is the battery life?

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 comes with a 3,020mAh battery, and for everyday use, it is reliable. Assisted by optimized hardware and software, the user should seamlessly get past a whole day of moderate use without needing to recharge. This includes web browsing, scrolling over social media, playing videos, and calling. One of the strong points with this model is battery life, especially considering its price range.

3. Will Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 be a dual SIM?

Yes, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 does support dual SIM. In this case, users can maintain two telephone numbers on one device. This feature is handy to people who would like to separate their personal and professional contacts or for travelers who often need access to various mobile networks. There's a dedicated slot for the two SIM cards and another for the microSD card, which means users wouldn't have to make any sacrifices on storage expansion.

4. Some of the security features on the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019?

The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 has security features to protect your data. It also has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to easily and quickly secure device entry without keying in a password or code. It does support facial recognition technology, so an alternative biometric security option is available. With such features, users will be able to keep their information safe and secure and easily be able to gain access to their phones.

5. What is the price of Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 at

They are starting from Dhs. 255.00 up to Dhs. 400.00, the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is an affordable phone one can easily buy at For any consumer solely looking to get themselves a decent and feature-rich smartphone, this price will most definitely not dent their wallet. The additional cost expected will come in regarding the phone's condition and any further accessories or warranties added to the purchase. They are ensuring the best competitive pricing and quality product, only through


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