Samsung Galaxy A6: A Comprehensive Review

Samsung Galaxy A6: A Comprehensive Review


Discover all the great features and performance that the Samsung Galaxy A6 offers, available only at This slim and stylish smartphone is sure to be a manufacturing masterpiece, promising exquisite feel and performance whenever you browse the internet, stream your videos, or even capture your moments.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 features a remarkable 5.6" Super AMOLED screen that delivers magnificent colors and clarity, ensuring every image and video looks alive.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 operates on an octa-core processor under the hood, making it smooth when multitasking. With 3GB RAM to drop those apps and games into, its lag-free experience is from front to back. This device has 32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 256 via microSD. That gives much storage space for all those pictures, videos, and apps—one without running out of space—stored inside the phone.

For photo fans, a large 16MP rear camera gives the Galaxy A6 the ability to take incredible images in any lighting. Another characteristic that surprisingly accounts for this phone being perfect for a selfie-ready crowd includes a 16MP selfie and video chat-enabled camera so that the best about a person can be captured in every snap. It also boasts of a more elegant look complemented by comfort in handling with a metallic body sporting premium quality.

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Price and Availability

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This all combines with style and functionality that transcends; the Galaxy A6 is just ultra-slim and metal. It is also available exclusively on our website,, crafted with a full metal unibody that enhances durability and, at the same time, guarantees a premium feel touch on the smartphone.

The smooth curved edges also ensure perfect grip, therefore rendering it easy to handle and also use with just one hand.

It features a thin profile and lightweight construction that maintain added features of smartness, making it a trendy companion for any occasion. Now it has one: Galaxy A6, with a bright and elastic screen through which each color seems so likely to overdo it and escape the limits.

The 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display allows for an expansive full-screen display with deep visual appeal and functionality, all in the infinity rim design with rich colors and deep contrast during careful browsing of articles, watching videos, or gaming.

Give an immersive big screen with deep visual appeal and functionality through the Infinity Rim design, allowing for extra screen real estate. The Samsung Galaxy A6 is neatly wrapped and efficiently priced in an attractively band of Dhs. 199.00 - Dhs. 200.00 on

This smartphone not only looks striking, but the feel is firm and durable, which it exudes with its solid metal body, giving it a robust quality feel. If you are looking for a striking phone within the crowd, if not strong and trusted while feeling it in the palm, the Samsung Galaxy A6 is befitting for both.


The Samsung Galaxy A6, through its 5.6-inch AMOLED display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, creates a trendy and immersive visual experience.

But worry not: this display is 720p resolution, which is quite a wet towel, more so after the grade the 1080p panel in the bigger A6 Plus pulled in its performance.

Hence, at 294 PPI, pixilation may not be radically visible. Maximum brightness is excellent, too, at 482 nits in auto mode, which should still ensure some somewhat OK visibility in sunlight. However, while the Plus model features an always-on display, the A6 lacks the same.

The A6 can reach a maximum brightness of 482 nits with its auto mode hence the display is decently visible even under the scorching sun. The AMOLED display offers pretty good legibility in the bright sun at daylight. In a word, it provides the colors with a nice pop for the screen, but it still doesn't quite churn out the impressive performance we're used to seeing from such screens. The fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy A6 is inside the single rear camera and should be easy to hit. It is pretty close to the camera lens, as you will have to wipe the lens very often because of it. However, it's snappy in those crucial instances, waking the device when you need it to be accurate.


The Samsung Galaxy A6 features a single speaker located on the side of the phone, delivering loud and excellent sound quality. When using headphones via the 3.5 millimeter jack at the bottom, the loudness is average, but the sound reproduction is accurate. Additionally, there is support for Dolby Atmos sound when using headphones, as well as an FM radio.
However, it is worth noting the use of a micro USB port, which means it is not the newer, reversible USB type-c port, which, I find a bit of a downside on a 2018 phone to be at that price.


Powered by a powerful and efficient processor, the Samsung Galaxy A6 does not lack features that can create snag-free functioning with minimal glitches. The sleek smartphone will have an octa-core processor with Exynos 7870 at its core. The figures available speak of 1.6 GHz, enabling it to provide a well-balanced mix of power and efficiency, great for average applications and those of a more sophisticated nature.

Surf the net, watch videos, or multitask with concurrent applications —the Galaxy A6 easily handles it.

The Exynos 7870 runs on the 14nm FinFET process, thus improving both performance and best battery efficiency. Indeed, this translates to prolonged use without the regular need to recharge the device.

Besides, it has it an imprinted Mali-T830 MP1 GPU, which ensures that you will experience top-notch gaming with crisp, clean graphics and exterminate latency from within the game.
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The Samsung Galaxy A6 features just a 3000 milliamp-hour battery to power what's seen as a typical workhorse. Well, typical is anything but what the A6 delivered: at the least, it lasted 83 hours in our custom endurance test. Sadly, fast charging is not supported. Many people found this detestable.

Given the relatively modest size of the battery powering the Samsung Galaxy A6, runtimes are praiseworthy. Hence, one can reasonably expect an excellent rating for endurance whether or not seen in the context of day-to-day use.


The only major upgrade the Samsung Galaxy A6 sports over the J5 is the 16-megapixel shooter, with an F 1.7 aperture and face detection autofocus. That does not, however, come with OIS.

In bright light, the camera shoots excellent photographs with great detail and well-contained noise. It, however, disappoints regarding dynamic range, usually leading to clipped highlights in high-contrast scenes.

Low Light

The Samsung Galaxy A6 does not deliver below-par in low-light photography. The low-light images turned out pretty soft, with lots of luminance noise and sizeable discoloration. Now, this is probably mainly because the processing power of the phone got reduced from what its sibling, the Galaxy A8, comes with. The A6 doesn't come anywhere in the ballpark to emulate performance, let alone get close to what the predecessor A8 had to offer.


Unlike the A8, the Samsung Galaxy A6 harbors a 16-megapixel front-facing shooter with an F 1.9 aperture. The selfie shooter offers fixed focus, and it's outstanding at bringing sharpness to all the details, which is color production. Another additional camera feature is "selfie focus," which blurs out much of the background to boost the philosophy bokeh effect while bringing in apparent subject separation.


The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a fantastic device that combines beauty with brawn when a host of features are introduced to satisfy the needs of the present user. The FoneZone. an ae-exclusive Galaxy A6 makes sure it is placed at the frontier for being a top-notch choice both sensibly and flexibly. Highly affordable, alongside its comprehensive cross-spec list, it proves to be a market-strong smartphone.

Being a valued incorporated at approximately Dhs 200.00, the Samsung Galaxy A6 is just one hell of a great bargain. High definition on display, promising the finest views, be it while streaming movies, while at the game, or while navigating the web.

Packed with a strong processor and a bundle of RAM to assure top performance in multitasking, you can shuffle between apps/tips with ease. Besides that, it is also essential to discuss the camera features of Galaxy A6. These features will enable an effortless capture of strong pictures and videos in different light conditions. With its long battery life, one can work and stay connected all day without power loss.

The Galaxy A6 is scorching fast and incredibly sleek and stylish—it's beautiful to hold an inch from your face. In short, the Samsung Galaxy A6 on offer is a decent device here at As a general and overall high-budget-oriented smartphone, it hardly tends to compromise on its quality or execution. Whether a person is a geek or just needs a reliable device for daily use, the Galaxy A6 is an excellent pick; it is easy to go for. Place your order on for a leading-level smartphone at the most friendly price.


1. What are the key features of Samsung Galaxy A6?

A slim body design graced with exquisite lines houses a 5.6-inch display, where the Super AMOLED screen of Samsung Galaxy A6 displays sharp contrast with lively colors. Regarding the performance under the hood, it runs on top of Exynos 7870 octa-core combined with 3 GB of RAM, promising smooth performance in productivity tasks. With a 16MP rear and 16MP front shooter, high-quality images are taken with great detail.

2. How is the battery life in the Samsung Galaxy A6?

The device is equipped with a 3,000mAh battery. Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy A6 is great; a day will present no problem, even with relatively moderate use. This includes browsing with the browser, sending emails, and general social networking. Aggressively using your device may drain your battery faster.

3. Does the Samsung Galaxy A6 support expandable storage?

It does. The phone comes with 32 GB of internal storage, and in circumstances where it may seem limited, you can expand it using a microSD card of up to 256 GB. Now, many more pictures, videos, and apps may find storage.

4. What operating system powers the Samsung Galaxy A6?

Powering the Samsung Galaxy A6 is the Android 8.0 Oreo, layered with Samsung's custom interface. Very user-friendly, many of its features can be customized, and even apps and services are unique to this device from Samsung. Regular updates also ensure improved performance and security.

5. Available on Available is the Samsung Galaxy A6 through

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