Samsung Galaxy A71: A Standout Mid-Range Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A71: A Powerful Mid-Range Smartphone with Impressive Features


Welcome to, your one-stop shop for all gadget needs and hobbies. Be the first to check out the Samsung Galaxy A71—cool technology blended with a stylish design to make geeks and ordinary people alike drool over this phone. Coming in at an unbeatable price of Dhs. 360.00 - Dhs. 420.00, the Samsung Galaxy A71 offers customers high-end performance devices at accessible prices for lovers of any particular brand or model.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 hosts a beauteous 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus Display that brings any of its content to life with vivid colors and sharp details. Whether you are streaming your favorite shows, gaming, or browsing the internet, the large screen of the A71 makes for an immersive viewing experience like never before. Sleek and stylish in design, it is available in various captivating colors to ensure that it looks as good as it performs.

The Galaxy A71 packs a powerhouse in the form of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, accompanied by 6GB and 8GB RAM options. This makes for a combo that ensures smoother multitasking, faster execution of apps, and, most importantly, hassle-free performance even when using heavy-duty applications.

You will have ample space to store all shots, videos, and apps in the device, which comes with 128GB of internal storage and is expandable via a microSD card.

The Galaxy A71 has a quad-camera setup at the rear: a 64MP primary sensor, 12MP ultra-extended, 5MP macro focal point, and 5MP profundity sensor. It produces versatile applications for photography enthusiasts.

This magnificent arrangement of cameras shall let you take breathtaking pictures and videos in every situation, from a broad landscape view to fine details. The 32MP front camera promises that every selfie taken is Instagram-ready with advanced features such as Live Focus and Beauty Mode.

Here at, we know the need to stay connected; that's why we fitted the Samsung Galaxy A71 with a large, long-lasting 4500mAh battery. With support for 25W fast charging, you can easily top up and return to doing what you love. More than that, the A71 incorporates both an in-display fingerprint sensor and facial recognition for added security and ease of use.

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Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is now available at for extraordinary performance with stunning design at affordable prices. This aggressively desired smartphone has been tailored to suit a wide range of user needs, making it the ideal product for every kind of technology enthusiast and users in their daily lives. At, we satisfy our customers by availing the latest products to the best of our abilities, and this one will not be left behind—the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Well, concerning fair pricing, the Samsung Galaxy A71 hits the shelves with a cost ranging from around Dhs. 360.00 up to about Dhs. 420.00, relating well to a significant number of wallets. The device gives extravagant value for money at these prices since it provides you with almost all the features that usually get placed in higher models. You get the feel of a premium smartphone without spending too much on its sleek design, powerful processor, and display.

Availability is paramount to any customer, so we proudly declare the Samsung Galaxy A71 readily available on our website, Then, there are our exceptional customers to whom we know the proposition of timely availability of the latest gadgets. Hence, we always maintain a well-updated inventory to meet up with their demand.

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If you are familiar with Samsung's recent mid-end devices, you will not be surprised that the Galaxy A71 is plastic. Sure, it might be plastic, but it looks like glass and shines quite appealingly in the light. Moreover, while solid, no waterproofing is included—a significant drawback.

The Galaxy A71 has a sufficiently large 6.7-inch screen that forms the primary view size of the device. Equipped with an ample screen, the Extended display is simply great for visuals and will allow immersive multimedia consumption and productivity.


The Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with a Super AMOLED panel from Samsung, flat 1080p resolution, and a punch-hole cutout for the selfie camera—sharp and rife with contrast. Colors are accurate, though perhaps lifeless if not in vivid mode.

Even without HDR 10 support, it is still pretty bright. It hits as high as 410 nits with the slider and 515 nits in bright light with auto mode enabled. There's also the Always-on display that comes in handy when viewing time and notifications; then, of course, below the screen sits an optical fingerprint reader offering a surefire unlocking method, albeit a little slow.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 does come with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is absent in Samsung's high-end lineups. The sound quality through the headphones is a little above average, considering loudness and distortion; thus, this will provide a decent enough audio experience to the user.


This variant of the Samsung Galaxy A71 also sports a UFS 2.1-based type of storage and comes with a pretty generous memory capacity—128GB—for all your data and media.

Moreover, the device is expandable, therefore providing a route to more storage in case of a future need for it. The newer devices from Samsung run with One UI on top of Android 10, giving users a clean experience free of bloatware. There are even more energy-saving benefits that come with the dark mode for menus. Its upgrade to Android 10 further introduces gesture navigation that makes its usage easier.


At the core of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is a Snapdragon 730 chip, one of the best mid-range chips on the market. This translates to a considerable upgrade from the Snapdragon 675 counterpart employed in the previous model—with seamless and power-efficient performance for daily demands.


Now, let's take a closer look at the camera setup—Cupertino's Samsung Galaxy A71 packs an impressive five therein-boarded modules in its L-shaped quad-camera module: a 64-megapixel primary camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 5-megapixel macro camera, and a depth sensor. Even though no telephoto lens is provided with this device, the camera module captured versatile shots for various shooting situations.

The high-quality 16-megapixel images taken by the Galaxy A71's primary camera in good lighting conditions show good contrast, a vivid palette of colors, low noise, and excellent dynamic range. Perhaps a bit more fine detail could be captured—after all, this is a mid-range device. Nevertheless, the quality presented is reasonably sufficient. It also supports a 64-megapixel shooting mode; leaving slightly better results aside, the large file size is another difference this mode brings.

The portraits taken with the primary camera and the depth sensor impressively detect and separate the subject to create a perfect bokeh effect that blurs the background effectively. Overall, quality in portrait shots is its prowess to capture an interesting and well-defined subject.

The visible improvement brought into the 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is realized through improved detail, sharpness, and vivid coloring. The developed capabilities for the ultra-wide camera increase creative photography capabilities with this device considerably by capturing extensive landscapes and group shots.

Low light

Low-light shots from this Samsung Galaxy A71 camera exhibit nice color and low noise but are generally very soft, with many blown-out highlights. It has a night mode that seems to bring back those blown-out highlights alongside enhancing shadow detail for various better image qualities.

The ultra-wide camera also does decently in low light. There's more noise and less detail compared to regular shots, however. As night mode is available for the ultra-wide camera, I was expecting that in low-light situations, images would get brighter with more details and less noise.

Selfie camera

The front camera on this tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy A71, comes with 32 megapixels, but it downscales images to 12 megapixels. Even when the resolution is reduced, selfies taken with this device still show sound color reproduction, a wide dynamic range, and surprisingly clear details.

The selfie camera does pretty well, from low lights to much better light, letting users get fabulous self-portraits every time. Overall, the performance of the selfie camera is quite satisfying in the Samsung Galaxy A71, that will help take good selfies or group selfies.


The Samsung Galaxy A71, available at, testifies to the fact that this brand has dedicated itself to bringing to the market smartphones that combine performance, design, and value. At just a price tag of Dhs. 360.00-Dhs. 420.00, the Galaxy A71 doles out an unbeatable dose of features for a wide array of users, from tech enthusiasts down to light users. Sleek design, vibrant screen display, and robust performance set it apart in a mid-range budget category.

Indeed, one of the major highlights of the Galaxy A71 can only be its 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus Display with brilliant visuals and holy cow colors—deep contrasts that render media viewing, playing games, or maybe just plain old hustle. Equipped with a quad-camera setting headed by a 64 MP primary shooter, users will be able to capture beautiful pictures and videos in a variety of lighting conditions.

Also, the 32MP front camera is best for an ideal selfie and video calls—perfect and impressive to the user's experience.

The 4500 mAh battery provides for extended work, and due to fast charging at 25W, you can refuel in a matter of minutes and again take up work on your device without losing much time.

The Galaxy A71 does not lag with respect to software. It packs Samsung's One UI, based on Android 10, and includes a high note of usability with many personalization possibilities in the interface. The availability of features such as an in-display fingerprint sensor, face recognition, and Samsung Pay enhances the ease and security beaucoup.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is a versatile and reliable smartphone designed for everyday use, which offers great value for money. Be it for photography, gaming, or just a dependable daily driver, the Galaxy A71 will tick all the checkboxes. With its very competitive pricing and comprehensive feature set, it still turns out to be a top choice for anyone in the market for a mid-range smartphone.

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1. What is the main feature of a Samsung Galaxy A71?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a fantastic smartphone specially designed to boost your mobile experience. It has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen that makes colors very brilliant and clear, hence suitable for media consumption and playing games without boundaries, and it all comes in very handy.

This one comes with a Snapdragon 730 processor at its core and will thus provide very smooth performance along with multitasking. In addition, the device at the back features a quad-camera setup -- a 64MP primary camera, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 5MP macro camera, and lastly, a 5MP depth sensor that clicks exquisite images in all kinds of conditions.

2. What are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy A71 at

Now, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is available on our website,, within a very competitive price range. You can find this device for sale from Dhs. 360.00 to Dhs. 420.00—prices depending on configuration and running promotions. Within this range, it becomes beneficial and just perfect for somebody who wants high performance but doesn't have extraordinary money to spend on a smartphone.

3. What about battery life in the Samsung Galaxy A71?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is powered by a 4500mAh battery, which is good enough to see you through the day. On average usage, the battery will quickly churn out from morning till night, after which you would need a charge. In any case, it supports 25W Super Fast Charging, so you don't need to bother running low on juice. It refuels your device quickly enough to minimize your downtime and be connected always.

4. Does Samsung Galaxy A71 Support expandable storage?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A71 does support expandable storage, which is a big plus for those in dire need of space for apps, photos, and videos. The device offers 128GB of onboard storage capacity or further expandable via microSD to as high as 1TB. This provides you with ample space for storing your files and media.

5. Which operating system is run by the Samsung Galaxy A71?

The Samsung Galaxy A71 runs on Android 10, with Samsung's One UI 2.0 on top, making things very easy to use and intuitive. One UI 2.0 offers a minimalistic interface that provides effortless movement around the device's features and settings. What's more, Samsung does update its devices, so you might be looking at frequent security patches and new featured updates to enhance your overall experience with time. For more info or to buy the Samsung Galaxy A71, check out our website