Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Simplistic, Elegant Flagship Review

The Honor 6 Plus: A Simplistic, Yet Elegant Flagship


Now we introduce the Honor 6 Plus, exclusively at! For any best-in-class smartphone meant for performance, style, and reliability, the Honor 6 Plus stands to satisfy all the needs of each integrated user of technology. It is designed to keep up with the fast-paced style of the go-getter. Standing out through its excellent design and mighty features, this is the Honor 6 Plus.

The giant processor at the core of the Honor 6 Plus powers everything from this page, seamlessly supporting running apps of any type. Stream a video, play a game, or multitask with apps; whatever you do, the phone does it fast. An extended, bright display enhances the view with a crispy and clear image, bringing your content alive.

Among the features that make the Honor 6 Plus quite unique is the dual-lens rear camera. With the capability of snapping two fantastic photos with almost accurate detail and depth, one can be assured that, whether capturing a selfie or a landscape with friends or solo, all the images will come out of professional quality with the Honor 6 Plus.

Available at the unbelievable price of Dhs.330.00, the Honor 6 Plus is excellent value for money and is priced competitively. It is one smartphone that offers everybody the chance to own a high-end device due to the affordability factor attached. Make your way to for more details regarding the Honor 6 Plus and our exclusive offers.

Price and Availability

The Honor 6 Plus is now available from our exclusive online store, The strength factor in this very smartphone attracts tech enthusiasts, and the offer at gives the best deal to each customer regarding this Honor 6 Plus.

Now, the price of the Honor 6 Plus starts at Dhs. 330.00. Now, that is pocket-friendly with this new form of mobility. This price tag epitomizes our core commitment to making high-tech products affordable for ordinary people. The Honor 6 Plus suits students, professionals, and average users who want to stay connected in style.

One of the key factors that consumers consider when buying electronics is availability. Availability is what we offer the Honor 6 Plus to the customer at Fonezone. Ae.

This smartphone is easily purchasable from our website and gets to be delivered to the interested party in no time. All that is required from you is to choose the Honor 6 Plus from this website, that has a user-friendly interface. You will easily navigate through and make quick purchases for this gadget and accessories.

In conclusion, this Honor 6 Plus smartphone starts at Dhs 330.00 at FoneZone.; it is a catch you wouldn't want to miss if you need stylish and reliable services. Visit our website today and seize this exclusive offer to get a feel of the excellent service has gained recognition for.


The mélange of elements that have gone into making the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is that of a flagship smartphone, yet it brings out a simple and elegant device. This metal frame surrounding the phone, including the 'iPhone' and 'Samsung Galaxy Note 4', gives the flat look of the side profile. Still, the separation is entirely curved at the bottom, which is similar to the Sony Xperia line.

This setup still creates a good look for the device, between a two-glass panel build and implementing this placement of the headphone jack and micro-USB port.


The Huawei Honor 6 Plus is 5.5-inch, hosting 1080p and 401ppi. With such specs, even if this phone is a bit jumbo in size, the screen-to-body ratio is roughly 73%, which makes it reachable and comfortably manageable.

High levels of brightness, good viewing angles, and vibrantly rich colors all produce this IPS construction, making the display pop in almost any light. The Honor 6 Plus has an IPS display, which brings out the best color fidelities.

At the same time, the Emotion UI shows relatively bright and a bit over-saturated color to give the best possible experience for a viewer. There's quite a comfortable view of all multimedia or games you launch on your phone from the point of average sharpness and contrast of the screen. Furthermore, thin bezels and incredible brightness make the display immersive and audibly pleasing.


It makes this Huawei Honor 6 Plus a swell device for sustained connectivity and network services. This is one area where it might lag behind a little, with some competition having LTE networks in some places, but in HSPA+ connections, it remains perfect. It's that dual-SIM setup and a microSD card slot that adds to its versatility, so users can do whatever they want with it in the connectivity section.

The only thing lacking is NFC, which could limit it from performing a bit in some of the interactions it is capable of with NFC-enabled devices. Call quality on the Honor 6 Plus is pretty solid, although some people will think the volume is a little bit too low compared to their preference. Quite similarly, the rear speaker is pretty decent with sound but lacks a bit in the soundstage for this to be an excellent audio experience. That's a minor flaw; the rest of the device shows a high level of consistency and reliability in audio and call functionalities.

The Honor 6 Plus is kept alive by a 3600 milliamp-hour battery, which lasts satisfactorily and has enough power to carry it through with average use throughout the entire day. The battery life is superb but can be slashed under heavy use of the HSPA+ connection. With frugal usage of the device, the battery can go to the extent of a day and a half, which can suit users of different usage patterns.


Huawei Honor 6 Plus also hosts an exclusive dual camera set-up that is unique and gives a superb experience of depth of field. The camera app is also well-appointed, with modes like HDR, best photo, and panorama. A Super Night Mode further makes it versatile with this feature. Video recording is, however, somehow affected by the fact that the phone lacks optical image stabilization but still holds its own at Full HD resolution.

All these combine to make the Honor 6 Plus a great, regular, color-precise everyday camera companion with vivid details.

Users can manipulate the aperture and focal point with the dual camera setup of the Honor 6 Plus, respectively, allowing for a DSLR-like depth of field effect. However, software-based depth-of-field work will not manage to replicate the performance of the old DSLR apertures, especially in low light. So, though the dual camera setup is an addition of sound, the terminology used somehow will raise some expectations that the device cannot meet.


Available only at, the Honor 6 Plus is that one smartphone that will steal the show when it comes to aperture capabilities—priced at Dhs. 330.00, it is a fantastic range of smartphones that give an elevated experience for an individual who has taken an increased interest in photography and is techno-savvy.

The Honor 6 Plus features a robust dual camera with a wide aperture that lets users capture incredible photographs in low light. The large aperture makes sure every shot taken is clear and bright, even in the challenging environment of dark light. This device uses rich sunset colors and a night scene's detailed view clearly and perfectly.

Besides, this Honor 6 Plus comes with very superior software built inside the device in a manner to edit the image for professional-grade outcomes without using bulk software for editing. This means that hardware and software are correctly blended with the skill of providing a streamlined photography experience: easy and super effective.

We are proud to provide the Honor 6 Plus at a cost that will be affordable to any individual desirous of owning top-class technology. Missing out on the chance to get a great deal on this epitome of style and performance is something no one should be able to stand for. Make sure to visit our website today and find out more about the Honor 6 Plus.

Emotion UI

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus comes out of the box running Huawei's own EMUI. Relatively neat, the Emotion UI is vibrant, which does add beauty to the experience for the users. It is pretty bright and clean with the home screens, giving no trouble when finding one's way around. If there's anything negative with not having an app drawer, one might have to put most apps in folders to have an easy time accessing them.

Moreover, the soft keys at the bottom need to be swiped to ensure maximum screen usage; even this should be changeable, giving a sense of personification to the interface.

One of the significant stand-out features of the Emotion UI is the built-in theme-ability: users are allowed to theme the whole interface and have a new, fresh feel.

Still, the OS does carry additional input customizations, such as swiping the locked screen, making it a smooth ride to access most functionalities of the phone. The notifications drop-down in a reverse chronological timeline, making improvements for the better usage of the device by the user. Transitions in and out of applications feel very clean, with the Hisilicon processor handling the burden very well to keep the user's experience seamless.

However, it's worth mentioning that you will likely face some issues when using the Chinese version, for instance, not running without Google Play services. While you can search for applications by other methods or even installing the Play Store, problems may occur with the synchronization of contacts without Google Play services.

Everything combined makes the user experience with the Honor 6 Plus better, amalgamating excellent performance and a beautiful interface.

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This great gadget will make it all the better for your tech-thirsty mind. Also, it assures the user a smooth experience on the websites for surfing or video streaming, doing daily work, and many more. The Honor 6 Plus smartphone is slim and has top-level performance specifications, and as a result, it leads the board for those who love smartphones.

The Honor 6 Plus is available from a starting price of just Dhs. 330.00, making it one of the very best yet affordable deals for high quality. Such a price comes with the assurance of getting value for your money without necessarily hampering the performance and presentation of the model. With a good processor and ample storage space, this device has a high-resolution camera that lets you freeze all those unforgettable moments.

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The Honor 6 Plus is a testament to this great effort of bringing to reality the availability of high-quality smartphones at easily affordable prices. This device impresses with its performance, design, and feature offerings, not only for everyday users but also for geeks. Backed with a very fast processor, generous RAM, and fabulous dual-lens camera setup, this device assures everything is done with lag-free operations, the seamless running of applications, and stunning features related to photography.

We have the Honor 6 Plus over at, starting at an aggressive price of Dhs. 330.00. That makes it easy on the pocket without doing justice to the quality and functions that the brand Honor lives by. This device has a slick premium build and vibrant display for rich viewing while surfing, watching videos, or playing games.

Adding to that, the 6 Plus Honor has been furnished with a mighty battery to befit usage over an extended period, which suits people who are always on the move. The other thing that would go with it is an increased user experience whose hallmark is an intuitive interface and software features, providing an all-powerful device that is equally user-friendly.

The Honor 6 Plus, available from, epitomizes the perfect balance between style, performance, and affordability. It is made to meet the requirements of modern smartphone users, indeed performing its functions to the user's satisfaction. Do not miss this great deal; visit our website today and get your unbeatable Honor 6 Plus.


1. What are the main features of the Honor 6 Plus?

The most notable feature that genuinely makes the Honor 6 Plus popular is the twin 8MP back camera, which produces quite rich quality in shooting and depth. It also carries a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, offering the best view for visibility and sharpness. Being made business-minded by HiSilicon Kirin 925 processing, it has a 3GB RAM experience for a perfectly smooth operation and switching of apps while multitasking or gaming. The 3600 mAh battery ensures quite a long usage span. Perfect for people who are always on the move.

2. Does the Honor 6 Plus feature 4G LTE network support?

Yes, the Honor 6 Plus has been made to be compatible with 4G LTE networks, and it holds incredibly well over the fast and super-reliable internet that ensures glitch-free video streaming, file downloading, and general browsing. It is LTE multiband-enabled, so it can easily be used with different providers.

3. What storage expansion does the Honor 6 Plus have?

The smartphone features a 32 GB internal storage space—perfect for stacking applications, photos, and various media files. Besides, the device also has options for expanded storage using a microSD card, meaning all users can increase multimedia needs.

4. How is the battery life of the Honor 6 Plus?

A 3600 mAh battery powers the phone to last long enough on its single charge. In such a case, a user will expect two full days of moderate usage with just one complete cycle of full charge. It also comes with power-saving modes to adjust system performance and minimize power use to take advantage of the maximum battery.

5. How much does the Honor 6 Plus cost at

You can find the Honor 6 Plus for the attractive price of only Dhs 330.00 on In fact, with this price, it becomes quite a fantastic value for someone in search of features but running tight on money. Visit our site for promotions running live on this great, versatile device. It is an excellent mobile phone with a fantastic performance, great camera capability, and long battery life, all in one device. On sale at is the Honore 6 Plus, another excellent investment for anyone needing a reliable and high-quality mobile device.


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