Impressive Smartwatch Review | Nothing Watch Pro Features

Incredible Smartwatch! | Nothing Watch Pro Review


Nothing has opted for a metallic design to give the Watch Pro a premium look, and it’s clear that, had you not read the product description, you could be forgiven for thinking it might cost more. Its design immediately catches the eye whereas many budget smartwatches just blend into the sea of devices that all harbor a similar design. In the box, you’ll find another silicone watch strap in addition to the one already fitted to the smartwatch, a proprietary charging cable, and a user guide.

Unboxing and First Impressions

It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the fit was excellent over the course of a few days. The durable aluminum alloy case has an excellent build quality, and the IP68 water resistance means you can wear this thing in practically any weather. It’s relatively chunky, but each time I wore it I definitely didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my wrist. The chunky design might not be to everyone’s taste though, so bear that in mind.

The cmf Watch app that’s necessary to connect the smartwatch to a smartphone is freely available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, so, once I went through the pairing process, I was up and running. I did sometimes connect my smartphone and the Nothing Watch Pro to find out that they’d momentarily disconnected though, so for now it might be wise to regularly check the connection.

I was impressed with the sharp contrast, bright colors, and legible text on the AMOLED display. It made it easy to make out notifications and all the usual health stats during a day of testing. It would be nice if the display had a light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically, but at least the touchscreen was super-responsive. The user interface was also nice and intuitive, with easy access to a wealth of widgets, settings, and the various tools available through a bunch of simple swipe and tap gestures.

Design and Build Quality

The Nothing Watch Pro features a metallic design that looks and feels premium at an affordable price point. The smartwatch features an aluminum alloy case and IP68 water resistance, making it a perfect everyday smartwatch. Besides, the smartwatch is quite light despite its chunky look, making it comfortable to wear.

In terms of connectivity, it’s quite easy to connect and pair up the Nothing Watch Pro with your smartphone using the cmf Watch app that’s available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It’s a simple process letting you pair up the device with your smartphone in a matter of minutes. However, some users might face occasional connectivity issues with the watch where its connection with the phone will need to be continuously monitored in order to ensure a stable connection between the two.

With the AMOLED display on the Nothing Watch Pro, users will notice that it features a sharp contrast and text that’s easy to read allowing you to see notifications and health stats clearly. Having said that, the lack of auto-brightness adjustment might be a con for some, although, manually adjusting it is quite easy that ensures optimal visibility, provided you’re in a well-lit indoor or outdoor environment.

The smartwatch has an intuitive UI that is quite easy to understand, allowing you to navigate to different widgets and features using a simple swipe or a couple of taps. With such design and build quality coupled with an intuitive UI, the Nothing Watch Pro is a great option
for someone who’s after an affordable smartwatch that looks stylish too.

Connecting to Smartphone

The Nothing Watch Pro gets connected to the smartphone with the help of cmf Watch app available on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. It is quite easy to pair it with your smartphone and access a bunch of features and functionalities within the app. These include the likes of customizing watch faces, selecting activities the user prefers to have for the fitness tracking, enabling notifications, setting up alarms and a lot more. The app has a user-friendly interface so that the user can easily interact with the smartwatch.

The AMOLED display features sharp contrast and text that's easy to read that allows you to see all the notifications and health stats. Although, not having auto-brightness adjustment might be a bit disappointing for some. You can still manually adjust it although, which is rather simple and makes sure the users can see the watch's display clearly in most indoor or outdoor environments. Overall, the Nothing Watch Pro connects to your smartphone quite seamlessly and also provides the much-needed access to the different features and functionalities that the best smartwatches offer these days.

Features and Functionality

The Nothing Watch Pro is stacked with features and functionalities for a smartwatch in the budget segment, making it a compelling choice those looking for an affordable wearables. The metallic finish aesthetics and lightweight makes the Watch Pro quite comfortable to wear for long durations. The aluminum alloy case paired with an IP68 water resistance makes it durable and stylish enough to be worn as an everyday watch.

The cmf Watch app, which is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, helps the Watch Pro connect and customize. With the app, users can swap watch faces, choose fitness activities, enable notifications, set alarms, and more. A user-friendly interface ensures many features are accessible, right from the get-go.

Display and User Interface

The Nothing Watch Pro has a 2-inch AMOLED display on it with great contrast and text that was very legible. The lack of an auto-brightness adjustment means you may need to tweak it yourself, but the process is quick and easy for any lighting condition. The Watch Pro also delivers a peak brightness of 600 nits so outdoor visibility is good.

Jumping into widgets and features is intuitive and comfortable, enabling simple swipes around and taps to dig deeper. The cmf Watch app (available on both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store) is how the Watch Pro connects and customizes. In it, users can swap watch faces, select fitness activities, enable notifications, set alarms, and so on. An easy-to-use user interface ensures many features are accessible right out of the gate, for a solid user-friendly experience all the way around.

Pairing the Nothing Watch Pro with a smartphone reportedly has had some hiccups for some users, but for us the process was straight forward enough. Once it's connected, there are a bunch of features you have access to through the app, including notifications, fitness tracking, music control, voice assistant support, and much more, which compliments the user experience even more.

When paired with a smartphone, users can also take phone calls directly on the Nothing Watch Pro. There are plenty of health settings on the device, like activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring, and sleep tracking. Together, they paint a complete picture of a user's health at any given time.

Fitness Tracking and Health Features

The Nothing Watch Pro is designed to deliver a comprehensive selection of fitness tracking and health feature that will ultimately enable users to monitor their well-being and daily activities. It ships with an integrated heart rate monitor, stress monitor, and sleep tracker, ensuring that you can monitor virtually all of your health metrics without the need to invest in an external heart rate monitor or use a third-party app. Customizing your fitness activities is easy through the cmf Watch app, allowing you to select from a variety of exercises to track your performance.

Keeping a pulse on your health status itself is accomplished through the watch’s 24-hour tracking, along with the ability to enable alerts for high heart rates and high stress levels.The watch comes with built-in GPS for tracking your runs or walks outdoors, and the fitness stats are viewed on a super bright AMOLED display, thanks to the 600 nits of peak display brightness, where the display is visible in sunlight. Lacking automatic brightness adjustment, it will need manual tweaks to be able to optimize for different lighting conditions. User convenience is also enhanced with voice assistant support, allowing for hands-free operation, and users can take phone calls directly from the watch with their smart phone, with a pretty great in-built mic and speaker, as-is expected of products by Carl Pei. Additional basic features include a stopwatch, timer, music control, and camera remote lending versatility to the watch.

Battery Life and Charging

Packing a large 340mAh battery, the device offers impressive longevity on a single charge. With the right settings, and no 24-hour heart rate measurements, users can expect up to 13 days’ use. The user should note that this may vary based on usage patterns and settings.

In sum, while the watch has a slightly chunky frame, that means that the battery capacity will let users genuinely use everything on offer including the always-on display and 24-hour heart rate tracking without sweating-over or having to constantly be on the lookout for that charger. A typical day of usage, with a decent amount of essential notifications, exercise tracking throughout and the display at a moderate brightness should see the user get around 5 to 6 days’ use before they need to reach for that bulky proprietary magnetic charger. Although fiddly, it provides a solid connection, and charging itself doesn’t take long. The Nothing Watch Pro doesn’t support standard Qi wireless charging, however, meaning that a user can’t simply place a Qi wireless charger and top it up; you will have to lug around the included charger, unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

One of the more attractive smartwatches we’ve used, the Nothing Watch Pro offers a premium metallic finish and a full set of features at a very aggressive price. It feels great to wear and certainly looks modern — it’s a watch we’d be proud to strap on. It is also light and sleek enough to be comfortable all day.

Aluminum alloy case and IP68 water resistance bring real-world toughness, while an AMOLED color screen provides great contrast and text is legible for notifications and health stats. While there were scattered reports of problems with connectivity, users agreed that cmf Watch was easy to set up and gave them a way to personalize watchfaces, pick which health activities they wanted to concentrate on, decide which notifications get passed to the watch, set alarms, and more. A clean and intuitive interface wraps up these features nicely, distilling the complexity into a watch for those who’d like a stylish basic wearable that they can dress up. It’s got all the right sensors for users mainly interested in tracking their fitness and health — real-time heart rate, stress, and sleep monitors, combined with GPS for accurate tracking of your outdoor activities. A microphone and a speaker mean you can take phone calls directly on the watch. It provides useful and accurate insights on your health metrics and daily activities, making it a great buy for people who want a lot of capability on a budget.


a. How much does the Nothing Watch Pro cost?

The Nothing Watch pro cost 69 pounds in the UK and is available from the company’s online Nothing store as well as from a range of online retailers now.

b. What features does the Nothing Watch Pro offer?

The watch itself has a top spec metallic design, with a range of features that include a built in mic and speaker, a great looking AMOLED display and IP68 water and dust resistance plus notifications, fitness tracking, music control, voice assistant integration and more.

c. How is the battery life of the Nothing Watch Pro?

The Nothing Watch Pro has a 340mAh that the company says will give you up to 13 days of use on a single charge with optimized settings. Your use may vary quite a bit based on settings and usage patterns but you charge the device up with a proprietary magnetic charging dock that’s easy and convenient to use.

d. Is the Nothing Watch Pro easy to connect to a smartphone?

Yes, you should have no trouble connecting your phone to the Nothing Watch Pro with the cmf Watch app, which is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. Having said that, we did have occasional issues here and there where we would have to manually check the connection between the watch and phone, so be prepared to keep a closeish eye on the connection in this version of the hardware.

e. What health and fitness features does the Nothing Watch Pro offer?

These include: a suite of fitness tracking features (heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep tracking, and a variety of activity tracking options), built-in GPS to keep your outdoor activities accurately tracked and continuous blood oxygen tracking for high elevation activities. The watch also supports voice assistant integration for hands-free operation.