Official List of Eligible Devices for EMUI 14 Beta by Huawei

OFFICIAL LIST from Huawei for EMUI 14 Beta


Recently, Huawei released a list of devices that were eligible for the EMUI 14 beta version. EMUI 14 (also known as Harmony OS 4), brings with it many updates, with the lock screen and other ecosystem enhancements being its main focus. But it is an important update that will eventually be extended to a wide variety of devices. This list should be considered devices that are now able to use beta version; however, the official roll-out will still take time.

It's a beta version, which means the update is not yet finalized. That's okay─it's meant for real tech enthusiasts who want to get deep inside the latest features.

The Huawei Europe List, released by Huawei, is representative of high-end devices. Huawei P60 Pro, P60 and Mate X3 are compatible with the series. It extends to the Nova 11 Series as well as Mate 50 Series and P50 Series.

While you can install the beta version on these devices currently, that doesn't mean any other device won't get EMUI 14 eventually. Huawei starts to test these models first before then gradually rolling out the update to other devices.

Overview of EMUI 14 Beta

The EMUI 14 Beta, also known as Harmony OS 4, is the most recent software update from Huawei and adds a number of new features and enhancements.

Here is an overview:

And provide these features:

Focused on the lock screen and other ecosystem improvements.
Major update that greatly improves the user experience as a whole.
Inteneding to give you a smoother, more efficient operating system.

Testing Phase:

The beta version is a testing stage. Its update is not yet ready, which allows tech enthusiasts to try out new features before everyone else. However, it is worth noting that users may encounter some problems as they use the beta version.

Device Eligibility:

Huawei has released an official list of what devices can be installed with EMUI 14 Beta. High-end devices on the list include the Huawei P60, P60 Pro, Mate X3, Mate 50 Series, P50 Series, Nova 11 Series, and Nova Y91.

Future Updates:

While the current list includes devices that can install the beta version, it does not mean that other devices will not receive EMUI 14 in the future. Huawei is starting testing on the listed models before expanding the update to additional devices, ensuring a smooth transition for all users.

Key Features of EMUI 14

EMUI 14, also known as Harmony OS 4, comes with a variety of exciting features and enhancements that are sure to elevate the user experience. Here are some

key features of EMUI 14:

Enhanced Lock Screen:

Revamped lock screen design for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

New customization options to personalize the lock screen to suit individual preferences.

Improved security features for enhanced protection of user data.

Improved Performance:

Optimized system performance for smoother operation and faster response times.

Enhanced app launching speed for a more efficient user experience.

Reduced power consumption to prolong battery life and improve overall device longevity.

Enhanced User Interface:

Updated user interface with a modern and sleek design for a visually appealing look.

Streamlined navigation for easier access to features and functions within the operating system.

Customizable themes and color schemes to personalize the device to reflect individual style.

AI Integration:

Integration of artificial intelligence for smart assistance and predictive features.
AI-powered optimizations for better resource management and performance enhancement.

Enhanced AI capabilities for improved camera performance and image processing.

Improved Privacy and Security:

Enhanced privacy features to give users more control over their data and information.

Advanced security measures to protect against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Secure app permissions management for increased user trust and confidence.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration:

Improved integration with other Harmony OS devices for a seamless ecosystem experience.

Cross-device functionality for enhanced connectivity and convenience across multiple devices.
Enhanced collaboration features for improved productivity and workflow efficiency.

List of Devices Eligible for EMUI 14 Beta

mHere is the official list of devices that will be able to install an EMUI 14 beta version produced by Huawei:

High-End devices:

  • Huawei P60 Pro
  • Mate X3
  • Mate 50 Series
  • Huawei P50 Series
  • Nova 11 Series

User in the absence of any other offers had best choose an employee generation family plan that provides long-term benefits. It's important to note that the beta version is still in testing and may still have some bugs; as such only power users should give it a shot for now. More devices will be added to the supported list as Huawei businesses upgrade their hardware in future releases.

Testing phase:

Users can experience this version on listed devices, and may give feedback so helpful to master Huawei as in the run-up to its launch. While making free use of the beta, users occasionally meet some bugs. They will all be taken care of before the official release.

Future Updates:

Though these are the first devices to get EMUI 14 Beta, that doesn't mean other Huawei models won't get them later. The reason is that Huawei will release EMUI 14 for more devices after rigorous testing on these original models.

Beta Version Information

EMUI 14 Beta version, also known as Harmony OS 4, has been officially released by Huawei for select devices. Here is all the essential information about the beta version:

Key Highlights:

Beta version allows users to test new features before the official release.
Users may encounter issues as the update is not finalized.
Designed for tech enthusiasts looking to explore the latest developments.

Device Compatibility:

The official list of devices eligible for the EMUI 14 Beta includes high-end models like Huawei P60, P60 Pro, Mate X3, Mate 50 Series, P50 Series, Nova 11 Series, and Nova Y91. More devices may be added in the future.

Testing Phase:

Users can provide feedback on the beta version, helping Huawei improve the software before the official launch. Issues encountered during testing will be addressed for a smoother user experience.

Future Updates:

While the current list consists of devices that can access the beta version, Huawei plans to expand the update to additional devices after thorough testing. Even older models like the Huawei Mate 20 are receiving the Harmony OS 4 update.

Harmony OS 4 Update in China

In China, Huawei has kicked off the update to Harmony OS 4, rolling out the latest software upgrades to an even greater audience. Included in this update is an improved lock screen and other ecosystem features overall: it will make for an even better user experience than before.

Device Compatibility:

Even previously unsupported handsets like the Huawei Mate 20 series are receiving the Harmony OS 4 update, showing Huawei's dedication to provide such updates to a wide range of devices.

Application Process:

To access the Harmony OS 4 update, users in China will need to download an application from Huawei. During the installation process, users can fill out a form and request to join the beta program. Doing so lets them try out new features not before they are officially released to you!

Testing and Approval:

Users obtain the URL of the form, but cannot request beta permissions until they are approved. If they pass moderation, users will obtain the Harmony OS 4 update, which means not only can they enjoy new functions, they also generate very useful feedback for Huawei.

Expansion of Updates:

Initially, the Harmony OS 4 update is available on certain models. After thorough testing, Huawei will expand this to additional models. This way users in various device ranges can benefit from the latest software improvements.

How to Install EMUI 14 Beta

Install the EMUI 14 Beta version on your Huawei device.Rather than wait for the official launch,you can gain the latest features now.First.Create a beta version.Installations step by step


  • To check eligibility
  • Are you eligible?
  • On the official list your device has to be one of those that is eligible for the EMUI 14 Beta.
  • Download the Application
  • On theHuawei homepage,download the application necessary for beta installation.
  • Fill Out the Form.

After the application has been installed, fill in the form in order to apply to get into Betas.

Please Wait for Huawei's Review:

Submit the application form,, as soon as you join Huawei's Beta program of testrunners, will be the time for Huawei to be notified of your membership and how you have chosen to participate before going any further.

Get the Upgrade:

If your application is approved ,theninstall the EMUI 14 Beta version onto your device.


Use and experience the beta version's newimprovements in speed, flexibility and readability ,then report back together with Huawei on how things vary from version to before departure or release.

Experience the Latest:

You can now use EMUI 14 to enjoy Lock screen and other Ecosystem features.


After reviewing the official list of devices eligible for the EMUI 14 Beta from Huawei, users can expect a significant update that brings various enhancements to the lock screen and overall ecosystem. It's important to note that the beta version is a testing phase, allowing tech enthusiasts to explore new features before the official release. While the current list includes high-end devices like the Huawei P60, P60 Pro, Mate X3, Mate 50 Series, P50 Series, Nova 11 Series, and Nova Y91, more devices may be added in the future. Huawei is committed to expanding the update to additional models after thorough testing to ensure a smooth transition for all users.

Key Takeaways:

  • The EMUI 14 Beta offers exciting new features and improvements for users to explore.
  • The beta version is designed for tech enthusiasts looking to test the latest developments.
  • Users may encounter some issues as the update is still in the testing phase.

Device compatibility may expand to include more Huawei devices in the future.


1. What Is The EMUI 14 Beta?

The EMUI 14 Beta is a beta version of the Huawei 's own software update, which they are trying out on their users by bringing it in to reality. Not final, we recommend that you wait for a full release because this thing doesn't feel finished yet to us!

2. Which Devices Are Eligible For The EMUI 14 Beta?

For the EMUI 14 Beta, currently high-end devices such as the Huawei P60, P60 Pro, Mate X3, Mate 50 Series, P50 Series, Nova 11 Series and Nova Y91 are available. There may be more on the way.

3. So how do users install the EMUI 14 Beta?

The EMUI 14 Beta can be installed directly from the Huawei page by downloading an app, asking for entry in the testing area through a form submitted online, and after approval, the phone will receive updates to bring it up-todate with this new version of software.

4. What can users expect during the test period?

At the beta testing of EMUI 14 users may come across some problems. These should be fed back to Huawei in order that they can be fixed before final release.

5. EMUI 14 Will More Devices Receive the Update?

While the first group consisted of high-end devices, this time Huawei is rigorously testing models from its entire range in order to expand the list for EMUI 14. It seems older devices such as the Huawei Mate 20 will also receive the new version, further demonstrating the company's dedication to providing software support and updates.