Apple iPhone XR: An In-Depth Review

The Apple iPhone XR: A Balanced Flagship Experience


They are presenting the phenomenal Apple iPhone XR, exclusively available through It's designed to mix some advanced technologies with a sleek design, thus making it a must-have for any techy. The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display—perfect for that fantastic view of your most anticipated movies, gaming, or apps. Running an advanced A12 Bionic chip, this baby gives a really fast performance to move through productivity and fun without a hitch.

It is priced from between Dhs. 514.00 to Dhs. 1,745.00, these assorted iPhone XR models are designed in a manner to fit all types of economic needs. For starters, whether that is to the kind of vibrant colors or it can be a handful of elegant finishes, there is always something that will draw the eyes toward the design of the iPhone XR. This is paired with an extraordinary camera setup; a 12 MP rear camera plus a 7 MP front camera means capturing stunning photos is a piece of cake.

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Price and Availability

The Apple iPhone XR has been much in the news among smartphone lovers, owing to its brilliant features and stylish look and feel. We offer this most famous device at great prices. Even the Apple iPhone XR is on our website to make sure that one can buy such kind of premium launches from the comfort of their homes.

The Apple iPhone XR at starts at Dhs.

Models in this range come in prices from Dhs. 514.00 to Dhs. 1,745.00, thereby meeting the different budget needs and preferences of the customers. This great deal in pricing allows customers to pick a model that meets their requirements, whether a cheap one or an expensive version with a larger space capacity. We do best at giving the most favorable offer in terms of value for money, making the Apple iPhone XR available to a more extensive consumer base. is committed to offering the very best products and the very best in customer care.

We guarantee that purchasing Apple iPhone XR at our online shop is always easy, with on-time delivery and proper after-sales support. We are committed to ensuring that all the products we deal in are genuine and are supported by the relevant warranties to offer you peace of mind.

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Design and Build Quality

The Apple iPhone XR presents a brand-new design, different from every previous basic-level iPhone. Objective lightning makes the appearance stand out since the anodized aluminum frame and glass back give the phone a premium feel. The improvement in material choice enhances the appearance unequivocally and can support Qi wireless charging. The iPhone XR comes in six colors, all vibrant and youthful, uniting with the classy and intended color glass back.

It is available in six nice colors, each giving it a pretty different look with a more fashionable appeal. The chosen color is well-laden in the glass back, comprising elegance and personalization in the device. Even more enticing regarding its looks is the finish with a matte finish on the anodized aluminum frame.

This glass back allows it to charge wirelessly and, at the same time, gives it this look of premiumness. Then, the anodized aluminum frame with a matte finish doesn't feel nice in the hand; it also makes the iPhone XR look classy in its overall design presentation.

iPhone XR has dual stereo speakers – one is at the bottom, and the other accommodates the earpiece. The formed speakers were acoustically tuned, yielding clean and impressively loud sound quality. In the loudness tests, it got an excellent score, and it was sure that users are going to have a pleasurable user experience.

The iPhone XR is nano-SIM and eSIM-enabled, allowing consumers to have a flexible dual-SIM setup. Also of note is that while it is physically able to hold two nano-SIM cards, the global variant of this will have a mix of nano-SIM and eSIM for better options in terms of connectivity.

The layout is familiar: the left side is strictly the residence to the Notification switch and volume keys, the right side is strictly the home for the power button, and there's a SIM tray on the left. The bottom of the device hosts the Lightning charger port and a loud speaker, completing the dual stereo audio setup.

Display and Resolution

The iPhone XR rocks a 6.1-inch display, which technically places this screen size between the iPhone XS and XS Max. The screen resolution is 828 x 1792, so it quite looks a tad bit lower as compared to the premium siblings'. The device on its own, though, could still graduate with a good viewing experience. The display resolution is low in comparison to high-end devices, but it is incredibly sharp; therefore, it offers great viewing.

With a pixel density of 326 PPI, the iPhone XR's display is sharp and colorful; guaranteed content shall be displayed clear and sharp. Even though the pixel density may be behind that of typical flagship devices, which results in sharper displays, it ensures quality in general use and media viewing.

The display of the iPhone XR, which is not as sharp in resolution compared to other flagship brothers, is undoubtedly a Retina display that ends up looking very pleasing. Combined with highly quality climate colors, it ensures the most engaging and fun viewing experience.

Face ID and Gesture Navigation

With the iPhone XR, Apple has completely transitioned to Face ID as the biometric standard for all iPhones. Setting up Face ID is convenient and seems to work fine under most conditions. However, some users may just find it more awkward to open their iPhones when the device is sitting on a desk or otherwise not facing them directly.

While there was much hesitancy around transitioning from fingerprint scanners to Face ID, the latter undoubtedly provides a seamless and secure biometric authentication.

The gesture navigation of the iPhone XR from Apple is smooth and refined, thus making the whole experience of using the device quite natural and fluent. These gesture controls make it easy to flick between windows and return to the home screen.

Some users, being those who joined the Apple lifestyle at an early age, may have reservations about moving over to the new kind of navigation. Still, the intuitive and seamless experience of gesture navigation truly makes the iPhone XR the best.

iOS 12 Improvements

Perhaps the most significant feature upgrade the Apple iPhone XR received is within iOS 12. Notable enhancements of the upgrade span ways to manage screen time, including group FaceTime, more robust 'do not disturb,' and a revamped notification system.

New Features in iOS 12

• Screen Time: With the addition of screen time management in iOS 12, users could keep track of and limit their device use to help adopt a healthier digital lifestyle.

• Group FaceTime: This brought group video calling; thus, iPhone XR users will enjoy the phone even more.

• Better stability: With iOS 12, Apple aims to enhance the overall system stability and device performance to increase the quality of the user experience.

• Revamped Do Not Disturb: More improved, users could further control notifications as per their liking with the help of the new do not disturb mode.

• Grouped Notifications: With iOS 12, notifications from the same app are made to appear in stacks, such that the notification experience is not overbearing to users.

Performance and Benching

The Apple iPhone XR features the same A12 Bionic chip as the iPhone XS, and therefore, even the overall performance of this device is beyond reproach. Having said that, though, while packing only 3GB of RAM compared to the 4GB variant on the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR remains very fast and responsive.

In many respects, therefore, it's among the best of the best in its class. Face ID on the iPhone XR is way faster, first of all, because of the improved algorithm on the A12 chip, which also makes it easier for users to authenticate.

For instance, the TrueDepth camera operates together with the A12 chip in processing facial recognition data fast and effectively to contribute towards overall snappy performance. While the cheaper model, the iPhone XR, manages to chart up pretty well for browsing and video, at times, it can outperform the more expensive big sister, the iPhone XS.

Benchmarks and scores for this particular device are impressive, hence being a high-performance smartphone that gives a satisfactory user experience in terms of smoothness and responsiveness.

Battery Life and Charging

Apple's iPhone XR, on the other hand, is aimed at a budget market yet proves that it is as capable as the more expensive iPhone XS Max. In this effect, the battery life offers many applications without a long degradation in performance.

Apple still ships the old 5-watt charger with the iPhone XR, which trails far behind what most of the competition now offers regarding fast charging capability. Third-party fast chargers may be selected by users to maximize the charging potential for the smartphone while reducing the time it takes to recharge.

Camera Quality and Capabilities

Although the Apple iPhone XR doesn't have the dual cameras of the iPhone XS, the unit can take good photos with its solo shooter. The single cam performed amazingly to deliver outstanding portrait shots. The camera recognizes a face and allows to produce exciting portraits of people. Besides, the simulated aperture of 2.8 creates a natural and pleasing blur, adding to the quality output.

Apple's Smart HDR technology helps to boost dynamic range in photos, rendering excellent results, especially in low-light conditions. This assures a balance of exposures, which the camera can do, offering room for flexibility during manual edits to retain ideal contrast and sharpness in HDR photos.

Overall, the iPhone XR is great for taking pictures, regardless of location and the light environment. The seven-megapixel selfie camera with an f/2.2 aperture of the iPhone XR is rather powerful and makes clear, well-exposed selfies. Thanks to the ability to use the Face ID setup while taking portrait pictures and giving an option for adjusting the blur effect and getting portrait lighting features, the selfie shooting capability becomes even more diverse and robust.

Video Recordings

Very impressive for video recording is the Apple iPhone XR.

The primary camera can shoot up to 4K at 60 frames per second, and the front camera can support up to 1080p at 60 frames per second with image stabilization. Both offer excellent detail and vivid color in each video shot, offering quality output to the hilt.
Worth mentioning, the videos shot in 30 frames in 4K have an extended dynamic range than those done in 60 frames, further reinforcing the device video recording prowess.

Value Proposition

The Apple iPhone XR is a smartphone that was announced and launched with the promise of numerous iconic features and performance at a stunningly competitive price. The iPhone XR does give a lot in terms of value, actually making some of the flagships look a bit irrelevant—incredibly so.

Competitive pricing places the iPhone XR with rivals that have higher peers, as the affordable route into the Apple ecosystem is this device. That pricing disparity, on top of minimal compromises, makes the iPhone XR a compelling buy for budget-constrained consumers.

Besides its more affordable price point, the iPhone XR still maintains flagship-level features such as Face ID, gesture controls, and a high-performing A12 Bionic chip. This union of high-end technology and relatively wallet-friendly pricing places the iPhone XR in an intriguing place for someone seeking to score the best value possible in a high-end experience.

For those looking to upgrade from older iPhone models or even switch from another OS, the iPhone XR offers an intuitive user experience with gesture controls and excellent iOS ecosystem integration. More like that, it will explain the value other than its cost, which has embodied a refined and affordable experience in a smartphone.


Apple iPhone is the perfect smartphone for strong, stylish, and dependable people in the world. We, here in, have this proud beast under just the right price possible, between Dhs 514.00 ranging up to Dhs 1,745.00, assuring you the best value money can buy regarding premium features rendered by iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR is outstanding with its A12 Bionic chip that makes everything feel super powerful and slick. Its Liquid Retina display immerses you in the screen with sharp, bright colors that pop, whether you're surfing the net, watching your favorite videos, or playing games. Besides, the iPhone XR features a pretty robust camera system for easy multimedia purposes.

Professional-quality photography is probably covered with the 12 MP rear camera and second-generation TrueDepth front camera.

In addition, it avails the iPhone XR with excellent battery life to ensure connectivity and operability throughout the day. The toughened design, with aerospace-grade aluminum and tough glass, aids the phone in being strong in the face of the daily wear and tear punches.

Water and dust resistance add an extra layer of protection against accidental spills. In sum, the Apple iPhone XR bought at FoneZone is again proof of how committed Apple is to innovative solutions and quality delivery. The performance, durability, and advanced features offer a choice-approised favorite of all smartphone users. Do not miss such unbelievable prices, some of the most fabulous creations of Apple. Visit our site today and make that iPhone XR yours.


1. What are the standout features that define Apple iPhone XR?

The stunning 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display on the Apple iPhone XR allows for vivid, eye-catching color views. It comes fitted with the A12 Bionic chip to give smooth execution and effective performance in various tasks.The device also features an advanced 12MP rear camera, which can take Smart HDR photography and can take photography in Portrait mode; it can even record 4K videos.

On the front appears the 7MP TrueDepth camera, bringing in Face ID and higher quality. It is also resistant to dust and water, so daily use with an average amount does not cause the owner to fret about damage to the device.

2. What storage options does FoneZone provides for the iPhone XR? offers the Apple iPhone XR smartphone with multiple storage options. Currently, it is offering 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The variance in these options allows you to be flexible with the pick of the right amount, given that maybe you need otherwise that huge a space for applications, photos, videos, and other media, or just that much to serve you quite well while giving the budget-friendly price.

3. How long does the iPhone XR battery last?

Being rated to offer its user daylong service, the iPhone XR is packed with compelling battery support. That equates to 25 hours of talk time after a single charge or 15 hours of internet usage, besides supporting up to 16 hours of video playback. Moreover, the iPhone XR offers quick energizing that gives you half of its battery in only 30 minutes utilizing an 18W connector or more prominent. Additionally, it charges wirelessly for your convenience throughout the day.

4. Is the iPhone XR capable of handling the most recent version of the iOS update?

Yes, the Apple iPhone XR supports the latest iOS versions. Apple regularly updates the software to continuously improve performance, add new features, and deliver security patches. With iPhone XR, you will revel in the new features the latest iOS bestows—with better privacy settings, new functionalities for the installed applications, and better system performance. It can accommodate an update of the device and the operation of the latest apps and services.

5. What are the price ranges for an iPhone XR at

The Apple iPhone XR is priced so affordably on that the final price ranges between Dhs. 514.00 up to Dhs. 1,745.00, depending on storage and device condition. With such price ranges, it intensely gives interest in owning the iPhone XR, while most features from other premium smartphones command prices higher than this. Select the one that fits your budget and enjoy all these premium facilities and the best performance that one iPhone XR can offer you.

6. Is the iPhone XR a good upgrade from older iPhone models?

For someone upgrading from a previous model, the features of the iPhone XR include advances in CPU, GPU, and energy efficiency, all with a fresh design. It features improved performance, a robust set of advanced features, and, of course, deservedly, an updated design, giving it rich pricing to deliver the best upgrade experience over previous iPhone models for even iPhone 6 users.

7. How Does the iPhone XR Compare to Higher-End iPhone Models?

While the iPhone XR does cheap out in resolution and camera configuration compared with pricier siblings, this certainly does not take away from general performance and overall user experience. It is competitively priced, and such features put it among the current iPhones.

8. What Makes the iPhone XR Stand Out Among Other Smartphones in this Mid-Tier Category?

The iPhone XR is unique amongst other mid-range smartphones for its handling of the iOS ecosystem, the radical Face ID technology, and the first-class A12 Bionic's performance. It is a mishmash of access, flagship features, and top-tier performances on offer. That makes it quite a unique proposition in this implicit flagship mid-range market.


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