Apple iPhone 12 mini: A Comprehensive Review

The Compact Flagship: Apple iPhone 12 mini Review


Introduce the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, now live on our website at It's a compact variant designed to squeeze the whole iPhone experience into a more compact size and is perfect for people who find existing iPhones a little large and unwieldy. With the OLED screen, everything that will be seen on the screen—from photos, videos, all apps, and games—will be sharp and clear.

Moreover, it does not have a shortage of power despite its compact size. Equipped with an A14 Bionic chip, this is the fastest chip ever put into a smartphone, whether multitasking, playing games, or even video editing.

One can also record a 4K Dolby Vision HDR on this device, which provides a professional video recording experience right in one's pocket.

Besides its high performance and images taken, the iPhone Mini 12 also hosts a connectivity feature of 5G to help you keep connected, with faster download and streaming speeds. Crucially, it is more durable with a Ceramic Shield front cover for four times better performance in case of a drop and an aerospace-grade aluminum frame for strength. provides an attractive price range for the iPhone 12 Mini: Dhs. 570.00 - Dhs. 661.00, hence making it highly feasible to upgrade one's smartphone without digging too deep into pockets. Visit our website today and learn more about the Apple iPhone 12 Mini with great offers.

Price and Availability

The sleek and powerful Apple iPhone 12 mini is now available on our website, Known for its compact design, impressive performance, and advanced features, the iPhone 12 Mini provides a premium experience within a smaller form factor; hence, it's an excellent option for those users who desire a device more portable without compromising on its capabilities. is happy to introduce the Apple iPhone 12 mini at the best price. The prices of the products range from Dhs. 570.00 to Dhs. 661.00, hence making the latest models in the Apple series very affordable for each one of our esteemed customers. Our pricing strategy will make it easier for our customers to opt for a variant that best fits their wallet and needs.

Depending on the color variance or storage capacity you are targeting at any particular time, several options would be available across different price ranges to suit various tastes and requirements.

Another significant advantage of shopping with is just availability. On our website, the Apple iPhone 12 mini is readily available to ensure an uninterrupted buying experience. You can simply scroll through various configurations and pick a suitable option that will suit your needs. Our website is designed to be user-friendly, so selecting one and going through the purchase process is relatively smooth and hassle-free.

Apart from the competitive pricing and wide availability, is adamant about offering excellent customer service. Be it concerning the Apple iPhone 12 mini or any other product; our team will help you out with any queries and concerns that you may have. We work to ensure that your shopping experience is excellent and satisfactory from when you browse our website to the delivery of the product purchased by you.

Treat yourself to this fabulous opportunity of owning the Apple iPhone 12 mini at an unbeatable price. Log on to our website,, and confidently make your purchase today; be sure you are getting a top-class product worth every buck you spend.

Design and Build

Now, a small iPhone isn't exactly pioneering stuff. However, the Apple iPhone 12 mini takes that notion to another level. To be honest, it is even tinier than the later-released iPhone SE 2020 but packs more modern features. Yeah, it has glass with a flat, matte aluminum frame orthodoxly; it feels incredibly compact and extremely light at just 135 grams.

Even though it is small in size, it's pretty robust. The shiny back is covered in Gorilla Glass 6, while there's a new, tougher-than-ever Ceramic Shield glass front. Additionally, it gets the same IP68 Water Resistance rating as other siblings of the iPhone 12 series, resistant up to 6 meters.

Off the bat, one of the main selling points for the iPhone 12 mini will be its compact design: everything on the screen can be reached very easily with one hand, while the matte frame will ensure that it won't slip out of your hand.

There is an iPhone 12 mini that features a 5.4'' display with the latest Super Retina XDR OLED panel and reaches 1080p resolution, which is the highest pixel density on any iPhone—476 ppi.

The OLED display on this device scores well in terms of sharpness and absolute blacks—Brilliant blacks—when notched out at the top for the selfie cam and structured light camera. It is in a relatively good lighting aspect also, where it peaks at 627 nits; it can offer much more. This list continues with full dynamic support for DCI-P3 content and truetone automatic white balance adjustments depending on your surrounding ambient lighting.

Stereo Speakers and No Headphone Jack

Apple has fitted stereo speakers into the iPhone 12 mini. One speaker is located at the bottom, and the second is the earpiece. Though these speakers are as loud as the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the sound quality isn't that great. While the highs are excellent, the mids are something of a lack, and there's little to no bass. Additionally, the iPhone 12 mini does not accommodate headphone jacks; one must use wireless or lighting connector ear pods.

Storage Options

The Apple iPhone 12 mini does not support expandable storage, but there are possible options. Users can select the device with 64, 128, or 256GB of onboard storage. This provides various options for different levels of storage needs; thus, users can easily select their capacity based on use.

Face ID and Secure Unlock

The Apple iPhone 12 mini, just like other newer iPhones, comes with a way to unlock your device featuring Face Recognition. Although this technology has been in devices for quite a while, face recognition with a face covering or mask isn't work out—you will have to fall back on your pin. Thus, this feature guarantees both convenience and safety for unlocking operation.

iOS 14 Features

The iPhone 12 mini will run the latest version of iOS 14, which has a load of new features. Some of the most striking additions involve full widget support on the home screen. Widgets can now be stacked and saved where they can either be scrolled through or set to be automated. The App Library works like an app drawer similar to Google's Android—adding installed apps and then organizing them into categories automatically.

Some of the more valuable features include the introduction of Picture-in-Picture mode, letting you shrink videos playing at the moment into a floating window to allow multitasking. The novel back-tap shortcut does exactly that: it enables users assign actions to a double- or triple-tap on their phone's back for added convenience and functionality.

Apple A14 Bionic Performance

The brain of the Apple iPhone 12 mini is the most advanced Apple A14 Bionic chip based on a 5-nanometer process. It pulls ahead by some 20% in CPU tests over last year's iPhones, which already topped the charts. Visible improvements are visible on the GPU front, too, though to a lesser extent—a about 10% gain.

This might throttle off a little when gaming hard, and the phone heats up from intensive activities. The general performance was, however, impressive. The A14 Bionic chip comes with a Qualcomm 5G modem that facilitates speeds on 5G networks—making the iPhone 12 mini, as of now, the smallest 5G-capable phone in the world.

Heavy gaming might cause thermal throttling due to the enormous performance; however, high-speed 5G network capabilities are ensured by support for a Qualcomm 5G modem to the A14 Bionic chipset and provide an undisturbed, advanced experience in connectivity to users.

Although equipped with a more diminutive 2200mAh battery compared to the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini still has quite decent battery efficiency. On that note, it scores an endurance rating of 69 hours in battery life tests. Not very impressive for a modern flagship, the battery performance of the iPhone 12 mini should get through a whole day of regular use relatively quickly.

Battery Life and Charging

The Apple iPhone 12 mini comes with a 2200mAh battery, which is roughly 20 percent smaller than that of the iPhone 12. Somehow, though, it still returns a very acceptable battery life—69 hours for an endurance rating. Due to this, the range detailed below shows which devices manage decent battery life for most use scenarios: the Apple 20W power delivery charger goes through charging the iPhone 12 mini quite efficiently and can charge it from zero to 60 percent in just 30 minutes.

The iPhone 12 mini does have added support for Magsafe, which allows a variety of magnetic accessories, like a Magsafe wireless charger, to connect to the back of the phone. Where Magsafe charging comes in handy, generic Qi charger charging would show slower speeds.

Camera Specifications

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is fitted with a 12MP main camera that comes with OIS and a wider aperture than its predecessors. Besides, it is complemented by a 12MP fixed focus ultra-wide camera supporting night mode. Such a combination empowers capturing scenes and subjects on a broad spectrum with enormous details and accuracy.

Daylight Photo Quality

The image quality of the Apple iPhone 12 mini in broad daylight using its primary camera turned out quite fabulous. Noise is well-controlled, white balance accurate, colors lively, and contrast well. Other than that, dynamic range is captured more than above average while detail is generally decent, making for an end-user experience nothing short of impressive.

This iPhone 12 mini handset does wonders with excellent results using the primary camera for portraits. Sharpness, rich details, true-to-life color, excellent contrast, decent subject-background separation, and natural-looking backgrounds make a shot riveting and pulsing when it comes to portraiture of people and capturing of subjects. The ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 12 mini captures broad scenes, showing excellent width and, more importantly, keeping distortion at bay.

Noise is reasonably low, colors are pretty authentic, and contrast is scalar. What was quite average about images, however, falls under the thin line of details. This simply puts things into perspective: users get wide-ranging perspectives but with room for improvement regarding fine detail.

Low Light Photo Quality

The Apple iPhone 12 mini produces strong images with the primary and ultra-wide cameras in low-light conditions. On the main camera, night mode exposes a well-balanced image with preserved highlights and enough detail; there is some noise, however. On the ultra-wide camera, turning the night mode off softens and adds more noise to the image while washing out the colors; therefore, this option should always be on for the best outcome in low-light conditions.

Selfie Quality

This will result in excellent selfies taken using the front camera of this particular Apple iPhone 12 mini. In addition, there are two framing modes to capture selfies: a 12MP wide mode and a cropped-in 7MP mode for tighter framing. Taking into mind the class-contending detail, distinction, and color-given selfies, along with well-handled noise and balanced HDR, one will believe it may be awesome. Besides that, the 3D camera will help outstanding subject separation for selfie portraits; therefore, top-notch results will pop out.

It also provides night mode for the selfie camera, offering better brightness and details but making the overall picture softer with more noise; however, it is still entirely usable.

Video Quality

The video recorded using the back cameras of the Apple iPhone 12 mini turns out impressively good, especially on the 4K clip. The contrast was pretty good on the primary camera with low noise, impressive dynamic range, and true-to-life colors.

Overall, it's worthy quality—fine detail will be a little short, however. Video in 4K shot with the ultra-wide camera turned out to be better than average: contrast, color, and dynamic range are all right; resolve detail is just OK. In low light, videos taken using the primary photo camera retain excellent details, have pleasing colors, and have low noise levels that ensure a satisfying video experience.

On the other hand, electronic stabilization is supported on all cameras, resolution, and fps options, generally working well to achieve extra video stabilization. Moreover, with the Apple iPhone 12 mini, one can capture HDR videos in Dolby Vision dynamic HDR video format; this color-boosting Dolby Vision information will be kept apart for top-notch compatibility with non-HDR players or screens.


The new Apple iPhone 12 mini has a compelling package for just durable build quality, adding an excellent OLED screen, blazing-fast chipset, stereo speakers, good cameras, and decent battery life—all in one shebang.

While far from ideal for heavy gaming due to suboptimal thermals and a smaller battery compared with most alternatives, it's a perfect choice for those looking for pocketable phones that don't short-change in performance and features.

Although having some minor disadvantages, such as not having a high refresh rate on the screen or a charger inside the box, it will make sure that the user has as smooth of an experience as one might on the regular iPhone 12, making this mini variant quite noteworthy among people who want portability and functionality.


1. What are some key features of the Apple iPhone 12 mini?

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini features several exciting features, including its inches Super Retina XDR display, which savors the brilliant colors and razor-sharp moment capture. Powered with an A14 Bionic Chip, this means more excellent performance by way of not using power rashly. This device allows faster downloading and uploading with 5G connectivity. Besides, it has a dual-camera system with 12MP ultra-wide and wide lenses to capture qualitative photos and videos. The iPhone 12 Mini also features advanced camera software such as Night mode, Deep Fusion, and Smart HDR 3, enhancing the overall photography experience.

2. How exactly is the Apple iPhone 12 Mini's durability?

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is designed for durability. It has a Ceramic Shield front cover, which significantly enhances drop protection compared to that in the predecessors. The device also features an IP68 rating for resistance against water and dust, with as high as 6 meters for half an hour in water submersion. At the back, it uses glass; on the frame, it uses aerospace-grade aluminum, making the product robust and resilient to normal wear and tear.

3. What are the storage options in an Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

They are starting at, Apple iPhone 12 Mini will be available with three storage options: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. All of these are purposed to help meet varied needs in memory space, having enough storage capacity for various apps, photos, videos, and documents. With the available storage capacity options, users can choose models that best fit their usage and preference patterns.

4. What's the battery life on an Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

Apple iPhone 12 Mini does quite decently where its battery life is concerned, looking at its compact size. It supports up to 15 hours of video playback and up to 50 hours of audio play. It also features MagSafe and Qi wireless charging for lazy times without cables. In addition, fast charging is supported, enabling the phone to reach as high as 50% charge in about 30 minutes with a 20W adapter or higher.

5. What colors are the Apple iPhone 12 Mini available at

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini comes in a wide range of color varieties to best suit individuals' tastes. Color-wise, one will find it at FoneZone. are in black, white, red, green, blue, and purple options. These colors offer choices where one can get a phone that matches one's personal style. has the Apple iPhone 12 mini at a ranging price of Dh570.00 to Dh661.00. Learn more about this compact powerhouse by visiting our website and choosing one that suits your needs.


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