Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Best Android Experience 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The Best Android Experience


Now available only at, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing smartphone that offers unprecedented mobile experiences. Great for business professionals and tech enthusiasts who want powerful devices for work, or simply a high-performance phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is perfect for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a brilliant 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display for all these bright colors that bring sharpness in the visuals to create a truly immersive viewing experience. It juices up on a mighty quad-core processor for fluid multitasking and flawless performance. On the memory front, there is 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, which can be further expanded using a microSD card, giving enough space to store all important files, photos, and apps.

One of the many unique features of the Note 3 is its S Pen stylus, offering various tools dedicated to productivity and creation. With so much functionality available at your fingertips—literally—it's easier than ever to jot down quick notes or create elaborate drawings. The Note 3 also features a 13 MP rear camera, which delivers awesome photos and video, and a 2 MP front camera for stellar selfies and video chatting.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 starts selling at a price of Dhs. 245 on Get this because it is cutting-edge technology combined with an ultra-sleek design; it is the ultimate experience in mobile life. Get this device; visit our website,, and get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today.

Price and Availability

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Design and Build

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is substantially large at 5.7 inches with a 1920 by 1080 AMOLED display and, for most people, is certainly a two-handed device. Believe it or not with the large display, the Note 3 actually becomes thinner, lighter, and narrower than the Galaxy Note 2 and fits into its old footprint while housing a larger battery.

The device has a squared-off look similar to the Galaxy S4, with a silver metal-band wrapping around the sides and housing the power and volume buttons. The back is removable, and removes to reveal a massive 3200mAh battery, one of the largest—longest-lasting—in any phone available.

The front of the Note 3 follows the patented Samsung squared-off look, much like a larger Galaxy S4, with that traditional home button at the front. Housing it as well is a silver metal band going all around—the power and volume buttons placement could sometimes test the reach for those colleagues with smaller hands.

Intuitively, the back—many times away from the plastic—is on plastic, though with an attempt that makes it feel surreptitiously like leather. Deceptive in looks, the subtle curve on the back does contribute to a comfortable grip.

USB 3.0 and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the first smartphone to incorporate a USB 3.0 port at the bottom, making charging faster with Samsung's cable and considerably swifter as a port for data transfer speeds eligible by compatible computers. This USB 3.0 port is backward-compatible with USB 2.0 for versatility in connectivity.

There is also a good internal configuration with an octa-core processor, 1.9GHz quad-core and 1.3GHz quad-core, including a 3GB RAM. Multitasking is assured and seamless in operation with these strong configurations in the performance of a stream application array and game responsiveness.

The oco-core processor and ample RAM of the Galaxy Note 3 cut through everything from heavy-duty needs to run any kind of everyday application. Apart from this, the graphic performance is terribly very smooth with the gadget, allowing one to play games without lag and easily navigate even the most intense applications. Not only that, the USB 3.0 port further complements the Smartphone to let users transfer data quick with charging its device much faster.

Performance and Software

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has an octa-core processor containing 1.9GHz quad-core and 1.3GHz quad-core processors, backed by 3GB RAM. This kind of configuration easily runs multiple operating systems together very smoothly, maintains smooth performance across applications, and provides great gaming responsiveness.

The overall graphic performance of the device is quite smooth, making the gaming experience responsive and very fluent while steering the intensified applications. It even has a USB 3.0 port, which significantly helps further the proof of the entire strong device of Note 3 in the smartphone market as this specific addition has very fast data transfer and is efficient in charging.

Display and Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is outfitted with a beautiful 1080p AMOLED panel that measures 5.7 inches and just punches with a super razor sharp pixel intensity of 386 pixels per inch.

Coupled with brilliant brightness, great viewing angles, in the zero-latitude usability and ergonomics that Samsung displays come with, lining the device nearly edge-to-edge, it has one of the best screens on any mobile phone. In fact, you can argue that the display is arguably the best physical asset on the device, rivaling other top-of-the-line handsets like the LG G2 and the HTC One.

The Note 3 has a brand new 13 megapixel camera that comes with updated imaging processing, and some new Samsung cameras are including pretty aggressive sharpening and noise reduction.

This tends to leave your shots a little over-processed, but the regular light performance is pretty stellar, with good dynamic range and sharpness. This large 5.7-inch display serves as an excellent viewfinder as well, which only adds to the already awesome photography experience.

Also, the Snapdragon 800 variant of the Galaxy Note 3, which will be sold in the US, can also record 4k Ultra High Definition videos; therefore, the video quality is really sharp.

Stylus and S Voice

The stylus in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with an asymmetrically shaped design, letting users insert it either as an upside or right side into the phone's body effortlessly.

It can now click capacitive menu and back keys on either side of the bulging home key. Taking out the stylus from the phone also triggers a small circular window to pop up with the most commonly used TouchWiz stylus features, thus easy to reach quickly. There is the new S Voice as voice commands go, but it'sd milesaway from Siri or Google Now even.

Information, texts, and calling are fairly the only limited-provision it offers with the screen off.

TouchWiz and Customization

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs on TouchWiz, which is Samsung's homebrewed skin on top of Android. While less obtrusive in its faults, like jank and occasional stutter, TouchWiz also boasts some useful features, such as the Flipboard-powered My Magazine app that aggregates Social news, analogous to what BlinkFeed on the HTC One does. Quick toggles located above the notification bar allow instant access, as do the many others immediately available.

Also available is a brightness toggle. Multi-window enhances the ability to multitask with the power of keeping two background applications running simultaneously. It even allows a third application to overlay, forcing Samsung's policy of including as many features as possible into their device.

Battery Life

Want a cell phone that will keep up with you all day, and then some? Look no further! Here, takes pride in presenting to you the Samsung Note 3; a next level unit in battery performance, indeed. With its 3200mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is truly designed to keep your life continuously connected through your day.

Coupled with strong battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a great gadget to have for users highly dependent on the gadget for their work, communication, and entertainment.

Whether it is for streaming videos, web browsing, gaming, or even productivity apps, this device will ensure you do not need the charger nearby many times over. With some updates, this device includes some power management features that enhance battery performance for optimum performance on every charge.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has fast charging enabled, so it means that even if you have to recharge, you do not have to wait for it to refresh for too long. This comes in particularly very handy for the busy-headed people who have to have theirs on hand within a moment's notice.

Everyone would, of course, prefer not having to go through the arduous process of setting everything up close to a power outlet. At, we completely identify with the fact that reliability and convenience are everything to a user—ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those instances where the device in mention does just that: the excellent battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on our website,, comes for as low as Dhs. 245.00, which is a great price for a reliable and high-performance smartphone. Do not let this chance slip to hold a device presenting stabler features with a battery that really goes the distance. Head to today to get more information and make your purchasing deal!

Overall Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one very likable device; it has nearly everything. With a few flaws, like the plastic on the rear end and bloat in the settings menu, the Note 3 turns out as a great device when it comes to usability and functionality. The device greatly shines in the provision of more screen space, smooth operation of applications, and comfortable usage, which makes it very user-friendly for anyone in search of a well-rounded smartphone.

Making a step to a bigger device, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, may be a bit scary unit the user gets used to a big display. In most cases, compact-device users usually find themselves reluctant to go back to a small device. The size of a Note 3 is simply transformative in how one carries and uses devices, thus rendering them a lot more engaging and much more pleasurable to use.

Even though the one that is bigger in size is imagined in most cases, the users usually adapt to and appreciate the advantages their generous size screen brings. Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the standout smartphones in 2013.

Maybe it isn't perfect, but with new, innovative features and functionalities, performance, and user experience combined, this will definitely be on top of the list among the best handsets that will give its competitors a run for their money. For those in need of a device that can actually meet their needs in most departments, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be a reliable and satisfiable choice.

Comparison to Previous Note Models

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has maintained most of the aspects of its forerunner, the Galaxy Note 2, it evolved in many other ways. The Note 3 accomplishes a thinner and more lightweight design with greatly evolved stylus features and an integrated advanced processing power than its forerunner. Moreover, the addition of a USB 3.0 port and a bigger but long-life battery brings out all differences that set it apart from the earlier Note versions and insulates each toward speedy charging and elongate use.

The camera, as well as display capabilities, of the Note 3 is highly reinforced to make it truly one of the best in current smartphones.


Samsung Note 3, now available only at, is absolutely leaving all spellbound with its delightful fusion of powerful performance, beautiful design appeal, and inventive functionalities.

From as low as Dhs. 245.00, this is the smartphone to glam up for someone who wants a reliable yet versatile gadget. Specifically, this bad boy features a 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, giving you true-to-nature colors and overall detail that is unrivalled in any multimedia-savvy and work-oriented task.

And, under the hood, the Galaxy Note 3 is powered by a huge processor capable of amazing work, from multitasking, gaming, to sticking on to your favorite content views. The device also sports a 13MP rear camera for expert photos and videos along with a 2MP selfie camera for clear selfies and video calling.

The S Pen adds a new feeling for the user to input the best way, creatively expressing themselves, enabling creative input that only further enhances the functionality of this multi-talented smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 3 also has a strong battery life system with a 3200mAh cell to keep your work and play through consume. Coupled with some decent storage aboard, expandable via microSD, to store all your apps, photos, and media, there's obvious room.

The shiny new feel Expressing a chic style and complemented by lightweight build, it feels really comfortable to hold and really use—long periods with the Galaxy Note 3.

So, now we can conclude that this showcases Samsung Galaxy Note 3 available through, a great bundle of features at a reduced / economical price tag—applicable for any consumer who intends buying the most feature-rich smartphones in the market today. Designed with a brilliant display, powerful performance and universal camera functions, it surely is one of the most interesting devices in this class. Hurry – excellent offer laid at your doorstep within Grab your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from as low as Dhs. 245.00.


1. What are recognizable key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, with extreme color sharpness and vibrancy. This powerhouse is stoked up by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor under its hood while multitasking and gaming, further coupled with 3GB of RAM. The gadget also features a 13MP primary camera and a 2MP front camera for capturing well-outlined pictures and videos. Besides that, the Note 3 also hosts a stylus pen that expands its functionality to a provision whereby users can jot down notes, draw, and navigate the phone's menu.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Which storage capacity do you prefer?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also available with a good 32GB of internal memory, compatibly accommodating apps, photos, videos, and documents of the user. If that's not enough, the device supports microSD cards of up to 64GB for still more extended flexibility in handling media and files.

3. How long does the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery life last?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a removable 3200mAh battery to take you through operations during the day smoothly. Average battery life includes up to 22 hours talk time and up to 420 hours on standby mode. The model also has a quick charging option that helps to quickly charge the phone so you can spend more time with it unattached.

4. Is the 4G network supported on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Yes, it does support 4G LTE technology to be faster and have stable access to the Internet. This indeed offers great mobile experiences through high-speed browsing, streaming, and downloading. It has other network standards for 3G and 2G, making it thus be compatible with any network conditions.

5. What OS runs the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean installed, but its upgradable version is 5.0 Lollipop. In addition, this OS is more friendly, with a user interface and applications wide-ranging through the Google Play Store, with furthermore additional features there to enhance the ease usefulness creation. All the more, the Samsung TouchWiz UI possesses its typical features and innumerable customization options in the Note family. You can find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at our website,, with the starting price of Dhs. 245.00.


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