Apple iPhone 6s: New Features and Improvements

The Apple iPhone 6s: A Comprehensive Review


Welcome to, where you will get the best, most up-to-date technology. We are so excited to present the Apple iPhone 6s, in a totally new level of the smartphone experience. Available only on our site, the iPhone 6s combines latest technology along with graceful design for professionals, and users whose main concern is technology.

The Apple iPhone 6s has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display that makes all content look alive with brilliant colors and sharp detail. This powerhouse is driven by an A9 chip for optimal performance with 64-bit architecture, allowing seamless multitasking and working with more demanding apps. The iPhone 6s boasts a 12MP iSight camera for incredible photo and 4K video seizing—all these moments are sure to be shared with friends and family.

We, at, bring you the Apple iPhone 6s at unbeatable prices, ranging from as little as Dhs.149.00 up to Dhs.245.00. These insane prices guarantee not to break the bank while getting you all the premium features that come with the iPhone 6s. Be it an upgrade for the existing phone or just a perfect gift to someone special, iPhone 6s is a masterpiece.

Visit our website and go through the features and specifications of Apple iPhone 6s in order to find out what exactly does it take for a device to be among the market's top-selling smartphones. Because of its design, performance, and camera skills, iPhone 6s is a device far from the ordinary, easily keeping up with you and your pace of life on the go. Visit today and purchase this marvelous device to take your mobile experience to other horizons.

Price and Availability

We are excited to announce the availability of the Apple iPhone 6s, available on our website, at the most considered price on such an iconic piece of history.

This slim yet classy appliance combines performance and style in a perfect blend, making it of ideal class for people who want both a really powerful phone and one that is feature-rich. With an A9 chip, beauteous Retina HD display, and a 12MP camera that seizes vibrant photos and 4K videos, iPhone 6s gives you probably the most unforgettable method of staying in touch and being entertained.

Here at, we endeavor to provide the best value to all our customers. This Apple iPhone 6s sells between Dhs 149.00 and Dhs.245, so with the lower-budget differences, choices in all types of the budget are made feasible.

So whether a person would like to go for an affordable solution or expensive alternative, the price would assure them that an option is always open. Also, our website, from time to time, provides a string of accumulated discounts and offers coming up, so do peek again and again to benefit from our present deals.

What is of great prominence for them is their convenience to have it our way, and that is a fact; we can prove so, at least in our end, where Apple iPhone 6s is available online.

We want you to be so sure before you plan on buying this one, hence we give out full details of it together with a photo and a customer review for guiding reasons. Placing orders through our user-friendly interface takes no sweat. Efficient delivery will guarantee the same is delivered in a timely fashion. So shop at for quality at affordable prices.


The Apple iPhone 6s, exclusively to be found on, crystallizes all the greatness possible with Apple, harboring unparalleled designs and significant innovation. It is uniquely constructed with the exterior sleek and elegant assurance, to provide the most elegant and best touches it holds for its users. The iPhone 6s casing is created from 7000 series aluminum, which is known for strength and rigidity. It is structurally strong to keep up with per-day heavy use without ever losing that desirable premium sensation in your hand.

One of the standout elements of design incorporated into the iPhone 6s is the new Retina HD display. The 4.7-inch screen boasts vivid colors and sharp details, allowing everything from web browsing to video watching to be nothing less than immersive. It also has new 3D Touch with advanced display technology, from which it senses pressure on the screen and lets you do more than ever in all the apps you use daily.

Having a beautiful layout, design-wise, the iPhone 6s can boast of an ergonomic layout. The rounded edges and thin contour make it fit easily into a hand, whereas positioning the buttons and ports in a thoughtful way permits easy access to all important functions.

In addition, it is now available in an amazing range of beautiful selected finishes, from rose gold to silver, space gray, and gold, designed to match your personal style and choice,Dhs. 149.00 to Dhs. 245.00 At you can purchase the Apple iPhone 6s for a much more reasonable price.

This makes it the best buy for someone looking for a very qualitative smartphone—definitely a healthy buy with the right balance between form and functionality. So, feel the looks and style in the design of the all-new iPhone 6s by visiting our website and booking your device immediately.


The very new Apple iPhone 6s has paid immense attention to internal specification upgrades. The iPhone 6s comes with the new A9 chip from Apple, a dual-core processor but with two powerful cores running at nearly two gigahertz, and it comes mounted with two gigabytes of RAM. This makes it substantially fast and hence multi-capable, playing games without any hassle or general use at rates of up to 60 frames per second—quite simply, a lot faster and hence capable of handling multitasking fluently.

Besides that, the benchmark score of the iPhone 6s has turned out to be commendable, and it has been a tough competition for some laptops.

Despite the beefed-up internal specifications, the battery life of the iPhone 6s has actually gone down when compared to its predecessor. Concretely, the iPhone 6s is powered by a 1715 milliamp-hour battery, while the iPhone 6s Plus is backed by a 2750 milliamp-hour battery.

Battery life has not drastically changed from the previous models, but that's not a bad thing: the iPhone 6s could very well last through what would be a whole day with usual usage, while the iPhone 6s Plus shines greatly in both the decent standby time and prolonged battery life probably being some of the best in its category.

Perhaps one of the most observable improvements added to this iPhone 6s model is the presence of 3D Touch. This feature provides an additional layer to the screen's functionality by allowing pressure-sensing interactions. With 3D Touch, a user simply needs to press at different levels on the display to perform modes of functions and shortcuts in supporting applications, enabling a new realm of interaction and greater productivity.


The sensor within the iPhone 6s is new, pegging back in specifications with an improvement that really ups its game in increasing both image quality and performance during shots, where a camera interface balances control and ease of use, resulting in easy snaps of great-looking photos. Again, the Plus variant has optical image stabilization that results in cleaner low-light photos and even smoother videos when compared to its predecessor.

The new 12-megapixel sensor improves color accuracy and image processing to natural, vibrant colors, while holding up with a lot of detail in the pictures. This camera is good with exposure and dynamic range, hence delivering well in quality with most lighting conditions. Moreover, the rise to 12 megapixels enables 4K video recording of excellent quality with the finest details.

Live Photos is a new feature of iPhone 6s that captures 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter button is pressed in order to produce an animated clip. Though it offers some dynamics to a photo, Live Photos are rather aimed at capturing motion or dynamic scenes, adding to the interesting functionalities for capturing images that an iPhone 6s offers.


Introduce with yourself to the most greatest and updated software exclusively of Apple iPhone 6S and that too only at Our software package is specifically tailored according to gaining the best experience and performance out of your iPhone. Be it the hurrying of your phone, enhancing its battery life, or adding some new and exciting features, our software packages totally do the job.

At, we genuinely believe in keeping your iPhone 6s updated with the latest in technology. This software includes a suite of tools and applications to ensure that your device functions at its optimum pace, delivering effective results in the most effective way. You can easily upgrade your iPhone 6s with very detailed instructions for installation in just over a short time.

The price range for our Apple iPhone 6s software is unbeatable in the market: Dhs. 149.00 to Dhs. 245.00. This is the software you can never miss to have revved up on your device. Hurry; special deals only at Upgrade your iPhone 6s today and experience the difference with a world of possibilities at your fingertips!


On the supported issue, the base model of Apple iPhone 6s provides only a 16-gigabyte storage base, which is quite paltry for users taking into account the high-end requirements like 4K video recording and its functionality with Live Photos. There is an insatiable thirst for a more significant storage stipulation, proportional to rising demands, evident in the need for high storage capacities in society's modern, high-tech world.


In coming years, this need for higher capacities within smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6s is only going to spiral upwards. The consumption of high-resolution media and feature-rich applications is growing at an exponential rate; therefore, the requirement for wider storage capacity options is becoming very prevalent. The help signifies that the coming time and further smartphone generations will tilt towards higher capacities to match changing user needs and technological innovation.


The Apple iPhone 6s remains one of the best options present for users who require a reliable and powerful smartphone and remain light on their pockets. Available at, one can easily find how the iPhone 6s brings together beautiful looks with sturdy functionality, suiting freshmen or seasoned smartphone users. Being compact in size, coupled with a friendly interface, everything is made easier, with the build quality remaining likewise to assure durability.

The iPhone 6s wows with outstanding camera features. With a 12-megapixel back and 5-megapixel front camera, one can just easily do wonders with their photos and selfies. 4K video recording is great whenever there is content that needs to be seriously captured in video form. Uncle also has a Retina HD display; hence, photos, videos, and so on are going to look vibrant and sharp under any multimedia use conditions.

The A9-chip on the iPhone 6s supports lag-free multitasking performance. No matter what you are doing on this version of iPhone—be it browsing, gaming, or using productivity apps—iPhone 6s will serve you extremely responsively and without lags. This device also supports new iOS updates to easily secure the latest features and security updates going into the future.

Take a look at what can offer you in relation to the Apple iPhone 6s; we are retailing it within the cost bracket of Dhs. 149.00 to Dhs. 245.00. This, coupled with good service delivery and features in this device, makes Apple iPhone 6s a desirable value for money. This could be your opportunity to purchase very high-end smartphones at very affordable and ridiculously fair pricing. So hurry up and buy the Apple iPhone 6s from for perfect style, functionality, and affordability to blend in this one amazing gadget.


1. What are key features of the Apple iPhone 6s?

The key features of the Apple iPhone 6s specifically consist of a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, an A9 chip with 64-bit architecture, a 12-megapixel iSight camera, a 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, making 4K video, iOS, Touch ID Live Photos, highly safe touch technology, and much more. The device is also available in different color variants and different storage capacity layers, making it appealing to a wide audience base.

2. Will iPhone 6's latest iOS get the iPhone 6s treatment?

Yes, the iPhone 6s supports the newest iOS updates. Even for an older model such as the iPhone 6s, Apple has made sure the user can install the newer iOS to experience the latest features and improvements in safety. This ensures that your device will always be current with the technology and enhancements that Apple is making for your current device.

3. Explain the storage options for the iPhone 6s?

Apple iPhone 6s is available in models with variable storage capacities, such as 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, or even 128 GB. This enables a selection based on what the customer would like—more space for apps, photos, and videos, or at least something cheap with less extra space.

4. How is the battery performance of the iPhone 6s?

The Apple iPhone 6s features relatively good battery performance—it lasts a whole day for moderate use. It offers up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G, 10 days on standby time, and up to 11 hours of internet use on Wi-Fi. Of course, depending on how it is used, this fact is drawn from the pudding: constituting iOS capability, the iPhone 6s has been designed to ensure that power is desirably held for daily usage.

5. Is the iPhone 6s water-resistant?

The iPhone 6s can resist water flowing onto the Well, an Apple iPhone 6s is not waterproof at all—a little contrast to many of the latest iPhone series, which have been assigned official ratings for resistance to water and dust. So, just be good and shield your device from being wet or from any dampness that, by any chance, may do it harm. At our website, the Apple iPhone 6s is available at different prices varying from Dhs.149.00 to Dhs. 245.00. Visit our web! Order Now!


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