Apple iPhone 6s Plus: An In-Depth Review

The Best Apple iPhone 6s Plus: A Comprehensive Review


Grab that wonderful gadget Apple iPhone 6s Plus at now. This is that classic gadget where innovation came to meet style. Be it an Apple fanatic or a first timer, the iPhone 6s Plus will give you a user experience that you had never got before.

The iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with the dazzling 5.5-inch Retina HD display that makes colors burst and images appear clear, compelling every experience from navigating the web to watching videos really come alive. Performance with the A9 chip doesn't drop a beat.

With improved multitasking, one is able to easily switch between different applications at any time one needs to, and favorite apps are there in simple swipes. It also has the improved pixel technology of the 12-megapixel rear camera, ensuring it captures each moment with great detail, whether lit by bright sunlight or low light.

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Design and Display

In design, there is little change to the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, and it follows the 7000 series aluminum material for increased resistance to bending. Except for that, the phone still feels slippery and smooth, helped very little by the slightly rough texture.

Those wide-radius corners, the pronounced antenna channels, and chubby bezels may not be as appealing across some of the latest Android phones, but they make for a comfortably sized grip even at its larger size, and then the 5.5-inch screen—though only full HD—still comes in plenty dense for a smartphone at 401 pixels per inch.

Although not sporting a super high-resolution display, the 401 pixels per inch on the 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 6s Plus creates a rather visual treat. Higher resolutions in screens may just be excellent but the display density is just enough under normal circumstances of usage.

With more sensibly framed aesthetics, the iPhone 6s Plus is designed to provide the levels of grip that would prevent it slipping from the customer's hand. It is made out of the 7000 series aluminum frame, a bit rough for holding strengths, hence durable, and the wide imputed radius corners coupled with the pronounced antenna channels maintain a glamorous appearance.

Battery Life and Charging

While the iPhone 6s Plus does pack a smaller battery compared to most phones, it sure does know how to squeeze out that extra bit of juice. In heavy usage scenarios that were really testing, the screen on, Wi-Fi connected sort, the phone managed to go a very impressive seven hours before requiring a recharge.

Under more typical conditions, with power-saving mode turned on, the device was able to deliver almost two days of moderate use without being charged, showing its endurance is quite decent.

Fingerprint Sensor and Haptic Feedback

The new touch ID fingerprint scanner on the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is among the fastest available on the market—spoof—it just flashes, and your unit is already unlocked. This feature caters not only to advanced security features but also makes the life of a user easy for quick and hassle-free access.

In addition, the taptic engine in the iPhone 6s Plus is engineered to offer much more subtle and refined vibration feedback, giving a very sophisticated tactile sensation over standard vibration mechanisms.

3D Touch: A New Way to Interact

The iPhone 6s Plus introduces an innovative feature known as 3D Touch that allows consumers to interact with the device in a whole new dimension.

Use various levels of pressure on the display to achieve shortcuts and previews so interaction with applications and material is even more smooth and effective.

For instance, using 3D Touch, users have become able to reach actions of their own preferences quickly inside applications like Evernote, where a new note or an appointment in the calendar can quickly result from mere pressure applied with the use of the application.

This instinctual functionality deepens user interaction, creating a new and efficient interaction with the interface of the device.

iOS 9: New Features and Challenges

With iOS 9, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus gets a whole load of changes and enhancements to enhance one's experience. The new multitasking screen helps with the easy navigation back and forth between apps, while the Reachability feature makes one-hand use much more practical on this bigger device.

For example, the proactive panel equips contextually relevant shortcuts and information to further streamline how users could carry out their deed. With that said, there remain some interface quirks and needs of refinement, mostly toward iOS 9, by all interface elements—for example, notifications and interface flexibility options.

iOS 9 adds the proactive panel, which adds context aware-relevant shortcuts and information on the home screen. Then there's a new multitasking screen that makes navigating apps a breeze, arguably upping overall productivity.

While iOS 9 does bring several improvements, such as interface quirks and the need for refinement, especially in better notifications and further flexibility of its interface, it improves only a bit in terms of ease of use, with additions like Reachability and Spotlight search. But on the whole, it still remains to be improved in terms of notifications and flexibility of its interface.

Camera Performance and Live Photos

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus carries on the great tradition of great cameras—solid optics combined with friendly software.

The capability partly involves live photos, making this phone gallery a bit more interactive—after all, with these skills, similarities drawn to wall papers are inevitable at making walls live with the 3D touch.

Besides, the 12-megapixel camera hardware combined with both digital and optical stabilization ensure that video recording will be smooth, even during motion. A wide-angle lens and a few other peeves prevent this hardware from reaching its full potential as far as the camera capability on the iPhone is concerned.

The live photo feature, enabled on the iPhone 6s Plus, enhances the dynamic properties of this camera, allowing users to animate images and increase the visual experience.

Furthermore, iMovie makes it even possible to do video editing right on the phone; the device continues to open up creative alternatives by offering a facility for easily editing the materials.

New 12-megapixel camera hardware altogether, with a combination of digital and optical stabilization, helps improve the iPhone 6s' capabilities and contributes to smoother video and high-quality pictures captured with it. But the fact that it doesn't have a wide-angle lens or greatly changed software presets means that some of its potential improvements in stable-camera capabilities are still on the table.

Launch Shortcut and Multitasking

On the other hand, for launching the Apple iPhone 6s Plus a fraction of a second faster than it has been done with the quick fingerprint sensor, users are going to have to reach for another way in. One option would be a double click on the home button, but that shortcut already serves launching multitasking when the phone is awake, and Apple Pay when the phone is still alive.

But with a myriad of settings, all of these bring associated added complexity that will need some getting used to, while the added benefits, like the speed of Apple Pay and general availability in most urban areas, underline just other ways that Apple has truly thought holistically.

Apple Pay and Ecosystem Integration

Its very rapid adoption will also serve as one of the major pointers towards the fact that Apple's ecosystem goes much deeper than a set of apps. How Apple Pay, with its smooth and quick transaction ability being integrated with the iPhone 6s Plus, would stand testament to the multi-dimensionality of the Apple ecosystem in providing a seamless user experience by breaking past traditional limits, will be shown by the following example.

Contextual Awareness and Large-Screen Optimizations

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus is going to be integrated with a new motion coprocessor that actually makes the phone more contextually aware. In this respect, tasks can be undertaken like the hands-free Siri activation with voice commands. However, the device doesn't support display wake-up in case it's pulled out from a pocket, and it doesn't really bring anything innovative to the table when compared to other devices in the category.

Still, there's a decidedly palpable dearth of optimization that would genuinely make good use of these rather large-screened devices, things like split-screen multitasking or persistent number rows on the default keyboard. Of course again, iOS takes a very different approach to squeeze every last available inch out of screen space with the oddly thin popup user interfaces, but it's very conservative feature evolutions, like this one, that relegate much untapped potential of leveraging its larger display, on the iPhone 6s Plus.

The iPhone 6s Plus is basically a scaled-up version of its predecessor, kicking it back a notch since the large-screen optimizations and advanced features other devices have do not make the user experience, well, deserving. The device maintains its status as an above-average smartphone, but its laws of evolution and, therefore, preserved real estate on the increased display do little to allow the user experience to gain even more in functional and productivity capacities.

Apple's insistence on doing things really differently in the matter of the screen optimizations and the interface design of the iPhone 6s Plus makes it a truly shining example in what is a crowded field of available platforms for another iOS experience. But not having some expected panes or split view in applications could limit the potential for further productivity with extended multitasking with the device.

Conclusion: The Most Sorted S Model So Far

However this somewhat conservative evolution, and a few obvious omissions of advanced features, is a pointer to how the company managed to somehow provide a polished and genuinely capable plus-sized iPhone. Anchored by good battery life, a deep ecosystem of apps and services, 3D touch functionality, and solid imaging capabilities, the iPhone 6s Plus gets the job done as regards portfolios—the best-oversized iPhone yet.

Not the most innovative smartphone of its time, but it excels at aspects concerning the real and good service experience, which make it very intriguing for someone in need of a sizeable iPhone with phenomenal features.


1. What is there to highlight about the iPhone 6s Plus?

The key features on the iPhone 6s Plus, in my own opinion: 3D Touch truly lives up to the claims, the battery life is superb, the camera is very good, and it's really very well integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

2. How does the new iPhone 6s Plus stack up to other smartphones of its class?

While not the most groundbreaking feature of that time, the iPhone 6s Plus offers consistency and a good-quality user experience, which makes it a strong device for anyone who wants a larger phone indication with great specifications.

3. What are the remarkable improvements on iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s Plus?

Better multitasking view, proactive panel: iOS 9 has made the most improvements in the view in which multitasking is undertaken, with new shifting of the proactive panel between areas of contextually relevant shortcuts and information, as well as enhancement meant to reachability. However, it's still salient that there is interface crud and quite an obvious need for some refinement here, especially in the sectors of notifications and interface flexibility.

4. How impressive/what quality is the camera on the iPhone 6s Plus?

The introduction of live photos on the new iPhone 6s Plus brings innovations to the photo gallery, which gets an interactive element. The 12-megapixel camera hardware, matched with a mix of digital and optical stabilization, will ensure that video recording comes out smooth. Still, there seems to be room for an improvement in this area without a wide-angle lens.

5. The big considerations in the probable buyer of iPhone 6s Plus mind?

There are a few exceptional points that any prospective buyer would do well to regard: the 3D Touch, capable of seamless integration into the whole spectrum of the Apple environment, together with pretty good battery life. On the downside, the iPhone 6s Plus might be missing some new features that many other similar smartphones provide.


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