Oppo R1X: An In-Depth Review of the Mid-Range Smartphone

The Mid-Range Oppo R1X: A Flagship Design on a Budget


The latest addition to the list is Oppo R1X, available now in our online store only at FoneZone.ae. Price attractively from Dhs. 225.00 for this sleek and stylish smartphone designed to impress—Oppo R1X makes a perfect choice by offering dual features in a single mobile device. At the nucleus of Oppo R1X lies a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor that will support smooth and fluid performance in all applications and multimedia.

The gadget features an impressive 5-inch HD display, bringing photos, videos, and games to life in vivid brilliance and crisp detail.

Besides, the Oppo R1X has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, expandable via a microSD card slot. This would provide enough space to store your files, apps, and media.

The Oppo R1X features a unique sapphire glass back that gives the luxury apart from the excellent durability and scratch resistance. Slim and light on the body, this device provides comfort in holding and carrying for users who are always moving.

People who love photography will look to the Oppo R1X for great camera functions. A 13MP rear camera is coupled with a wide-aperture lens to give fabulous images even under low light. The 5MP front camera is good enough for taking selfies and making video calls, offering the finest image of you. Equipped with various modes of clicking, like HDR, panorama, and Beauty mode, the Oppo R1X gives an all-round photography experience.

Much more than the hardware, Oppo R1X will run on ColorOS that is based on Android; this assures an ultimate user experience, seamless and intuitive. The interface is easy to use, with options for personalization according to what suits you best. In addition, it would be 4G LTE enabled, promising quick internet access from anywhere.

Oppo R1X is such a smartphone that exudes style, high performance, and, above all, affordability. This phone is an excellent balance of design and functionality, offering value for money for precisely what a customer wants in an Android device. Only available at this store—FoneZone.ae Don't let the offer slip through your fingers | Log into our website now to buy Oppo R1X today.

Price and Availability

We announce to our esteemed customers the availability of Oppo R1X at our website, FoneZone.ae, in an all-sleek and dashing design. Sleek and stylish, this smartphone packs in the latest technology with an elegant look to provide an ideal blend for style-cum-performance hunters in mobile devices. With its price ranges starting from Dhs. 225.00, Oppo R1X will be quite pocket-friendly for those users who would like to enjoy quality features at an affordable cost.

For this value, the Oppo R1X gives excellent value by making advanced functionalities usually available in higher-priced variants. This smartphone shall appeal to all people, from the tech geek to the advanced user who appreciates reliable and efficient performance.

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Design and Build Quality

Oppo R1X provides a thin aluminum case with diamond cutting techniques; mirror-smooth chamfers enhance its look and are more streamlined. The glass sandwich design at the back tapers off towards the ends and has a facets reflection pattern to prepare the classiness of this device, so it sparkle without any camera protrusions from end to end.

• Thin aluminum chassis with diamond cutting techniques.

• Glass sandwich design with facets reflection pattern.

• Sleek, flat design with no camera bump.

Build quality is stout with the Oppo R1X; it is premium in feel. It can be said to be with a design so purposefully done and well constructed, viral for a mid-range smartphone in this price range.

Display and User Interface

The Oppo R1X's screen is 5 inches in size, and even with its resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it still maintains a clear and detailed visual experience. ColorOS comes layered on top of Android 4.4.4 KitKat, guaranteeing that animations are plush, but performance is handle-free—lodged by its Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor with 2GB of RAM.

• The five-inch screen that is very clear with precise details.

• Although in 1280 by 720 resolution, it gives excellent value to the visual experience.

ColorOS features more bigot UI features like themed customization or options and exclusive widgets between them, live weather junkies, and exclusive spaces. While ColorOS offers much smoother and comfortable use, it still gives its user the flexibility to switch to more stock Android looks from the settings menu.

Customization and Personalization

One of the standout features of Oppo R1X is in customizing a personalized and customized user experience. ColorOS introduces a load of compelling UI features, including themed customization options and exclusive widget designs featuring live weather and exclusive spaces. This enormously lets users tailor devices to individual tastes or styles.

The ColorOS presents a range of themed customization options: various styled icons, walls, etc. Customization options put all possibilities into creating a completely personalized and single-interfaced look by each user according to his taste and preference.

Besides themed personalization, the Oppo R1X brings unique widgets such as live weather and exclusive spaces. These widgets bring more beauty to the device, allowing at the same time one to easily access helpful information and features—making use easier.

Battery Life and Charging

The Oppo R1X is fueled by a dependable 2420 milliampere-hour battery, which can last a full day at least on moderate-to-heavy use. Reps unveiled that real-life tests in many hands gave great device endurance even with power-consuming tasks like media consumption and navigation.

Lasts at least a full day with moderate to heavy use. It offers a little less than three hours of screen time on various tasks, like media consumption, navigation, and communication.

On the other hand, according to what is known, the Oppo R1X passes off Oppo's super-fast VUK charging, making the device even more interesting—something that most people, after getting accustomed to fast charging speeds, might turn off from. While this device thus does well on the battery front, the lack of fast-charging technology makes it one further thing to deliberate on for busy personalities who need to charge devices at a rapidly increasing rate.

Camera Performance

Though there isn't support for 4K video recording, the Oppo R1X sports a pretty good 13-megapixel shooter; outdoor performance comes decent, with images that capture enough detail. The colors, however, are somewhat subdued and so may not appeal to everyone's taste. The indoor performance of this camera module seems to falter—which is quite of weird considering the relatively wide aperture of f/2.0—its images turn out grainy and less appealing, much so at higher ISO levels.

It has a Pure Image 2.0 Plus feature for the automatic adjustment of settings to have the optimal images, but it also provides manual controls for white balance, ISO, exposure, and manual focus for those who want more control over the shots. Other than this, numerous software features are being brought in through the device, including beauty mode and other creative tools like a GIF creator and RAW image supporting after-focus, all aimed at enhancing the camera experience.

The Oppo R1X will provide manual control over white balance, ISO, exposure, and manual focus to the user for tweaking any shot. Furthermore, this device comes endowed with a raft of software features that include a GIF maker, RAW image support, after-focus, and beauty mode—at the very least—which should be able to cater to a relatively wide array of tastes in photography or other creative requirements.

The front-facing 5-megapixel camera is quite adequate in terms of resolution but lets you have only essential image quality outdoors; it struggles with noise and detail loss indoors. As far as call quality is concerned, this Oppo R1X can ensure you reasonably good call quality for your communication.

Overall Performance and Value

Coming in at an estimated Dhs. 225.00, the Oppo R1X fills out the mid-range snaps of smartphones.

While this isn't a budget phone, serviceable performance has been fitted across the board. The device, though, doesn't shine in performance compared to the other immediate competitors. It does everyday tasks on a smartphone well but fails to stand out in any particular area. Although it may have a screen resolution somewhat lower compared to some devices in its pricing category, it makes up for it with vivid and beautiful colors.

Though it performs average, the Oppo R1X still can be a better choice for users who want more related to design and functionality rather than leading-edge performance, hence making this device ideal for global users.

Recommendation and Target Audience

Oppo R1X—recommend it to those skilled users focusing on design and functionality rather than high performance.

Its classy look and core features of a smartphone make it appealing to everyone across the globe, especially among people who know how to appreciate something solidly constructed. For users wanting leading performance or looking for specific features like better camera functionality or fast charging, the Oppo R1X will come across more poorly in those accounts.

Hence, the right target audience would be people who want a mix of aesthetics with the core functionality of a mid-range Oppo R1X smartphone.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

For those who value aesthetics and fundamental functions of the smartphone, design, functionalities, and innate abilities make Oppo R1X an attractive choice.

This is a middle-range device that speaks class and has reliable performance in almost all areas. Even where this smartphone does not excel at something, the Oppo R1X compensates with its classy design and selective user experience, which enhances the appeal to the international market of smartphone users looking for beauty and strength in a single smartphone. People seeking advanced camera capabilities or speedy-charging technology, however, may find it lacking in these regards.

Ultimately, this Oppo R1X will find a place in the hearts of those users who strive for a balance between aesthetics and core functionality from their mid-range smartphones.


1. What are some of the main features of the Oppo R1X?

This means the Oppo R1X comes with a 5-inch display capable of HD resolution—crisp and vibrant view guaranteed. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor that powers it, allowing smooth rendition of everyday tasks but decidedly average gameplay.

Moreover, this device is powered by 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, expandable with the insertion of a microSD card. The users get a clear image resolution due to the presence of a 13MP rear and a 5MP front camera, thus turning out to be one of the best choices for people interested in photography. Besides, it also flaunts a slick design with a diamondback cover that gives a premium feel to the Oppo R1X.

2. How much battery life would the oppo R1X hold?

The battery of the Oppo R1X is non-removable, rated at 2420mAh. At this capacity, it will last a day full of average usage, including Web surfing, social media scans, and picture taking. For heavy users, such as gamers or those streaming videos, the battery life might stretch out a little less. Fortunately, though, it supports fast charging that enables users to refill their battery and resume use quickly.

3. Will Oppo R1X support 4G?

Yes, the Oppo R1X is 4G LTE-compatible and hence offers its users access to fast and robust internet. This will ensure smooth streaming, quick downloads, seamless browsing experiences, and so forth. In addition, it has dual-SIM support that caters to the needs of any user who wants to have two different numbers at one time. This is handy when one wants to separate personal contacts from professional ones.

4. What is the operated system in Oppo R1X?

Oppo R1X runs ColorOS 2.0, based on Android 4.4 KitKat. ColorOS 2.0 has an easy-to-use user interface, replete with many customization options and features in its arsenal. Indeed, it's not the freshest version of Android, although functionally, this operating system does work steadily and without striking defects in everyday use. It provides the user with several pre-installed applications and functions to improve his smartphone experience.

5. What are the prices of Oppo R1X at FoneZone.ae?

Now available at FoneZone.ae, the Oppo R1X is being offered starting from Dhs. 225.00. With such an aggressively affordable price tag, the Oppo R1X seems to be an excellent option for anyone searching for a budget-friendly smartphone boasting respectable sets of specifications and features. Look out for any promotions or discounts on our website—FoneZone.ae—to get the best deal on your purchase.