Oppo F5 Review: The Ultimate Selfie-Focused Phone

Oppo F5: A Selfie-Focused Phone with a Stunning 6-Inch Display


Order the Oppo F5 first from FoneZone.ae and get a smartphone that changes how you click and experience moments in life. Encased in a sleek and stylish exterior, this device announces statements whether used for a business or personal application. The perfect mix of advanced design, innovative features, and solid performance makes this device a must-have for tech enthusiasts and daily users.

The Oppo F5 features a gorgeous 6-inch Full HD+ display, making your visual experience full of rich colors and fine details. It works great for streaming videos, flicking through your photos, or mere gaming.

This edge-to-edge screen not only maximizes aesthetic value but also provides more space for an ultra-responsive and rich interface for every activity on your digital platform. An octa-core processor sits beneath the Oppo F5's hood, which is quite powerful, making it good for smooth multitasking with demanding applications.

The Oppo F5 also has the best camera composition. An AI Beauty Technology-driven 20 MP front camera will take your selfies with an added touch of brilliance, reflecting the true you through the lens.

This rear camera, featuring 16 MP, clicks good pictures even in low light. Capture every special moment of your day, dramatic sunsets, or fun moments in the night with friends, in the real world, knowing that Oppo's F5 has captured it in excellent quality.

The Oppo F5 offers everything not included in its display or the camera. All this comes with the user experience of ColorOS 3.2 based on Android 7.1, offering the latest features and apps, as well as a user-friendly interface and hassle-free navigation.

The device also provides an ultrafast fingerprint sensor to ensure enhanced security; hence, one is assured of quick and easy unlocking the device.
In that respect, the Oppo F5 is really very competitively priced on FoneZone.ae, from as low as Dhs.316.00 moving up to Dhs.415.00, and it is a great value for money.

Whether you wish to replace your new generation smartphone or need the sturdy gadget to fit your everyday needs best, the Oppo F5 will never let you down. But this brilliant smartphone will model style with performance and innovation from FoneZone.ae.

Price and Availability

FoneZone.ae is pleased to present the Oppo F5—this is a brilliant smartphone to offer a unit with a robust, chic design. Be it a rugged device to fit daily needs or a fashionable phone loaded with features, Oppo F5 models satisfy a wide range of needs, beginning from great photos to solid performance for seamless user experiences. One of the outstanding features of Oppo F5 is its competitive pricing available at FoneZone.ae.

The Oppo F5 sells between Dhs. 316.00 to Dhs. 415.00, to make sure people get the worth of their money. Between that range, you can get a model and comfortably enjoy high quality from Oppo. Our pricing strategy ensures that you avail one of the best smartphones in the marketplace at a favorable cost to your pocket.

Yet another significant factor to consider when purchasing a new smartphone is availability, which we cater for at one zone. ae since we ensure that we have the Oppo F5 readily available for our customers. We understand that it is crucial to have the product that you desire ready on your person, and so we try to maintain a good inventory level to meet the demand of our customers.

You are assured of having the Oppo F5 by your side already, so when you visit our website, you can go ahead and have your handsets upgraded without difficulties or botheration at all.

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In a nutshell, the Oppo F5 is a multi-featured and economical smartphone available at FoneZone.ae for prices starting from Dhs. 316.00 - Dhs. 415.00; you are guaranteed availability. We make sure it's hassle-free to get your hands on this magnificent device. Hurry now, grab incredible deals on price and service-assured devices; in an offer, you can get nowhere but on our site.


The Oppo F5, available through us at our website FoneZone.ae, is one of the marvels of modern design for a smartphone. The overall appearance is sleek and elegant, designed to take one's breath away at first glance.

It has a unibody architecture that escalates aesthetics, brings durability, and makes the grip comfortable enough to quickly settle into one hand. The polished and debonair finish on this phone makes it truly elegant to hold and use.

One dazzling feature that makes the Oppo F5 stand in a leading position is this 6.0-inch full high-definition+ display. An immersive view is what you will indeed have from this edge-to-edge screen, be it while watching videos, surfing the net, or gaming.

The thin bevels around this screen maximize screen space while retaining a compact form factor to fit inside a grip properly. Such resolution as 2160 x 1080 pixels maintains every image and video with crystal clarity and vibrant color.

The Oppo F5 hosts a fingerprint sensor at the intricately designed rear panel, cohabiting with the camera module. The positioning of the fingerprint sensor is cleverly done in a place where your fingers can easily reach and unlock the phone with just a simple touch, not to mention its flush look on the back panel. Its back placement makes it disruptive but allows for taking fabulous pictures and entrancing videos.

Oppo F5 supports an ergonomic design. The curved edges and slim phone profile fit the hand appropriately, even during more extended holding. It is well-thought-out and assured that the phone is quite natural at your convenience whether you are texting, calling somebody, or capturing moments with their written words. In addition, the slim Oppo F5 is light, making it more user-friendly: one-hand operations are not a problem.

The Oppo F5 is available on FoneZone.ae between the price ranges of Dhs. 316.00 to Dhs. 415.00. With this kind of pricing and such a fantastic design with features, it becomes a perfect choice for upgrading to a new smartphone. Visit our website today to explore more about the Oppo F5 and make the purchase.

Display and Build

Oppo F5 is available at FoneZone.ae, and it is an excellent smartphone that comes with an equally grand display, robust construction and is, therefore, the suitable device for any user generally interested in both beauty and performance. Remarkably, the phone retails at just affordable prices between Dhs 316.00 and Dhs 415.00, considering the unmatched worth features promise.

The display on the Oppo F5 is a 6.0-inch LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. The full HD+ resolution is colorful, bringing the image to life with crystal-clear details and the utmost brightness possible for users to experience the best world during video watching, game playing, or internet surfing. An 18:9 aspect ratio uses more room, taking in more of the properties of the screen and improving the user experience overall.

Build quality—for the sake of details—in the Oppo F5 is through the roof. The evocative body rocks a slim and sleek form factor that fits perfectly in everybody's hand with minimal effort while moving around. With a suitable plastic feel and appearance on the back side, emphasized by a high-gloss finish, the screen integration vis-à-vis the body integration represents a side of design brilliance in adherence.

The Oppo F5 comes with a solid frame that can withstand daily rough use. There will be no need for an additional cover because the phone is perfectly shaped ergonomically, and buttons are placed comfortably, along with ports. Also, due to advanced display protection from Corning Gorilla Glass, the smartphone screen can now resist scratches even better, be it against light abrasion or minor falls.

Overall, the Oppo F5, available with FoneZone.ae, is a great smartphone. Anyone in need of a good display and solid build will like it. With pretty good value coming from your entire tech collection, the combination of its display and build makes it one of the finest models in that price group. Get more on this excellent device from FoneZone.ae, where you can order now.

Facial Recognition

The Oppo F5 continues to come with its facial recognition feature for unlocking; however, there are instances where registration and recognition fail. Oppo F5 Facial recognition lets you unlock your phone using the front camera. As a new technology, it would not be uncommon to face many registration hiccups. However, in the long run, this is becoming an alternative unlocking option for Oppo F5.


Oppo fitted the F5 with MediaTek's octa-core MT6763T processor. A later model would come from Taiwans MediaTek Inc. and have 6GB of RAM combined with 64 GB of storage; the review version comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. But neither is that an affront to performance. Overall, working of the device on day-to-day tasks is quite efficient with the Oppo F5 and will be pretty smooth for users.


The Oppo F5 runs Android 7.1 with its custom ColorOS skin on top. Though it's pretty far from a near-stock Android experience, there's no denying that it comes littered with useful features and a very refined user experience, making for a seamless interface when one uses the phone and explores what it can do.


The newest Oppo F5 series device features a front camera of 20 megapixels, assisted by an AI beautification mode that can identify facial features to improve beauty effects for different subjects. Advanced camera functionalities enhance the selfie experience by offering augmented and customized beautification for other facial features.

Camera Performance

There is a 16-megapixel rear camera on the Oppo F5. It clicked decent shots both in bright sunlight and low light. It retains detail very nicely, enhances colors, and focuses fast even in dim light. The performance is good, especially during nighttime shots with some incidental light.

Battery Life

Starting, the battery life on the Oppo F5 is outstanding; it caters to light users and hardcore smartphone fans. A 3200 mAh battery means you can make sure you get through the day without the thought of running out of this kind of capacity. Such capacity is built to make everything seamless—web browsing, video streaming, gaming, or keeping in touch with your network through social media.

One of the most remarkable features of the Oppo F5 is its efficient battery. Again, the new ultra-power-saving system means the advanced software optimizations reduce the battery draw to the absolute minimum. Hence, it's ensured that each little bit of power is gaining its proper usage, and even on heavy use, it can easily sail through one full day on a single charge.

Greater efficiency extends to use on battery life further for moderation, allowing a user to get up to a day and a half or more without charging.

The fast charging technology on the Oppo F5 enables one to charge their battery quickly if it runs out. This feature comes in handy, especially if somebody is the kind of individual who's quite busy and needs the phone ready with a snap of the fingers.

You get hours of performance on just a few minutes of charging, with reduced downtime that ensures you are always connected. Some pretty power-efficient hardware also supports battery performance on the device. It does come powered by the MediaTek MT6763T processor, which should be well-balanced in terms of power and efficiency.

With this combination, the Oppo F5 should offer smooth performance without squeezing the battery completely dry. Additionally, the 6-inch Full HD+ display is optimized to use less power yet gives very attractive and engaging visuals.

At FoneZone.ae, the Oppo F5 console price falls in the corridor of Dhs. 316.00-Dhs. 415.00: quite a deal considering a phone with such performance. Be it a student, a professional, or any person needing just a decent phone for everyday use, the Oppo F5 somewhat doesn't disappoint at all.

With this long-lasting battery, you are sure to stay on top of your game, entertained throughout your day, and have all your tasks done without any hustle over a dying phone battery.

The Oppo F5, in essence, has superlative battery life, available through our most premium online store, FoneZone.ae. Oppo F5 has been power-managed with efficiency, fast-charging options, and energy-efficient hardware, giving that extra impetus to cope with your lifestyle's demanding routine. Don't let the chance slip from your fingers simply to have one device combining power-level performance and executive-class lifespan.


Good thing the Oppo F5 does not support quick charging. Nevertheless, the Oppo F5 lands at a sweet spot in terms of pricing—extensive and immersive on one screen, very capable in one in the camera department.


The blend of grace and functionality woven into the Oppo F5 makes it an excellent device in high demand by all consumers. Available exclusively through our website, FoneZone.ae, the Oppo F5 ranges from a very competitive price of Dhs. 316.00 to Dhs.415.00. The device is customized to fulfill the demands and needs of super tech-savvy people, and it's equipped with all features to ensure a high-class user experience.

Without any introduction, the Oppo F5 impresses a lot with its modern, sleek design. The large edge-to-edge display not only enhances the phone's aesthetics but also provides an immersive experience in viewing. It becomes beneficial if you're thinking of watching videos, playing games, or surfing the internet on your smartphone. It also holds good build quality, making it durable and remaining pretty premium in hand.

Regarding performance, the Oppo F5 does not frustrate consumers using it. It is powered by a gigantic large processor and a lot of RAM, which ensures fluent performance at each step of multitasking and using resource-intensive applications. The handset is accessible on the user interface while navigating, and even if using the features, it would not be tough to make for all people of any age group.

The battery maintains itself onto the phone for almost the entire day on one full charge. Another superb highlight of the Oppo F5 is its camera capabilities. It has an advanced front and rare camera, which enables capturing incredible photos and videos with ease. It fit with artificial intelligence beauty technology, which enhances selfies to look natural and alive, making it a flawless tool for usage on social media. The rear camera also handles well in every type of light, making it a versatile tool for photography buffs.

The Oppo F5 available at FoneZone.ae is an excellent value for the money. It is a mixture of the best design, powerful performance, and excellent camera capabilities that attract consumers towards using a better-stylish smartphone. Priced between Dhs. 316.00 and Dhs. 415.00, such a pricing band tags the smartphone as a good investment for quality without taking a significant toll on the wallet.

Log in to our website to learn more about Oppo F5, and prepare yourself to take advantage of this exclusive offer.


1. What are the key specifications of Oppo F5?

The Oppo F5 is packed with a 6-inch Full HD+ screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, assuring users sharp-colored and clear visuals. This operates using a MediaTek MT6763T Helio P23 octa-core processor that ensures top-notch performance for current applications, including games.

It comes with a 16MP rear camera and even a 20MP front-facing camera loaded with the AI Beauty Recognition feature for clicking the perfect selfies against high-resolution photos. Besides, Oppo F5 has 4GB/6GB RAM and internal storage of 32GB/64GB, which can be expanded via an expandable microSD card up to 256MB.

2. How many hours did the battery last with the Oppo F5?

The battery in the Oppo F5 is a large 3200mAh non-r+emovable unit that will have power showing left at the end of a day with moderate to heavy usage. You will get enough juice to do all of your favorite activities: internet browsing, video streaming, and gaming without the need to be constantly plugged in. Battery life generally varies – though I don't know the specific variety – between users, depending on how much usage it gets overall; correspondents seem to find their battery performance reasonably sufficient to get through a whole day on just one charge.

3. Does the Oppo F5 support dual SIM?

Yes, both SIMs can be run at a time in Oppo F5. This is a pretty helpful feature if you have personal and professional contacts and need to separate them or if you usually travel all over the planet and use hundreds of different networks. There's a space for two nano SIMs and another for a microSD card, meaning you do not give up dual SIM for storage.

4. Oppo F5 runs which version of Android?

ColorOS 3.2, operating on Android 7.1 Nougat, is what the Oppo F5 uses. ColorOS 3.2, operating on Android 7.1 Nougat, gives a crazy user experience along with many customizations and features. Most of the latest Android features are available, with additions by Oppo, including the split-screen mode, cloning apps, and several gestures to make applications and settings readily available by swiping right from the home screen. Even though the device was launched with Android 7.1, you would want to check for software updates so that features and security patches would be up-to-date.

5. Is the Oppo F5 available at FoneZone.ae?

Yes, you can buy the Oppo F5 at FoneZone.ae. You will find the device on our website with a price ranging from Dhs 316.00 to Dhs 415.00, depending on the variant and whether refurbished or new. We offer products new and refurbished, so yet again, the full guarantee to receive whatever product you like based on the wallet size and other needs. Visit FoneZone.ae for more information, specifications, and reviews regarding the Oppo F5 and then purchase it.