OnePlus 9RT Review: Camera and Price Balance

The OnePlus 9RT: The Perfect Balance of Camera and Price


The OnePlus 9RT is the latest endowment from the super-successful OnePlus series of smartphones, loaded as an upgraded version of the OnePlus 9R. The following is an in-depth review of almost all significant aspects of the device—design, display, performance, cameras, and more—to identify whether it balances out camera features with its price.

Price and Availability

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The OnePlus 9RT looks precisely like the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9R, continuing the design language from OnePlus. While familiarity could border on a lack of newness, it speaks for a certain level of comfort, functionality, and likeness towards the device that users would want to have.

One of the specialty points attributed to the silver variant of the OnePlus 9RT includes a ceramic glazed material. Not only does it enhance the look, but it also resists fingerprints, offering a clean finish, all gleaming.

This novel finish makes a difference; it stands unique among available color options. Light in weight—less than 200 grams—the OnePlus 9RT comes with a light and ergonomic design for a great experience. Some critical features have been embedded into this device to satisfy all kinds of needs of the modern smartphone user, included sets such as NFC, stereo dual speakers, etc.


The changes have been made over the predecessor, which is essentially continuing—for the display of the OnePlus 9RT—the current OnePlus 9R.

While the screen size increased to accommodate a slightly lower pixel density at the exact resolution, a sub-pixel rendering of fonts added this time tries to enhance clarity. Offsetting it some, though, results in colored streaking around the edges of fonts—but in most daily uses, negligible.

Noticeably, the OnePlus 9RT's screen has been changed to regular AMOLED from fluid AMOLED, which might suffer from reduced transparency and a wide lower bezel. In addition, one can notice the rainbow effect while viewing from sideways. While these deficiencies seemed less obvious during regular use, the general display of the OnePlus 9RT depicts some backward footsteps from its predecessor, the 9R.

Performance & Gaming

The OnePlus 9RT is designed to give the most immersive gaming and performance experiences, and it will be available at our website,, starting at Dhs. 1,323.00. At the heart of the OnePlus 9RT lies the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, ensuring top-notch performance and power efficiency. This flagship chipset, combined with up to 12GB RAM in LPDDR5 format, spells hassle-free multitasking and faster app opening responses—utopia for daily tasks and resource-intensive applications alike.

The OnePlus 9RT features a Fluid AMOLED display with an ultra-smooth refresh rate of 120Hz to ensure super-smooth visuals and an immersive view. Besides, the high refresh rate supports fluent animation during the gaming task and reduces motion blur to help win the game for gamers. Moreover, HDR10+ is supported to provide deep contrasts and lively colors that enrich visual quality.

Gaming on the OnePlus 9RT is further supported by the next-generation graphics performance brought in by the Adreno 660 GPU. Graphically intensive games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, or Genshin Impact, the OnePlus 9RT handles them effortlessly to provide a lag-free and responsive gaming experience. It also comes with an advanced cooling system that optimizes the device by efficiently dissipating heat while users have an extended gaming session.

Moreover, the OnePlus 9RT arrives with a fitted battery of 4,500mAh capacity and supports the Warp Charge 65T to replenish it fast enough to let one get back to gaming in no time. With such high charging speeds, interpolate fewer minutes plugged into a charger and more gaming with your favorite titles.

This heavy battery backup arrives not only through the large battery but also via its phenomenally efficient power management system to ensure long hours of gaming sessions—fearlessly, without drain anxiety. The OnePlus 9RT is also planned with many gaming-centric features, including the Pro Gaming Mode.

It prevents notifications from coming in and allows as many resources as possible to be advanced towards the gameplay experience. Furthermore, it has haptic feedback and stereo speakers for added feels when handling controls and more immersive sound to complement stunning visuals.

Cameras & Video Recording

Details are retained in highlights and shadows in low light—the highlights bring out the natural ability of this IMX766 sensor.

This may have the effect of sometimes oversharpening images, and thus, these AI sharpenings could be ripe for refinement in some future updates. On the other hand, a high-resolution mode that captures 100-megapixel photos is a big plus included with this device; it brings variations to camera capabilities rather than increasing their clarity.

The wide-angle camera still excels at dynamic range and low-light performance to deliver a compelling photography experience. Although this macro lens provides nothing more than the usual functioning that most budget smartphones would allow, the video recording capability on the OnePlus 9RT is impressive for its support of 4K 60fps recording both for the primary and ultra-wide-angle cameras.

The seamless switches between these cameras while recording in 4K at 30fps give it a clear lead against rivals, with some added versatility for those gadget freaks who take videography seriously. Furthermore, video colors and dynamic range—the AI highlight mode does well on both. However, that technology still has a little way to go in its path of improvement.

The speaker performance of the OnePlus 9RT matters significantly within the multimedia criteria of this device, hence becoming a part of its overall user experience. Stereo dual speakers in this device will allegedly increase every form of media consumption—right from video playback to music and gameplay—with a rich audio experience.

In the speaker test, sound quality, loudness, and generally the overall audio performance of a given device will go into detail to reveal if it is decent enough for entertainment and multimedia use scenarios.

Charging & Battery

The OnePlus 9RT comes specially prepared with a sixty-five-watt charger for fast charging. It can get twenty-six percent within five minutes and sixty-five percent within fifteen minutes. Shockingly, it has charged a hundred percent within half an hour. It will have a four thousand five hundred milliampere-hour battery for heavy use.

But the OnePlus 9RT never really crosses the threshold regarding battery consumption for any activity. Half an hour of TikTok usage consumed only five percent of the battery, and an equal amount of time doing online video consumption saw a similar five percent battery usage.

Gaming freedoms of ten percent and twelve percent for two different games show that the power consumption with this device when it comes to playing games remains within reasonable levels, in simple words, ideal in nature, which should be expected considering a smartphone with a Snapdragon 888 processor.

Camera Comparison

Comparison with the Mi 11 in the case of this main camera from the OnePlus 9RT, considering their comprehensive day-time performance.
The colors are vivid but remain close to nature. At the same time, the dynamic range is quite appreciable, making for an overall visually pleasing and balanced output. In low light conditions is where the strong suit of the IMX766 sensor comes to the fore on the OnePlus 9RT—it clicks detailed highlights along with shadows effectively, really placing this primary camera on par with the flagships out there by proving that it can deliver good performance across different lighting conditions.

The primary camera performance on the OnePlus 9RT deserves competition against any flagship out there, turning out brilliant colors and dynamic range while capturing great details in dimly lit scenes. One likely area to improve on would then be its AI sharpening, sometimes going overboard that needs to be refined for a balanced result.

Although the high-resolution mode of the primary camera supports 100-megapixel photography with AI interpolation, it does not significantly improve image clarity. Moreover, it may bring a lack of AI color tone to the photo during use, thus affecting the quality of the final shot. As such, it may not be recommended for everyday use. The dynamic range of the wide-angle camera in the OnePlus 9RT is still very good, with interception of highlights excellent. Powering a photography experience that users will like very much, it is not an upgrade to this.

Macro Lens

In a rather big letdown, the two-megapixel macro lens on the OnePlus 9RT is quite essential and performs similarly to most budget phones. With this camera, the closest focusing distance is four centimeters, and image quality is much inferior to what can be achieved with simple cropping from the primary camera. Hence, this lens may not help very much in obtaining good results for close-up shots, and other shooting options should be considered at the very least.

Video Recording

Video recording on the OnePlus 9RT is excellent; the primary and ultra-wide-angle cameras support 4K 60fps recording. More importantly, it incorporates seamless switching between the primary and ultra-wide-angle cameras when recording 4K 30fps—providing inadvertently super-added value to videography enthusiasts. This allows the 9RT to be differentiated from most phones at this price level, like the Mi 11, in providing users with a whole video-shooting experience.


The OnePlus 9RT, available at our online exclusive, is power-packed and filled with innovation and performance—beating any smartphone experience. Laden with new technology and hip design, it allows tech enthusiasts or even the casual user to have everything a smart device can offer at Dhs. 1,323.00.

At the heart of the OnePlus 9RT is the mighty Snapdragon 870 processor, ensuring everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, from gaming to multitasking. It comes with up to 12GB RAM, providing ample space to hold as many applications as possible for simultaneous running without any problems.

The Fluid AMOLED display is 6.62 inches large and has a 120Hz refresh rate for a smooth animation experience. From viewing videos to playing games and even surfing the internet—you'll just love the sharp resolutions with rich colors.

The OnePlus 9RT performs well in this regard concerning camera performance. It packs a well-rounded triple-camera setup.

The 50MP primary sensor produces detailed and vibrant images, while the 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens helps one draw up incredible landscapes; added to that is the macro lens, which lets you get all manner of details. A camera system hopes to do well under any conditions, be it bright light or at night, providing some decent shots.

For selfie enthusiasts, there's also a front camera with 16MP that provides great clarity and details for your best moments.

Another high point of the OnePlus 9RT is its battery life—it's 4500mAh with Warp Charge 65T will get you back to using your device in a flash. The build quality is worth mentioning, as it conceals so sleek and modern a design that will seem pleasing both to the eyes and then to the hand.

In a nutshell, the OnePlus 9RT, available at displays an epitome of quality stuffed into a smartphone that gives excellent value for money, combining powerful performance with a beautiful display and versatile camera system, topped with fast charging capabilities—making the OnePlus 9RT simply the best upgrade choice for those planning on upgrading their smartphone. Do not be left behind in accessing such a fantastic device now starting at just Dhs. 1,323.00 only on


1. What are some of the critical features of OnePlus 9RT?

The OnePlus 9RT has a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display and supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which is relatively smooth and immersive in graphical experience. Besides that, the device will come fitted with the fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, enabling top performance in every use. It also features triple cameras, which include an ultra-wide lens of 16MP and a 2MP macro lens, for immemorial capturing at all times in various conditions.

2. What could be the battery life in One Plus 9RT?

The OnePlus 9RT also sported a similar 4500mAh battery with Warp Charge 65T fast charging. This will charge the device from 0 to 100% in 30 minutes. On average, the battery lasts all day long, giving users enough juice to surf, stream, game, and more without the fear of running out of power too fast.

3. Does OnePlus 9RT support 5G?

Yes, it does. The OnePlus 9RT does support 5G connectivity. You will stay way ahead of the courtesies of this generation taken in the mobile network system technology. At the same time, 5G comes with faster download and upload speeds, low latency, and more reliable connections—perfectly faultless for streaming high-definition video content, online gaming, and flawlessly clear video calls.

4. How much storage is available on the OnePlus 9RT?

The OnePlus 9RT was launched in both 128GB and 256GB models. Both come configured with either 8GB or 12GB RAM, depending on the variant you choose. That kind of storage capacity has you saving as many apps, pictures, videos, and other files as you want; simultaneously, a high Ramirez capacity brings about smooth usage and multitasking.

5. What colours does the OnePlus 9RT come in?

It does come in a variety of colors to cater to one's better options for personal style. One has sleek, modern colors such as Nano Silver, Hacker Black, and Blue. There is the premium finishing and build quality surrendered on each color variant, which assures that the device can stand out like it is as powerful in performance but stylish and classy.

One Plus 9RT now available exclusively at Fonezone. Ae, you are starting from just Dhs.1,323.00 only. Follow this link to learn more about this beast of a device and make your purchase right away on our website.


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