Apple iPhone 7: Detailed Review of Latest Smartphone

The Apple iPhone 7: A Powerful Next-Generation Smartphone


Introducing the Apple iPhone 7: a fantastic gadget bringing vogue design into union with forefront technology. Offered exclusively at, the iPhone 7 features powerful performance, refined looks, and an array of high-end functionalities that perfectly fit any modern mobile user to a T. This smartphone is designed with an unmatched experience in mind, thus making it a perfect choice for people who need quality and functionality in one package.

This Apple iPhone 7 has an A10 Fusion chip to give you ultra-smooth performance within every app, game, or multitasking activity. The stunning display is 4.7 inches of Retina HD, illuminating colors with details, heightening your viewing experience for videos, the web, or pictures. Moreover, one additional 12MP rear camera is placed on the iPhone 7 for spectacular photos and videos in low lighting conditions due to optical image stabilization and a larger aperture.

What shines more is the all-new iPhone 7—it is water and dust-resistant, giving a solid appeal to its durability, not to mention staying stress-free in every environment. Better battery life keeps you connected and productive the whole day.

Additionally, with the headphone jack gone, Apple is now embracing a wireless, hassle-free, convenient audio technology, looking into the future led by innovation. also deals with the Apple iPhone 7 with great care in the price ranges of Dhs. 220 to Dhs. 350, thus catering to a broader market with different customers' pockets. Coming to the features, the iPhone 7 brings you the premium experience you will enjoy all through the upgrade or, for the first time in your life, changing over to the iPhone. Head over to and see the Apple iPhone 7 that is still dominating the shelves for most smartphone enthusiasts.

Price and Availability 

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Design and Durability

The iPhone 7 is unchanged from the last experiment—the iPhone 6. The feedback on the internet was mixed, but the feel is comfortable with curved edges. The device is not very thin or super lightweight; it's thought-out in terms of design, so an individual has a very comfortable grip.

The silver variant has matte furnishing; the device is also anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof. In addition, it features water and dust resistance, promoting the phone's durability.

It completely redesigned the home button, removing any physical click from it and replacing it with a vibrating-based response. The button is OK and reasserts the pressure-sensitivity transparency, and on an impulse, it improves the overall device's durability.

The exterior of the iPhone 7 is relatively scratch-resilient, so it maintains a smooth look, even after regular use.

The Headphone Jack Controversy

Released at a time, the Apple iPhone 7 refused to build the headphone jack. This decision was respected and criticized, hence racking up the popular term "The Headphone Jack Controversy" for this Apple device released.

Fonezone. ae gives you a chance to have a look at this device and reminisce some genuinely groundbreaking features that went on to create quite a stir in the tech community.

Taking away the headphone jack would be Apple's way to push the industry into wireless audio solutions, which was conceived as a bold step from its side. While some are happy with better water resistance and the push towards a more wireless future, some are sad about losing a feature with a mobile phone from the early ages.

The headphone jack plagued many, forcing them to reconsider their headphone usage and change to a new accessory, such as the Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter, or a completely new use of wireless earbuds.

Some came with much criticism, but the iPhone 7 remains a favorite among many for its performance, thin look, and camera improvements. It is also exemplified by the way that it set the trailblazing ways of Apple in breaking norms and establishing new trends in the smartphone realm.

The Apple iPhone 7 is up for sale now. The starting price for Fonezone. ae is Dhs. 220.00 and up to Dhs. 350.00. Use it to see what all the fuss is about with this one device that has virtually shifted everything in the industry.

Display and Screen Quality

Size-wise, the Apple iPhone 7's display stands at 4.7 inches, measuring 750 by 334, with a pixel density 326. By today's standards, that's probably not the sharpest display available on sale, but for most people, it will make no difference because it's good enough. If you get close, the text does look slightly soft compared to some rivals like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The color rendition on the display is also somewhat dampened, though some people do like the natural look it gives. More pluses are found in the field of screen brightness—excellent visibility even in hot, shiny daylight—which is not typical for each flagship smartphone. The display is also tackled with an oleophobic coating that works excellent against fingerprints.

It is slightly dull compared to other screens; many users will prefer the slightly more natural look it achieves. Being bright, however, enough to be easily visible under direct sunlight—is not something all flagship smartphones can boast.

The oleophobic coating honestly does resist fingerprints weekly and keeps the display relatively clean and straightforward when used for everyday activities. What is more, about scratches, the outside of the iPhone 7 is well protected and, thus, gives the device a long-lasting sleekness over time.

Software and User Experience

iOS 10, the OS of the Apple iPhone 7, is improved and polished on performance. It's fluid, making the phone lag-free. Therefore, there is no issue encountered in the interface. Yes, it's pretty identical to iOS 9. Still, iOS 10 brings better usability this time with features like 3D integration of Touch that is very tightly fitted to expand the range of actions and interactions, thus adding significant value to UX.

The fluidity in iOS 10 is pat at high levels with brightness, color, and a neat interface. But, in the meantime, some users will find the displays somewhat outdated and fragmented, keeping the newer looks of interfaces in mind. Not even about deeper functions, surfaces like just changing the wallpaper take a hair too long—in an aesthetic way that just affects the user experience.

iOS 10 has tightly integrated 3D Touch and has, therefore, brought a lot of new functionalities that broadly extend what the iPhone 7 can do. This feature enhances the interaction with the user and hence gives reasons for its existence because it allows users an intuitive, effective way to navigate and interact with the device.

Intelligent Features and Siri

The Siri in Apple's iPhone 7 has gone to great lengths to interoperate with third-party apps—Google Maps, and Uber—as such, proper interaction is seamless. One can even give advanced commands, such as to see photos taken in the recent past showing grass, and Siri would understand. Also, the music app can analyze the listening habits of an individual and do away with the "play tracks" that the app considers uninteresting, the user experience for an individual gets better.

Siri has been integrated with third-party applications, for example, Google Maps and Uber, which make this more coherent in providing an effective interaction to the user and also increasing the functionality of the Virtual Assistant.

The capability to provide detailed and complex instructions, for example, inquiring about the photos bearing certain features, only demonstrates more understanding and effectiveness in doing it Siri, thus proving a significant leap in artificial voice recognition technology.

Powerful Performance

Packing an A10 chip with 2GB is always the finishing solution of a powerhouse combination that this phone offers, making sure to deliver excellent performance while dealing with smooth and responsive user interface interaction. Moreover, the RAM has been doubled to ensure smooth multitasking, letting users work between applications without a hiccup, never hanging up or dialing down.

With 2 GB RAM capacity, the iPhone 7 does not seem to undergo a tough time when multitasking. The device can, therefore, switch well among applications without a backlash or even experiencing poor performance, making the user experience smooth and effortless.

The processing power of the A10 chip ensures that the iPhone 7 is powerful enough to give contemporary apps very responsive, worthwhile experiences.

Gaming and Thermal Performance

The fruit company's device ensures faultless work while gaming: very smooth-running and finely optimized games. It is not one of the most stunning displays out there, but hey, games still look fantastic, thanks to that very thin Apple smoothing and beefy cruncher under the armband. For this, it first goes to the convenient and no-slip grip to make the telephone practical while gaming.

However, I must say this device can get hot during extensive gaming.

Plenty of eye candy and smooth gameplay; here, Apple's expertise in optimization, together with one super strong processor, really pay off, even if the display isn't the sharpest around.

Although it's comfortable as a gaming device, the iPhone 7 heats considerably when loaded adequately with heavy gameplay over time—nothing a casual or average gamer will experience.

Impressive Audio

In addition, stereo speakers—one at the top and one at the bottom—included on the iPhone 7 present a generally full, easily perceivable, and loud sound; they become perfect for phones. The bass is good on the speakers, so the general output of the sound is superiorly great for users.

Battery Life and Optimization

Though the iPhone 7 features a battery capacity of 1960 mAh, it sounds modest compared to some good options running on Android. The only thing is that it's been put up nicely with optimizations and low-power components to ensure this one gets you through a whole day without any hassles. It surely won't last you extra hours, but the battery life suffices for average use each day.

Smartphone 7 is optimized, with efficient power management, and therefore serves a day of heavy use. It would help in making the need for a frequent need for recharging, whereby the battery performance is made reliable and consistent.

Battery capacity may seem somewhat limited in the iPhone 7; the latter, with optimization, makes this device capable of use practically daily. A user would need to consider the necessity of charging the device if they need prolonged battery life.

Exceptional Camera

The specs of the iPhone 7's camera—an f/1.8 aperture and 12 MP sensor—don't give the full story of the camera. The result is a camera capable of taking radiant photos, which, though being detailed, endow top performance across an increasingly broad array of shooting scenarios.

The iPhone 7 camera came up with vibrant and vivid images with bright colors that make all the visuals stunning even on more giant screens. Besides, it could still maintain image details in a macro close-up condition and lower light.

The new front camera has a 7 MP sensor, which can take very detailed and high-quality photos, setting it at least amid the best of today's flagship smartphones. Nevertheless, it can be a tad limited in scenes with HDR enabled, as in those conditions, it may struggle to glow with the right level of exposure.

More importantly, the iPhone 7 can now shoot consistently stable 4K video at 30 frames per second, made better with optical image stabilization. Users can capture high-quality, stable video footage, expanding the device's imaging capability and versatility.


On a short note, the Apple iPhone 7 is a super awesome device with unquestionable performance and provision. This device from Apple is only available on our website, Fonezone. ae, as it has been explicitly catered to consumers with high expectations regarding the smooth and effective mobile device use. Be it an upgrade from your old device or getting that extra, the iPhone 7, in every essence, has been a perfect embodiment of power, functionality, and elegance of design.

Pure design with sturdy quality is what an iPhone 7 is all about. Fitted with an A10 Fusion powerhouse, this phone offers extremely rapid multitasking performance and also gives you supreme excellence for running these powerful apps and games nowadays. You can take amazing photos and shoot videos because of the advanced camera system inside your iPhone 7; this will be your perfect companion in capturing each everyday moment of your life.

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1. What are the key features of the Apple iPhone 7?

The features clogged into an Apple iPhone 7 are many: the 4.7-inch Retina HD display, a robust A10 Fusion chip for faster performance, and a rear camera of 12 megapixels with optical image stabilization. Also, it can go into the water up to a rating of IP67, meaning it is water- and dust-resistant to get a durable aspect. It also has better battery life with stereo speakers for high-quality audio. This variant will make you happy with its required speed and style, and it is available in multiple colors.

2. What storage options are available for the iPhone 7 at

Here, at, the storage varieties of Apple iPhone 7 have been offered that hit all your desires with the desire-to-be-expected agility. The 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants gave ample space for applications, photos, videos, and other pertinent documents you had on your smartphone. The different sorts of storage will let you choose models according to your usage requirements and budget bounds.

3. Can an Apple iPhone 7 be updated to the latest iOS?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 is up and running with the latest updates of iOS. The hardware might be old, but Apple still pushes iOS updates, which, with additional features, security enhancement, and improved performance, keep your iPhone 7 updated with new advancements and fine-tuned with all the newer iOS versions that it operates on.

4. How much does an iPhone 7 cost at

The Apple iPhone 7 is available at from Dhs. 220.00 to Dhs. 350.00. Of course, the price will vary according to the storage capacity and condition of the device, and it may be new, refurbished, or pre-owned. This, of course, brings an iPhone 7 into the budget of very many people looking for an opportunity to experience Apple quality and innovation without necessarily having to break the bank.

5. Does the iPhone 7 support water and dust resistance?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 is designed with water and dust resistance at an IP67 rating, meaning that it will remain protected against water for a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes and will be dust-tight. This already adds more durability to the iPhone 7, making it a more reliable option for everyday use. More details on and purchase of the Apple iPhone 7 are available online at