Samsung One UI 6.1 Update: Galaxy AI Features Unveiled

These Galaxy Devices Will Receive Galaxy AI This Month: Official List and Features


Samsung has now advertised a formal support documentation for which devices will be available for the One UI 6.1 update including the Galaxy AI Features this March . The second update adds a slew of new artificial intelligence capabilities, including Circle to Search, generative artificial intelligence , real-time translation and calls and messages, and artificial intelligence in Samsung Notes.Samsung High-end devices; the entire Galaxy S23 series, Fe Edition, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, all Galaxy Tab S9 models but not the Fe models. Samsung says that although the list is not exhaustive, it confirms that the devices will receive all Galaxy AI features; for the others, they might not receive the update soon, unlike others . The decision is vital to all its users showing that Samsung appreciates our past devices.

One UI 6.1 Update with Galaxy AI Features

Overall, the One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI offers a set of new possibilities to Samsung devices. The new features and improvements allow the user to make the work with the device more user-friendly and enhance its functionality. The identified key elements that are associated with the described job or task include:

Circle to search:

The feature allows the user to circle something on the screen and search the image on this item. It is a user-friendly way to search for the information through visual recognition.

Generative Artificial Intelligence:

The described element provides advanced opportunities for the user to work with the image. The user can alter the image significantly using the AI-powered tools for the alteration.

Real-time translation for calls and messages:

As a result of the update, calls and messages from users will be translated into your native language in real-time, creating a seamless experience for foreign contacts. This creates the opportunity for new achievements in global communication and cooperation.

Artificial intelligence in Samsung Notes:

Samsung Notes will now be equipped with artificial intelligence, which will significantly increase the functionality of the application. The AI option will provide users with such opportunities as “thoughtful” text arrangement, intelligent recognition of written text, as well as its subsequent digitalization. As a result, prompts will appear in the notes, giving users hints on the rational organization of the interaction with the record.

In general, One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI is a significant leap in functionality for Samsung devices. Thus, users receive advanced AI abilities that previously were impossible.

Devices Included in the Update

The Galaxy AI feature with the One UI 6.1 update will be provided to the following devices:

● All The Devices In The Entire Galaxy S23 Series FLIP edition.



and all Galaxy Tab S9 models but not the Fe models . However, other Galaxy devices may have the update later; the devices confirmed above will be provided with all the features of Galaxy AI. This is a clear indication of the company’s plan to make their devices more intelligent by availing the advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Features of Galaxy AI

The One UI 6.1 update, loaded with other new additions designed to further improve the user experience and functionality of Samsung devices, was one of the first to adopt the Galaxy AI. Here are some critical features:

Circle to Search:

A feature designed to encircle an item on the screen and scan it in order to conduct a keyword image search on the basis of function through seeing. This may be used to search for information through visual perception when you need to know the object’s value or meaning.

Generative Artificial Intelligence for Image Editing:

Users may use AI-powered editing tools to achieve much more control and editing work, as well as expand their creative options.

1.Real-time translation for calls and messages:

The update also has real-time translation features for calls and messages, which will allow people to communicate seamlessly across languages and open up further opportunities for global outreach and communication.

2. Artificial Intelligence implemented in Samsung notes:

Artificial intelligence is also integrated into Samsung Notes, offering better and efficient operations like intelligent text detection, handwriting, and other notes that are smartly organized for better efficiency. Generally, the One UI 6.1 update for Galaxy AI-supported gadgets is a significant improvement in the way a Samsung device can operate and leverage advanced artificial intelligence.

Implications for Users

In conclusion, the One UI 6.1 update, considering it will come with Galaxy AI features, has taken a distinct turn for users, especially users of the Galaxy devices mentioned earlier. Known implications include:

Enhanced experience :

To more advanced and feature-rich with the Samsung devices because they have artificial intelligence, improved functions with AI features such as Circle to Search, image editing using generative AI, real-time translation, AI in Samsung Notes and more will come with the functionality, and users will have new and innovative ways to stay engaged with the tech.


Furthermore, the devices’ functionality will be substantially enhanced with AI-powered capabilities like Circle to Search, generative AI for image editing, real-time translation, and AI integrated within Samsung Notes . All of these features will provide new and innovative ways for the customers to interact with the technology. Therefore, consumers will be able to utilize cutting-edge devices.

Device lifespan:

Samsung is committed to “upgrading” older devices with new AI features, increasing their capabilities and lifespan. Thus, users will not have to upgrade their devices in order to enjoy the newest technology.

Customer experience:

Lastly, making Galaxy AI features available on additional devices demonstrates Samsung’s strong commitment to ensuring its user have access to the newest technology.

In conclusion, the implications for users are overwhelmingly positive, with the result being that users have an expanded toolkit, more streamlined capabilities, and more life for their Galaxy device, increasing their user experience.

Exclusivity of Galaxy AI Features

Specifically, Samsung is offering Galazy AI features to users of its newest devices like in the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Tab S9 lineup. Here are some of the implications associated with that move.

Accessible Advanced Tech:

For users who purchase devices outside of the latest Galaxy S24 series, Samsung is democratizing access to advanced AI technology.

A user-centric approach:

From a broad perspective, the fact that Galaxy AI features are more inclusive evidently embodies an organized objective of user experience, allowing the features to be more accessible to a broader range of consumers beyond flagship models.

Long-term value:

Allowing Galaxy AI features to be more inclusive even prior ensures they will have a long-lasting outcome on the value of devices over time. In this regard, Samsung can assure users the intelligent and innovative features will still be accessible and usable over time without requiring users to purchase the most recent model versions.

Overall, the higher inclusiveness of Galaxy AI features is designed to enable extra insight into a user-centric approach for inclusivity and long-lasting positive experience.

Samsung's Commitment to Updates

The above demonstrates Samsung’s strong commitment to providing past devices with extensive and incredibly advanced AI features. This is further illustrated by the upcoming One UI 6.1 software update with Galaxy AI. With the inclusion of a vast number of devices—in addition to the Galaxy S23 series, Fe Edition, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and all Galaxy Tab S9 models excluding the Fe models—Samsung once again shows its customers its interest in improving the user experience and enriching users with cutting-edge technology.

Extending Galaxy AI features to more than just the most recent flagship models is Samsung’s way of ensuring that users get their hands on these devices by democratizing access to these innovative capabilities and elongating the devices’ value and lifespan. It has to do with rewarding the experience and promoting a rewarding user experience.

Impact on Device Value

Including advanced Galaxy AI features in the One UI 6.1 update has crucial applications on Samsung devices’ value and life continuity. Making these features available to a broad spectrum of devices ensures that users can enjoy state-of-the-art technology and useful, innovative aspects without having to ditch their existing devices and purchase the latest design. This extends the lifespan of the devices and longevity in use, rendering them more precious . In addition, updating previous forms to have the functionality of other contemporary devices is reflective of the degree of emphasis Samsung places on the user experience, the functionality of its devices, and how users feel about their purchases. It is only a matter of speculation, not fact, that the purchase price of Samsung devices.

Comparison with iPhone

Overall, when it comes to comparing Samsung’s actions in updating its past devices with advanced AI features, the two companies, Samsung and iPhone, share several points of difference and similarity:

Samsung’s commitment to updating:

Unlike Galaxy AI One UI 6.1, the iPhone’s update policy has always placed a premium on new and upcoming models. Thus, users of old models received good support for only a short period.

Device Value:

With the help of AI features updating, Samsung lengthens the life value of its devices. In contrast, iPhone’s securities’ value in the informal TSE is often high.
From the perspective of users:both Samsung and iPhone pay attention to the user's overall experience--Samsung more so via its extensive line of devices and Apple Digital Lifestyle with the freshest products.

All in all, both Samsung and iPhone, although differing considerably in their approaches to updates and device life (life span; official retail price ), are devoted to improving the user experience and providing advanced technology for their users.


What smartphones can receive the update as Galaxy AI makes them whole:

1. Which devices will receive the One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI features?

The update will come to the entire Galaxy S23 series, Fe Edition, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and all Galaxy Tab S9 models (excluding the Fe models). Though devices not on this list may get the update later, it is confirmed that all Galaxy AI features leaked so far will be available on those listed.Only leaked results are available.

2.What will some key features of the update be?

The update contains both Circle to Search generative artificial intelligence in image editing and real-time calls/messages translation, and artificial intelligence within Samsung Its most important functionistechnologically.

3.What does the user mean?

The update is a big deal for users, which means better user experience, better functions and Galaxy devices that are now old will have more life in them. And with this gesture of gradually revising the past, we see Samsung's overall philosophy as an improvement to current user experience.

4.How does Samsung handle updates compared with iPhone?

While Samsung is updating its past devices with more sophisticated AI features, the iPhone has historically confined most of its updates to new models. It does provide some support in limited amounts for older ones though. (However), Samsung devices could encounter depreciation in price if they were sold to unofficial stores while iPhone devices tended to hold on for a longer period.