Samsung Galaxy A21s: In-Depth Entry-Level Review

Samsung Galaxy A21s: A Capable Entry-Level Smartphone


At, we couldn't be more excited to bring you the Samsung Galaxy A21s—this phone, with all the style and powerful muscle, meets the daily needs that mean everything to do with mobiles.

Truly a device unlike any other, the new Samsung Galaxy A21s is designed with an immersive viewing experience on a vibrant 6.5-inch HD+ Infinity-O display. Stay calm at all times with the sleek shape and form factor in a modern design, comfortable to take hold of its grip and ergonomic build that is easy on the eye.

The Exynos 850 chipset on the Galaxy A21s is an octa-core processor, and it delivers premium fluidity across multitasking apps, gaming, and streaming your favorite content.

You have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 512 GB using a microSD card—plenty of space for all your apps, photos, and videos. This unit runs on One UI Core 2.1 from Samsung based on Android 10, bringing you oodles of user-friendly features for enhancement into the smartphone experience.

Photographs on the Samsung Galaxy A21s are pretty impressive as well. This is, in its entirety, a quad-camera setup featuring a 48MP primary sensor with an 8MP ultra-wide and a 2MP macro along with a 2MP depth sensor. This setup is so versatile that it's going to pull off great photos just about any time and anywhere, be it wide landscapes of the most minute of items in close-up. The 13MP front camera also means decent selfies and video calls; at all times, make sure you are looking your best.

The size of the battery in this device, standing at 5000mAh, is just immense, making it a standout. This gives massive power that is long-lasting enough for the entire day without needing to recharge now and then. Besides, the device has the provision for 15W fast charging, so you are in time to get full capacity when the call for urgency demands it.

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Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A21s, now available exclusively at our website, This very famous and sturdy feature phone that can't go unnoticed at its competitive price brings joy to its customers who need great value coupled with excellent quality.

With the Galaxy A21s, persons whose needs vary from liking a good camera setup to a massive battery and huge display for everyday multitasking are all taken care of.

At, we always try to offer unbeatable deals, and the Samsung Galaxy A21s make no difference.

Priced starting from Dhs 342.00, this versatile device makes sure it is available to a set of huge buyers, all without compensating for either features or performance. The pricing method is thus evidently bent towards ensuring our consumers get the best quality at the fairest price.

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Design and Build

The design and build of this Samsung Galaxy A21s—exclusive to—will impress and outlast. This smartphone carries a sharp and trendy design that satisfies aesthetic sensibilities and can be considered practical at most points.

The Galaxy A21s comes with a sleek plastic finish that imparts a glossy outlook to carry a classy feel, appealing to those with a sense of style and elegance in their devices.

A behemoth 6.5-inch Infinity-O display sets an amazing view in the phone. You will be able to delve into an immersive view with such an edge-to-edge screen, giving no bezels, and devour more in your favorite content.

Videos, games, and everything else look simply stunning in vivid colors and sharp details with HD+ resolution. And ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, so it is going to be easy enough to use the phone for a long time without any wrist discomfort.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s harbors a quad-camera setup, all placed inside a rectangular module at the back, lining with the modern aesthetics of the device. The device has a fingerprint sensor on the back at an ergonomic position for quick access. Available in different vibrant and unique colors so that the smartphone will get its personality.

Additionally, the Galaxy A21s has perfected quality in the manufacture of its solid build, giving complete durability and dependability. Quality materials have been applied to manufacture a gadget that assures you it can take the rough with the smooth—made not to deplore a daily commute or spontaneous use around the home.

Priced from Dhs. 342.00, it's quite the steal at for a device that not only looks stylish and is built tough but also has some amazing features. Grab this opportunity to own a great smartphone that will perfectly serve both your aesthetic and functional needs.

6.5" PLS LCD

Buy new and more significant on the classic Samsung Galaxy A21s with and indulge in the perfection of it all with 6.5″ PLS LCD.

There's nothing more to do but simply enjoy those enormous screens where all the videos, games, and so many other favorite resources are wonderfully clear to the eye, while the case can also ensure that all items are secure and invulnerable.

Dive deep into clear and bright colors with PLS technology and better brightness on the display.

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And not just a big and stunning one for your eyes, the large display on the Samsung Galaxy A21s elevates your overall usage experience, where you discover more workspace. At the same time, multitasking, and an aesthetically engaging interface on your apps and media are featured on.

Besides, the glossy finish the Galaxy A21s comes with seems like a perfect touch to its high resolution, making sure the desirability is excellent for anybody out there in the mood to make an upgrade on their smartphones.

So, whether you are into photos and want to see your shots clearly or are a great social media user, spending your hours scrolling feeds, the 6.5" PLS LCD will not let you down.

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Battery Life with 5000mAh Battery & Charging Speed

Exclusively available at, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is now for sale for as little as Dhs342.00.

The outstanding feature of this smartphone is its long battery life. The Galaxy A21s assures you that you don't have to worry and keep looking for the charger again, thanks to the big 5000mAh battery.

This is accompanied by a powerful battery intended to give you a more extended period of operation for enjoying your favorite activities, whether it is browsing the Internet, enjoying streaming videos, or working through intensive game runs.

And with such a great battery capacity, the Samsung Galaxy A21s can also charge up quite efficiently.

It supports 15W fast charging, pulling you out of the door as early as possible for your engagements. All this, combined with a high-capacity battery, makes the Samsung Galaxy A21s always ready to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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Speaker test

For sale today now on our website is the Samsung Galaxy A21s for sale on This smartphone costs just Dhs342.00 and is customized to have the best audio features available.

This fully detailed speaker test of the Galaxy A21s should provide you with that perfect window on the best possible deal.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s turned out quite loud and clear in the test. The drop-dedicated speakers stretch pretty evenly at the bottom and provide balanced sound across the frequency range.

This does seem like an upgrade: the more you play some sort of sound—be it one's favorite melodies, video content, or calls—the cleaner the sound is, without any noted distortion, even with a rise in volume.

The built-in Dolby Atmos technology enhances the audio experience with a surround sound effect to every sound, making it immersive and dynamic.

What impresses me during this speaker test of the Samsung Galaxy A21s is how well it performs with the bass response. That low-end punches through, giving depth to your music and making every beat audible.

The mids and highs are also played well and are loud enough, which makes the vocals and instruments come out natural and full of life. This speaker clarity you will appreciate most of all for streaming higher-quality music or when gaming, where the sound design is more sophisticated.

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Exynos 850 performance

The Samsung Galaxy A21s runs on a Samsung Exynos 850 processor, combined with 3, 4, or 6 gigabytes of RAM and up to 64 gigabytes of storage. It is an octa-core chip, but performance numbers did not come out strong.

Most everyday tasks are manageable, but the phone struggles with heavier activity, like gaming, experiencing lag and stutter the more apps and content it loads.
In general, the A21s perform decently in day-to-day use but lack some high-performance features that other users would demand.

Android 10 & One UI 2.0

Experience the magically integrated convenience with Android 10 and One UI 2.0, now available on It runs with many brilliant and bound-to features that will make your smartphone experience life-enhancing and closer to a intuitive, more efficient way of interacting with your smartphones.

With Android 10 onboard, you will experience more intelligent notifications, even greater privacy controls, and a lot of new functions that make multitasking easy.

Samsung has crafted One UI 2.0 to elevate your experience further and more illuminated in a suave and user-friendly manner. The design principles of One UI 2.0 make sure that you remain connected and smoothed out throughout every single interaction so that you may focus on what's important in the meantime.

More streamlined app management and enhanced digital wellness tools let One UI 2.0 reinvent the way to use your phone, making your every— whether it's complex or just a breeze.

The excellent combination of Android 10 and the recent One UI 2.0 is all available at unbeatable prices from as low as Dhs 342.00. Check this and much more on our website,, within exclusive offers. So redeem your device with us today and experience a different world as it opens up with Android 10 and One UI 2.0, only from

Low light camera performance and samples

Experience the outstanding low-light camera performance and samples of the latest device available exclusively at Whether professional or casual, a photographer or just about any user, the clarity and detail in images taken under low-light situations are remarkable.

Advanced imaging technology on our device can capture rich, detailed photos with unequivocal clarity in any complex light condition.

This is in addition to the modifications that have included a broad aperture lens and robust sensors on the low-light camera. The total of these changes would ensure that every snap is filled with rich colors and minimum natural noise.

Be it the city skyline at night, indoors at a restaurant, or with the starry night sky above, our camera, in particular, is at its best in preserving the natural ambiance and detailed atmosphere of the site and moment.

We've uploaded the low-light performance sample images to our website for those who would like to see them themselves. These samples just kind of of show how the camera can deal well with many types of situations, dim and dark, which makes it really lovely to work with.

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The selfie camera on Samsung Galaxy A21s lives in a punch-hole cutout and has a 13MP sensor, outputting both 13MP wide shots and 8MP crops. Photos taken with it are reasonably detailed; colors are cold, and the contrast is low, though again. Your portrait selfies show acceptable performance of the subject separation kind, while generally, quality-wise, the front camera is very moderate and may not satisfy those taking self-portraits seriously.

Video recording

Video recording from the Samsung Galaxy A21s carries a reasonable amount of detail and sharpness, using accurate colors for objects and the environment to keep it a smooth frame rate. Shots by the primary camera have dynamic range and contrast indicators set right to ensure natural recording. The Ultra Wide sensor leads to the sharpness of the video and color realism, just like in reality, with limitations in dynamic range. Generally, the video recording experiences with this device are balanced for those different scenes.


Samsung Galaxy A21s is a well-equipped entry-level smartphone positioned right up against some pretty stiff competition in the sub-200€ price range. With its large battery, excellent looks, and flexibility in the camera package, there are better options on the market—including those from its stable.

Prolonged performance is a concern associated with A21s, especially pitted against other options in its price bracket. However, the Samsung Galaxy A21s will still be an option for the target group who sets the extraordinary lifetime of the battery, an attractive design, and decent camera performance high on their priority list.


1. Is the Samsung Galaxy A21 a good-value budget smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy A21s has a commendable list of features, from a good-sized battery and multiple cameras to an excellent design—the must-have on a low budget.

2. How is the battery performance of a Samsung Galaxy A21s?

It ships with a big 5,000mAh battery, a powerhouse that is capable of delivering amazing battery life, with close to 40 hours of talk time and around 17 to 18 hours of video and browsing on the web.

3. The Samsung Galaxy A21s comes equipped with what camera features?

A 48MP main lens together with an 8MP ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP depth sensor make up this quad-camera system. The combination provides satisfactory photo quality in diverse shooting scenarios and places it as a very compelling option for photography enthusiasts on a budget.