Samsung Galaxy A40: Compact Mid-Range Review

Samsung Galaxy A40: A Compact Mid-Range Contender


Say hello to a style that's finely balanced with purpose in the Samsung Galaxy A40, available only on exclusive sale on Fonezone. ae. The phone is thin and powerful, being fashioned so that it seems to meet your every need and offers a fantastic seamless user experience full of coveted features. Right in the heart of the Galaxy A40 is its compact yet striking 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display—the sort of color that brings everything to life in every picture and video.

Running the show is an octa-core processor under the Exynos 7904 chip of Samsung, so you can be sure it glides through performance, hence performing many functions at the same time. Whether browsing, watching video clips, or gaming, the Galaxy A40 does it seamlessly. Multitask with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage expandable up to 512 GB using a microSD card.

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the dual camera on the Galaxy A40. The included camera features a 16MP main module and a 5MP ultra-wide lens.

It captures excellent amounts of detail and spectacular dynamic range. Switch to the ultra-wide lens for panoramas and get an extensive view. On the front side sits a 25MP selfie camera for those perfect selfies.

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Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a fantastic addition to our wide range at Fonezone. ae. We're excited to launch this stylish superpower device to our value-based customers.

The device is meant to appeal to consumers seeking that perfect spent-on-value factor in the performance-to-style-to-cost ratio ordeal. High in performance, packing an actual screen, and camera functionalities, it will be ideal for tech enthusiasts or everyday use.

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The Samsung Galaxy A40 is definitely for you if you wish to have a rugged device that serves your daily needs appropriately or if you're more of a multimedia user.

While maintaining competitive pricing that would have you with the best possible deal, we will not compromise on quality.

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The material used for making the Samsung Galaxy A40 is plastic, with a "glass-like" design that makes it appear quite premium and shines in blue color. Its back is of the glossy type, hosting a reflective gradient of colors—rainbow. It is also the smallest of the 2019 Galaxy A mid-range lineup for convenient single-handed operation.

The curved back and rounded edges allow the device to be held comfortably, which is very practical and ergonomic for the users.


So the Samsung Galaxy A40 is a compact between the devices of the 2019 line of middle-class Galaxy A, very pocketable and easily manageable with one hand, giving a good number of practical conveniences. More so, it possesses a well-curved back and rounded edges, hence not a problem when handling it.


The Galaxy A40 has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED at 1080 pixels with a 19.5:9 HD + resolution.

This panel is flat, as usual, for the Galaxy A series of phones. There's a selfie cam sitting within the U-shaped notch on top. Holding about a ~437 PPI pixel density, it offers deep blacks, thanks to AMOLED display tech, and overall highly accurate colors, which is excellent for a device purposefully from this price category.

Moreover, this device reaches a maximum brightness of 410 nits in manual mode and 548 nits in max auto mode, providing excellent visibility even in bright conditions.

Picture Quality

Regarding picture quality, the Samsung Galaxy A40 throws no quarrel with its price point. With deep AMOLED blacks, the screen allows impressive color accuracy for users' visual experience. Also, its manual maximum mode is at 410 nits, while the maximum auto mode is at 548 nits, with the maximum auto mode useful under brighter conditions, including under direct sunlight.

The upfront Super AMOLED 5.9-inch screen with 1080p resolution on the face of the Galaxy A40 offers some pretty sharp and lively graphics and adds up to the display quality markedly good.

On a side note, with this being an AMOLED panel, the phone does not have an option for an always-on display. While on the subject of its AMOLED nature, this bad chap sure doesn't support the always-on feature, and there's no LED notification light on board, so waking up the phone is the only solution for seeing notifications quickly- —which, by the way, is simple on this thing.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy A40 has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is very secure and friendly to its user in unlocking one's device. The A40, unlike some other models, goes the route of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, much like the Galaxy S10 or the A50, to allow quick and reliable access to the device. The placement secures easy access without risking the fallibility of the security added, so it's convenient for those who seek a flawless unlocking method.

Face Unlock

Unlock the future with the Face Unlock feature for the Samsung Galaxy A40, now available exclusively at Fonezone. ae. This cutting-edge technology will help open your phone quickly with the most security built in.

The Face Unlock feature is a more advanced level of protection; this only lets you access the device. Advanced facial recognition algorithms used in the system authenticate your unique facial features, which makes it quite close to impossible for anybody to gain access to unauthorized data from a user.

We at Fonezone. ae keep rolling in the new innovative products to bring to our customers. One of the examples of solid devotion towards bringing top-notch technologies at competitive prices is the Samsung Galaxy A40, which has Face Unlock. Coming for just Dhs. 517.00, this feature becomes your smartphone's convenience and serenity assurance.

True, the Samsung Galaxy A40 is a fantastic device overall; from design and display to performance, everything is making its way to unbeatable. Besides, with Face Unlock, user-friendliness and safety are leveled up. Whether you are a tech fanatic or just looking for a quickly dependable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A40, coupled with Face Unlock, tops the list right now. Visit Fonezone. ae today to learn more and grab this exclusive offer.


It is the supreme performer of the lot, the Samsung Galaxy A40, offered at our website, Fonezone. ae. It is available now for only Dhs: 517.00, an excellent option for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable device.

The Exynos 7904 SoC on the Galaxy A40 chugs along, giving responsiveness even under demanding apps. The powerful processor is aided by 4GB of RAM for lag-free multitasking. Whether you're streaming videos, gaming, or just amusingly engaging with the internet, do so seamlessly with the Galaxy A40.

The most internal storage available is 64 GB, but of course, that's plenty of memory for any type of app you might use on it, any photo and video you might take. Besides, if that is not enough, you can extend it with a microSD up to 512 GB, which, of course is as good as not having any limitation toward the files you can save. The 3100mAh battery powers your whole day, allowing you to surf the web, work, and communicate without having the trouble of being charged up ALWAYS.

The Galaxy A40 brags of its 5.9-inch full HD Super AMOLED display, portraying views with beautiful and intense colors coupled with deep contrasts. It is, therefore, an ideal way to view movies, play games, or otherwise entertain yourself on the go. Its dual-camera setup with a 16MP primary camera and an additional 5MP ultra-wide camera helps you take stunning shots easily.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A40 is truly well-balanced in performance, design, and functionality. It is an improvement on the perfect device for an upgrade. Visit our website, fonezone. ae, and purchase this stunning device with class performance now.


The Samsung Galaxy A40 employs a 3100mAh power pack, which should transpose to average battery endurance—the phone is rated at 73 hours in proprietary endurance tests. It's not very impressive, but I will see most users through the day.

Add in the phone's compatibility with 15-watt fast charging, and you have relatively quick top-offs. How much slower the charging gets with the official rating without the bundle accessories is still a mystery, however. It comes with Samsung's all-new One UI, and this particular UI is tailored to operate most efficiently with one hand.

All enhancements in the user interface, including the quick pull-down for access to the notification shade and quick toggles, give a more user-friendly experience. These optimizations will help better usability overall and may indirectly affect better battery consumption due to the streamlining of the user interaction.


A dual-camera setup is mounted on the back of the Samsung Galaxy A40: a 16MP primary shooter and a 5MP ultra-wide-angle cam. The primary camera can capture pretty good daylight shots with enough detail, pleasant colors, and decent dynamic range. Sometimes, it allows overblown highlights and auto-activation of HDR, which is quite inconsistent.

While the output of the ultra-wide camera is decent at best, there is a lack of detail, which may be apparent with some clipped highlights. Besides, the fixed-focus on the ultra-wide camera doesn't allow close-ups.

The software-driven bokeh implementation within the Portrait mode churns out decent results, especially in scenes that are subtle about it. In the low-light shots taken with the primary camera, the issue is less about noise and more about how the scene optimizer worked the contrast and color to make it jump out at you.

This super-wide camera isn't suitable for low light and bad light performance, producing grainy and sometimes smudgy images.

The 25 MP front camera will take pretty sharp selfies with lots of detail, good color representation, and a wide dynamic range. The A40 is limited to 1080p at 30fps, but third-party video camera apps like Open Camera can hit 4K recording; hence, the app goes a bit further for flexibility when taking videos.


The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a very nicely compact device that sits with a very appealing AMOLED screen and fair camera performance—mainly from the selfie cam—all in a beautiful price tag of somewhat around 200 euros. However, there are a few shortcomings, which are having average battery life, unimpressive audio quality, and a chipset that may not appeal to gaming enthusiasts.

The most exciting feature of this device, however, is the AMOLED screen. It is not the most brilliant in the market, but this is not the case for the Samsung Galaxy A40—altogether, not an ugly compact phone in the mid-range segment. Other processors with more muscle can be found in its variant and can appeal to different people needing performance-oriented devices.


1. What's inside the box with the Samsung Galaxy A40?

The smartphone is quite ergonomic and pleasing to the eye, with a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display created based on a 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution matrix. The creation incorporates the Exynos 7904 chipset, which burgeons 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 512GB using a microSD card.

At the back, the device features a dual-camera setup with a 16MP primary sensor and a 5MP ultra-wide lens. For the best selfies, a front-facing camera of 25MP has been attached to the front side.

2. How long does the Samsung Galaxy A40 battery last?

The 3100mAh battery of the Samsung Galaxy A40 is quite adequate to keep it powered for a full day of normal or casual usage. It supports 15W fast charging that will rescue you, meaning you can top up quickly and restore your day to its full dynamism, as recharging usually takes time. With daytime use, recharge in between; the battery is suitable for a full day.

3. Is the Samsung Galaxy A40 the best option for gaming?

The Samsung Galaxy A40 can very quickly run some light gaming with its Exynos 7904 chipset and 4GB RAM. Games like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, and Candy Crush work smoothly on the device. You will need to quite easily tune down some settings for a better experience in really high-graphics games.

4. Can the Samsung Galaxy A40 support face recognition and fingerprinting scanners?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A40 lets you use facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to open the phone very well for security purposes decently. It has a fingerprint scanner on the back and a facial recognition system using the front camera, guaranteeing easy and straightforward access to your phone.

5. What colors of the Samsung Galaxy A40 are present with Fonezone. ae?

Samsung Galaxy A40 plummeted one more time in the taste, with an array of colors available to make it an exact copy of your style. Choose from selections in Black, White, Blue, and Coral. Most impressively, it possesses a design whereby the user experiences a functional plan and an ornament. Get the Samsung Galaxy A40 with the lowest price of Dhs 517.00 through our website, Visit our website and check out more features to order one today.