Realme Note 50 Review: Unbelievable Value at Just 349 Ringgit!

Realme Note 50: Budget Phones Are Getting Better! Incredible Value!🔥


The realme Note 50, on the other hand, has stolen headlines as one of the cheapest phones in the market at only 349 Ringgit. Such an attractive tag now sends goosebumps by having a closer look at what it packs.

From the design and build quality to performance and features, the realme Note 50 serves as an example of just how far budget phones have come in recent years. And it can help make sure they stay on a trajectory that has made them an excellent value.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design, the realme Note 50 impresses with its sleek and lightweight build.

Honestly, for a budget phone, the Realme truly does perform well in terms of its visual appeal, with a glossy panel placed on top and a matte finish provided at the bottom.

Moreover, the device has an IP54 rating, making it dust- and splash-resistant. This is a feature that is rare to get in a phone of this price range. Some of the notable features in the hardware design are that there is still the headphone jack in place, more to the convenience of those used to it and who find it quite functional for them. Further, an exclusive microSD slot comes as part of the design, which makes memory expansion rather flexible for users.

The realme Note 50 truly dazzles on the screen with a 90Hz refresh rate—a bit head-turning on a budget phone. This fast refresh further improves the overall user experience of quick navigation and app usage, already making everything feel much more responsive. While the 90Hz display assures, with the entry-level Unisoc T612 processor, on the other hand, the phone posts an admiring performance while juggling daily tasks and light gaming, managing more than a commendable level of smoothness and responsiveness.

The realme Note 50 is further graced with a 4 GB RAM going up to an additional 4 GB, assuring the user of sufficient sizes of memory to handle the phone with regards to multitasking and storage.

It also has a storage capacity, either 64GB or 128GB, and can be expanded to 2TB.

Speaking of the camera, the realme Note 50 has a 13MP AI camera, able to offer decent quality applied for general use. Lastly, the phone powers from a 5000mAh battery unit that assures hours of serving without recharging inconveniences, supporting 10W fast charging.

Display Features

Where the realme Note 50 is going to get a bit out of the usual line for a budget phone is: it carries a 90Hz refresh rate in its display. From general smoothness to that of app use, the fast refresh rate is going to leave behind all the general smoothness in navigation.

The 90Hz display supplements the Unisoc T612 processor to bring performance up to the mark for day-to-day tasks and light gaming. It offers quite a workable level of smoothness and responsiveness.

The processor used is the Unisoc T612—it's an entry-level processor, but that entry-level processor probably helps with the phone feeling like far higher performance than its actual capabilities, especially when coupled with the fast refresh rate on the display.

Further, the realme Note 50 has settings towards low, whereby the phone can easily be able to play games such as PUBG very smoothly. The phone also handles daily apps smoothly and without hiccups, which can make it apt for use as a second phone.

It will pack 4GB of RAM; however, it will have another option of 4GB, which will be enough for the memory of multitasking and storage. Users have the choice of two storage variants on the phone: 64GB and 128GB, with expandable storage up to 2TB for their preferences.

Storage and RAM

The realme Note 50 comes with a 4GB RAM and expandable RAM of up to 4GB, friendly to heavy users in multitasking the gadget, who might even store a good amount of data. The device further came with two memory storage capacities of 64GB and 128GB, hence meeting different user requirements, and it allowed expandable storage to be made of up to 2TB.

Sufficient RAM is that which will make the users in a position of running several applications all at once without any form of slowing down in performance. Meaning, it benefits power users who do a lot of multitasking or even use memory-intensive applications very well. With a maximum storage of up to 2TB, there's much data like photos, videos, and documents to be saved with no worries of storage sufficiency for more. The reason is that most people totally rely on smartphones, since it allows one to easily back up data. This, with the option of upgrading both the RAM and storage, makes the Realme Note 50 a freedom-giving device that one can have it set according to usage requirements.

Battery Life and Charging

The device is juiced by a 5000mAh battery that will last you all through the day under normal use. The battery capacity is such that it really assures the user of long periods of usage without the need for one to keep recharging it. This would be especially valuable for a consumer ever on the move and using his phone in different ways all day.

The realme Note 50 is ready for 10W fast charging, hence giving the user the convenience of phone topping up at an appropriate time. The company ships an 18W fast charger with the device, and a cable is also found in the box, so the user does not have to buy the accessories separately.

All these features make realme Note 50 smart enough in any aspect: work, entertainment, communication. The long-lasting battery and rapid charging capacity of this gadget make it fit to become a smartphone of pragmatic convenience for the budget-practical customer who needs to support everyday phone use.

Who is this phone for?

Realme Note 50 is the most perfect variant for those whose budget is limited but who still want to find many features in a smartphone with a low price. It is a looker of a design, reliable performance, and handy features to meet the needs of lots of user profiles. Here are some specific segments of users who would greatly benefit from the realme Note 50:

Students and Young Professionals:

For students and young professionals on a tight budget, the realme Note 50 offers great value.

This is a very highly recommended one for all those people who need a reliable device for academic or professional use in an affordable price.

For the users who see smartphones as part of the productivities gadgets and fun gadgets, Samsung Z Flip 3 has an expandable storage type to care for such needs and has a long-lasting battery life.

On-the-Go Users:

However, the most benefit derived comes through for users like the delivery staff on the move and outdoor lovers, with the IP 54 rating on the realme Note 50.

The phone is resistant to dust and splashing of water to ensure that it is durable and reliable for users under outdoor conditions.

Secondary Phone Users:

The realme Note 50 would make an awesome secondary phone. Together with the other device that the user normally relies on, it will make an ideal option for smooth performance in daily tasks and even light gaming.

I mean, it can run essential applications without lags, so if needed, this phone really serves the purpose for them as a backup phone.

Media and Social Media Enthusiasts:

Boasting its overall appeal to the social media enthusiast and the media consumer, the realme Note 50 features a 90Hz refresh rate of the display. The fast refreshing display also allows the navigation and usage of applications to flow more easily, complementing it with decent quality of camera for users more towards their multimedia and social networking activities on their phones.

Generally, the realme note 50 is designed to be a very flexible type for all kinds of users, since it gives them an upper edge in terms of powerful performance, stylish features, and nice affordability to match with various kinds of lifestyles and budgets.


Q1: What is the price of the realme Note 50?

A: The realme Note 50 is priced at just 349 ringgit, making it one of the most affordable phones on the market.

Q2: Can the realme Note 50 survive water splashes?

A: Yes, the realme Note 50 has an IP 54 rating, meaning it is resistant to the splashing of dust and water.

Q3: What are the storage and RAM options for the realme Note 50?

A: It features 4GB RAM, further expandable to another 4GB, and comes in 64GB and 128GB storage, expandable to 2TB.

Q4: What type of display does the realme Note 50 have?

A: It comes as a very pleasant surprise that the Note 50 features a 90Hz realme display, which allows for general improvements in the user experience department. Both navigation and the speed of the apps feel fast and smooth.

Q5: Who is the realme Note 50 suitable for?

A: The realme Note 50 will cater to the demands of a broad and diverse base of users. These may include students who are interested in their enormous power for all their study demands, working professionals, and certainly not excluding the budget-conscious consumer. Another segment, albeit much smaller, is secondary-phone users primarily use it for avid media and social media consumption.