Samsung Galaxy Fit3: In-Depth Smart Band Review

Samsung Galaxy Fit3: A Complete Review

Introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Fit3

With a fashionable appearance plus compatibility with other components that one might have, The Galaxy Fit3 smart band is a popular choice for consumers who have already invested heavily- or at least partially-in Samsung electronics as well. For Dhs.220, anyone can have a rectangular format watch with an aluminum body and silicone strap. The AMOLED 1.6-inch display has a resolution of 297 pixels per inch. It delivers clear text and bright, detailed images. An always-on display, automatic brightness sensor and the feature that wakes from sleep when you lift your wrist for example make its various customization and utility features possible. The Galaxy Fit3 has something in store for everyone.

Display and Screen Features

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 is equipped with a 1.6-inch AMOLED display which is enough to provide you a good level of detail. The density is 297 pixels per inch which is also more than enough for a small size of the screen. The screen allows the always-on display and the automatic brightness sensor that reacts to the day and night cycle, and the ability to turn on the display by lifting your wrist. We consider all these options to be a great solution as it helps the user adjust the tracker to one’s liking. The display also looks perfect on the street, and it also has an automatic brightness off option that can also be useful when you want to adjust it yourself. The always-on display is almost indistinguishable from the lock screen, which impresses me the most.

Health and Fitness Tracking Capabilities

Various health and fitness functions have been added to the Samsung Galaxy Fit3, turning it into a health-keeping trench tool (a sort of console as well as watch). It will quickly report your number of steps, how many hours you are active, and a rough chart tracking the amount of calories consumed every day, giving you all the information to better observe things like this. To boot, Galaxy Fit3 will remind you what to do if your heart rate is too high or low. More importantly, it's constantly monitoring your heart rate for incoming notifications when the pulse becomes unsteady. In terms of sleep, it can monitor your sleep and provide detailed information as to the length time spent in each stage and even whether or not you are snoring. Besides this, it also records heart rate levels when sleeping.
Lastly, the smart wristband has stress monitoring, which provides breathing exercises to calm you down. Its workout log is remarkable, and it supports multiple sports as well as lets you input and adjust parameters to track your workout. It has a pillow soft GPS that helps you map your route; automatic activity detection and menstrual cycle tracking make it well-rounded. The Galaxy Fit3 ensures a normal 13 days of use without the always-on display. Thus, it is a great and long-lasting fitness gadget.

Battery Life and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 promises 13 days of endurance under normal scenarios are provided by the Samsung Galaxy Fit3. And however, always-on display is turned off-the power required will be minimal for this period of time. In the event that the always-on display is on, the power consumption rises sharply. And so, leaving it on all the time only lasts for approximately two days before recharging is necessitated and your battery as good as dead. Charging speed is not exactly overwhelming, and it could be as much as 2 hours before the battery is completely charged. If you charge it for about half an hour every day, you can, however, turn on the always-on display function. For maximum battery life it is now best to turn off the always-on display. Unfortunately, Samsung have forgotten to add a power-saving mode to the bracelet, and also there is no watch-only situation for emergencies where a user may not be able to charge it anymore but wants access nevertheless to the watch.

The charging duration, however, can be higher depending on the factors such as temperature and other ambient factors. For the best charging experience, Samsung recommends the 25W charger, but one can still use a power delivery charger. Fast charging is able, but the first charging is faster in comparison to the total charging hours, which I believe to have been about 2 hours to fully charge. Samsung has not prescribed a power-saving mode on the wristband, and the user can set the above parameters on their own to consume less energy on the Samsung Health. In general, the charging mode and capacity offer enough charge for daily activities and come along with customized settings for power consumption.

Smart Features and App Integration

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 includes a range of integrations and smart features for applications.Explained by Samsung. The system functions with a fluid movement and intuitive navigation.The in-device quick settings panel features a range of options, including sleep mode cinema mode flashlight Water lock mode Do not disturb mode and the always-on display functions as well configuration of vibration settings.Notifications are displayed together with app icons, and users can easily send preset replies. This is efficient for managing each individual announcement as it arrives and the user experience is user-friendly in nature.

Moreover, the band can tell its users when they are getting incoming calls, at which point it allows them either answer or end the call. The subsystem additionally includes widgets for fast access to a host of details and settings. So users can adjust their own environment according to taste. When paired with a Galaxy device, the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 provides added services such as camera shutter control, synchronization of alarms and timers, sleep mode, etc Now imagine that without a Galaxy phone, users can still obtain basic functions like stopwatch, calendar weather information music player function calculator. The band also contains a number of security and emergency functions. In urgent cases can send emergency messages with gie rides to pre set contacts by press the button five times; and it can put out alarms automatically if a serious fall is detected.

A lock screen option is provined, and the system also allows configuration of button behavior for quick app shortcuts.Terms of app integration: through the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app and Samsung Health App, Sync Users can set up how to watch face look ,keep track all their health data (steps taken), as well as many different settings in an orderly arrangement.The app has allkinds of watch faces, while Samsung Health app lets users manage health-related dvances data, from the total number of steps and activity time throughout a day to heartbeats per minute--plus sleep records for several days, stress.Under its Settings, the app also provides for blood oyxgen saturation monitoring, snoring sensibility to sleep posture and exercises that help reduce stress.Furthermore, while it may not actually pay for one's purchase or direct anyone somewhere, it is the whole world's best health and fitness tracker (short of deathly ill).

Navigation and User Interface

The navigation and the interface are convenient to use and easy to access and manage settings and features. The Samsung system ensures the fluidity of the user experience, allowing smooth interactions with the smart wristband. For example, the quick access settings panel provides high speed of access to operations such as sleep mode, cinema mode, flashlight, water lock mode, and do not disturb mode. These general settings are easy to modify according to the user’s wish.

Notifications and Response:

The device depicts the notifications with the application icon. Hence, the user can respond to the notifications received through messages or notification messages to reduce downtime caused by overrated notifications .

Widgets and App Integration:

The device also supports emojis that can be used with the response or have fun replying with emojis. Widgets. In addition to the ability to customize one’s experience as seen fit, the device offers widgets for easy access to information of interest . Moreover, it can be installed and managed using the Samsung Galaxy Wearable or the Samsung Health app on your smartphone for easy usage management.

Connectivity with Galaxy Phones

By connecting to a Galaxy phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 gains extra functionality and integration. It enriches the overall user experience and has access to a variety of exclusive features.

Camera Shutter Control:

The camera shutter on their Galaxy phone can be manipulated by users from the wristband, so they can take pictures remotely without having to touch their smart phone.

Sync Alarms, Timers, and Sleep Mode:

Galaxy Fit3 lets alarms, timers, and sleep mode settings be synchronized with the connected Galaxy phone - avoiding conflicts and allowing for better overall use by inheriting the seamlessness of all functions in both devices.

The basic Functions of Samsung Smart Watches:

And even if one doesn’t have a Galaxy phone,Basic functions, including stopwatch, calendar, weather forecast, music player and calculator can be accessed directly from the smart wristband, providing complete and multifarious user experiences.

Safety and Emergency Features:

With safety and emergency features built in, the smart wristband sends an emergency message with location sharing to predetermined contacts through five short clicks of them button; automatically sends aid pulses after detecting one loud fall, these features supply additional peace of mind for users under pressure.

Additional Features and Customization Options

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 offers several additional features and customization options that enhance its usability and appeal to users. Some of these features and options include:

Screen and Display:

Its 1.6-inch AMOLED screen delivers tidy features and a pixel density of 297 pixels per inch. Always-on display, auto brightness sensor and lifting the wrist to turn on the screen are several customization options and conveniences that the Galaxy Fit3 offers. In addition, for its screen the device also provides a very good display in outdoor brightness and autocinema functionality to fit specific user preferences. The always-on display is especially good: with the same style as the home screen, you will not even notice.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

Equipped with complete health and fitness tracking capabilities, the Galaxy Fit3 counts steps, active minutes, burned calories (about), heart rate, sleep stages, oxygen levels, snoring detection and stress levels. It integrates with all kinds of sports and contains a GPS for tracking routes automatic activity detection, and a menstrual cycle tracker. Stress monitoring function is another feature that gives the users breathing exercises to aid them in relaxing.

Battery Life and Charging:

Although the Galaxy Fit3 gives promise of 13 days regular use without the always-on display feature, it offers additionally the option to use the always-on display, at the very reason of much higher power consumption. Users are able to customize the device to extend battery life and choose charging parameters according to their preference, thus making the device to be flexible with favorable charging habits.

Smarter Features and App Integration:

The Galaxy Fit3 provides a set of smart features and app integration facilities. Its organized, Samsung developed the system. It leads to an easy and smooth navigation process. Users may change watch faces, control health data, and parameters through the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app and the Samsung Health app. The device is also equipped with emergency options to ensure smooth performance in a life-threatening disaster.

Navigation and User Interface:

The Galaxy Fit3’s user-friendly interface and navigation allow the user to access and manage various settings and features. Be it quick settings panel or notifications and response, the whole system makes interactive interface user.

Pros and Cons


• A beautiful, premium device with an aluminum case and silicone bands.

• A high detail on the 1.6-inch AMOLED screen and a unique level of 297 ppi.

• All aspects of health and fitness are being tracked in one place: heart rate, sleep, stress, and the menstrual cycle.

• The device’s configuration can be adjusted such as the face, always-on functionality, and fast settings screen.

• Smart ability, app incorporation, and a Samsung Galaxy phone’s smooth integration.


• Charging is relatively slow; you will need around 2 hours to charge the battery.

• The always-on screen feature causes the battery to drop by more than half; hence you would have to charge it practically daily.

• There is no low-power mode or watch-only mode, forcing you to wear it even while charging.

• No payment with handhelds or map navigation, limiting its functionality in these areas.


1. What does the cost of Samsung Galaxy Fit3 Signifies?

The retail price of this device is Dhs.15 which is almost Dhs.216 in Dubai.

2. Here, various color options are available for the new Samsung Galaxy Fit3.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 comes in silver, gold, pink, or graphite colors so users can be quite particular in terms of choosing the most appropriate style for their taste and personality.

3. How many charge units does the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 offer enough?

Samsung Galaxy Fit3 provides 13 days of normal use without the always-on feature. The feature allows the device to be on 24/7, showing the time, date and current fitness stats. A mode of display on always makes a significant reduction on battery life, which allows only to use the device for approximately 2 days.

4. Can the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 service the payment through mobile and navigation mapping?

Nope, the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 hardware doesn't possess the functionality of mobile payments or map navigation which eventually affect the performance in these areas.

5. Samsung's Galaxy Fit3, is in relation to the health and fitness, what is its capability?

The device comes with a wide range of health and fitness tracking functions, such as heart rate measurement, sleep tracking, stress monitor and also of reproductive health.

6. What do Samsung Galaxy Fit3 have in terms of the inbuilt intelligence and the ways in which an application can be integrated with it?

The Samsung Galaxy Fit3 is stored with the smart features like the photographic appliance shutter control, the clock synchronization, the alarm, the timer and the sleep mode which is connected to a smartphone.

7. The pros & cons of the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 are?

Pros: Drawing power from its attractive outlook, good level of detail with the AMOLED screen, various health and fitness tracking capabilities, broad customizations, smart functions, strong app integration with the Galaxy phones, the product will be a big success. Cons: Power saving mode is a must, maximum charging time, minimizing overtime energy consumption by using always-on display, different dedicated modes for special operating conditions.