LG Velvet: A Stylish Midrange Smartphone Review

The LG Velvet: A Stylish Midrange Smartphone with Dual Screen Capabilities


Meet the LG Velvet - the personification of elegance and performance that can be found only on our website: FoneZone.ae. The LG Velvet is designed for aesthetics, style, and the form-sensitive techies. It is really proof of quality and innovation from the LG brand, harmoniously balancing form and function perfectly.

Coming in with a P-OLED screen at 6.8 inches, view lifelike colors and eye-popping detail on the LG Velvet. Stream your favorite show, game, or browse the internet; this LG Velvet has all to be displayed and well placed—its shape, with the 3D arc edge, creates an ergonomic design to be kept in one hand. Besides, the slick finish gives a classier feel to a smartphone.

It features a huge processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, underneath, which is set to run without lag and for good multitasking performance. This phone is packed with 6GB of RAM, accommodating any heavy app or game. To get huge storage, 128GB internal storage with expandable microSD is featured, so you have enough storage for pictures, videos, or installable apps.

The LG Velvet also features a versatile triple-camera setup with a 48 MP main sensor, an 8 MP ultra-wide lens, and a 5 MP depth sensor. It gives you the freeness to take pictures in fantastic photos, from wide landscapes to intrinsic close-ups, of any scene. The 16 MP front camera gives assurance that your selfies are always Instagram-ready.

The LG Velvet, too, powers up the user running through the day with the same hassle and bustle as their lifestyle because of its 4300mAh battery. It's ready for fast charging and wireless charging, topping up your battery as fast as you need it. Finally, it also enjoys an IP68 rating, resulting in it being protected from dust and water ingress.

Priced at an attractive range between Dhs. 400.00 - Dhs. 435.00, this LG device offers really great money value. Get the perfect blend of style and performance with the LG Velvet on FoneZone.ae. For more details and to own this amazing smartphone, visit our website today.

Price and Availability

The LG Velvet is now available at FoneZone.ae. At FoneZone, we take pride in seeing the most sought-after gadgets, hottest in the market, but at the fairest prices. The new LG Velvet is designed so sleekly, powered for outstanding performance, and hosts the most versatile instrument of a camera system for geeks and everyday users in one indispensable gadget.

FoneZone.ae is excited to have the LG Velvet priced between Dhs 400.00 and Dhs 435.00, which should seamlessly work with everyone's budget. Such price points ensure you get premium offerings marked by flair in its looks, all at costs that do not make your wallet too thin. Be it chores of the day, taking breathtaking photographs, or mobile entertainment, you are not supposed to be deprived of LG Velvet.

And this goes not only for the fantastic prices but also in the ease with which LG Velvet may be acquired. Customers can easily purchase with us using our website, FoneZone.ae, and will have it delivered right to your doorstep. In addition, our customer support team will always be ready to answer any of your inquiries or concerns for a smooth shopping process.

Don't miss out on the chance to grab yourself an LG Velvet at unbeatable prices. Visit today FoneZone.ae, where you get the latest exclusive offer.

Hands-on Design and Build

LG Velvet is a sleek one, too, filling its tall curved form factor with a gradient finish that's dazzling, especially in the illusion sunset color variant. The device's shining surface is like a mirror, although a bit fingerprint- and smudge-prone, it adds onto its premium appeal.

Whereas the back panel on the LG Velvet is Gorilla Glass with an aluminum frame, and it is glossy, actually making the phone feel quite light and thin in hand yet rugged. The device has received military grade 810g certification along with full IP68 waterproofing against water and dust.

6.8" P-OLED Display

The gently curved 6.8-inch P-OLED screen on the LG Velvet carries 1080p of resolution together with an aspect ratio of 20.5:9; this setup offers literally an amazing viewing experience. Even if some might not appreciate the U-styled notch for the selfie cam, this panel certainly does a great job of keeping the sharpness nice and deep in the black colors, things characteristic of only AMOLEDs.

The display panel can reach a peak brightness of about 400 nits using its manual slider and above 600 nits if used in auto mode, thus making it at least reasonably useful under quite bright sunlight. In addition to the above color adjustment, one is also allowed to tweak these at the system settings, although these presets will not exactly fit to any color space.

Optical Fingerprint Sensor

An optical fingerprint scanner under the display allows the phone to turn on simply by recognizing it; this feature is convenient and highly secure. Although it can be inaccurate at the very beginning, it gets faster with time and continuous usage. Another added feature is always-on display, letting one get a clear view of time and notifications, and able to customize to his preference.

Always-On Display

The always-on display for the LG Velvet is quite PRACTICAL since it allows access to CRUCIAL TIME and NOTIFICATION information from the user. Users can style and change the color of the Always-on Display to different clock styles and colors, giving that personal touch to the same. In fact, it gives a bit of personalization to the UI of LG Velvet, making it attractive overall.

Speaker Test

The LG Velvet boasts a stereo speaker setup, one being the bottom-firing speaker and the other an earpiece unto its full potential. Both speakers performed just fine during our loudness test—enough frequency response at the highs, good at vocal clarity with good definition. However, the bottom end was not what many would want. In any case, the general quality of the speakers boosts the capabilities of the LG Velvet in the audio distribution department, making it an overall engaging multimedia device.

3.5mm jack & audio; Storage & card slot

The LG Velvet has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so one can always fall back on the conventional way of listening to his/her favorite audio, through normal wired headphones. Added to this is a no-nonsense earbuds set inside the box for an out-of-the-box audio solution. It packs in 128 GB of onboard storage, which is again something good enough for apps, media, and files. If you like to store more, though, there is support for expandable storage through a microSD card.

Dual Screen

The LG Velvet Port Steam introduces a new dual accessory for the main screen, thereby making multitasking easier. The Dual Screen accessory undeniably opens up some interesting potential for how to use the device, at the expense of both battery life and an even larger footprint for an already large handset.

Certainly, though, for users using a human-centered approach wanting advanced productivity and multitasking, the LG Velvet with Dual Screen accessory attains sublime effectiveness with features including centered multitasking being as fluid as possible with multiple apps open simultaneously. Games perform absolutely effectively here.

Software: Android 10 and custom UI

It's LG's own UI, based on Android 10, very clean and easy to use.

The interface has been intuitively developed with minimal complexities, granting the user access to vital functions and settings in an easy way. Users are further equipped with ease of customizing their experience in maybe organizing their app drawer and home screen.

Add to this the fact that it comes bundled with the LG Gallery app, inclusive of cloud support for services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, smoothen the media abilities, which let the media management and accessibility in the device seamlessly integrate with features from the major cloud seating services.

Chipset Performance

Equipped with the Snapdragon 765G SoC, the LG Velvet has enough computing power for a mid-range device. This unit supports 5G internet connection and allows further fast and seamless connectivity to the operatives on the go.

For many MBAE testers, this presented very good performance without visible thermal throttling. It is worth noting here, though, that even with that commendable graphics performance on the whole, it will likely not be up to the bar of a real flagship—a fact to consider when comparing to higher-end options.

Battery Life & Charging Speed

The battery life of the LG Velvet is pretty good but not the most outstanding. This device is sold equipped with a 4300mAh battery and got an endurance rating of 79 hours, indicating that it can let users through a full day of use without having to be charged. There are devices within its price range that, however, sport larger batteries.

Charging Capabilities:

While the LG Velvet's 25W charging might be really slow in reality, moderate is the opposite. Average, more like it. In our test, charging it reached just 33% battery capacity at the half-hour mark. That hints toward a relatively slow flashing process. Similarly, using higher-capacity chargers made little difference. Meanwhile, it supports up to 9-10 watts of wireless charging, making it quite convenient to top up.

However, this is fine as you would have to use the magnetic adapter to the USB-C connection in order for the phone to charge off of a cable.

Camera Specs

The LG Velvet will boast a triple camera, a tad shy of its peers with quad-camera configurations. The main camera is based on a 48 MP sensor, obviously enabling highly detailed photos. Its device may pack fewer cameras, but it doesn't necessarily mean the must-have and most-advanced camera system, giving achieves for good photographic experiences.

Main camera samples Daylight

The LG Velvet's main camera takes images in daytime conditions to please with nice colors, contrast, and decent details. Some minutiae of visible noise become available upon closer inspection. It can also shoot at 48 megapixels for additional detail, but dynamic range, saturation, and color tone are reduced, and file size increases stake.

Portrait mode samples

Portraits taken with the LG Velvet main camera and its depth sensor come out okay, mainly when the background is not too complex; generally, the separation is quite good, except for a few fuzzy edges here and there.

2x zoom samples

There is no telephoto camera on the LG Velvet, yet the latter offers a 2x zoom option in the viewfinder for in essence cropping and magnifying 12-megapixel photos from the main camera. Those are pretty decent, even good at times, but there might be mild quality trade-offs that one could scrutinize.

Ultra-wide Camera Samples Daylight

However, the shots taken with the ultra-wide-angle camera deliver good dynamic range and pleasing colors. The overall photo is not very sharp; there is the presence of noise and color fringing. Nonetheless, the camera works well enough in taking photos with attractive color reproduction and a rather wide dynamic range.

Ultra-wide Camera Samples Low-light

It doesn't extract as much fine detail in the low-lighting conditions, and it is pretty soft. The colors even look a bit washed out at times due to it. Unfortunately, night view mode might not help all that much in those more serious conditions.


The selfies taken with the help of an LG Velvet are clicked with its 16 MP front-facing camera. From this, you can get some brilliant images in good lighting conditions, as the details and color reproduction are nice. However, it is lehargic about the water focus, so that does reduce the depth of field in quite a few shots.

Video recording samples

The primary camera of the LG Velvet can shoot sharp and well-detailed footage at up to 4k resolution and 30fps. The noises are low, and the color profile with a fair amount of contrast makes up for high performance. The ultra-wide camera maxes at 30fps and 1080p, all while maintaining most vivid colors and more contrast when taking videos. In essence, the quality is pretty good when taking videos; it isn't that great compared with the main camera.

Video Stabilization

Stabilization will kill most of the walking-induced shake on the main and ultra-wide cameras, while ensuring impressively stable results under challenging conditions. On top of that, the LG Velvet also boasts a steady cam mode at 1080p at 30 frames per second. Basically, it's meant to stabilize video recordings further, and it does considerably well. That mode works nicely with both cameras and delivers very steady footage.


The most recent embodiment of the new LG is the LG Velvet. Exclusively at FoneZone.ae, the cellphone oozes style with clean design lines and strong performance features. This Velvet houses a 6.8-inch P-OLED display that provides users with a great view of colors and contrast for advanced viewing experiences during video streaming, gaming, or just simple web-based applications.

The LG Velvet is powered under the hood by an able Snapdragon processor that ensures good multitasking and has provisions for efficient power management. The device features a triple-camera setup, with a 48MP main sensor for detailed and clear photos with vibrance; it is suitable for a photography enthusiast and normal user. The device also has a 16MP front shooter for good quality selfies and video calls.

Things like 5G connectivity in the LG Velvet only mean one thing: very fast internet speed without any hassle while streaming something online or downloading. You will be served with quality throughout the day by the 4,300mAh battery inside the phone that doesn't need regular top-ups. And with its IP68 water and dust resistance, it is built tough to withstand most environments and conditions.

Priced between Dhs. 400.00 and Dhs. 435.00, LG Velvet is for sure one great-valued device that comes together with the right features. So, taking into account the degree of technology that this one bunches up with high-end premium builds, it is regarded to be great in regard to value for one's money—really quite affordable to one in need of a pocket-friendly top-quality smartphone. Here at FoneZone.ae, we stay proud to have such a top-quality device serving quality and affordability for our customers.

To quickly summarize, the LG Velvet isn't any ordinary smartphone; it's a chic partner to bring in your digital lifestyle. With a blend of the most sophisticated design and heavy performance under the hood and an affordable price, the LG Velvet becomes the ultimate buy for any upgrade to mobile experiences. Visit FoneZone.ae today to find out more on the LG Velvet and make it yours.


1. What is so remarkable about the LG Velvet?

The LG Velvet is all about a sleek design and flexible performance that, bagged under it, interacts with an OLED display measuring 6.8 inches, heats the ideal palette for consuming multimedia with vivid natural colors and sharpened details. All of it is combined with a triple camera setup anda 48MP main sensor to bring photo- and video-taking quality to excellence. Other features of the LG Velvet include 5G and fast internet for seamless browsing and streaming.

2. What does the battery life of the LG Velvet come to?

The LG Velvet is outfitted with a 4300mAh unit, ensuring long performance throughout your operation-filled day. The phone should easily get you through an entire day with moderate usage. Besides, the device also supports fast and wireless charging to easily refuel your battery in no time.

3. Does the LG Velvet provide expandable storage option?

Yes, it is true: the LG Velvet has expandable storage capability. It has internal memory of 128 GB, expandable to 1 TB by the use of a micro SD card, quite useful for those kinds of people who need large storage for applications, photos, videos, and other media.

4. What is the OS of the LG Velvet?

LG Velvet is on Android 10 Ver. OOTB, which, combined with its magnificent interface, brings limitless access to the new applications and improved security features. Importantly, the company promised there would be continued updates to the latest versions of the Android operating system with the newer improvements or added features brought to the users.

5. Does the LG Velvet resist water and dust?

Yes, the LG Velvet comes certified with IP68. In simpler terms, it is safe to keep the phone 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes and resistant to dirt. It adds a layer of durability and peace of mind for a user who is always on the go or sometimes found in challenging environments. You can have an LG Velvet at our website, FoneZone.ae, starting at Dhs.400.00 to Dhs. 435.00. Show All, know more about this versatile smartphone, and try the premium livings today.


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