The Ultimate Smartphone Experience: The OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T - The Phone of the Year


Presenting the all-new OnePlus 5T, now available exclusively at, where advanced technology meets extraordinary design. It redefines performance and elegance in a flagship smartphone whose creation comes from the perfect blending of cutting-edge features with very user-friendly functionality. With a state-of-the-art, modern structure, OnePlus 5T is built to thrill in excellence—just a perfect companion for your professional and personal needs.

The bedrock of the OnePlus 5T is the leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which maintains lightning speed efficiency and fluid multitasking. Use your device for watching HD videos, playing intense graphic games, or running many apps simultaneously: it's all easy with the OnePlus 5T. Backing up heavy multitasking is an 8GB RAM on the variant that ensures there is no lag or halt if you hop between apps.

This all is empowered by the 6.01-inch Optic AMOLED display, done in an 18:9 aspect ratio, giving sharp, crisp details with enriched colors, really bringing the contents to life. The full HD+ technology makes sure that every image, video, and game looks very real. Further, the advanced Face Unlock feature has been added for security and convenience, enabling you to unlock your device with just a glance.

Fans of photography are surely going to love the dual-camera setup on the OnePlus 5T; you can literally just shoot away, as the back cameras are 16MP and 20MP, respectively, making one of the best combinations for giving unrivaled clarity and detail in the pictures, even under low light.

Intelligent software enhancements improve the image quality even further, making every shot a masterpiece. The 16MP front camera ensures your selfies are always on point, perfect for social media sharing.

OnePlus 5T will have a huge range of options to match your needs: a standard battery of 3300mAh, charged by the newest Dash Charge—the full-day battery charge and ultra-fast charge will allow one to spend less time tangled up in the charger and more time enjoying the device. The Android-based OxygenOS provides a clean-to-use, customizable experience so that you can fine-tune your phone the way you expect.

The OnePlus 5T truly is hard to beat in the value stakes for a flagship smartphone. Get this deal exclusively at Elevate your mobile experience with the OnePlus 5T: innovation, performance, and style all combined in the perfect way. Endowed with pre-eminent specs, this smartphone truly behooves a visit to right about now.

Price and Availability

The OnePlus 5T has finally arrived, only at our exclusive online shop: This flagship smartphone houses powerful performance together with attractive features and a sleek design, making it one of the highly anticipated devices—be it among tech geeks or normal users.

And, here at, we bring the OnePlus 5T at quite the best price so as to make our customers feel like they really have good value for money.

The OnePlus 5T, starting from as low as Dhs518.00, gives a rather small price increase in a user's mobile experience. This brings the OnePlus 5T most affordably into the hands of many—the working professionals, as well as students, needing it as a solid workhouse for their school work and other uses.

Our stock is just an order away, and the OnePlus 5T can easily be purchased from our user-friendly website: The only thing we ask from you is trust, as in enjoying fast and reliable delivery services all through the region in the purchase made from Rest assured, your purchase would be matter of factly attended to with the best care possible until it reaches your hands—in time and completely in perfect condition.

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Display and Color Settings

The OnePlus 5T, an already famed device exclusively available on our website,, leans heavily on this display and advanced coloring setting where the users can experience an extended view. It has a 6.01-inch Full Optic AMOLED screen of 18:9 proportions, full HD with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels.

This makes the screen really bright and black, showing off the colorized video in pictures and games. All images and videos are assured of clarity and contrast with this Full Optic AMOLED technology, heightening one's visual experience.

Advanced color calibration is one of the standout features of the OnePlus 5T. The smartphone comes with quite a few display modes—like the popular sRGB and DCI-P3—that really allow users to select the best color profile according to personal preference.

The sRBG mode gives more precision in the color reproduction and be more usable in professional use or for anyone who prefers a natural look. The DCI-P3 mode features an extended color gamut—just everything to make the hue more vivid and saturated, perfect for media consumption.

Besides, the OnePlus 5T comes with Sunlight Display that adjusts brightness and contrast based on ambient light.

Making it sure that everything is visible and legible under lights of the highest intensity, it also features a Night Mode that kills blue light emission, stopping eye strain during night use. Another nice touch is Reading Mode, which goes completely monochrome to offer a more comfortable reading experience.

Front-loaded with its brilliant display and versatile color settings, the OnePlus 5T, available for the price starting from Dhs. 518.00 only, is surely going to be that device each user will relate to loud, at-best visual experience.

Battery Life and Charging

"The 5T has the same 3300 milliamp hour battery as the OnePlus 5. Its screen may be larger, but battery life remains impressive, partially because it didn't go to 4K — swapping in a full HD plus resolution." This roughly efolds overnight: a day and a half on a single charge, precisely what major mobiles do, including Pixel 2 XL.

In addition, such fast charging means that a full day's worth of charging is available with just half an hour of recharging.

Performance and Software

The OnePlus 5T will be available exclusively at FoneZone. The powerhouse of a smartphone will be available at Dhs. 518.00 upward, and will definitely deliver a smooth and efficient user experience, as majorly intended for tech enthusiasts. Inside, the OnePlus 5T is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which allows multifunctioning activities to run smoothly and fast.

This is the device on which all demanding tasks—gaming, even video editing—can be carried out effortlessly with up to 8GB of RAM. An Adreno 540 GPU pushes the advancement in gaming one step higher, with striking graphics and no-jerk gameplay. Equally impressive is the software that runs on the OnePlus 5T. It's powered by OxygenOS, a custom flavor of Android that comes with a clear and intuitive interface for the user.

The most OxygenOS gives off is its near-stock Android feel, all bunched up with very useful features and system optimizations that only heighten the overall UX. Such software receives periodic updates, meaning its current features and security are improved.

What's more, the OnePlus 5T has facial recognition, which allows users to unlock their device fast and secure. At the same time, a back-mounted fingerprint sensor ensures other dependable ways to unlock your phone safely and save your sensitive data. Generally speaking, all these features make the OnePlus 5T one of the best in its range and great for the value of your money. Learn more about the OnePlus 5T and buy at

Camera Performance

The camera setup on the OnePlus 5T, specifically available through, is a powerhouse and will ensure high-quality photos and videos.

It houses a dual camera setup: one 16MP primary sensor and another 20MP secondary sensor, both equipped with lenses featuring a large f/1.7 aperture. This allows better performance in low light, more light and details to flow in, thereby capturing more light and details in every shot under challenging conditions.

Whether you are shooting at night or an indoor event that is not lit, the OnePlus 5T ensures that your pictures are bright, lively, and full of life.

One of the standout features in OnePlus 5T's camera is an advanced Portrait mode: dual configuration of the camera serves the purpose of bringing about beautiful depth-of-field and blurring the background, bringing a subject to focus.

This means that it shows a lot of professionalism to come up with the image output with a very nice bokeh effect, which can never miss a single moment in creating memorable shots with family and friends. This is again added to fast autofocus and optical image stabilization on the camera for sharp and crisp pictures in moving subjects or handheld.

For video fans, OnePlus 5T offers 4K recording at 30fps as well as Full HD recording at 60fps. The feature of EIS with the camera stabilizes video grabbing, drastically minimizing the effect of the camera shake, resulting in smooth and stable videos. Be it a family gathering or a live sports game or just a beautiful scene—OnePlus 5T gets you beautiful and sharp videos.

Available at at Dhs 518.00, the price of OnePlus 5T amazingly gives value to the uptown performance of the camera. Check how OnePlus 5T in the art of camera performance improves your experience in photography and videography.

Software Updates

In its journey to enhance the user experience and to solve problems or limitations, regular software updates are among the services offered by OnePlus. Catching up with new software editions launched is indispensable for the user to keep this OnePlus 5T up to date and running efficiently according to changes and benefits that might come in new features or improvements. General updating of software within the device can overcome previous limitations and increase speed.

Final Thoughts

The OnePlus 5T is a fantastic smartphone that combines great performance, design, and worth. Only available at, the device comes bundled with quite a good number of features for people looking for quality without actually having to spend more to get it. From the Dhs. 518.00 that the OnePlus 5T starts from, it gives users an incredibly good chance to have a cutting-edge device within their reach.

Perhaps the best highlight of the OnePlus 5T is its beautiful design and solid build quality. The 6.01-inch Optic AMOLED pretty much ensures poppy colors and deep blacks, hence giving off that immersive feeling when indulging in anything from games and videos to even web browsing. Slim bevels and an ergonomic design make it comfortable to hold and to use.

In the performance department, the OnePlus 5T is powered by a Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor, coupled with up to 8 GB of RAM. This powerhouse in combination provides fluent multitasking, quick app launching, and lag-free gaming.

Designed with a line for ample storage options, store all your photos, videos, and not-so-small apps.tight. Another major highlight of the OnePlus 5T is the camera. It has been integrated with a dual-camera setup featuring a 16MP primary sensor and a 20MP secondary sensor that clicks an image with surreal detailing and color correctness.

Advanced camera software particularizes the Portrait Mode and Pro Mode to give you all the options you would need to boastfully take your photography hobby to the next professional level. The front-mounted 16MP camera offers heightened detail to make sure your selfies are both sharp and vibrant every time you take one.

The OnePlus 5T also does great in terms of the battery life; the 3300mAh battery, which supports Dash Charge, can literally boast of enough energy to be replenished in moments, thus assuring continuation of daily activities without lengthy interruptions. With the hardware being wonderfully power-efficient, the OnePlus 5T will easily last a day with hard use.

In the wake of that, this OnePlus 5t, available through, is a great smartphone that supports features available with high command. Be it the stellar display, cutting-edge performance, versatile camera setup, or long-lasting battery, the OnePlus 5it is sure to cater to every user's creativity. This stunning deal is only available at, starting at an awesome price of just Dhs. 518.00.


1.Is the OnePlus 5T available at

The OnePlus 5T is a go at our e-shop,, and you can check out the exclusive price for this performance-powered smartphone starting from Dhs. 518.00.

2.What are the key features of the OnePlus 5T?

OnePlus 5T features a 6.01-inch Optic AMOLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, truly giving you that stunning experience when it comes to visuals. The phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for performance with lag-free experience in all activities. The device will also sport a dual-camera setup of a 16MP primary sensor mated to a 20MP secondary sensor for impressive low-light photography.

3. How much storage and RAM does OnePlus 5T offer?

Two completely different versions of OnePlus 5T exist: one with a 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, and another with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The two secure abundant space for the installation of apps, both photos and media files, and very smooth multitasking.

4. OnePlus 5T comes with which variant of the Android operating system version?

On board the OnePlus 5T is OxygenOS based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It is upgradable to the latest possible versions of Android, which will definitely be up for the grabs including its features and security updates from Google.

5. Does the OnePlus 5T support fast charging?

Yes, it supports the Dash Charge technology of OnePlus, for charging a full day's worth of power in just half an hour. This is particularly important for many users because that quick rush can be done during the course of the day and not in the evening or at night at the cost of the user. Discover OnePlus 5T at with our special pricing, starting from Dhs. 518.00.


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