Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy A51: A Detailed Review of the Mid-Range Powerhouse


The Samsung Galaxy A51 is now available exclusively at our website, The Samsung Galaxy A51 itself proves that Samsung doesn't ever fail to design high-quality and full-featured phones in the affordable price range. With price ranges from Dhs. 360.00 to Dhs. 430.00, it has that perfect combo of performance, design, and functionality that makes it just the right fit for a large audience spectrum.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is made to impress with its sleek and modern look. Its 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display brings vibrant colors and sharp contrasts—perfect for watching videos, browsing the web, or playing games. With minimal bezels and a punch-hole front camera on the Infinity-O display design, you can get highly immersive viewing that drags you into whatever you see.

Under the hood, it ticks with an Exynos 9611 processor, which gives fast and efficient processing for everyday tasks and multitasking. Whether switching between apps, using media streaming applications, or getting into mobile gaming, the A51 can do every task effortlessly. With up to 6GB RAM onboard, this smartphone offers a responsive and lag-free user experience.

Knowing the versatility of the quad-camera system, one would find it most stimulating in the Samsung Galaxy A51. With a 48MP Main Camera, images come forth in great detail. The 12MP Ultra Wide Camera captures sweeping landscapes with ease. The 5MP Macro Camera and 5MP Depth Sensor allow for creative close-up photography and professional-looking portraits. With a 32MP front camera, your selfies will be sharp and clear enough to share on social media.

The Galaxy A51 does not disappoint on the battery, as it has a large 4000mAh cell. Coupled with a 15W fast charger, one is guaranteed to get going once more within no time in case your device runs out of power during the day. It also features Samsung's One UI that provides users with a clean and intuitive user interface to enhance the overall user experience.

But what makes the Samsung Galaxy A51 stand out is being a feature-rich smartphone and value for money. It is one of the most sought-after picks, thanks to its excellent display, enormous power performance, versatile camera system, and long-lasting battery, so any person would want to buy a gadget that features style and reliability. Get further information about this great smartphone at today and enjoy our exclusive price of Dhs. 360.00 - Dhs. 430.00.

Price and Availability

Now in stock at comes the vastly famous and hot-seller mid-range smartphone—the Samsung Galaxy A51. This all-rounder device packs impressive specs and can be trusted to turn in reliable performance, making it an excellent value for the money when users need the functions and style of a phone without spending too much money on them. Be it for people with a love for technology or those desiring a safe bet for everyday use; the Samsung Galaxy A51 will turn into a great option. sets out to give our money value on any offer available. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is very competitive in price, running from Dhs. 360.00 to Dhs. 430.00. To this effect, this places it within the hands and budget of many people, therefore guaranteeing real value.

Thus, the price variation helps you get the right one suitable for your pocket or liking, whether you want basic or additional features with accessories.

In terms of the ease of shopping for your favorite gadgets, let it be; we have ensured that there is hassle-free access to the Samsung Galaxy A51 on our website. View details, customer reviews, and order in a few clicks—the user-friendly interface and options for secure payment make shopping seamless and more accessible than ever to get you this fantastic smartphone.

Buying the Samsung Galaxy A-51 from adds some advantages. We offer fast and safe delivery services, ensuring your new phone reaches you quickly and in the best shape possible. Second, our customer support team is always ready to answer any question or solve any issue.

This avoids hassle during shopping and makes it hassle-free from start to finish. In a nutshell, the all-new Samsung Galaxy A51 is here, now available exclusively at for Dhs. 360.00 - 430.00. With our aggressive pricing and second-to-none customer service, backed up by the convenience of shopping at your fingertips, it just can't get easier to grab your hands on this exceptional smartphone. Explore more about the Samsung Galaxy A51 at our website today and place an order.


The design of the Samsung Galaxy A51 takes after the flagship looks from Samsung, having a sleek and modern outlook. Construction-wise, most of the phone's body is plastic to keep it affordable, while it bears the same finish as seen before that shines a spectrum of colors under certain lighting conditions. Noticeable changes include a new L-shaped camera setup now holding four cameras and an LED flash; this immediately differentiates the A51 from its predecessors.

Furthermore, the device is amazingly slender and lightweight, rendering it comfortable to hold and assuring an ergonomically favorable user experience.


The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a large 6.5-inch display that is Super AMOLED, with a high resolution of 1080p, hence bright and sharp for easy viewing. Nevertheless, there are no curves; the slim bezels and the punched-hole selfie camera go on to offer an immersive display.

The device comes with color settings for accurate color reproduction. The screen's brightness goes as high as over 400 nits on the manual slider and ~613 when toggled to auto in bright sunlight. Contributing to this even further is an Always-On Display, which gives front-and-center convenience of time and most notifications while the phone rests in sleep.

This Samsung Galaxy A51 adopted an amazingly entity display and is available only at our website This smartphone features a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, offering users an immersive visual experience. With a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the Galaxy A51 ensures crystal-clear images and vibrant colors, making it perfect for watching videos, browsing photos, and playing games. The display is designed with a slim bezel, providing a larger screen-to-body ratio that enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Galaxy A51 has one.getDeclared of its display, none other than its Infinity-O design is the most outstanding feature. With this cutting-edge display structure comes a camera being cropped on the very front in a tiny punch hole for maximized screen space and an unbroken view. Whether thumping down your social media feeds or watching your favorite shows, the Infinity-O displays bring edge-to-edge viewing that's both stylish and functional.

Additionally, the very Super AMOLED technology used in the display ensures deep blacks and bright whites for sharp contrast and better color accuracy.

Advanced display features bring the next level of the user experience to a Samsung Galaxy A51. The in-display fingerprint sensor enables an easy and far more secure way to unlock your phone. At the same time, Eye Comfort Shield aims at reducing blue light omission and, therefore, makes viewing easier with prolonged periods of use. All these features, together with high resolution and vivid colors, make the Galaxy A51's display among the very best in its class rating.

The pricing for Samsung Galaxy A51 at our website,, is 360.00 DHS to 430.00 DHS. This item makes an excellent upgrade for any person who may like to get their smartphone upgraded with the best experiences without having to spend so much money on this need. With an improved display and advanced features in the new Galaxy A51, you will surely love this value for money and enjoy an upgrade of your mobile experience with happiness and joy.

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The loudspeaker quality of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is average. It seems like a single setup, nothing impressively outstanding. But it does have a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. This is to ensure diversity in audio connectivity. The audio jack produces excellent audio with high volumes and minimal distortion to enhance user experience. The device also has expandable storage, which easily enables users to have their favorite audio content stored and played. Although this loudspeaker quality is good, the single-speaker setup does not provide any special audio experience compared to devices that come with dual speakers.

Another rather obvious element of the review—the 3.5mm audio jack—leaves much to be desired, although for normal volume levels, a playback with very slight distortion is ensured to the user's comfort in audio use. Headphone audio further enhances the general experience of multimedia and simple audio reproduction on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

It has expandable storage options, and users can save a great deal of audio content for playback, making it flexible and convenient for managing the media library.


The Samsung Galaxy A51 runs the latest iteration of Samsung's 1UI 2.0 on top of Android 10, bringing many new features and improvements. Other features include a dark mode for menus, a new set of gestures navigated with swiping from the sides back, and the device also retains the conventional navigations. This has edge panels that provide an accessible real estate space for customizable shortcuts, increasing user experience with fast access to critical functions.


At the core of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is Samsung's new Exynos 9611 chipset. While this silicon does a sparkling job with everyday tasks, note that its SoC performance is near to Snapdragon 660 but lags in some GPU tests. That essentially means it scores less compared to most other devices in the competition. Even with this, the device is still reliable for regular daily use in Web browsing, social media, and other productivity tasks.


The quad-camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy A51 includes a 48-megapixel primary camera, a 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, a 5-megapixel macro camera, and a depth sensor. The primary camera captures good sharpness, dynamic range, and low noise levels with balanced colors in good daylight conditions.

It's a bit shaky on small details; but higher quality comes with larger file sizes when shooting in full 48 megapixels. Additionally, this ultra-wide-angle camera comes with excellent sharpness and dynamic range. It's a significant enhancement over the previous model. The portraits taken using the primary camera have pretty satisfactory detection, separation, and blur of the background, resulting in shots of high quality.

The dedicated macro camera does a decent job, but the fixed focus makes it quite fiddly—getting the position of the subject just right can be an exercise in patience. Lowlight photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy A51 are soft, noisy, and desaturated. Dynamic range is okay, but turning on night mode can deliver slightly sharper images with better-defined shadows. The overall lowlight performance could be better, though; there's much room for improvement in prolific shots that are clear with excellent saturation under poor lighting.

Ultrawide Photos

Low-light conditions are where the ultra-wide-angle camera of the Samsung Galaxy A51 may not turn in the best performance. Low-light shots turn out soft, dark, and with visible noise, thereby degrading the image quality. Although night mode helps to chuck out noise, still photos turn out relatively soft. However, in bright lighting conditions, the ultrawide-angle camera does well: it captures high sharpness and a dynamic range.

Selfie Camera

The Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with a 32-megapixel quad-bayer selfie camera that surprisingly produces 12-megapixel photos instead of the expected 8-megapixel ones. This could have been because of upscaling; nevertheless, the result is the production of quality selfies with bright colors, extensive dynamic range, and plenty of information. It also provides 4K video recording via a selfie camera, being one-of-a-kind compared to other smartphones with this feature.

Camera Samples

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is available exclusively at, with the best camera quality and highly preferred by photography enthusiasts and even regular users. We include an array of samples, which set out to prove N's excellence in the A51 on our website. Galaxy A51 camera works magic—through different light conditions or scenarios—to achieve breathtaking landscapes vibrant portraits, and macro shots.

Of course, the most stunning feature of the Galaxy A51 is its quad cameras: a 48MP primary camera that captures sharp, detailed pictures, while a 12MP ultra-wide lens is designed for sweeping scenes to be captured with much ease. Then there's the 5-megapixel macro camera for close-up shots with incredible clarity, and finally, the 5MP depth sensor inlays a professional touch with your portrait shots, producing a nice bokeh effect. These camera samples clarify how good the images turn out across different scenarios, which has posted to show that the phone is genuinely capable of taking clear photos.

Notably, our camera samples gallery revealed the low-light performance of the A51. Bright and vivid pictures in any faint environment will be ensured by the advanced software and hardware integration to reduce noise and increase quality. Further, the video samples showed that with shakes, it is capable of guaranteeing smooth and stable recording of videos through the Super Steady mode on the Galaxy A51 in dynamic moments.

Head onto our website,, and check out these grand camera samples on the Samsung Galaxy A51. With this type of advanced camera features or overall performance in a price bracket between Dhs. 360.00 and Dhs. 430.00, the Galaxy A51 offers great value for money. Unleash more with the camera on the Samsung Galaxy A51 and redefine magic in your life like never before through this versatile smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy A51 offers excellent value, with an attractive and light design and an AMOLED display that's hard to fault. It misses, though, on some of the basics that matter to mid-range buyers: Its battery life isn't great, its charging is slow, and it's just a little too expensive. Given the intense competition in some of these areas, this can't be recommended to every mid-range buyer out there.

For all its noteworthy features, better options may be available in the market for a prospective buyer.


1. What is distinctive about the Samsung Galaxy A51?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 touts many exciting features, such as its 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, versatile quad-camera setup with a 48MP primary main sensor, and big 4000mAh battery. Meanwhile, it runs on the Exynos 9611 processor and 4GB/6GB/8GB RAM options to ensure everyday performance and multitasking with ease. These features give users a perfectly balanced smartphone experience that will get most of them going one way.

2. Can I play games on the Samsung Galaxy A51?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A51 is pretty good for gaming with an Exynos 9611 processor and a Mali-G72 MP3 GPU that turns out decent performance in most mobile games. Additionally, it comes with a Game Booster that optimizes battery life, temperature, and memory usage during gameplay. Moreover, it hosts a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED Display for an overall fine experience while playing games.

3. How good is the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A51?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 features a quad-camera system, including a 48MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 5MP macro lens, and a 5MP depth sensor. This setup allows users to capture high-quality photos and videos in various conditions. The 48MP primary sensor clicked sharp and crisp images, while the ultra-wide camera did wonders in expansive landscapes and group shots. The macro lens did great justice to close-up photography, and the depth sensor conferred a nice bokeh effect on portrait shots.

4. Which storage variants are available in the case of a Samsung Galaxy A51?

The models of the Samsung Galaxy A51 come with different storage capacities: 64GB and 128 GB. It also has extendable memory via a microSD card slot that further extends it to 512GB. This gives users enough storage for apps, pictures, videos, and other vital data.

5. What are the prices of the Samsung Galaxy A51 at

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is available at, whose prices fluctuate within the Dhs. 360.00-Dhs. 430.00 bracket. At such a very competitive price, the Galaxy A51 makes for an interesting buy if one wants to get their hands on a feature-rich smartphone without spending an arm and a leg. Log on to for more information and buy now.

Churning out in one of the Samsung Galaxy A51's most versatile, pocket-friendly smartphones in the marketplace today that displays an outstanding balance among performance, camera quality, and smooth battery life, no matter how far your needs extend—be it from casual usage to a mobile gamer, this new device has got your back. Look no further than for our Exclusive Price.


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