Skip the Apple iPhone 8? Read This Analysis First

The Apple iPhone 8: A Great Phone, But Should You Skip It?


Welcome to, the ultimate place to find premium gadgets and accessories. We are super excited to introduce before you—the Apple iPhone 8, a true classic masterpiece from Apple, now available in our store.

Though unveiled with the iPhone 8, Apple has used the platform to assert its innovation and quality through a seamless blend of performance, design, and functionality. You can have this fabulous device from our website,, with a fantastic price range of dhs.

276.00 to Dhs. 404.00, guaranteeing that you get the best value for your money.

Apple iPhone 8 is a beautiful 4.7-inch Retina HD display that comes to life with color and quality pictures. The A11 Bionic chip promises brisk performance during multitasking and running games with heavy graphics—or experiencing augmented reality.

The iPhone 8 is also equipped with an ultimately good 12MP rear camera, with an update in optics and image signal processing, that allows one to take perfect snaps and record 4K video.

We take pride in offering the customers at FoneZone. are nothing but the best. The chassis of the Apple iPhone 8 featuring a sleek yet durable glass finish, wireless charging, and Touch ID for secure authentication was all meant to make your everyday experience exciting. This is, indeed, a chance to purchase an historic item under the brand Apple Inc. Visit our website today to learn more and make your purchase.

Price and Availability

The brand new Apple iPhone 8 is available with guaranteed offers for buying from our exclusive online store—fonezone. ae. With a sleek design, powerful performance, and impressive features, iPhone 8 is one of the best choices for a consumer who prefers the best in return for his investment. assures the best deals with ideal value coupled with the best customer service in the whole region.

An iPhone 8 costs between Dhs 276.00–and Dhs. 404.00, presenting comprehensive pricing, which suits different budgets. We have the perfect iPhone 8 that serves your purpose, be it the one in excellent condition or one that will be affordable to you. Our flexible price structure enables every would-be owner to receive all the best features that the iPhone 8 has to offer without spending a fortune.

At Fonezone. ae, we are proud to offer great prices and also excellent availability. Our stock is updated daily, implying you will always find the Apple iPhone 8 in different conditions and configurations. With an interactive, user-friendly website, scrolling through the models on offer is hassle-free while you compare prices and click on the best deals.

While purchasing from Fonezone. ae, the assurance of quality and dependability is also guaranteed. Every phone is extensively tested and inspected to meet the highest standards before being listed on the website. This further ensures that you always get a flawless performance device that turns out great.
Don't be left out.

The digital experience with the Apple iPhone 8 can now be yours, available at Fonezone. ae, offered at the best price point for your convenience, in an online shop with a well-established rigor.

Familiar Design with a Twist

And sure enough, the Apple iPhone 8 brings a design that feels a little like the one that came on the iPhone 7 before. Laid out the same and sized identically, all of the cases made for the iPhone 7 will fit the iPhone 8.

The most significant difference there may well be is the addition of a glass back, which will offer a classier look with new color options and weigh in far heavier with a grippier feel when compared to the newer rounded metal design.

Whereas the glass-backed one gives the device a better overall appearance, it also opens up the model to more vulnerabilities in fingerprints and brittleness compared to its aluminum counterpart. Although a thin finish on the glass is reasonable relative to visual appeal, the glass is inherently weak in base material, hence being worth considering as an essential fact for potential purchasers.

Wireless charging and the glass back

Now, enjoy wire-free charging with the sleekly glamorous Apple iPhone 8, procured from Fonezone. ae. Use this technology to the fullest, making everything in your life a tad easier and more seamless. All you need to do is put your iPhone 8 on any compatible wireless charging pad; the phone comes back to life automatically. No more incorrect plugs and no more wearing of charging ports—it works.

The new all-glass composition of this design in the iPhone 8 adds purposeful function—now, with a glass back, support for wireless charging makes the cut, and at the same time, it gives your device a premium feel.

The durable glass back of this practical piece of engineering is made strong enough to withstand daily wear and still blow views away with its perfect appearance. In addition, the smooth high-gloss finish further raises the look of the phone over the bar, genuinely making it a fashionable accessory and a powerful tool.

At Fonezone. ae, secure your Apple iPhone 8 at significant discounts from Dhs. 276.00 to Dhs. 404.00. A very, very special deal for a quality, top-of-the-range phone using the most recent technology, the iPhone 8 is stylish and functional for those who believe in upgrades or those just eyeing to use it—maybe as a precious gift, indeed.

Learn more about this great deal today at fonezone. ae and grab the opportunity to give the Apple iPhone 8 a try to discover comfort and class of use. So, with wireless charging and a modern glass back, this device isn't meant to be anything other than look for something for your contemporary lifestyle. Don't miss this exclusive offer; grab the chance today to upgrade to an Apple iPhone 8!

Display and Sound Upgrades

Get your iPhone 8 alive with our premium display and sound upgrades at Fonezone. ae. Live your device in a new form of high performance for catching vibrant visuals with fresh and crystal clear audio while streaming your favorite shows, gaming, or just milling about the internet. All these enhancements will make the difference noticeable.

The new display brings every picture and video to life, noticeably much more clearly at added brightness, contrast, and with accurate added color. It looks so much better on your iPhone 8 than ever, with things like detail sharpness and vivid colors to keep the view so much more conducting. This screen update will just be perfect for those who want to extract all the potential of the screen abilities their device has for professional work or personal enjoyment.

With the sound upgrade, the audio section ensures the voice will be lifelike ultrapure with rich bass and pronounced highs. On the go around town or listening to a movie with dialogue, you will notice the difference with clarity in every letter and tone. Tapping your foot to the beat is also enhanced by this sound system upgrade that booms.

These upgrades are available through Fonezone. ae and are priced between Dhs.276.00 to Dhs.404.00, definitely far less a sum for significant benefits to boost the performance of your iPhone 8. Buy into our Display and Sound Upgrades today for a changed user experience with your Apple iPhone 8. Just get online and purchase to discover a new way of smartphone entertainment.

The Powerful A11 Bionic Chip

The driving factor behind the Apple iPhone 8 is an A11 Bionic chip, making it the smartest chip to set the smartphone standard.

Then comes the A11 Bionic, the blade of them all, and currently leading every smartphone in benchmarks and real-life use. It even outshines every one of them in a vital warranty and efficiency feature—an invaluable quality of an iPhone 8 that makes an otherwise great handset sublime in use.

Battery life is much improved on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, an advancement brought about by the efficiency of the A11 Bionic chip. Clever use of cores by the chip and light workloads sees the battery going for longer, with the iPhone 8 Plus giving around five-plus hours of consistent screen-on time, lasting the whole day on heavy use, making it one of the class leaders in battery performance.

With A11 Bionic, setting a new level for exceptional daily performance in iPhone 8, really future-proofs super high-powered experiences close to new standards for what a smartphone can do.

Impressive Camera Capabilities

Discover great shooting features in a new iPhone 8 mobile, exclusive to A 12MP rear camera will pick the best details in every photo you take. Advanced sensor technology will guarantee sharp, brilliant shots provided even with low light—great for night photography. Augmented by optical image stabilization technology, hand movements that cause blur will never be a problem as it ensures a clean and sharp shot every time.

For video-shot enthusiasts, the iPhone 8 comes with 4k video recording capabilities at 60 frames per second. You have to remain content, organizing your best moments using cinematic quality. There is also slow-motion video support at 1080p and 240 frames per second. This delivers an artistic feel to your video clips and, therefore, is more interactive. The 7 MP front camera is perfect for selfies and making video calls. Images taken are pretty straightforward and sharp, precise on skin tones.

Only on is the Apple iPhone 8, which will be priced between Dhs. 276.00 to Dhs. 404.00. Avail the offer by getting the smartphone through the site for good features picked up by you—camera features and a lot more, designing features and performance features. Visit the website and steam up yours today.

Shortcomings and Complaints

While there are other impressive features of the Apple iPhone 8, it also does come with some shortfalls and complaints that potential buyers have considered before deciding to make a purchase.

Reading through the week's feedback helped me understand some features that would have most likely been a concern, such as the iPhone 8 getting warmer than usual with wireless charging. Additionally, constant contact with the charging pad limits the convenience of wireless charging, as the phone stops charging as soon as it's picked up.

As good as the iPhone 8 is in its quick USB-C charging, the charger comes with no USB-C quick charger out of the box. This means users have to get one separately, which potentially undermined the first claim and had some actual hope of quick charging out of the box.

The missed opportunity with the iPhone 8 is that such a big bezel takes the front; that space could be taking up an additional speaker grill at the top for a front-facing speaker that would give a much better audio experience.

Non-OLED Display and Resolution: For all that the iPhone 8 brings, it lacks an OLED display with higher resolution and, lacking an edge-to-edge design, still may exasperate a few concerning what it shows.

These, combined with the overall outdated design for its price point, are some critical factors for people to consider while reviewing the Apple iPhone 8.

Should You Skip the iPhone 8?

With the upcoming release of the iPhone X, would-be buyers may now wonder if they should shun the iPhone 8 with one bird in hand or hold off purchasing and wait for a wetter, optimally beautiful model. In the succeeding paragraphs, we'll analyze all the features and things to consider before we buy that Apple iPhone 8.

The number one reason for going for the iPhone 8 is to save at least $200 between the latter because that is the kind of savings you lose out on something remarkably similar. Also, if you are a man who loves his gadgets slender, then there is no better ultimate choice for you rather than the iPhone 8.

So, your preference for Touch ID over Face ID could be a deciding factor in a clinch with the iPhone 8.

Apple has strategically positioned the iPhone 8 to the point where complete pricing alternatives are available for variable budget considerations. This ensures that a consumer can afford some iPhone at each graduated price point.

However, purchasers should not forget that the iPhone X only edges out the iPhone 8 in wide dimensions, mostly on design, Face ID technology, and other advanced capabilities. Therefore, consumers need to consider these points with due diligence and care.


The Apple iPhone 8 just mirrors the dedication by Apple toward quality and innovation. Available on Fonezone. ae only, the gadget comes with a blend of performance, design, and functionality. The sleek aluminum and glass design make the iPhone 8 pleasing and durable enough, so it keeps its appearance suave even under daily wear and tear.

Running under the hood, an A11 Bionic chip powers the iPhone 8, and with looming speed and efficiency, transitions are made smooth for multitasking—smooth and literally a breeze. Whether you browse the web, play games, or use demanding apps, the iPhone 8 works quite decently well.

The 12 MP rear camera manages to score beautiful photographs and video, and it caters to photography buffs with attributes like optical image stabilization and 4K video recording.

The iPhone 8 also features wireless charging, adding a layer of convenience to your daily activities. It will cost you around Dhs 276.00 - Dhs 404.00, providing the best value for the person who wants to experience the entire ecosystem of the Apple system. Available online at fonezone. ae, this is a device that every consumer should pick up to get a fussy, reliable, and high-performing smartphone in place.


1. What are the salient features of the Apple iPhone 8?

The size is 4.7 inches, making the colors look alive with crystal-clear graphics. It is built with an A11 Bionic chip, which is full-featured and provides the best- or second-best-in-class performance for rocking apps and games. The 12MP rear camera makes fantastic photos and 4K video, while the 7MP front is perfect for selfies and FaceTime.

The iPhone 8 also supports wireless charging and has a sublime battery life to get you through the entire day. The design is sleek with glass and aluminum.

2. Which storage contains the support for the Apple iPhone 8?

Fonezone. ae brings the Apple iPhone into the market with two storages: 64GB and 256GB. In the former, size can fit someone who just keeps most of the data away from their phone but still uses it for general work, plus cloud service acts, additionally, to take that burden. The other storage capacity is 256GB, which is perfect for heavy apps, media files, and photo users. One gets various options with such big solutions in large storage capacity.

3. Is the Apple iPhone 8 waterproof?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 8 is water and dust-resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes in a row. Not that it's recommended particularly, but one can relax against accidental spillage, splash, or submergence.

4. What iOS is supported by the Apple iPhone 8?

The Apple iPhone 8 initially operates with iOS 11, delivering advanced features and the highest levels of security. Full compatibility with the latest iOS updates provides access to all of Apple's innovations: new features, security updates, and performance improvements for your iPhone 8. Regular software updates will let your iPhone 8 work smoothly and protect itself so you can trust it year by year.

5. What are the price ranges on the Apple iPhone 8 on Fonezone. ae?

The Apple iPhone 8 is now available on Fonezone. ae, at prices varying between Dhs 276.00 and 404.00, depending on the storage and condition of the device. Get yours today, either brand new or certified pre-owned, so drop by the store to see what flush deals we have on the Apple iPhone 8. Log on to fonezone. ae for more details and connect with the perfectly suitable Apple iPhone 8 for your requirements.


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