Power of OnePlus 8T: A Premium Mid-Range Device

The OnePlus 8T: A Premium Mid-Range Powerhouse


The OnePlus 8T is the latest premium mid-range flagship device that impresses with its design and specifications. With the gorilla glass 5 in the back curved and in the frame of matte aluminum, the phone does catch the eye in the color aquamarine green. One difference would be that the 8T does flaunt a flat screen, but since this is not its predecessor, a prominent difference would not be the reason behind this setup. It will still keep OnePlus's unique hardware slider for notifications alerts.

Price and Availability

Now listed on FoneZone.ae, the much-hyped OnePlus 8T smartphone has been causing a whirlwind in the global scene with superior performance, sleek design, and rich features. Now live on our website is this top-of-the-line piece of technology to offer a great shot to technology lovers and geeks of smartphones in upgrading experiences.

OnePlus 8T, which was very competitively priced, ranged between Dhs 750.00 and Dhs 980.00. Such is the price categorization to reflect the different configurations and conditions the models might be in so that you find your perfect match in use combined with your budget. FoneZone.ae has the new devices or the certified pre-owned selection that is just right for you.

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Design and build

The color used for the OnePlus 8T is an aquamarine green with a curvature at the back cover using gorilla glass 5, giving the two factors of sustainability and offering an attractive look for the device. Gorilla Glass 5 has been used to enhance overall resilience and protect the front display.

To complement the back pane of glass, there is a matte aluminum frame around the phone to help make the phone feel more comfortable and give it a high-quality, expensive sensation.

Notable Features

• Flat Screen: The 8T comes with a flat screen in clear contrast to the curved screen of its recent predecessors, meaning a definite goodbye or yield on the other visual experience.

• Hardware Slider: It also comes with the classic OnePlus hardware slider, which is easy to use, handling notification alerts.

• Water Resistance: The 8T doesn't have any official water resistance rating, but in typical fashion, the T-Mobile-only version has been given the rating of IP68 to prevent.

6.55'' Fluid AMOLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate

The OnePlus 8T harbors a 6.55-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080p and a speedy refresh rate of 120Hz, making the entire user experience relatively smooth and responsive.

With a high refresh span, you're ensured that events related to on-screen movement—like swiping and scrolling—appear extraordinarily smooth as symptoms over the qualities of incentivized, much more standard 60 or, in some cases, 90Hz panels.

That said, there are a few caveats: some apps work at 60Hz all the time. Likewise, the display often drops to 60Hz when it is not actively used to save energy but remains pretty consistently at 120Hz under 50% brightness or with dark mode enabled for smooth observations.

The OLED display provides a pretty good level of color accuracy, which can still be tuned and improved by adjusting some settings. Its maximum brightness can come up to 500 nits through the manual slider and read more than 800 nits in shining conditions using the auto mode, so it gives good visibility when it comes to all kinds of lights; hence, it reigns outdoor usage.

On the headers, PUBG and Fortnite are the only titles available on the OnePlus 8T that can run at a heightened refresh rate. Generally, OnePlus touts the 120Hz refresh rate as ideal for better, boosted gaming on its adopted OLED device, even though other games remain capped at 60fps, and that is the case for possibly many games that the device can handle much better.

Stereo speakers, no headphone jack

On board the OnePlus 8T are stereo speakers: the first is a bottom-firing unit working with the earpiece, making two of them. This gives it a very proper audio quality, and so far, the device has done very well at volumes, while the mids and highs come out quite clearly articulated. However, the OnePlus 8T lacks a lower 3.5mm headphone jack, forcing one to acquire wireless headsets or USB-C-aiding compatible audio accessories when a sudden need to listen to songs in privacy.

Under-display fingerprint reader

The OnePlus 8T features an optical fingerprint reader installed under the screen, is responsive and opening very quickly—top-notch technology for instant and safe entry into the device.

Storage options

Here at FoneZone.ae, we are proud to have with us the OnePlus 8T, which has a cool design and loaded advanced features to make it quite a smartphone with high performance. Major in the OnePlus 8T is how variably it can act about storage options presented to the users to cater to different needs and tastes. These bring us to two basic configurations: 128 GB and 256 GB.

The flat OnePlus 8T 128GB variant, therefore, is made for not wasting any storage but not for any kind of people who need massive storage. It is a balanced option for those who want to enjoy the powerful features of the device with their budget in mind.

At 128GB, users will have enough space to store sizable data, ensuring all the essential files and favorite media can always be kept close. Appropriately represented within the promised models is the OnePlus 8T 256 GB, with good precedence for all those looking to step it up regarding capacity needs.

This will be wonderful for power users, gamers, or multimedia lovers who usually store high-definition videos, huge apps, and big-picture galleries in gigantic amounts on their phones. The 256 GB model comes with a doubled storage factor, enabling users to load more of their digital life onto their devices without quickly running out of space.

Available only on our FoneZone.ae website, the competitive price ranges from Dhs. 750 to Dhs. 980, from where purchasers get their desired storage option that would serve their purpose best and fall within budget. Whether one purchases the simplified 128GB variant for casual daily use or the 256GB one required by those needing heavy applications, the OnePlus 8T gives you the freedom and performance that one desires in a premium Android smartphone. In any case, visit FoneZone.ae to check out these storage options and reserve your pick today.

Snapdragon 865 Performance

Under its hood, the OnePlus 8T runs with a Snapdragon 865 chipset. This takes care of the flagship-level performance. It probably won't be rivaled because it's almost the older breed, and it performs well with this scorching RAM and storage. High-end games or usual tasks, everything does go through with an overall super user experience.

Battery (4500mAh) and 65W WARP charger

Battery 4500mAh with a 65W WARP Powered by a 4500mAh battery, the phone comes afloat quite well in terms of battery life. In tests, an excellent Endurance rating covering 104 hours for long usage periods has been obtained. It gets the lead by providing Warp Charge tech bundled with it, driven by an enormous 65W adapter for fast charging. That permits users to quickly recharge the device with this technology to obtain minimal downtime and maximum convenience.

Camera specs

The quad-camera setup in the OnePlus 8T features a 48 MP primary camera with optical image stabilization. This 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens allows for a large field of view, a 5 MP macro camera, and a dedicated monochrome sensor. The much more significant omission that will affect users is the presence of a telephoto lens on the OnePlus 8 Pro to resolve this need.

The default 12-megapixel shots that the primary camera takes turned up perfect; there was strong contrast and lively color, finishing this all off with a wide dynamic range. While acceptable for fine detail, too, these snaps sometimes disappointed with a little bit of visible softness, as with foliage. Moreover, 48-megapixel photos are more prominent in file size but generally retain similar characteristics to the default 12-megapixel shots.

The OnePlus 8T manages two-times lossless digital zoom through a crop in the center area of the 48MP photo. The results are pristine contrast and a wide dynamic range combined with sharpness consistency. Portrait photos offer amicable subject separation and good detail but are rendered with color inaccuracy.

Disk-wide images taken with this phone are a bit softer and portray more noise but offer decently good detail, excellent contrast, and wide dynamic range, and the distortion correction feature is applied without sacrificing too much detail in the curvature correction.

Close-up shots from the macro camera come out with decent details, though color accuracy seems to be off and, at times, washed out.

Daylight photos image quality

Daylight pictures captured on the OnePlus 8T show great contrast, colorful shades, and a considerable dynamic range. In conclusion, dynamic range behavior and ranges are uniform between the 12-megapixel default photos and the 48-megapixel ones, while the latter have larger file sizes.

The 2X lossless digital zoom of the device will ensure all good quality images with excellent contrast and sharpness with portrait shots showcasing competent separation and detail, though, sometimes color accuracy falls short of peak performance. Taking into comparison the greater noise level with the softer ultra-wide-angle photos, details remain good; great contrast and correction of distortion are very effective.

The only real issue that caught my attention was the inconsistency in color accuracy and detail in the macro shots taken with the camera, causing them to, most of the time, really feel a bit.

Low light photos image quality

Low light shots from the primary camera on the OnePlus 8T are exposed great, with saturated colors contrasted. However, these fine details may be smeared and not exceedingly sharp.

When nightscape mode is used, an exposure might take a few seconds to form an image, where blown highlights would be mostly fixed, the sky appears a lot brighter, and the detail in the shadow is heightened. The ones coming from the ultra-wide camera, by contrast, feature very aggressive noise reduction, resulting in soft and sometimes even blurry images. They still manage to retain good contrast and preservation of color.

Pictures taken at night using nightscape mode with an ultra-wide lens come out exposed much better, showing a pop of color and many details at times.

Selfie camera

Here at FoneZone.ae, we are proud to bring you the latest selfie-taking technology with the OnePlus 8T Smartphone. The OnePlus 8T boasts an impressive 16 MP front camera, sure to capture any moment in top-notch detail. Be it a quick selfie, engaging video call, or stream, with the OnePlus 8T; you will be projected on-air sharp and with clarity.

One of the most eye-catching features of the OnePlus 8T's selfie camera is the advanced software behind it. The camera will enhance the photos for you directly by adjusting the settings automatically to take that excellent-looking picture. It works a lot on beauty filters and editing tools so that you can customize the image according to your satisfaction. With these in your hand, it should give you no problems, and you can get those magical, professional shots ready for social media platforms.

Having an impressive photo feature in the form of the front camera, the OnePlus 8T also shines when it comes to capturing images in low-light conditions. Nightscape mode further enhances pictures while taken in dim lighting. Now, you can capture the best moments of your life with this camera day or night without compromising quality.

In addition, the 16MP front camera of the OnePlus 8T allows for HD video recording; even with this camera, vlogging or even sending personal messages could neither come nor be any more perfect. Besides, this camera also has body stabilization to allow smooth video playback, which is a seamless experience.

At Fonezone. ae, one will avail of the unbeatable price range of Dhs. 750.00 - Dhs. 980.00 for the OnePlus 8T. The newest technology in this exceptional smartphone is set at an affordable price tag, making it extremely great for some people looking to have improved mobile experiences.

Head to the website and learn more about the OnePlus 8T today. Bring perfection in each frame—one click away, the best selfies!

Video quality

The video quality for the OnePlus 8T is quite decent, with 4K footage giving out quite good details and excellent color representation. The electronic stabilization works well in this device to make the footage look all smooth, ensuring the same is going to be stable and pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, the smartphone introduces a new video portrait mode, in which the background around the entity being shot is blurred, enabling the video quality to be stepped up even further and hence making the cameras very versatile.


The OnePlus 8T is an exemplary piece of evidence that OnePlus has never, in its lifetime, compromised on quality or performance in its effort to provide the masses with the best smartphone at the best possible price. FoneZone.ae sells this device, which has the perfect mix of power, design, and user-friendliness; equally lovable for tech-savvy people and general users. It has a Fluid AMOLED Display, caressing a breathtaking ultra-high 120 Hz Refresh Rate, providing a silky-smooth visually immersive experience for such activities as gaming and streaming video.

Under the hood is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor powering the OnePlus 8T for quick and efficient performance. This makes it easy for your smartphone to handle various tasks, current graphic-heavy games, and other demanding applications. It also comes with up to 12 gigabytes of RAM empowering its position as the powerhouse in smartphones.

Making the OnePlus 8T stand out among the flagship devices is its super-fast Warp Charge 65. You can get up to a day's worth of power in just 15-minute charging, which is no less than ideal for a user who is always mobile. You'll also get plenty of power via a 4500mAh battery to last through the busiest days without bugging you to charge it again frequently.

The OnePlus 8T does not disappoint when capturing moments: with a 48MP primary sensor in the quad-camera setup, there is nothing the device cannot capture. It easily records detailed pictures for varied kinds of lighting conditions. The device also comes with an ultra-wide lens, a macro lens, and a monochrome lens for more versatility—to get more creative with our photography and get that perfect shot every time.

From our FoneZone.ae website for around Dhs 750.00 - Dhs. 980.00, the OnePlus 8T starts to edge on value. The price point punches hard with such premium features that quite often would have been taken up by costly flagship devices, now making this a very good investment for anyone looking to have the best value without shelling out mega money.

The OnePlus 8T is essentially a mobile device with the end in sight; it is a totally different digital life enhancer for the money. With its impressive specifications, beautiful design, and low price on FoneZone, this is going to be one of those gadgets. It almost sounds like a must-have device. Experience the pinnacle of technology through the new OnePlus 8T and take your mobile experience to new dimensions.


1. What are some of the significant features of OnePlus 8T?

The OnePlus 8T comes in a glorious glass design, making provisions for an AMOLED display that has refresh rates topping the industry; stereo speakers that are good to their class; flagship-grade performance; and top-notch, flawlessly versatile camera system attributes—all without lagging in great battery and charging performance features.

2. Does the OnePlus 8T come with expandable storage?

No, there is no expandable storage in the OnePlus 8T. It has enough memory of its own: 128 or 256 gigabytes.

3. What is the capacity of One Plus 8T's battery, and how fast does it charge?

A 4500mAh battery for excellent battery life powers the OnePlus 8T. It also comes with fast charging, courtesy of its 65W WARP charger, so you spend less downtime and have more time to do some things that matter the most to you.

4. How is the camera performance of the OnePlus 8T in low lighting?

Low-light shots from the OnePlus 8T are well-exposed, with good contrast. Night mode, designed to lift shadow detail, produces more glowing photos. Noise reduction on the ultra-wide camera is hefty and smoothes at the expense of sharpness; the other cameras were pretty well balanced.

5. What are some significant and distinct elements of the OnePlus 8T?

The OnePlus 8T is one fantastic device. It comes loaded with a set of features, making this device perhaps one of the greatest. This 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display device would then support a refresh rate 120Hz for smooth visuals with excellent color accuracy.

Further, it will embed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset and deliver an exceptional amount of performance whenever subjected to gaming or heavy operations.

It's also fitted with a quad-camera setup, wherein the primary shooter is 48MP, accompanied by a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 5MP macro lens, and even a 2MP monochrome sensor to make sure that varied styles of clicks are captured in an assorted selection.

The OnePlus 8T shall also support Warp Charge 65, which charges a 4,500mAh battery to 100 percent in barely 39 minutes.

6. Which storage options does the OnePlus 8T have?

You can choose a OnePlus 8T on FoneZone.ae with 128GB or 256GB of storage.

Either is accompanied by 8GB or 12GB RAM, large enough for storage and more to run seamlessly because all the apps and media you ever want to run are accommodated. One gets UFS 3.1 storage for the fast read/write speeds desired in a superior user experience. Note that it won't have expandable storage via microSD cards.

7. Will the OnePlus 8T have a 5G connection?

Yes, the OnePlus 8T will be 5G-enabled; thus, you will do all that and more in the future. In its entirety, with the 5G, you get faster downloads and uploads with lower latency and more stable network connectivity. ThatRH has no breaks of video play or disruptions while gaming online or downloading large files. It supports both SA networking, making sure support is given to different kinds of network infrastructures.

8. Which Operating System does the OnePlus 8T run?

The OnePlus 8T runs on OxygenOS 11, based on Android 11. Maybe what has made this OS so popular is that the face is clean and minimalistic—if not a prominent feature in itself—letting people receive a near-stock Android experience but finally be more customizable.

It has Dark Mode, Always-on Display, and Zen Mode features so one can use the gadget to the fullest.

Besides, OnePlus claims to service consumers with regular—well, timely, if you will—software updates that will make one's device safe and loaded with features just about to come out.

9. Is the OnePlus 8T waterproof?

Another excellent bit: no official remarks from OnePlus regarding the resistance of the 8T to either water or dust have been made at all. It should take small splashes and drips in stride, but most definitely, don't play with your drink. OnePlus don't publish an official IP rating with the OnePlus 8T. Hence there isn't that assurance or guarantee of the same type of water-resistance ratings available on some other high-end smartphones.

To make sure it lasts, it's best not to get it wet and also avoid other possible damages. Available only at Fonezone. ae, the prices range from Dhs. 750.00 to Dhs. 980.00. It brings excellent value considering all the features and the performance it dances to every inch of the way.