Discover the Feature-Packed Apple iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11: A Feature-Packed Budget Option


The Apple iPhone 11 is a flagship model under iPhones and is available on our website only at Renowned for exceptional performance and technology, the iPhone 11 is engineered with the user-friendly interface of a powerful A13 Bionic chipset that will make your apps operate smoothly and swiftly. This device is set to run things ultrapowerfully on multitasking, gaming, or streaming content.

With a gorgeous 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display, the iPhone 11 is ideal for viewing videos and images, offering vibrant colors and great details. The dual-camera system features a combination of wide and ultra-wide lenses, which will help you compose your shot and capture stunning pictures as well as footage with just a snap. With the new Night mode and 4K video, you are assured of capturing every moment at the best quality.

Priced between Dhs. 602.00 and Dhs. 772.00, the iPhone 11 is excellent for money because of its great features. Log onto for this excellent phone and enjoy the power of using a smartphone.

Price and Availability

The latest Apple iPhone 11 is now on sale online, only at Featuring the best performance in town, the slimmest design, and the innovational facilities, the iPhone 11 is the darling product of many smartphone lovers. Delivering the best-featured products at a competitive price is no exception at, where we aim to do just that—for example, iPhone 11.

The price of the Apple iPhone 11 at varies from Dhs. 602.00 to Dhs. 772.00, making it an option affordable to many injured wallets. Indeed, the price is quite loyal to the quality and functionality of devices by Apple. In this case, the iPhone 11 is the best way to go if a user wants it for daily usage or big loads of business purposes.

Since availability is so limited, we'd like to announce this offer exclusively to our customers so they can grab their items now. Go to today to learn about Apple iPhone 11; you can place your order there. We have a very informative website and vital customer service in place to help you sail through with ease. Don't let go of using the finest smartphone available nowadays for this price.


Unveil the design of the Apple iPhone 11 from This iconic device emanates class with elegance and is structured using glasses and aluminum materials. With a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display, the Apple iPhone 11 immerses users into a world of interaction and immersion for unsurpassed live visuals at work and play. Its vivacious colors and sharp resolution make every picture and video come alive with remarkable clarity.

With, a very competitive price range on an Apple iPhone 11 is from Dhs 602.00 up to Dhs 772.00.

The price range here in the offering delivers the best value for a premium gadget on different budget mentions. The iPhone 11 has an advanced dual-camera system that includes an ultra-wide lens, which quickly takes professional photographs and videos.

With the advanced black, pure white, or any of the other captivating colors, the looks of the iPhone 11 truly are going to appeal to many. Visit FoneZone. are to experience the elegance and functionality of the device with your own eyes.


Here at, we understand how much difference a perfectly intact and good-looking screen makes for your Apple iPhone 11. The phone's display is an essential element, not only as a screen that avails all the features but also as a touch screen for easy and smooth availability while working around the smartphone. We got you covered should there be a cracked, broken, or unresponsive screen on your iPhone 11.

We have high-quality replacement screens for Apple iPhone 11, making your device new in all ways.

The screen of our website for Apple iPhone 11 ensures perfect artistry and displays high-quality details on the most complex materials. With a Liquid Retina HD display, measuring 6.1 inches diagonally, this screen is immersive in viewing, providing high-quality detailed vibrancy and dynamic range with sharp details. Advanced display technology provides true-to-life color accuracy for everything from photos and videos to games and apps, making any screen content look natural.

We use only premium replacement screens from reputable suppliers. Running quality checks guarantees you the highest standards. The digitizer of our screen assembly ensures seamless touch-sensitivity, so you can go back to navigating your phone just like before. With our screen, you will have responsive and smooth touches as you scroll through your social media, type a message, or play games.


Here at, we are pleased to introduce the one-of-a-kind Apple iPhone 11, now with exclusive audio options to further advance your listening experience. Great design, strong performance, and innovation today—the Apple iPhone 11 is built to be played with your favorite songs in life.

iPhone 11 features an advanced audio system with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos support, making the sound fully enveloping for the audience in the same way as for you.

Spatial audio in this next-generation device offers a 3D listening experience, where audio feels as though in three-dimensional space. Whether you are listening to your favorite playlist or watching the latest blockbuster, the sound quality is sharp, clear, and incredibly realistic.

It also features two channels for dual stereo speakers, ensuring music and sound are full-bodied in a balanced and transparent mode when listening. The speakers are designed to be crystal clear, along with rich bass and crystal-clear treble, which ensures each note and beat is clearly discriminated without affecting one another.

The placement of the speakers further boosts the total audio experience, rendering them suitable for hands-free calls, video chats, and multimedia playback.

The more established of the two is the Bluetooth connectivity option on iPhone 11, meaning that it will connect to very mainstream and easy-to-come-by wireless headphones and speakers.

Pre-connected, there will be no possibility of dropping your tunes or having poor quality because of that seamless connection. Better still, the device supports the best audio codecs out there, so your wireless audio experience will be as good if not better than the wired connections.


Available only in the FoneZone. a store, the Apple iPhone 11 introduces a disruptive new display technology that leads to a revolutionary haptic experience, ensuring the interface with the user feels smooth and intuitive.

Bunched under an often-overlooked banner of screen resolution and refresh rate claims, haptics work on the overall user experience while bridging tactile feedback between the digital and real world. With the iPhone 11, it seems Apple has struck right with this technology, giving a precise and responsive feeling to every tap, swipe, and press.

Regarding haptic feedback, one of the most enticing features displayed by the iPhone 11 is the Haptic Touch technology. This high-end process replaces the feature of 3D Touching by performing different actions by what seems to be the required force on the screen. Previewing emails, turning on shortcuts, or just gaming, Haptic Touch acts fluid and natural, responsive and precise in its feedback every step of the way.

Subtle vibrations and tactile responses make it sure that the user has all the information needed right at his fingertips to keep control, hence very usable.

Moreover, this haptic feedback extends far beyond the fundamental system interactions and notifications provided by iPhone 11, creating a much more seamless and connected experience.

For instance, the subtle clicking sounds that overlay within the notification buzzers or the detailed taps that events while typing on the virtual keyboard, everything is highly fitted to provide tangible physical presence. These types of details, other than making the iPhone 11 a user-friendly and operational unit, also make running even the most common activities very lovely and pleasant to operate.

Here at, we sell exclusive prices onwards for the Apple iPhone 11 at Dhs. From Dhs. 602.00 to Dhs. 772.00, this is for different applications and thus across the broad target market. Be it the ultra-tech savvy person or somebody who wants a hassle-free yet high-end smartphone, the iPhone 11 sure would transform your way of using a device with its haptic feedback system. Log on to our website,, to get more information on this device, the Apple iPhone 11, and see for yourself how far advanced its haptic technology is over others.

A13 Bionic

Get your hands on the latest Apple iPhone 11 smartphones, equipped with this further generation of Chips known as the A13 Bionic, in exclusivity only at our website. Indeed, a unique design has been created to use this masterpiece, synonymous with unparalleled performance and an overall seamless user experience.

Whether multi-tasking, gaming, or steaming, everything runs efficiently with the A13 Bionic chip. Its neural engine is great support functionality for machine learning functions exuberated into faster and more intuitive responses in daily life.

Here, we at, strive to have the coolest gadgets for our consumers at the most competitive prices in the market. The iPhone 11 is sold in the price bracket of Dhs 602.00 to Dhs 772.00. This Liquid Retina HD display gives really lovely color and sharp details to your content.

A dual-camera system with ultra-wide and wide lenses takes breathtaking, professional-quality photos and videos.

The iPhone 11 will bring an excellent hardware build on the interior, with many features that make your experience out of this world. It is a work of the iOS that gives you the handle to many applications and services integrated with the device.

The iPhone 11 also offers quick charging and wireless charging, meaning your day will not be interrupted by having to sit close to an outlet. Water and dust-resistant, it adds to even more durability for you to be ready to embark on any adventure.

Shopping with means a smooth firsthand experience: quickly shipped with 'awesome' customer service. We have designed our website to enable you to locate and purchase your desired gadgets.

Enterprise-level assurance and innovative quality—simply an amazingly Apple-iPhone-11 based on the A13 Bionic. Don't miss it; avail yourself of this offer on Visit our website today and get the iPhone 11 at an unbeatable price.


Unlike the iPhone 10R, the Apple iPhone 11 has dual rear cameras. The 12-megapixel primary camera captures great details with low noise and an excellent dynamic range in daylight. However, the colors are accurate but somewhat yawning, and one can observe some oversharpening.

All the smartphones we have here have this feature, with the ultra-wide camera taking a picture outside the frame along with the primary camera. Shots are decent when taken with the unluckily autofocus-free ultra-wide lens, featuring matching colors, contrast, and dynamic range, with visible noise being observed and a limited amount of detail.


The Apple iPhone 11 places an ultra-wide 12MP shooter beside the primary camera. With the ultra-wide camera, one is assured of taking wide frames that will ensure no one is just cropped out by mistake. Although OIS is not supported for the ultra-wide camera due to size, the ultra-wide camera also lacks autofocus; however, the photo quality is running fine to an extent.

An average amount of noise affects the picture quality, and even the details are not very prominent. This camera brings versatility to photography, especially in expansive landscapes and group shots.

Portrait Mode

In good lighting conditions, while the portrait mode in the Apple iPhone 11 majorly uses the primary camera, it does result in images with much detail and color accuracy. But then, this device does not have a second camera for depth. The portrait mode in the iPhone 11 is not quite astounding compared to the Pro version of the device, but it gives excellent results in shooting a portrait with a blurred background. It kind of somewhat brings a little bit of a professional touch to the photo.

Night Mode

When low-light conditions are detected, the Apple iPhone 11 transitions to night mode to capture even more incredible pseudo-long-exposure shots.

Photos come out very detailed yet balanced and sharp, with very nice colors and contrast exposure. There are no blurry photos once night mode engages. Even without the night mode feature, however, the iPhone 11 has relatively favorable results with ample detail, albeit at a lingering dark exposure.

Of course, the most important thing with this is that the ultra-wide-angle camera does not feature night mode. That would mean a poor outcome while capturing photos in low light with this camera.

Selfie Camera

The iPhone 11 has an upgraded 12-megapixel selfie camera, which is bundled now with a 23mm wide-angle lens. When changing its angles, the selfie cam can switch from widescreen to a cropped one due to the phone's orientation, same as before—or manually. The selfies captured with Smart HDR are plentiful in the quality aspect, with highly appreciable detail and balance.


The iPhone 11 automatically applies advanced Smart HDR technology for the best photo exposure. Smart HDR reaches for a incredible dynamic range of the image and quality, preparing eventually to set the photo to become well-balanced, elaborated, vibrant, and showing in different kinds of light.


Apple iPhone 11 will allow users to flare their selfie SloMo video in 1080p by taking a 120fps shot. Though this will get slightly gimmicky, at least, it allows users to imbue their uniqueness in the genre of video production.

Rear cameras

Videos shot from the rear cameras of the Apple iPhone 11 can record at up to 4k at 60fps.

These videos are stabilized by electronic image stabilization, smart HDR, and stereo sound recording via the four microphones. The best-in-class quality is exemplified by 4k videos from the primary camera that feature plenty of detail in the picture, low noise, and high sharpness with true-to-life colors in addition to that stunning dynamic range—all making up for some pleasant footage.

The 4K videos from the ultrawide camera are passable but just average in quality, mainly because it lacks detail in the footage and is a bit hazy on the corners.

Video quality

Shot with the Apple iPhone 11's primary rear camera, recorded 4k-resolution videos contain a load of detail, very little noise, and just-right color. Besides, it has sharp accuracy on-point with excellent dynamic range, including boost—other features in the videos—that are very appealing to customers. Meanwhile, the footage from the ultrawide camera in 4k is average at best since the sharpness and detail of the footage do not quite live up to those of the primary camera.


It's the budget variant, but the Apple iPhone 11 is just awesome: among the list of awesome things about it is—a waterproof body, very bright LCD screen, impressive stereo speakers, tremendous performance, outstanding quality of pictures (especially at night mode), and remarkable battery life.

Nevertheless, a proper OLED screen and telephoto camera are missing, as was said in the pro variants. And indeed, nobody is pleased with the omission of an adequate charger in the kit back.

This time, though, the iPhone 11 does seem to give much of the similar experience as you might get from the pro versions for literally hundreds of dollars less, which becomes a much more exciting proposition for users. At $700 for a 64GB option, it's not a budget phone, even if compared with pricier counterparts; this is a more competitive one and well worth recommending.


1. What striking features does the Apple iPhone 11 pose in the market?

The Apple iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display, taking you into the world of actual accurate colors and with a comprehensive display view. It comes with two cameras: a 12MP ultrawide and a 12MP wide camera, allowing the user to shoot beautiful photos and 4K video. With the A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone 11 is equipped to provide super performance and efficiency. Plus, like its predecessors, it is water- and dust-resistant, has Face ID for secure authentication, and has a hefty battery life to make it a proper all-rounder or everyday driver.

2. What's the storage option on the Apple iPhone 11 through FNZ?

The Apple iPhone 11 at is available in three pansed storage capacities: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Thereby offering users variable options to choose the model of the requirement of an app, photo video, and data storage; this could become important in increased numbers. Be it for a moderate user or heavy multimedia content requiring ample storage; you will get an option here.

3. Can the Apple iPhone 11 wireless charge?

Yes, wireless charging is supported in this smartphone. Inductive wireless charging on this device can be done using Qi-certified chargers. That said, it is advisable to the user when one needs a clutter-free experience during a charging session. I also support fast charging; it can charge up to around 50% in just half an hour when one uses an 18W adapter or higher.

4. What colours of Apple iPhone 11 are available on

Apple iPhone 11 Cool Color Options to Complement Your Style. The Apple iPhone 11 presents so many fabulous colorways to suit your style. At, select from among six different stunning colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, and White. Each color tells a different story, probably representing the design hence your iPhone 11 showcases your preference. Each preference is sorted in the other colors available, making the options a cool offering for everyone.

5. What is the price of the Apple iPhone 11 on.

For an Apple iPhone 11 from, prices start at Dhs. 602.0 but could go as high as Dhs. 772.0, depending on the storage and condition of the device. Better deals at exceptionally competitive prices make the value for your purchase. In addition, we often offer discounts and particular propositions on our website; just check out the latest propositions to get more attractive offers. Discover the Apple iPhone 11 and many other coolest gadgets only in, just the perfect place for finding the suitable gadget that is best suited for you and within your budget.


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