iPhone 16: New Color Palette Revealed

iPhone 16: New Colors Leaked


The color palette for the iPhone 16 has just been leaked, showing what hues the device will come in. The iPhone 16 Plus, as per the leak, will come in black, white, green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple—all of them shiningly bright. The leak also confirms that the device's camera has a straight redesign, ditching the diagonal layout. Now the gadget will be able to record 'Space' videos and play them back with the Apple Vision Pro. While the extensive palette of colors may always lure, it is sort of an irony that many would end up getting a case for their gadget and hence rather rendering colors sort of irrelevant.

I should point out that this is a leak and does not represent any official presentation, and it's around this time of the year when the launch is expected to be made—most probably next year in September.


Fans of Apple have been waiting for the official release of the iPhone 16, and finally, a few interesting morsels about the much-anticipated gadget has been dished out recently. Among these would definitely be the most exciting details dished out, of course, the color palette available for the iPhone 16 Plus. To show just how eye-catching the colors are, this leak came from the Apple Hub account. Beyond these color options, the leak also reiterates the new camera design, which is said to have huge implications for the video recording capabilities of the device.

While leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, they often provide valuable insights into upcoming products. Through this newsletter, the leaked details regarding colors and design of iPhone 16 and answers to most of the questions that the users may have been left wondering about the same device are shared.

Leaked Color Palette

The leak clearly outlined that the iPhone 16 Plus would be offered in an impressive range of colors. An image was attached to the leaked palette, on which the posted options are perfectly visible.

From classic colors to black and white and including green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, expect to find the widest variety. Apple has never been one to settle for anything but the best when it comes to attention to detail or making sure that a myriad of different consumers have their each, and an extensive color palette for iPhone 16 is no exception. That said, there's a color to match personal style, be it a classic black or something bolder, like purple.

New Camera Design

Other than the color scheme, there is one major design change that this leak confirms in the iPhone 16: to its camera. Until now, it used to come with the diagonal layout for its lenses, but now, the iPhone 16 has gone completely straight. This change is not only of an aesthetic nature but is said to have some functional implications for the device's video-recording capability. The iPhone 16 should, therefore, have the capability of recording space videos just because all lenses of the camera are straightly arranged. It will allow, so to speak, the playback of these videos via Apple Vision Pro, and it will be immersively lovely. The form of design change is that it befittingly blends with the very idea of Apple, which continues to move the border of their technologies and provides users with innovation.

The Appeal of Color

If the leaked color palette for the iPhone 16 is anything to go by, then it is nothing short of exciting. Many users, however, will end up having their devices placed into cases, and therefore always hiding the color of the device. Not lost irony on Apple—that is, the color options are there not just for the visual appearance of the device itself. The large choice of colors is the one that gives users the possibility to customize their iPhones and make it a means of communication with others. It allows them to make a statement and reflect their personal style, even if the color is ultimately covered by a case.
The colorways could also be a functional way for people to easily recognize their devices among a lot of other iPhones.


Leaked information on the color palette and camera design of iPhone 16 has put the imagination of fans on steroids. This is a golden opportunity for the users to customize their device and show statements by a bright range of colors. Further, the new straight design of the camera lenses is to enable the video recording capability of the device to the extent of probably shooting space videos.

Yet, it is always to be kept in mind that leaks are not thrown from the place of official presentations, and information about iPhone 16 is to be regarded as rumors until the moment of its official presentation. But as the days move closer towards September, so do the anticipation levels increase for the release of the next iPhone 16 and that date where users will finally be able to get it in their hands.


1. When will the iPhone 16 be released?

The official launch of the iPhone 16 is expected to take place around September.

2. Are leaks reliable sources of information?

And, of course, all these leaks are to be taken with more than a grain of salt until Apple does decide to make an official announcement on the iPhone 16. They are nothing but rumors at this point and not established facts.

3. Will the new camera design improve video recording capabilities?

The leaks, therefore, revealed that the new straight design of the camera lenses on the iPhone 16 can be able to help the device record space videos. These videos will be recorded and will be viewable in Apple Vision Pro. Although this is a step up from its predecessor, no one could say yet how major the improvement would be until, of course, this particular device is actually out in the market and given tests.

4. How important are color options for iPhone users?

The colors of Apple's product are always the favorite picks of customers because therein lie customization and expression of personality. The devices are still in cases, and some may cover them with casings. Most individuals who value the opportunity to show style and preference are attracted by the choice of color.