Oppo Reno 11F 5G: Stellar Battery & Performance

Oppo Reno 11F 5G Review | Ridiculous Battery Life!


The Oppo Reno 11F 5G smartphone is set to launch in the UK market by the 26th of this month, bearing a design that combines the best from the world of elegance and affordability for a mid-ranger smartphone seeker. It will definitely be a look-worthy device with such outstanding battery life and standard mid-range specs.

This early review of the Oppo Reno 11F 5G will first touch on its design and build before delving into its key performance features and camera. Does it really live up to its claim?

Design and Build

While some mid-range smartphones go for a curvy screen and a slim-line finish, the Oppo Reno 11F 5G borrows very heavily from the iPhone, with the sharp corners and flat edges.

It is likely not a design decision that will appeal to everybody, but the lightness of the phone and the matte finish are almost endearing. The plastic frame and the back truly tend to give it that lightweight feel. Truly unique and delivering an interesting appearance is the Palm Green model. It has a very comfortable 6.7-inch screen and narrow bezel with IP65 Splash resistance. Let's see how comfortable the software, performance, and opportunities of this device's camera are.

Software and User Interface

This is an Oppo Reno 11F 5G operating the Android 14 complete with a Color OS 14 overlay. Together, they promise a rock-hard Android launcher that includes the Discover feed, notifications bar, and apps tray. The software packs a nice display of available customizable features, including the always-on display and edge lighting. It also features its gaming mode and gesture support for convenience. However, the Color OS comes with a lot of pre-installed bloatware, most of it which requires manual uninstallation. It also includes a sensor for fingerprints and an optical in-display and storage that is expandable through a microSD memory card of either 128 or 256 GB. Overall, the software and user interface provide a solid user experience with a few minor drawbacks.

Display and Audio

The Oppo Reno 11F 5G sports a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel with a full HD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. The screen has other attributes, including bright color and an HDR 10+ rating, hence best for multimedia. However, the device has a loud mono-speaker output but not of exemplary audio quality.

Also on the panel are the selfie camera lenses, which are brighter than their predecessor and will lead to lots of visibility outdoors in the daytime. And on video recording and playback, the Reno 11F 5G can capture at 4K resolution, without stabilization more so when it's windy. While some relatively small chinks in the display and audio quality remain, these prove to service quite well for daily usage.

Performance and Gaming

The Oppo Reno 11F 5G is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset and 8GB of RAM. Nonetheless, after the first setup time, the initial performance was bugged with stutters and pauses; however, after that, it actually highly improved. Gaming is best enjoyed with the graphics settings reduced to medium to elude hiccups from the frame rate. The device is shipped with a gaming mode that optimizes most resources for gaming. The device generally remains cool even after long gaming sessions. The overall performance is decent enough for routine tasks and light gaming.

Charging and Storage

There is a 5,000 mAh-rated battery on the Oppo Reno 11F 5G, which could last incredibly around 12 hours of screen-on time with general mixed use. Even with heavy usage, including gaming and photography, the phone easily lasts over a day on a single charge. It also packs a 67W SuperVOOC charging battery that takes about 30 to 40 minutes to full capacity upon recharging. This is also relatively fast and quite convenient. The Oppo Reno 11F 5G does not support wireless charging, but that's more than made up for with its SuperVOOC charging capability in its class. It comes with internal storage options of 128GB and 256GB, in which to store their files and applications. This includes the expandable option through a microSD memory card.

Video Recording and Selfies

The three-lens camera setup on the Oppo Reno 11F 5G includes a 64MP main shooter, 8MP ultra-wide, and 2MP macro lenses. The app for a camera itself is pretty streamlined and simple. In it, users will find modes like Portrait Mode, Pro Mode, Night Mode, and a variety of filters to add style to shots. With outdoor shots, the detail remains high, sharpness abounds with realistic toning, and very fast focusing deals with any kind of sudden movement. However, colors do not get bright in low light conditions, and the motion of objects or subjects results in blur. It is also very important to manually adjust EV shooting in high contrast scenes so as not to let the subject wash out.

Video recording is present at 4K resolution but lacks the 60 FPS option. Stabilization is not quite there, especially with the wind. At the front, the selfie camera of 32MP brings out so much detail and crispy images, besides supporting 4K recording.
Overall, the Oppo Reno 11F 5G offers a solid camera experience for everyday use.


The Oppo Reno 11F 5G is an attractive mid-range, all-rounder kind of a smartphone, offering very good battery life and having a sufficient camera setup.

But even if the design might not necessarily be in everyone's taste, the weightless construction, matt finish, and IP65 splash-resistant cover are at least simply more than appealing.
If anything, the Color OS 14, based on Android 14, is just a pretty solid user experience with its fair share of pre-installed bloatware. The 6.7-inch display of the AMOLED is ideal for the reproduction of great color and offers a high refresh rate that perfectly works well with multimedia consumption.
Powering it is the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 with 8GB of RAM, good enough not only for daily performance but also for serious gaming. Expect a few jitters and stops at the onset. One of the best parts of the Oppo Reno 11F 5G is a great feature: it carries a large 5,000mAh battery, good for about 12 hours of screen-on time with general mixed use and supporting 67W SuperVOOC charging.

On the camera front, outdoor shots for Oppo Reno 11F 5G come out just right with very natural tones, however, handling it in a low-light setup and video stabilization might be a bit of a challenge. Usually, the Oppo Reno 11F 5G is a perfect pick, averagely ranged smartphone, given excellent long battery life and satisfactory performance.


Q1: When will the Oppo Reno 11F 5G be available in the UK?

A: The Oppo Reno 11F 5G will be available in the UK on April 26th.

Q2: What is the battery life like on the Oppo Reno 11F 5G?

The Oppo Reno 11F 5G has a brilliant battery life, which can hold up to approximately 12 hours of screen-on time with general mixed use. Even with heavy use, for instance gaming and photography, the device goes on for a day on one charge easily.

Q3: Does the Oppo Reno 11F 5G support wireless charging?

A: No, the Oppo Reno 11F 5G won't support wireless charging. It will come with a 67W SuperVOOC charger in the box to charge the battery fully in a time of around 30-40 minutes.

Q4: What is the camera setup of the Oppo Reno 11F 5G?

A: Not to be outdone, the Oppo Reno 11F 5G camera will feature a triple-l-lens setup that will include a 64MP main shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2MP macro lens. On the front, the camera will be 32MP.