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REDMAGIC 9 Pro Bumblebee Edition | Specs


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Red Magic 9 Pro Bumblebee Edition

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro Cicada Edition is an aesthetically appealing and high-end gaming smartphone that meet all standards of the modern gamer. Specifically with the customized back cover and special accessories, this special edition boast a unique design and special packaging.

Key Features:

• Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

• 8GB, 12GB, or 16GB of RAM.

• 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB storage.

• 50 MP main camera, ultra-wide and macro 2 MP camera.

• 16 MP selfie camera.

• 6,500 mAh battery.

• 80W fast charging.

The remarkable hardware and advanced specifications entitle the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Bumblebee Edition as a prime selection for mobile players. It provides frictionless gaming experience with its killer functionality and distinctive visual appeal.

Special Edition Features

Beside the following five, which distinguishes the Standard release with those unique features. The following may be part of the five:

Redone Back Cover:

Honey Bee Version shows an entirely different design of the back cover that adds a catchy and interesting look to your mobile.

Honey Bee Subject:

The honey bee theme adds a touch of style and class to the gadget.Selective Extras Together with a re-designed back cover will also be exquisite extras tailor-made by the honey bee theme. These are extras that bring added value to the phone and, therefore, enhance the overall client experience.

New Bundling This special edition comes wrapped in a very special type of wrapping, which is further used to emphasize its exclusivity with love and care. This wrapping is also customized in such a way that it takes on the Honey Bee theme and adds to the tasteful appeal of your gadget. Overall, the feature extraordinary version of RedMAGIC 9 Pro Bee Edition makes quite an attractive and striking mobile phone if a person is looking for a gaming device with the best plan.

Aesthetic Customization

But above and beyond these exceptional release features, there is an intensely high standard of stylish customization offered by the REDMAGIC 9 Master Honeybee version over the regular version. The nice additions to the Honey Bee Release are:

Attractive Design:

The Honey Bee Release has been designed attractively by adding honey bee-themed additions to its back cover and trimmjson the device. This arresting design is going to add an edge and give flamboyance to the mobile, standing out from the lot of mundane designs for consumers to whom aesthetics count the most.


The subject of the honeybee is thoroughly and completely customized through the cell phone. For this topic, though custom-based, it would serve to add a sense of elatedness and uniqueness to the "Honey Bee" offering, appealing hence to those buyers who value such attributes in completion and plan elements.

Improved Visual Appeal:

The classy customizations applied to the Honeybee Edition make it look overall much classier, possibly more eye-catching and make it stand out when choosing a gaming smartphone featuring unique design and exclusivity.

Accessories and Packaging

The REDMAGIC 9 Genius Honey Bee Version comes with amazing accessories and outstanding packaging that is extremely well done and represents the products with high quality and high-end appeal. Packaging of the frills and honey bee edition include:

Special Edition:

Along with the handset, there will be special accessories designed around the honey bee theme for the honey bee edition. These decorations are singular, thus lending the exclusivity of the entire look to the selective, unique design of the original.

Limited Packaging:

The Honey Bee Version is packed in specially themed packaging. A great packaging is one of those which truly brings out the eminence of the special edition and in general adds up to the appealing factor of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Honey Bee Edition. This only means that the added features and bundling elements will add to the distinct and custom-created character of the Honey Bee version, which shall provide a positive choice to customers needing a gaming smartphone with unique and high-end features.

Technical Specifications

This REDMAGIC 9 Genius Honey Bee Release will feature strong technical features, which will be able to fulfill the requirements of fresh and modern gamers and tech enthusiasts. Below are some of its specifications in the Honey Bee Edition:


Honey bee Edition is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor, which delivers a leading performance ability for gaming without interruption and multitasking efficiency.

Memory and Capacity Choices:

They ought to give the clients the choice and adaptability to locate the specifications of 8, 12, or 16 gigabytes of Slam and 128, 256, or 512 gigabytes of capacity according to the choice of clients.

Camera Capabilities:

The Honey Bee Release is appointed with a 50 MP main camera, super-wide camera, and 2 MP macro camera, coupled with a 16 MP selfie shooter that allows for gripping visuals and colorful photo-taking experience.

Battery and Charging:

The 6,500 mAh battery capacity allows uninterrupted longer gaming sessions without the hassle of recharging the phone, powered with fast recharging capabilities for continued gaming pleasure. The solid and dedicated specifications for REDMAGIC 9 Star Honey Bee Version, for sure, make this model the first preference when customers are in search of a smartphone with gaming features and performance.

Processor and Memory

Meanwhile, the REDMAGIC 9 Star Honey Bee version comes with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, bringing high-performance power to the phone that would let a user game and multitask without bounds into a lagless environment.

Clients can look over 8, 12, or 16 GB of Slam, giving adaptability to suit fluctuating client needs and inclinations. The other additional apparatus, Honey Bee Release, comes in either 128 or 256 or 512 GB to ensure that you have more than enough room to store gaming applications, media, and other substances. With such a powerful processor and memory configurations, the Honey Bee Release would be one of the best smartphone choices for consumers who seek a very high performance gaming smartphone.

Storage Options

The REDMAGIC 9 Master Honey Bee Version brings a variation of storage from 128, 256, and 512 GB to its customers, perfectly suiting their variety of content that could range from games, videos, and applications. Additional space in plenty ensures that customers get to enjoy their games and media without limits due to space. The fact of the matter is that the options offered in this version cater to the needs of gaming lovers and, generally, of such wise consumers who would need heavy storage for their cellphones.

Camera Features

The REDMAGIC 9 Expert Honey Bee Release is indeed equipped with powerful sets of cameras, having rightly been chosen for photography and videography enthusiasts. The camera features of the Honey Bee Release include:

50 MP Primary Camera:

The Honey Bee Release will have an excellent high-resolution 50 MP primary camera, which will be very key in taking vivid and clear pictures with great variations. Whether catching scenes, pictures, or activity shots, the principal camera conveys excellent visual quality.

Super Wide and Large Scale Cameras:

Along with the main 2 MP full scale camera for close-up details, there also exists a super-wide camera in the Honey Bee Release to snap pictures with super-wide angles, producing pictures with large scale views. Besides, the options for a camera are more, which provides enough flex to fit many photographic needs.

16 MP Selfie Camera:

The Honey Bee model features a 16 MP selfie camera to capture dazzling self-portraits and video calls with clear and flattering self-captures of natural skin color and rich details. But of course, REDMAGIC 9 Expert Honey Bee Version is such a great product that completely helps users to create great-looking visual content in a more detailed, easier, and precise way.

Battery and Charging

On the other hand, the REDMAGIC 9 Genius Honey Bee Edition secures long-lasting battery life and quick-charging capability. The Infinix Zero 8i, Honey Bee Edition, is powered by a large 6,500 mAh high-capacity battery to expand gaming, streaming, and productivity use times without requiring recharges from time to time. The adequate battery limit improves the general client experience, giving unwavering quality and comfort.

80W Quick Charging:

Honey Bee Edition supports 80W quick charging innovation, reducing the user's margin time on recharging and, therefore, ensuring fast power-up of your device for quick gaming sessions and daily use. The quick charging capacity adds a degree of comfort and effectiveness to the cell phone's power board. Paired with the fast-Ch. charging technology, high-capacity battery leaves the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Honey Bee Edition just perfect for the customers that want flawless performance and incessant power supply to their gadgets.

Comparison with Standard Red Magic 9 Pro

The REDMAGIC 9 Expert Honey Bee Version only differs from the standard REDMAGIC 9 Pro by its appearance, some special decorations, and outstanding packaging.

The main differences in these specifications can be the following:

• Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

• 8/12/16 GB of RAM, 128/256/512 GB of storage.

• 50 MP main camera with super-wide and 2 MP macro.

• 16 MP selfie camera.

• 6,500 mAh of battery.

• 80W of fast charging.

That makes the two editions quite capable of each other in performance and specifications but in elegant and stylish design, which might make the Bee Edition rather an attractive purchase.

Complete Review

The REDMAGIC 9 version with the stars and honey bee is the gaming smartphone of very attractive appearance and, at the same time, very sturdy design, which is, in fact, to serve the needs of the modern gamer.

A completely new back cover design, amazing extras, and fascinating packaging—the Honey Bee Release is a new, unparalleled premium consumer experience.

It does pack in the same premium grade performance-centric components and specifications of the standard REDMAGIC 9 Pro, making this a really tough deal to beat for any shopper in the market for a gaming smartphone designed with a little bit more flair and panache. The Honey Bee edition underlines top performance with the likes of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, more than decent choices in memory and capacity, an enabled camera system, and an enabled battery with quick charging. In general, the REDMAGIC 9 Ace "Honey Bee" version is a luxury and high-performance game phone, marking a unique and personalized design.


1. What is different about the Honey Bee version from the Standard?

The Honey Bee Version differs with a completely redesigned back cover and exclusive embellishments themed for the honey bee, apart from the extraordinary packaging it provides over and above the standard edition. Only with respect to the equipment and details are the two editions almost identical.

2. Is the Bee version similar to the performance in the standard one?

The release of the Honey Bee continues to be powered by the same strong elements and specifications as its regular model: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, memory, and storage options; camera capabilities; battery capacity; and fast-charging technology.

3. Can customers, at any time, further customize the Honey Bee version?

Though it comes with pre-done aesthetic elements, customers can always personalize their mobile with more accessories and customization options of their choice to improve visual appeal further.

4. Is this a bee-limited delivery version?

Yes, literally, it is a unique version of honeybee, coming with very unique customizations and in very, very limited numbers.

5. Where could the customers finally find more details regarding the Honey Bee Edition?

Customers would likely find detailed information on the Honey Bee Edition from official REDMAGIC websites or even finally reach authorized sellers for detailed information, i.e., price, availability, and other optional customizing abilities.