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Behold the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, now available only at with prices starting from Dhs. 218.00. Choose this incredible smartphone that gives an unprecedented fusion of the best and latest technology with unbeatable value for money. The Galaxy Note 4 is a high-end gadget by Samsung, designed to help business people and individuals alike enjoy the ultimate balance between power, style, and functionality in every single feature.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is bound to attract much attention due to its streamlined and refined design of a premium metal frame and soft-textured back cover, which not only expresses the gadget's style but also makes it comfortable to hold and grip. Its magnificent 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED display projects beautiful visuals with vibrant colors and deep contrasts, thus allowing plenty in the way of immersive viewing across videos, photos, and Web browsing. It's also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for durability against scratches and impacts.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Note 4 is powered by a robust quad-core processor, ensuring seamless multitasking and smooth performance even when running the most demanding applications. Coupled with 3GB of RAM, this device handles everything from intensive gaming to efficient productivity tasks with ease. The 32GB of internal storage, expandable via a microSD card, provides ample space for all your apps, media, and documents.

For photography lovers, the Galaxy Note 4 has an impressive camera: rear of 16MP with optical image stabilization and LED flash that captures high-resolution, quality pictures and videos in any lighting conditions. The 3.7MP front-facing camera is ideal for selfies and video calls, delivering vivid images.

The main feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an advanced, pressure-sensitive pen dubbed the S Pen. This would offer advanced precision and the capacity to take notes, draw, or navigate around this device. Pressure sensitivity and responsiveness have become modified to make it an applied tool for varied functions ranging from creative to productive.

On the software front, the Galaxy Note 4 runs Samsung's intuitive TouchWiz interface, layered over Android, allowing for a user-friendly experience with a myriad of options for customization and features. It also has a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor to keep tabs on health and fitness.

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The Galaxy Note 4, long-awaited and widely spoken about' refers to its display, making a real difference at This is an advanced gadget fitted with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen that presents incredible viewing.

The resolution of the Galaxy Note 4 is 1440 x 2560 pixels, which provides distinct graphics, and nothing appears blurred—perfect for multimedia, gaming, and business applications. keley Super AMOLED displays improve color accuracy and contrast, realizing deep blacks, blinding whites, and making every image and video stand alive with extraordinary clarity and detailing.

The adaptive display technology will probably be one of the unique screen display features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It adjusts the color balance and brightness level on the screen based on any environment one uses the device in, ensuring readability at its best while rendering an easy go on your eyes.

Whether indoors, outdoors, or in bad light, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 self-adjusts to give you the best view. Besides that, this display supports multi-touch input, offering more precision and accuracy during device use.

The display of the Galaxy Note 4 concerning the gadget, however, is developed looking towards its durability. It is further aided by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection for improved scratch resistance and better handling after an accidental drop. This will leave the screen clean and clear even after its prolonged use. Besides, it has a larger screen size that makes the Note 4 very handy for work, such as editing documents, making presentations, and multitasking.

An S-Pen stylus is one more level of functionality with the device, offering precision input and expressive creativity. Available at our website,, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Dhs. 218.00. This brilliant device brings next-generation display technology along with some compelling performance, making this device an ideal companion for anyone who wants a versatile smartphone powerhouse.

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For software, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 uses a variant of Android 4.4 that makes full use of the broad display by the user. Meanwhile, on the quad HD display in this model, very few applications could take full advantage of the dense pixelation at this time.

While some proprietary Samsung elements, like high-resolution wallpapers and various icons optimized for said resolution, look quite good, most games and videos don't take advantage of the 1440p resolution. The higher resolution with crisper text and images perceptibly enhances at least web browsing.

If you're familiar with previous incarnations from Samsung, the software experience on this Galaxy Note 4 won't stray too far from what you're accustomed to.

Even though Samsung has thrown in extra features and bumped it to the latest version of Android, the unique TouchWiz interface is still here. Sure, some TouchWiz jank still appears from time to time—likely thanks to an installed launcher and keyboard—but performance on the phone is pretty good.

With a quad-core Snapdragon 805 chip, 3GB of RAM, and a high-end GPU onboard, this device packs a significant punch: apps launch quickly, scrolling is smooth, and gaming frame rates are high. Sometimes, one has to experience some lags when accessing the multitasking feature and pulling down the notification tray.

Although the Note 4, among the latest Galaxy series, runs on Android 4.4 for now, this company has promised its upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop. That said, once updated, the device's interface will still sport TouchWiz's unique design and keep its significant departure from stock Android. The performance, however, should be even better optimized—something that should present itself with this powerhouse of a phone.


With its hugely significant construction and high-end specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has several multitasking features to work well with its large, high-resolution display. All in all, Samsung has been gradually upgrading or tweaking the multitasking options on each iteration of the Note series to a clear realization of how one can indeed have an immersive yet efficient multitasking experience with their smartphone.

The Split-screen multitasking or Split View features run two supported apps simultaneously on the same screen, visibly splitting it into two panels. This comes quite in handy with the large display, and users can switch between the two apps easily, even copy and paste content from one place to another.

Besides regular split-screen multitasking, the Galaxy Note 4 introduces windowed apps that let users turn supported apps into windows construable and repositionable in size, floating over other content. In tacks of productivity, it enables users to work in many apps all at once, hence offering a different and efficient multitasking experience.


For the most part, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life has varied depending on the variant of the phone. Further, the international variant that came with an Exynos chip had poor results in terms of battery performance at first, only offering three to four hours of screen time.

However, on the US variant powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, things were quite different: six hours and thirty minutes screen on time. Such was this massive improvement in battery performance to allow users to get through a whole day without having to recharge.

Unlike the international variant, this is the US version of the Galaxy Note 4—sporting the suitable radios and outboard Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip. There's improved battery life versus the international version. The performance of the device will be highly improved, especially on its improved battery life aspect, and hence very suitable for use within the United States.


Although this charging port has been downgraded to USB 2.0, it gives the convenience of fast charging to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Fast Charging feature can get users to half charge in as little as half an hour, right after plugging the device into the wall. Compactly designed with a thin profile at only 8.5 millimeters, this tuned-up fast charging does not give away anything on the convenience and portability end for refilling battery life.


The more recent cameras, like the 16-megapixel one on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, are among the strongest in the industry regarding photo sharpness and resolution. They might do better at producing clear shots under any light, especially during the day. This device has an inbuilt sharpening filter applied to every image, sometimes resulting in oversharpened backgrounds full of artifacts. Other than that, it does lovely imagery with decent dynamic range and hence would be suitable for any photography use.

The camera on the Note 4 allows video recording in 4K resolution and comes integrated with optical image stabilization. It will further improve one to get transparent videos in 4K versions with stabilized footage when using zooming functionality. This helps the optical image stabilization keep its subject clean, focused, and sharp while taking videos directly from a smartphone camera.

S Pen

Be the first to experience this new, innovative, and versatile S Pen, available only at for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This is an accessory developed to enhance productivity and creativity in all ways possible for any user of the Note 4 from Samsung. With the S Pen, one gets incomparable precision and control to jot down every quick note, sketch, or even navigate the device.

Whether you are an experienced professional who wants to carry out minute work or a creative mind wanting to get your idea onto paper, it is all done by the S Pen.

Be it quality products at unbeatable prices— is the home. The S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not disappoint either, with pareGo price at Dhs. 218.00. Now, accessorize affordably with this accessory and bring various features designed to enhance your user experience. The S Pen is designed for an ergonomic grasp, so you will surely get a firm grip with it all the time you'll be using it, even during extended periods. This fine point at the top of this pen can allow highly accurate input, most appropriate when you need detailing, like editing some document or creating detailed designs.

The S Pen is not just an extended stylus but more of an enhancer complementing your Galaxy Note 4 to unlock its several capabilities. To enhance workflow efficiency, Air Command offers quick access to shortcuts and actions. Pressure sensitivity in the pen ensures that lines and strokes translate exactly in stride, giving a lifelike feel when drawing or writing.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 embodies the best smartphone concept from Samsung. With the world's most outstanding display, coupled with fantastic build quality and specifications as good as they get, it is reclaiming a new definition for large Android phones. Its high rating in battery life and a much more ergonomic fit compared to other phablets aid in keeping the Note 4 at the pinnacle of its category. Overall, the Galaxy Note 4 is a top pick for anyone looking for a high-performance Android big-phone model and comes highly recommended by both expert and user opinions.


1. What has the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 got in store?

Probably number one on the list of highlights for many people about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be the gigantic, crisp 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED display, packing vibrant colors with sharp clarity. This is designed with a sturdy 2.7 GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, ensuring that multi-tasking and performance go hand in glove.

The back camera comes fitted with an optical image stabilization of 16 MP, while the front camera is equipped with a 3.7 MP sensor to serve the enthusiast Photographers. Additionally, the Note 4 also brags about a removable 3220mAh battery to see it through the day.

2. Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 use expandable storage?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has an expandable storage feature. It has an internal memory of 32GB, which is upgradeable to 128GB via a microSD card. This add-on will be greatly appreciated by those needing more space storing apps, photos, videos, or other media. This feature gives you assurance of efficiently managing and storing information without running out of space.

3. Which software does the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 run on?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 originally had Android 4.4.4 KitKat pre-installed but can now be upgraded to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It has a TouchWiz user interface by Samsung, highly customizable with a lot of unique features that include Multi Window and S Pen functionality it. More significantly, the S Pen will come in handy to enhance productivity because users can take notes, draw, and even help navigate through their devices with accuracy.

4. What is the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a 16MP back camera equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, working against blur and generally enhancing photos in poor light. It also supports video recording at 4K, allowing a person to get better-quality videos. Its 3.7MP front camera boasts a wide viewing angle lens; hence, it's excellent for selfies and video calls, forming clear images that display detail.

5. Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 support current connectivity options?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does pack quite a good serving in terms of modern connectivity. It does come with 4G LTE for fast internet use when surfing or video streaming on the go. The device also features Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and NFC—so it is versatile and supports most wireless accessories or payment systems. Not to be left out is its micro USB 2.0 port for DC charging and data transfers. Know more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and buy it from, starting at Dhs. 218,00.