What to Expect from the iPhone 16 (2024)

iPhone 16 (2024) - 15 MAJOR Changes!


The iPhone 16 is now less than six months out, and if you're trying to decide whether you should wait for the 16 or just get the 15 now, here's a look at 15 of the biggest changes coming to the iPhone 16 lineup.

These shall have larger displays, a different main camera sensor, larger batteries, faster charging, and more. Read further to know what you should be looking at for the iPhone 16!

New Main Camera Sensor

IPhone 16 Pro Max is going to get a new main camera sensor - 1/1.14 in size, making it an improvement over the current 1/1.28.

This represents a 12 percent larger sensor, supposedly with better low-light capability, improved background blur, and enhancements to noise reduction and dynamic range. In all probability, this sensor isn't going to change the world, but it's still a rather attractive improvement. This new sensor is a significant improvement and the first of its kind since the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Upgrade to Telephoto Module

The telephoto module is expected to improve in the iPhone 16 Pro after reports of using it on the same 5x Periscope module adorned by the 15 Pro Max. Quality improvement at both focal lengths—from the 3x to the 5x module—will be a big step up, especially for users moving over from older iPhone models that have only a 2x module. The abilities of zoom have been revolutionized, and these new features will surely make a big difference in capturing perfect details from a great distance. Among the top features everyone is waiting for the iPhone 16 Pro to have.

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A18 Chip and Thermal System

Unlike the 15s of the iPhone from last year, where inside the Pro models, there was an A7 Pro, then inside the standard, there was an A16. This year, we are said to be getting the A18 chip, inside both models, with a Pro variance, of course, inside the Pro models. Major areas of performance improvements will include a more powerful neural engine, with many more cores to offer in the next A18 chips in order to improve AI experiences.

There's also a certain line of rumors about Apple working on a new thermal system that will help in cooling down overheating—a problem that has been arising quite a lot with iPhone 15 Pros at launch. The A18 chip and thermal system mark significant advancements in the performance and efficiency of the iPhone 16.

Upgraded Neural Engine and AI Features

iPhone 16 will definitely provide major A18 chip improvement: the neural engine will be greatly improved with significantly more cores.

This will improve the experience of AI, which is essential for one of the selling points of the iPhone 16 series. Apple is therefore working on several advanced AI tools and is willing to partner with Google in this line of work, focusing on improving Siri by introducing AI features in its first-party apps to make it stronger and compete better in the AI space. The iPhone 16 is also expected to feature a new set of microphones for better voice pickup and an overall improved AI experience with the new Siri. These AI changes are a significant step forward for the iPhone 16, positioning it as a leader in the AI space.

Action Button and Capture Button

This is an improvement because the iPhone 16 will have an action button, which is not going to be the hallmark of the Pro models, and it will be much bigger for access.

On the other hand, a capture button purely dedicated to camera control takes its place at the bottom right of each of the four models. Both these buttons help in providing convenience to the user for better control over the camera. The button, focusing by half-pressing, will capture a photo or video by fully pressing it. Further, it will be a capacitive button, allowing the user to navigate within the set of views by zooming in and out through swiping. This is a highly expected feature because it gives the dedicated button for the camera control, apparently to be more convenient and potent for users.

Increased Storage Capacity

The iPhone 16 is rumored to come with increased storage capacity, with the highest capacity reaching 2 terabytes.

This has barely presented users with a room big enough to keep their photographs, videographs, and other media files—a huge leap from the current storage options.

This is very useful, especially for anyone shooting in ProRes and needing a huge bulk of storage space.

However, word has it that the 1 terabyte models could come with reduced read and write speeds since Apple could be looking to save some cost in this area. However, the simple possibility of launching these 2 terabyte storage models sometimes in the future is a big good news for iPhone users who can now finally hope to get a chance for more storage space to house their media files.

Wallpaper Announcement

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The whole eight of this pack are peculiar in that they share only one theme: the pitch-black wallpaper with the beautiful scenery of the great outdoors right in the middle. All are quite minimal and efficient on the battery; all pack an 8K resolution punch to let you zoom in and see details.

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1. When is the iPhone 16 expected to be released?

The iPhone 16 is expected to be released in less than 6 months.

2. What are the major changes in the iPhone 16 lineup?

Among the main novelties of the iPhone 16 series are new large screens, a new main camera sensor, an ultra-wide and telephoto module that has seen an improvement, larger batteries, and a whole host of faster chargers.

3. What are the expected changes in the iPhone 16's camera system?

On the camera side of things, it is expected that the iPhone 16 will ship with a new main camera sensor, alongside an ultra-wide module and a telephoto module, all of which will obviously be spec improvements.

4. Will the iPhone 16 have increased storage capacity?

Yes, the iPhone 16 is rumored to come with increased storage capacity, with the highest capacity reaching 2 terabytes.

5. Are there any improvements in the iPhone 16's AI features?

iPhone 16 will be powered by the new-fangled and improved A18 chip with an updated neural engine: more cores and further improvements, mostly to support the panorama ProRes video recording, new microphones, and enhancement of AI features complemented by the new Siri.