iPhone 8 Plus Review: The Ultimate Smartphone Upgrade

The iPhone 8 Plus: A Powerful Upgrade Worth Considering


Welcome to FoneZone.ae—your ultimate destination, offering the new era in mobile technology. We are pleased to present you with the iPhone 8 Plus, which combines innovative technology with an ageless design—now available on exclusive sale only via our website. This magnificent smartphone testifies to Apple's never-ending commitment to providing top-quality, reliable, and feature-rich devices to its users. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or simply in need of a practical, dependable phone, the iPhone 8 Plus is assuredly not going to let you down.

The iPhone 8 Plus with a 5.5-inch display looks pretty spectacular, with vibrant colors and significant details that make photos to videos realistic. The fact is that it runs the A11 Bionic chip from the inside by Apple, ensuring performance, power efficiency, and excellent graphics capabilities at the same time.

This powerhouse of a smartphone is equipped with twin 12MP lenses, so you can capture amazing photos and videos of really top quality. Whether capturing a fantastic landscape or a beautiful family moment, the iPhone 8 Plus camera never disappoints.

But, beyond being top-tier in performance and offering unparalleled imagery, the iPhone 8 Plus has some features that are meant to make your life easier every day.

Have a charged phone easily, as it comes with wireless charging capabilities. The glass back is very sleek, while the aluminum frame augments the look and, at the same time, makes the phone very durable and offers a premium feel.

We understand that more than anything else, our clients value the price aspect. Therefore, we make the iPhone 8 Plus available on average from Dhs. 349.00 to Dhs. 575.00. To us, everyone deserves high-end technology without necessarily breaking the bank.

Choosing to buy the product with us guarantees you a quality product at a deal that's unbeatable. Explore the iPhone 8 Plus at FoneZone. are today, a phone that captures that power, design, and affordability. Join the thousands of happy customers who got this remarkable device and lifted their mobile experience to new heights.

Price and Availability

Now, in our store space, the iPhone 8 Plus is live and can be found at FoneZone.ae. It is the epitome of state-of-the-art technology and design in one premium device, which most technology enthusiasts and even casual users long for. At FoneZone.ae, we strive to continuously provide our customers with the best that mobile technology offers, and the iPhone 8 Plus is no different.

For instance, the iPhone 8 Plus is priced very competitively in Dhs 349 to Dhs 575. Hence, be it a new device or a reliable backup, the iPhone 8 Plus would guarantee money's worth.

It's a sleek design that boasts powerful performance and pioneering features that are enough to make an investment worthwhile for its quality.

It's at FoneZone.ae that we glory in our diversified product inventory and ensure the same to guarantee customer needs. All iPhones come with availability—iPhone 8 Plus allows you to get this incredible device quickly, right at your doorstep. Shopping is just a snap away from our landing page at the ease of possibilities through an easy shopping mechanism with a friendly interface that always assures options for secure payments.

These are not to mention other numerous benefits that come with our competitive pricing, whereby we offer options for several modes of payment and proffers many modes of delivery. And of course, this new iPhone 8 Plus that you purchase will enjoy fast delivery service, and thus, you will quickly access and have the chance to enjoy all the new features it comes loaded with. Besides, our customer care team will be waiting at any time you need to inquire or reach us for clarification on issues that emanate from the purchase.

The iPhone 8 Plus at FoneZone.ae epitomizes blending performance and pocket-friendly prices. An excellent build, it is—a screamer with built-in toughness and style—meant for everyone, setting new standards in their use of smartphones. Visit FoneZone.ae today to check out a fantastic array of the iPhone 8 Plus in stock and take advantage of our great deals, great prices, and excellent customer service.

Key Specifications and Design

The significant specs of the iPhone 8 Plus are the high‐power A11 Bionic chip, 3 GB of RAM, 2691 mAh battery, 5.5′′ P3 Retina True Tone, and dual 12 MP camera. One of the major features of this phone is the glass sandwich design, much like that of the iPhone 4 or 4s.

This creates a premium feel over past models, though it is extremely breakable. Externally, the iPhone 8 Plus still has the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, an earpiece longer for better audio, and a volume rocker switch on the left. To the right is a power button above the SIM card tray. By far, the most significant is the lack of a headphone jack containing the base.

iOS 11 and Performance

With the arrival of iOS 11, which is about to hit any day now, the iPhone 8 Plus promises incredible smoothness and speed right at the top of the list for every tech enthusiast's skill, looking for a gadget that will not dismay. With the A11 Bionic chip, powered by speed and efficiency, it will bring top performance to your phone. It gives access to True Tone, which means now one can turn on the automatic adjustment of the display according to the lighting it senses. This feature would definitely make reading at night much easier and lesser straining to the eyes.

The Powerful A11 Bionic Chip

The iPhone 8 Plus is powered by the Apple A11 Bionic chip, which many say is the most potent chip on the face of the Earth.

Run benchmark tests with the already good-performing iPhone 7 Plus individually. Then the A11 Bionic chip takes the recording data into real-world testing to render, create, or do whatever it does, in comparator terms, quicker than you can put into words. Its speed and efficiency shine in AR applications; it remains cool, not heating up in any way, delivering lag-free performance.

Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus can perform core functions much like some MacBook models, with Geek Bench Scores as high as 4223 on the single core and 1067 on the multi-core, making it just right for those individuals who would want the fastest smartphone model.

What makes the iPhone 8 Plus different from the iPhone 7 Plus is the improvement in the dual-camera system.

Though the on-paper specs are very similar, Apple has been able to make their camera much optimized toward being sharp and high in image quality. For portraits, the dual-camera system also introduces an excellent new capability: the lighting mode, which allows one to add different lighting effects to portrait shots.

Both the natural light mode and stage light mode strive very well, so the iPhone 8 Plus can really vie for the best smartphone camera out there. Its front camera, too, brings some high-quality selfies; thus, it's in every sense superior with its overall photography experience.

Video Capabilities

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with refined video-shooting capacities, added for the very first time in any iPhone device, with vibrational feedback upon the operation of the shutter key. With zoom capacity of up to 10 times, other features include support for 4K video at 60 FPS and slo-mo up to 240 FPS.

This output rivals the performance level of many DSLR and mirrorless cameras, clearly presenting that the iPhone is committed to advancing the frontiers of the industry concerning video capture and quality.

The iPhone 8 Plus is unrivaled in video shooting, especially in 4K, where 60 FPS has matured well enough to create smooth and sharp footage, competing with professional cameras. This establishes a new bar for video recording on a smartphone, letting users have excellent quality and versatility in their videos.

Slo-mo shots of up to 240 FPS range can be taken by the iPhone 8 Plus, where each still takes breathtaking footage total of detail and clarity. Thus, inserting creativity into video content will tell vivid, visual stories.

Furthermore, it has a front camera with Retina Flash for unique and quality selfies, with the use of the power button or volume markers to get the best photos conveniently. This shows that this dramatically complements the camera capability of the iPhone 8 Plus, making it very well outstanding in photographic terms.

Battery Life and Audio Improvements

The iPhone 8 Plus has a 2691mAh battery size, which pits an excellent real-world performance compared to the iPhone 7 Plus.

This leads just slightly to improved battery life—a positive benefit that makes it a device the user can count on for a great deal longer.

And, 25% louder than its predecessors, the sound from the speaker on the iPhone 8 Plus makes it an excellent choice for those who love music and hanging out with friends—no headphones in between. iOS 11 is the wizard behind the curtain, not only offering a consistent and intuitive approach to all of its devices but also shared.

While user experience is the same in all compatible hardware units, the iPhone 8 Plus mainly goes one step further with the powerful A11 Bionic chip inside, refining performance and making some of the latest—such as the AR applications and portrait mode in photography—come to life.

Enhancements in performance:

The speakerphone performance of the iPhone 8 Plus saw a considerable upgrade. It is now 25% louder than the speaker volume of the iPhone 7 Plus. With this upgrade, users are in for full enjoyment with the best, most immersive audial experience for those offered by a phone, regarding good sound quality and loudness.

In the iPhone 8 Plus, such excellent performance with AR apps running is empowered by an A11 Bionic chip that is good at processing, which lets the device demonstrate its power for handling new technologies.

While AR apps are still in the early stages of development, the A11 Bionic chip makes performance smooth, which will lay down the basics of core advancement in AR experiences in time to come. For any user who loves portrait modes of photography, the iPhone 8 Plus is a reason for beautiful depth-of-field effects and professional shots.

A genuinely advanced camera paired with the A11 Bionic chip, this device takes the experience of taking photographs to a whole different level, making it easily a top feature for photographers. Besides, the iPhone 8 Plus has an even better battery life, improved acoustics, and a more powerful A11 Bionic chip than its elder sibling, the iPhone 7 Plus.

Comparing to the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is definitely an upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus with some noteworthy improvements.

Assured and less bothering to users, the iPhone 8 Plus has a better battery life than the iPhone 7 Plus. This, therefore, improves the usability and convenience of the entire gadget, which is very helpful to most smartphone users. The iPhone 8 Plus is 25% louder in terms of speaker volume; hence, it is more engaging to users compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. This increment serves users who prioritize relying on the sound quality and love using that speakerphone feature for calls.

The new iPhone 8 Plus uses the powerful A11 Bionic chip, exponentially boosting performance and capabilities—for augmented reality and photography in portrait mode. These advancements constitute the new user experience and put forward for people's judgment the device, built on up-and-coming technology paired with leading-edge photography capabilities.

Should You Buy the iPhone 8 Plus?

Now comparing the current market and the upcoming release of the iPhone X, this becomes an investment one needs to carefully consider. Though the iPhone 8 Plus has awesome specifications and capabilities, it is probably wiser to spend that much more for the iPhone X—especially if someone is aiming for the upper memory models priced closer to a thousand dollars.

Nick Ackerman presents a strong case regarding why one should consider all alternatives in the market before making a purchasing decision.


Bringing forth a powerful amalgamation of beauty and performance alongside new and improved technology, the iPhone 8 Plus is an exclusively available smartphone at FoneZone.ae. Starting from the design up to some really powerful features, there is hardly an area in which the iPhone 8 Plus would not impress. The fact that, when it comes to innovation and quality, there simply cannot be any other brand like Apple proves nothing less.

iPhone 8 Plus has one of the significant features, which is the fantastic beautiful 5.5-inch Retina HD display with bright colors and deep blacks with excellent brightness. Ensuring one experiences visual clarity and detail that is second to none, whether for surfing the net, watching videos, or playing games.

View experiences with True Tone technology are much more adaptive to the environment by the display's color temperature, suited to the surrounding light, for a more natural and comfortable view.

The iPhone 8 Plus has an A11 Bionic chip with unparalleled performance and excellent energy efficiency. Not only is this chip just perfect for your routine tasks, but it's also fully equipped for maximum performance in the most sophisticated applications, including augmented reality and high-performance gaming. The iPhone 8 Plus also features a dual camera with 12MP sensors that allow great photos and 4K video recording. The Portrait mode and Portrait lighting features give its users the ease of capturing professional-looking portraits with an artistic feel.

Furthermore, the iPhone 8 Plus has been designed to survive with toughened glass and aluminum structure. It is resistant to water and dust, so tough challenges have nothing to scare it with. Wireless charging makes it so convenient: users can now charge the device effortlessly during use by placing it on a compatible charging mat.

Loaded with all these, the iPhone 8 Plus is available across a great price range, from Dhs. 349.00 through to 575.00, in FoneZone.ae. This will enable a far more significant number of customers to get bound to the experience of almost all premium sorts of features that a smartphone carries, albeit under reasonable pricing tags. However, the astounding deal-sealers associated with this affordability will undoubtedly be quite an investment for the new and the old-world smartphone user alike.

In one word, the iPhone 8 Plus is a very functional and universal device, which answers a plurality of requirements set by modern users. Single in its powerful performance, stunning display, advanced camera capabilities, and sustained design, the process of anticipation and rumors come true.

At FoneZone.ae, we're delighted to be associated with this icon and to ensure our customers truly have the best that Apple can bring—at an unbeatable price. Do not miss this great bargain; visit our website now and get your iPhone 8 Plus.


1. What key features distinguish the iPhone 8 Plus?

The iPhone 8 Plus also has a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, providing unique visual details for an immersive experience and lifelike colors. The device is powered by an A11 Bionic chip that makes sure your actions run smooth and quick applications and games. Backed by dual 12MP cameras for terrific photos and video recording, there are great features like Portrait Mode and optical zoom. Moreover, it supports wireless charging and is water- and dust-resistant, thus durable and versatile for any user.

2. Describe the different storage options available with the iPhone 8 Plus?

21Regardless of the storage variation needed, the iPhone 8 Plus is offered at FoneZone.ae in all three: 64GB, 128GB, or 256 GB. Other than for using apps, taking photos, shooting videos, or keeping other files, you can take that bare space and choose amongst the multi-storage options that will ensure you find the ideal iPhone 8 Plus to suit your requirements.

3. Can iPhone 8 Plus support any iOS update?

Yes, the iPhone 8 Plus fully implies new versions of iOS. Apple always makes sure its old models respond to new software updates in their pocket, giving you the latest functionalities, security enhancements, and all improvements. This means that it will provide excellent performance and good user experience even with the latest versions of iOS released from Apple.

4. How much is the price range for the iPhone 8 Plus at FoneZone.ae?

FoneZone.ae sells the iPhone 8 Plus for Dhs. 349.00 to Dhs. 575.00 on their site. There is a variation in the prices concerning the condition and storage amount of the device. For a cheaper one or if starting level memory is not your fact, visit their shop for further models.

5. Does it come with a warranty for the iPhone 8 Plus?

Yes, the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a warranty on the warranty papers of the unit bought from FoneZone.ae. The warranty covers whichever type of manufacturing defect in the product at large and assures you that regarding such incidences, the product is sound of good quality. Just validate the warranty details provided at the point of purchase for a better understanding of the cover and the terms. Discover iPhone 8 Plus and more exciting deals at FoneZone.ae.