OnePlus 8 Review: Is it Still a Flagship Killer?

The OnePlus 8: Flagship No More


OnePlus 8 at is now available, carrying a fantastic combination of performance, design, and innovation at an unprecedented level on our website. With the best technology engineered and possible pricing, this smartphone stands by, making sure you are ahead in the fast-paced digital world. The OnePlus 8 flaunts a slender, sophisticated design, and the screen is also quite big at 6.55 inches, glowing with a Fluid AMOLED display, delivering rich colors and details in total, making the display more immersive.

Underneath the OnePlus 8 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 that brings screaming-fast performance and seamless multitasking. With this phone, whatever you use for: gaming, streaming, or heavy multitasking, it does perfectly fine. In addition, 5G connectivity future-proofs you for the advent of mobile networks, which can download super-fast and offer smooth video calls.

With the OnePlus 8, photography becomes a pleasure for a photo enthusiast. The 48MP primary sensor, 16MP ultra-wide lens, and 2MP macro lens allow snapping perfect shots even under any condition. Just grab your phone and every picture, and take an Instagram-ready one with advanced camera software. Additionally, the 16MP front camera ensures that all the selfies are on point.

The new OnePlus 8 also has good battery life, sporting a 4300mAh unit and supporting Warp Charge 30T for fast charging: 0—50% in only 22 minutes, to ensure power never leaves your side. On top of that, the OxygenOS based on Android allows smooth and personalized user experiences filled with features that make your smartphone life so enriched.

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Price and Availability

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The OnePlus 8 combines the best-in-class design with great speed and is power-packed with in-box features—a must-have for a tech enthusiast who does not want to compromise on anything.

Pricing for the OnePlus 8 starts at a really fair price—Dhs 864.00—all the way up to Dhs 888.00. This price range corresponds to the device's diverse configurations and states, ensuring everybody can opt for one in their price bracket. Be it a brand new unit or a certified preowned device, has you covered.

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The OnePlus Shift

This much is clear with the official launch of the OnePlus 8 Pro duo. Along with the OnePlus 8, it very obviously announces the release of OnePlus from the tag of a "Flagship Killer" with the new catchphrase of the brand, "Fast and Smooth.".

Flagship Specifications

OnePlus 8—significant powerhouse addition to a device that has always vied for that flagship smartphone list. Now available on our website,, the device offers an upscale experience at a competitive price. With a price range of the middle level, from Dhs. 864.00 to Dhs. 888.00, the OnePlus 8 now delivers much more oomph and feature value.

The core of the OnePlus 8 lies in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor; this helps it deliver super-fast performance and fully smoothed multitasking.

It supports up to 12 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of storage on UFS 3.0, which guarantees the swift launching of apps and an uninterrupted switch of could-be-many apps back and forth with buttery smoothness. It can handle all, including gaming, streaming, or the smooth performance of many concurrent productivity apps.

HDR10+ allows the 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display to show stunning images with lively colors and deep blacks, making the usage very smooth and intensely perfect for the display of videos or while enjoying gaming. An in-display fingerprint sensor also beautifully fits into the design while giving you a quick and secure way to access your device.

Whether it is the 48-megapixel primary sensor, 16-megapixel ultra-wide, or the 2-megapixel macro lens on this device, photographers are bound to love taking photos with the OnePlus 8 camera in any condition.

The advanced software of the camera integrates the modes of Nightscape and UltraShot, although also providing HDR UltraShot and, respectively, promises of high-quality pictures even when the modes are dark.

Other than that, the battery life on the OnePlus 8, made of 4300mAh, has been quite decent for moderate uses. Maybe more importantly, it also comes with Warp Charge 30T, so your phone refills quite quickly, giving you minimal interruptions in service. Besides, the phone supports 5G connectivity.

The OnePlus 8 has an artistically sculpted design: thin, curved on the sides, and sure to remain accessible to hold. A phone is available in onyx black, interstellar glow, and glacial green, it will be an easy addition to your individual touch on your tech arsenal.

Explore the OnePlus 8 and its supreme credentials flagship-wise at, where advanced technology is offered for less.

Trimming the Fat

OnePlus strategically made cuts to the OnePlus 8 to help lower the cost while still delivering a near-flagship experience. This was done in a bid to present an alternative to the high prices of the OnePlus 8 Pro, but the next step down is quite significant.

That case is the reason the OnePlus 8 has a slightly smaller form factor than the OnePlus 7, yet it still holds that sizeable 6.55-inch display. It is markedly lighter than the Pro sibling, weighing 180 grams. Hence, it is for sure easier to hold.

It has the same display characteristics as the OnePlus 8: optical fingerprint reader and HDR10+ certification. What changes is the step back to 1080p from 1440p in resolution—the only smart resolution to cut cost. Even the refresh rate is 90Hz, a bit lower than 120Hz, which admittedly hardly justifies a standout difference.

The Display: 90Hz, 1080p

For its part, the OnePlus 8 display retains basic skills, including an optical fingerprint reader and HRD10+ certification, but now scales 1080p against 1440p as it did before, and the refresh rate peaks at 90Hz compared to the previous 120Hz. These sorts of nudges are good at walking the tightrope between price and performance, and you can be sure that your eyes will not believe what they see.

Battery Life: Impressive Endurance

The battery life on the OnePlus 8, meanwhile, proved to be rarer to actively disappoint, with the 4,300 milliamp-hour battery consistently making it to the end of the day with 15 or 20 percent left, never less. This even surmounting the resilience of the OnePlus 8 Pro, which says something.

Compromises: IP68, Wireless Charging, Cameras

But that great OnePlus 8 is drowned in a list of trade-offs: the device lacks the IP68-rated water and dust resistance and wireless charging, with the camera sensor taking a lot of criticism. It has other fringe drawbacks.

Camera Performance: Decent, Not Flagship

The sensor on the OnePlus 8 is a 48-megapixel one, really giving it away because it doesn't reach the level of sharpness, detail, and color reproduction to be termed a flagship.

The phone is excellent to use overall, but the camera quality is not up to par for anyone seeking the best camera on the market. After good cameras in the lower segments, one might want to consider the likes of the Pixel 3a or the new iPhone SE, which does offer quite competitive, almost flagship-level camera performance.

The Interstellar Glow: A Divisive Design

Many people react differently to the new "Interstellar Glow" finish on the OnePlus 8; however, it's quite a unique finish. Made under the glass, it reflects light differently and looks highly colorful from angles right and left.

However, in real life, attractiveness hardly plays a role as it's just a fingerprint and smudge magnet.

Although visually stunning in promotional materials, the everyday user experience can far from live up to this design.

The Verdict: A Solid, if Unspectacular, Option

Available in our stocks is the OnePlus 8 at, featuring a reliable smartphone that duly delivers a commendable performance.

This priced-competitive product is between Dhs.864.00 and Dhs.888.00, made to render service to end users who want a balanced equation of quality and affordability. Made razor-thin, sleek but robust in build, this is one durable statement device for all your experiences.

The main draw of the OnePlus 8, in part, is the brilliant screen technology. A 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display provides vivid colorization and deep contrast, making it extremely friendly for the eyes when watching anything on the display screen: video streaming, web browsing, or playing games. Its 90 Hz refresh rate allows for smooth and responsive scrolling, which enhances the user experience at the same time.

Performance-wise, the OnePlus 8 fructifies this course of operation from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor to immense expediency. Multitasking, gaming, running heavy applications—all these are as smooth as they should be on the OnePlus 8.

The 8GB RAM further boosts performance, making it one powerful choice for users who require speed and consistency.
Describing the OnePlus 8: The camera setup is good, all right for decent photography, but certainly no game-changer.

This triple-camera system includes a 48MP primary sensor, 16MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro lens, providing, under most lighting conditions, reasonably good quality for a camera. Perhaps it does not come up to the very best camera phones, yet it does reasonably well for casual photography.

The battery capacity is another section in which the OnePlus 8 conquers thoroughly. A 4300 mAh battery provides enough power to last for the entire day, even under moderate to heavy usage. It further enjoys Warp Charge 30T fast technology for fast recharging and diminished downtime.

The OnePlus 8, altogether, on, is a steady—if not thrilling—choice for shoppers in the solid, affordable smartphone sector. Sure, it may lack some of the hottest and latest new additions to flagship models, but it sure doesn't lag on consistency.

The Changing Smartphone Landscape

The smartphone industry is one of those that will keep changing, as the OnePlus 8 sets an example of how innovation will keep steering words to pull every smartphone market. We, at our exclusive website, have with us the OnePlus 8, which comes equipped with cutting-edge technology and finds itself immersed in a slim design amidst the busy smartphone landscape.

We are ranging between Dhs.888.00 it is feature-packed and still affordable for a broad set of users. One of the prime features certain to stand out when observing the OnePlus 8 is its phenomenal screen.

This time, with a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED screen, this detail introduces the most vivid colors with clarity for everything from viewing videos to surfing the web. This 90Hz refresh rate means this display flows smoother with just the proper touch response—a must for tech enthusiasts and casual users.

Under the hood, the OnePlus 8 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. With top performance and efficiency, this phone will handle whatever you throw its way, be it multitasking, gaming, or any other demanding applications. The 5G option is sure to keep you way ahead of the technology curve and ready for the next generation in mobile networks.

It will indeed be admired by other photography junkies in just the variable camera system of the OnePlus 8. The triple-camera setup includes a powerful combination: 48MP + 16MP ultra-wide camera + 2MP macro lens, capable of snapping brilliant photos in all conditions, exposing landscape views and hyper focusing on each speck.

Up to that particular challenge?

Another chapter in which the OnePlus 8 delivers well is the battery life. It will quickly give a user the juice to last an entire day of use; coupled with Warp Charge 30T, you can charge the device quickly. They ensure you remain connected and productive anywhere, any time.

In general, the OnePlus 8 from is a novelty in technology among smartphones. It compensates hard with its quality display, super solid performance dive, camera setup changes, and extended battery runtime that altogether adds up to becoming a crowned jewel in the market today. Don't miss the premium smartphone deal at the most discounted price, only at


The OnePlus 8 is available on our exclusive website with It is a beast of a device that amalgamates cutting-edge with sleek design. Available from prices such as Dhs. 864.00 to Dhs. 888.00, this phone is very aggressive in pricing against its feature bundle, which is why it draws much attention from many tech buffs and daily users.

What powers the OnePlus 8 is the absolute performance-dominating Snapdragon 865 processor, ensuring smooth multitasking while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Featuring a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, the OnePlus 8 lights up with perky visuals that are pretty immersive—perfect for streaming, gaming, and surfing. The device also supports 5G connectivity, promising future-proof access to breakneck internet speeds for seamless online experiences.

Photography followers will appreciate the OnePlus 8's adaptive photographic setup, comprising a 48-MP primary sensor, a 16-MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2-MP macro lens. With this arrangement, the phone can click images in great detail and quality in nearly all environments, ranging from significant landscapes to close pictures.

Enhanced low-light photographs, thanks to the Nightscape mode, bring out clear and bright photos irrespective of the harsh lighting conditions.

Another feature is the strong battery life in the OnePlus 8, capable of surviving usage for a full day with a 4300mAh battery. It is also charged with Warp Charge 30T technology, which refills the battery pretty fast and lets you plunge back into what you are doing in moments.

The OnePlus 8 in is beyond imagination when it comes to performance, style, and features at a price most people can afford. This handset is meant to prove to be a worthy investment for you—one that enhances your digital lifestyle by seeing to it that you're more than satisfied with top-of-the-line specifications. Visit our website for more about this beauty and make it truly yours.


1. Describe the following features of the OnePlus 8?

The OnePlus 8 equips a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display with a 90Hz resolution that involves smooth and live content. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, dishing out top-notch performance for all your tasks. The phone also supports 5G connectivity, providing ultra-fast internet speeds.

The OnePlus 8 boasts a 48 MP primary sensor, a 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2 MP macro lens in its triple camera setup for taking amazing pictures and videos.

2. How much is the RAM capacity and storage in OnePlus 8?

The OnePlus 8, available at FoneZone. features 8GB of RAM with 128GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage. So, this way, you will surely have more than enough room for all your applications, pictures, videos, and files—besides running a very smooth operation in terms of multitasking.

3. How long does the battery last in the OnePlus 8?

The OnePlus 8 is equipped with a 4300mAh battery, providing power throughout the day. The device also supports Warp Charge 30T, which can charge up to up to 50% in just 22 minutes—meaning you typically spend less time plugged in and more time enjoying the device.

4. Does OnePlus 8 support wireless charging?

No, the OnePlus 8 has no wireless charging. Less convenient but more than makes up for it, Warp Charge 30T offers blazingly fast wired charging times, filling your device in minutes and ready to go.

5. What is the price of OnePlus 8 at

The OnePlus 8 goes for a price already competitive on, starting from Dhs. 864.00 to Dhs. 888.00; hence, it will be great for one looking out for a top-range smartphone but not digging deep into the pockets. Visit our site to have the ideal shopping adventure.


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